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Trident of the Invictus by Jonson

Adrian 10 10 9 9
billie2001 8 8 9 9
DJ Full 9 10 9 9
eRIC 9 9 9 9
Flugzvampen 10 8 9 9
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jose 7 7 8 9
manarch2 7 7 8 9
nerdfury 10 10 9 9
p1kaa 9 7 9 9
Phil 9 9 10 10
requiemsoul 7 8 8 8
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Teone 10 8 8 8
release date: 02-May-2021
# of downloads: 160

average rating: 8.75
review count: 14
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file size: 96.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Very enjoyable. Some nice puzzles and great interconnecting areas. Good secret placement with bonus unexpected TR3 locations. Great effort. Well done and please build some more." - Adrian (01-Dec-2023)
"A surprisingly good catacomb level, complicated yet organized enough to make me remember things and get back on track. Built with work aesthetics, maybe sometimes too perfect but pleasant to watch. Secrets give more than I need. Recommended." - DJ Full (06-Feb-2023)
"This is the very first custom TR map I ever tried. I picked a level with a solid rating and a theme that I used to appreciate back in the original games. Let me just say I was not disappointed! I love games and levels with interconnected areas and windows where you can peek into an area that you might access later on. I love how the level is kind of divided into four parts, yet they still feel connected and entangled in a beautiful way. The water temple area was visually stunning and the puzzles amazing too. My only criticism was how to open one of the areas. The camera angles didn't provide me with enough of a clue and I spent roaming the map for a good hour before I had to look it up. Nevertheless, this map was the first introduction to custom levels in Tomb Raider for me, and it set the bar very high!" - Flugzvampen (07-Dec-2022)
"This catacomb level is very well builded, specially the larger rooms. Not very easy to play, you'll need to explore a lot, but finally you'll always find a way to proceed. I missed some more objects to ornate the rooms and more variety of enemies, but even so the game is still entertaining with a classic style and no much backtracking. There are two secret locations with a TR3 touch, the musics and cameras are ok and the lighting is well worked too. Not a great levels but entertaining enough to take a try." - Jose (28-Oct-2021)
"Reminds me so much of Catacombs from tr4, Level design is brilliant specially the room with water and switches to change current such a beautiful way to create so many puzzles and rooms, even the level itself wasn't that big, the possibilities of the level were too much that you can get lost easily. Love this level and highly recommend it" - p1kaa (03-Oct-2021)
"A very solidly made Catacomb level and very nice visually, especially some of the larger areas are well designed and texturing and lighting are always good, except maybe of the small London secret area. There are also minor sound issues with lacking sounds of some doors. The gameplay starts a bit slow and there are some more less inspired parts in between with some to and fro and it's certainly not the most innovative game, but some of the puzzles are interesting, mostly the one with the currents, and a few timed runs and jump sequences are also fine. Enemies and objects are also nothing special but used well enough, the secrets are quite nice to find, I liked the interconnected last ones. This level outstays its welcome a bit (some lengthy ladders and the like could've been avoided), but still these 70 minutes were mostly pleasant so it's recommended. Side note: I don't know why this level is classified as 'long' - did it really take the majority more than three hours to finish this one?" - manarch2 (03-Sep-2021)
"This is a good come-back of a good builder. The gameplay is mostly exploration based, which I usually like but, being completely non-linear with several same-ish areas, proved to be quite challenging in this department :D Platforming and traps are mostly on the medium/easy side. Classic but not boring gameplay. There are some good puzzles too and I particularly liked the one with the currents. Having passed many time from the same places while trying to find my way, I had the opportunity to find all the secrets! The two secret areas have a completely different theme (London and Tinnos) which makes them stand out and feel special. Visually the game is good, despite the use of one of the most used and boring themes (catacombs). Classic assets but it still feels kinda fresh. Recommended, especially to those who like exploration and non-linear levels. Welcome back, Johnson :)" - billie2001 (07-Jun-2021)
"This is classic, Olde School raiding at its best. This no-frills but extended (two and a half hours for me) adventure reminded me of Colin Benson's more recent levels. Set in a Catacombs environment, it may well have taken top honors in the very first BtB competition so many years ago. Some of the areas are mirror images of each other, making it easy to get confused and turn yourself around, so I relied heavily on Lizard Queen's thoroughly documented walkthrough. The sweeping scope of the game map is quite impressive. Indeed, finding some of the secrets not only provides access to a new room, as per the usual case, but to whole new areas as well. Although most of the gameplay will be familiar to longtime players, there are some innovative touches as well, such as pushing floor levers to change the direction of water currents, with timed swims thrown in for good measure. Enemy placement is quite ingenious as well. I remember the frustration I felt trying to deal with all the skeletons, which always seemed to have maneuvering room to avoid your shotgun blasts. But when explosive arrows became available, that problem was solved. And I never had occasion to use the grenade gun that's obtained late in the game. Good, traditional fun that I wish we could see more of." - Phil (26-May-2021)
"In amongst all the innovative new games coming out these days it really is good to be reminded just what can be achieved with a classic catacomb level. This is very well done indeed. It’s solidly built and occasionally impressively so. Gameplay is largely exploration based, but does include a good variety of puzzles/traps etc. as well as effectively used enemies. The puzzle which involves switching water currents is extremely cleverly devised and (at least for me) somewhat confusing, but with the aid of the walkthrough I stumbled through somehow. Highly entertaining and definitely recommended." - Jay (25-May-2021)
"It's undoubtedly an encouraging trend to see quite a few builders returning after so may years away from the Level Editing scene, and this is no exception. It's most certainly this builder's most accomplished effort and a wonderful piece of work in its own right. Although only utilising the classic Catacomb assets, the architecture and general construction is absolutely first-class, atmosphere is topnotch and music cues are wonderfully used. Gameplay is thoroughly enjoyable throughout, and provides a perfect mix of traps, neat puzzles and trap avoidance. The current puzzle is masterfully executed, and the manner in which you open up the various doors and change the flow of the water is absolutely brilliant. The standard Catacomb enemies even managed to properly engage me in the fights this time, rather than just being there for target practice. The secret hideouts were also ingenious, as were the homages to two different TR levels of you managed to explore thoroughly enough. Strongly recommended." - Ryan (17-May-2021)
"If you are in the mood to play a classic catacombs level with a lot of exploration, choose this and you'll not regret it. The design is traditional, don't expect to find any innovations. The interesting part is the gameplay. The author built a very clever device. You may feel lost sometimes but, when the map of the areas become more clear in your mind, you have only to enjoy the ride." - Teone (13-May-2021)
"An interesting level. The challenges are a bit basic but I liked the puzzle with the water currents and some rooms are very nice visually." - requiemsoul (07-May-2021)
"As suspected from the screenshots, i spent quite a good time (2h37) with this adventure. Gameplay based mostly on exploration , some openings to spot or some good jumps and a few traps, and most remarkably good puzzles with textured symbols , flipmaps , and an impressive one with sinks/levers/flipmaps which works perfectly and is technically impressive. Regarding enemies , no real surprises with skeletons while elementals and small beetles are well mastered. The rooms are often spacious and one can not overlook the aesthetism concerning texturing and architecture. I often stopped playing to look at everything. Flybys well executed , a proper ending , and the player can have the surprise to find extra areas for some of the secrets , these areas are textured differently. A well done and satisfying game !" - eRIC (06-May-2021)
"(10) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a medium-to-challenging adventure with a strong focus on exploration. The platforming required is quite basic and the few traps are very tame, however the reason why this level leans towards challenging is because it starts off very non-linear, as Lara needs to find 4 pharos items, in 4 separate areas. The areas to explore are huge, and shortly after starting the game you gain access to all 4 areas. While I tend to prefer more linear adventures, the builder did an excellent job of designing a smooth, logical progression, and I never felt frustrated and/or disorientated. The tasks are very interesting and absorbing -- in fact, I never wanted to get off my computer until I completed the whole thing. The gameplay as a whole feels very "fresh", despite the builder only using the classic Catacombs assets. My favorite aspects were the "current control" area, the timed run for the Tinnos scroll, and flooding a huge ruined area. (10) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Just a few skeletons, mummies and wraiths sprinkled in here and there (if you love shotgunning skeletons off ledges, you'll love this level). Regarding enemies, there were a couple of subtle design details that I really appreciated: a) the builder provides multiple shotguns to help with skeletons, so it doesn't matter which initial area you choose to tackle; and b) the player is able to find a wraith statue before they encounter the wraith itself, which means no running around panicking and scrambling to find a statue with a wraith on your toes. Decorative objects were applied well and no room ever felt empty. I felt like the few traps were a bit underdeveloped, but I also understand given that the builder chose to only use the basic Catacombs WAD. No big deal, and the builder more than makes up for this in terms of exploration. The secret system was awesome and I loved working hard for secrets in order to unlock special secret shines (I found one for Tinnos, and one for London). A player may initially be confused as to why the loading screens depict Tinnos and London, but it will all make sense if you discover the appropriate secrets. The backtracking for the London secret area was a bit excessive but I still think this category deserves top marks. (9) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The architecture and the way that the builder interconnected all of the areas was absolutely brilliant. On your quest to retrieve 4 pharos items, you will go through 4 different paths and it was really neat to see the other paths through the windows during your exploration. Music cues were great, and despite the non-linear progression path, the level never felt disorientating due to helpful camera hints. There's a couple of beautiful flybys in there, too. There was a raising door with missing sounds, but no big deal. The only thing that I didn't think was amazing about this category was the earthquake near the end. It was too strong, went on for too long, and made me feel dizzy. A brief shake after picking up the trident would have been adequate. (9) Lighting & Textures: The level looks lovely and I couldn't spot any texturing errors. The builder generally utilizes a more neutral lighting scheme, sometimes with some more intense pops of color, and it's all very polished looking. Something I noticed was that while the "main" areas looked fantastic, sometimes Lara and/or the ambient lighting would look flat in some smaller areas. An example of the flatness being particularly noticeable are the brief outdoor areas, to include the London outdoor area. Overall, I had a fantastic time with the exploration here, despite the lack of gameplay elements I normally prefer, such as tricky platforming and traps. Classic, old school Catacombs levels were all the rage over a decade ago, but alas they're not very common nowadays. I'm glad the builder has made a return with a nod to old school TRLEs, and I highly recommend this to players who want to experience a classic adventure. 10/10/9/9. **I beta-tested this level, but this did not inflate my score**" - nerdfury (04-May-2021)