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The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath by Neltharion

BlackWolfTR 7 8 8 8
DJ Full 9 9 10 9
Mahetus 7 8 8 7
manarch2 6 7 7 7
nerdfury 7 9 8 8
Petaludas 10 10 5 7
Ryan 6 8 7 7
Samu 6 7 7 7
release date: 26-Apr-2021
# of downloads: 241

average rating: 7.63
review count: 8
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file size: 617.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"There are some 10/10 immersion moments but also simple graphic errors killing it. Some places just try to be so big, also if you make a level this hard, you should ensure total bugfix - meanwhile, there are possible softlocks in the water, with a bike, with a torch, even as simple as inside a door cube, so eventually I had the walkthrough constantly open for checking. I have a feeling we have easily lost a likely hall of famer here." - DJ Full (11-Sep-2022)
"Well..i come here after deathwish level..if i hadnt beat that first i would have stucked to several jumps and progression so it wasnt so so hard this trle.. The same problems apply also here , flybys broken , missing textures , empty pits , binoculars usage was terminating the game , a mixture of many different tr themes , black rooms with no light , even flares didnt light these rooms , seth bugged also.. BUT i think despite all these negatives i have been addicted to Neltharions gameplay..I really really enjoyed the mountain levels and plateau ..loved the atmosphere , the tasks , the exploration , the jumps , the secrets.. Memorable moments were: the jump from rooftop from mansion , the death of underwater demigod (i think i have seen this one more in eye of eve) and some secrets and the overall exploration..the time run for the closing gate u dont need to run onto the surface of water, there is easier way!the tunnel jumps were piece of cake , i had practiced many hours from deathwish ! I hope builder keep making levels but with more care this time in optimization but he is for sure one of the best in aspects of gameplay" - Petaludas (23-Jul-2022)
"Finally finished this one after several tries and I must say I am very glad it's over. Sure there are some very enjoyable parts in this level like the plethora of jumps that are actually mostly not of the Japanese kind but require some planning, several of the puzzles, the timed runs, especially some of the secrets. But there is too much of everything. Too much space to cover, too much backtracking (especially through the two interconnected Mountain levels), too much repetition and too much time those levels take to finish. I think that with the good bits one or two excellent levels could've been filled but not six. Also, there were some game-stopping bugs like pits you can't get out of (if unavoidable make them deadly), poor geometry leading to alternative movements to progress (even if the builder was aware of this, it could've been avoided) and some other oddities. I liked the usage of some objects and textures, but the result is a bit too eclectic and especially the mix between classic objects and modern textures didn't always work well. Things improved somewhat in the later levels that were a bit more consistent, but other problems like sound errors and messy cameras (the one at the end of level two can, if you accidentally drop into that pit, lead to an infinite loop). I also didn't like the usage of some of the background songs which weren't fitting well. On the whole, texturing and lighting also get better the further you come, as the first two levels have several wallpapered areas and squeezed or streched textures which reduces towards the end, but not entirely. The design of some areas was quite well done, but less care went into smaller corridors and passages. Overall, a levelset with two major issues - a) that the builder wanted too much and b) that not some even larger issues are properly dealt with, well at least it's still playable. Found all 9 secrets in 3:50 hours." - manarch2 (29-Oct-2021)
"GENERAL COMMENTS: This level set was relatively hard to rate, since I enjoyed certain parts of the game a lot, while other parts were quite frustrating. Several of the platforming sections were amazingly fun and challenging in a good way, and the occasional puzzles added nice variety to the experience. In addition, I enjoyed a lot the use of motorbike in couple of areas, which was very inventive. Visually the levels are also solidly built, and I appreciated the diversity between environments, which really helps to maintain the interest of the player in huge multi- level games like this. In contrast to aforementioned points, this game includes numerous pixel perfect jumps that required countless reloads from me, even though I am usually quite good with challenging jumping tasks. Some of the trick jumps where also totally new to me, so I had to check from YouTube how to perform them. I also think that there is too much backtracking in “Mountain Villa” level and “Plateau of Leng” level, where you have to run through a certain path plenty of times.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I decided to list here few things that are not game-breaking issues, but which would help to polish the game in my opinion. (1) Flyby cameras move often through the walls. (2) You can drop down to some areas without being able to get back. (3) The colored pushable puzzle in the “Kadath” level was quite unfair, since it requires you to remember a clue from previous level, which you cannot access anymore after level jump. (4) Missing and stretched textures here and there. (5) This game is based on the novel of the same name written by H.P. Lovecraft. However, resemblance to the novel felt rather nonexistent to me. I have not dropped the scores due to this, but addition of story telling elements would have helped players to understand what is happening in the story and why Lara is visiting all the different locations.
CONCLUSIONS: Although the game has its flaws, it has also lots of good stuff and the author has clearly plenty of cool ideas to craft interesting gameplay. I believe that with more player-friendly game design and more polished levels, we can expect many great levels from this author." - Samu (22-Aug-2021)
"I have incredibly conflicting feelings about this undoubtedly high-octane levelset. There is a large amount of enjoyable moments, but these are somewhat counterbalanced by far too many frustratingly challenging sequences and quite a few bugs throughout as well. The positive points are undoubtedly the hiding places of the nine secrets scattered throughout this game, some of which require either preparation or lateral thinking, the variety of surroundings throughout and a few of the pushable puzzles and timed runs which were a joy to absolve. But on the downside, this can be quite a problematic levelset in a few spots. A lot of the sequences overstep the mark into frustration territory, a few trap sequences seemed more like cheap tricks than genuine challenges, the backtracking throughout was incredibly tedious in places, the trial and error safe tile puzzles were annoying and the flyby cameras were horrendously put together, often hurtling through walls at high speed. I reckon to this end, a little more tactful beta testing wouldn't have gone amiss and would have made this game much more polished in the long run. Definitely one for the experts, this one, but may be too aggravating for many others." - Ryan (27-Jun-2021)
"Level 1 - House in the Desert (10/10/10/8) My favorite level of the set; the exploration is so much fun here from start to finish, and the builder created a very interesting atmosphere by mixing up different texture sets in a stylish way. The green crystal jumping challenge was freakin' awesome. Wallpapering is quite evident in the rocky cavern areas. The backtracking after grabbing the crowbar is a bit much, but I still think the gameplay deserves top marks due to its creativity.
Level 2 - Ulthar (8/10/9/9) An enjoyable level, but lacking the high innovation of the first level. Again, the builder mixes up different texture sets of different cultures (e.g. Manor, Tinnos, Cistern). Usually, I find this kind of mixture a bit jarring to the eyes, but the builder blends different environments masterfully here.
Level 3 - Mountain Ruins/Level 4 - Mountain Villa (3/9/6/7) First, the good stuff: the atmosphere/environment is absolutely breathtaking and I would love to explore such a quaint setting in person. Unlike all of the other levels, this duo-level does not have a surreal texture set, and really looks like an authentic, mysterious place tucked away in the mountains somewhere. The builder's attention to detail with regards to foliage and other decorative objects was superb, and I thought the 12 torches puzzle area was awesome. The bad stuff: When you start, there are so many areas to explore and it's overwhelming and confusing. It's fine if the environment to explore is huge in size, however I think the gameplay flow would have been much better if the builder had initially prevented access to building area B and only allowed exploration in building area A, for example. This would have minimized player disorientation and made the non-linearity of the level seem less overwhelming. There's also a distinct lack of camera guidance with regards to objectives across the duo-level. For example, the hidden bike path in the foliage was too sneaky and needed a camera hint; also, what happens after you shoot the crystal in the sky? This also needed a camera hint. And, if the builder wants the player to do some crazy @#&! such as performing an ultra-difficult curved roof jump, guide the player with a camera. Better yet, don't even have the player do this crazy jump in the first place. I consider myself to be an advanced player, and I think for the most part the levelset's platforming is of an appropriate challenge level to advanced players. However, the roof jump is too frustrating and ridiculous. I really wanted to rate the 3rd category higher due to the superb atmosphere and architecture (the chapels are particularly stunning) however the camera guidance is just terrible. I don't need my hand to be held, but for such a complex and huge level, it really needed gentle camera nudges to show me that I'm on the right path. It would have lessened the amount I ran around in circles, pulling out my hair, confused about objectives. One more thing I wanted to mention about this duo-level is that the texturing quality seemed to have decreased as I progressed, with some really sloppy misshapen outdoor environments near the end. I know the builder can do way better than this.
Level 5 - Plateau of Leng: (5/9/8/8) Here, the builder beautifully mixes Tibetan and South American themes. It's another huge, complex level, that in my opinion lasts too long. I think the last area, the too-dark cavern, could have been cut with no detriment to the overall gameplay flow. Sure, the objectives (collect 3 lotuses) are clearer than in levels 3/4, but something to consider is managing the player's overall frustration level. The player just came from a very long, exhausting level... I don't think it's a good idea to follow up with yet another very long, exhausting level. The gameplay flow needed much more refinement: so, there's this lava pit near the beginning of the level with some difficult platforming. There are 3 different paths you can take, each to collect 1 lotus, and these paths can be explored in any order. However, depending on the order you choose, you may need to backtrack over the lava pit and I think it is bad game design to make the player perform the difficult platforming there more than once. I think that the level needed shortcuts (or teleporters, which were used in levels 3/4) to minimize unpleasant backtracking. In fact, the excessive backtracking in general is the major reason why my gameplay score is not high. A shame, as the actual platforming sequences here are very interesting. One final comment about this level is that the area to safely park the bike at the top of the cliff is too small and very frustrating.
Level 6 - Kadath: (9/8/9/7) The final level mixes up Egyptian, Catacombs and Venice (!) texture sets beautifully, although misshapen textures become more and more obvious as the level progresses. The gameplay was very engaging here, and my favorite challenges were the timed run involving an elevator that is moving upwards, as well as the sprint-in-shallow water challenge. There are a number of breathtaking and memorable locations such as the outdoor Egyptian area with the pool, and the underground cavern with the sprint challenge. Unfortunately many enemies seemed to act glitchy in this level. There are 2 gameplay issues I wanted to bring up: a) near the Egyptian pool there is an underground room with a wall that is grabbable, but it is unmarked. This needed a camera hint or a texture differentiation. b) There's a pushables puzzle involving 4 colored pieces, however the clue to solve this puzzle is in the previous level. I think this kind of game design is too vague; as these levels are long, the player will likely be playing them over a course of many days, and may have forgotten all about the vague clue object in the previous level. I don't think the clue needs to be right next to the pushables, but having the clue exist in a different level entirely is not something I like.
Overall , I have such strong mixed feelings about this levelset. At times, the gameplay and aesthetics are 10/10 perfect, but then there are other times where the texturing is very sloppy, or I'm screaming, "WHY WOULD THE BUILDER PUT THE PLAYER THROUGH THIS??!?!! YARGHHHH". There's many awesome and exciting platforming and trap sequences across the 6 levels, but also common across the adventure were: wallpapering and ugly underwater cracks, broken flybys, "end of the world" visibility, and glitchy ladders. I think the builder is wonderfully talented <3 and has some great ideas but good lord, I think additional time was needed in the beta phase: polishing textures, as well as managing the player's frustration level by minimizing backtracking, and making objectives clearer in levels 3/4. Average of 5 ratings, using a value of .5 to round up or down: 7/9/8/8. **I beta-tested this level. This did not inflate my rating**
Amazing: 1
Pretty good: 2, 6
Exhausting, but still epic at times: 5
Extremely frustrating and rage-inducing: 3, 4" - nerdfury (27-Jun-2021)
"That's a pretty decent level with a very challenging difficulty. Gameplay is pretty much focused on hard jump sequences, tight timed runs and etc. so this level set is definitely recommended for very experienced TRLE players. Although some sequences can be really annoying and tiring for even experienced players. Some areas seems to a little monotone because of lack proper puzzles or interesting ideas. In this level set you won't find many enemies at certain levels which unfortunately affects the gameplay. There is pretty good usage of objects in general which makes a lot of areas full and good looking. Secrets are hidden decently with a nice reward. Atmosphere is created very well which makes this level set quite interesting. Sounds are used well. I didn't find any errors or wrong pitched sounds or even lack of them. Cameras are pretty random, some of them are working as they should, some of them are working kinda weird where you do not know exactly what those cameras are showing to you. Overall I think there is enough camera hints which shouldn't make players lost so easily. Design is really good, although there are many errors misplaced, texture missing and areas where Lara should not get access. These really affect the quality of the level. It's a basic design errors that shouldn't happen from an experienced builder. I am pretty disappointed as a betatester who has pointed out some errors. Apparently, they are not fixed in the final version. Of course some errors are fixed during beta testing phase but still, this level set feels pushed/rushed just to release it, without fixing the most crucial design errors. Also a lot of cracks which makes my eyes hurt xD. When it comes to lighting, it is proper and done pretty well. There is no any flatness or improper usage of it. At least I didn't noticed that. In all that is a decent levels but with many errors that experienced builder shouldn't have in my opinion. If you're searching for a really challenging level. I can recommend this level set." - Mahetus (12-May-2021)
"Here we have very challenging level with 6 levels. Game was overally very good but I found many bugs which weren't fixed in beta test stage. There are many missing/wrong textures, cameras which flies through walls and we can even get out of map in some levels. It's really shame because I could give even higher rating if those bugs were fixed. Some levels were pretty straight forward and some levels were really awesome. Best level is probably fifth with really interesting gameplay, beautiful look and feel of progression. Sixth level is also very good with some nice puzzles. Third and fourth levels were interconnected and were objectively worst. Much things were TOO MUCH HIDDEN in them so we can stuck for really long. Extremly hard jump from mansion to window should be hinted somehow. I don't even want to say that we can get out of map in this level. First and second level were okay, nothing much special with quite straight forward gameplay but has some nice ideas. Gameplay weren't best in some levels but all levels have wonderful and unique atmosphere. Lighting was very good and textures were ok but I found many wrong/missing textures. Overally, despite bugs it's still good levelset with very hard gameplay difficulty and I can definetly recommended it for players who search challenges." - BlackWolfTR (03-May-2021)