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Tomb Raider - Biohazard by Tombraider95

Adrian 10 10 10 10
Benjamooky 10 10 10 10
billie2001 9 10 10 10
BlackWolfTR 10 10 10 10
CalrOsario 10 10 10 10
DecimaDragonoid 9 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
Feats 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Lady_Wise 9 10 10 10
Mman 9 10 10 10
nad 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 8
Raider278 10 10 10 10
requiemsoul 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 10 10 10 10
Teone 10 10 10 10
Wolf7 9 10 10 10
Zuxuna 10 10 10 9
release date: 12-Jun-2021
# of downloads: 1569

average rating: 9.89
review count: 22
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file size: 703.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"this is a masterpiece, in my opinion better than most of the original Resident Evil games,everything in this game is a 10/10." - Raider278 (29-Jun-2024)
"Been meaning to play this for a while and finally got around to playing it. Have to say a great raid to be had here! Quite the epic adventure! A little confusing at times but doesn't detract too much from the enjoyment. Every level looks amazing and plays well too. Highlights were the 4 elements level, the train level, the castle levels and the level with all the lava was pretty cool too! The builder wears their Resident Evil inspiration on their sleeve and it comes across well. Minor gripes I had was maybe could have done with more flares at the beginning and sometimes direction of what the player has to do could be a bit clearer. Other than that its a great level set well worth your time! Would wholeheartedly recommend!" - Feats (14-Nov-2023)
"Absolutely loved this eight level adventure! Just as others have said, the gameplay is quite varied and, at times, very challenging; however, at no point did I feel like the challenges were unfair. You'll be pulling your hair out fighting the bosses, attempting some of the timed runs, and figuring out the puzzles, but if you're like me, you'll enjoy nearly every second of it. Lots of levels have strong gameplay, good textures, etc., but there were two things that really elevated TR Biohazard for me: 1. The presence of an actual story. There were fully fleshed out in-game cutscenes with voice acting, which made the whole experience feel a lot more immersive. 2. The random callbacks to the classic TR games. Every so often you'll get a line, sound effect, enemy, etc. that will take you straight back to TR I-III. These were used just the right amount and felt seamlessly incorporated with the updated TRLE effects. (I won't spoil too much, but my particular favorite was the return of the ring inventory - I always hated the TR IV inventory!!) I'm slow and not a very good secret-finder, so the entire excursion took me about 11 hours, and I found 14/24 secrets. If you're going out of your way to look for them, I bet you'll have more luck than me! Just give it a play and enjoy! :)" - Benjamooky (18-Nov-2022)
"An Exceptional and Fantastic game. Great atmosphere. Every level brilliantly build with planty details (especialy The Foothills and The Castle areas). Some sercrets well hidden, (but others very obvious - I found 23 of 24). The story is very well told with great animations. Some parts of the game are hard, specially some timed runs envolving ropes and platforms, (quite tight but spectacular). Enough pickups even against some dificult enemies, (the zombies are great!). The combat to get the heart was very difficult. I loved "The Chase" with the jeep. Great architecture with beautifull texturization and lots of objects carrefully placed. Most levels with fantastic environments and lighting. It take me almost 8 hours to finnish. Nightmare mode is quite challenging! Top mark in all categories. Beautiful work. A masterpiece no one should miss." - CalrOsario (05-Nov-2022)
"This is a Resident Evil inspired set, with the main setting being a castle, although it goes into various other themes. While the visuals don't match the new standards that the recent Movement at the Monastery and War of the Worlds have set, this is still excellent in it's own way, with a lot of new assets and objects that fit in well and support a variety of themes. The settings are all backed up by great texturing and lighting too. It even does some unique things to evoke the series it's a homage too, such as a section based around fixed cameras.
Gameplay is strong and varied throughout it's long duration, with a wide range of challenges and lots of exploration, along with some completely original ideas and scripted sequences. I didn't find anything truly brutal, but it's quite challenging from the start, with some tricky jumps and timed sequences, along with twists on combat that require some thought. Being combat-based, the final level felt slightly lacking in ammo for the amount of enemies it has, but I did find just enough in the end. There were also one or two sequences that felt a little padded even when based on good ideas, but that was only a couple of sections. Beyond that it's a great set and probably one of the best out there. A great set that homages well while keeping it's own style and not entirely leaning into it's inspiration, although it's not for beginners." - Mman (11-May-2022)
"Really a spectacular work; I take my hat. I think the best creation from Bradley. Not very agree with the gameplay, even when I didn't need to use Dutchy's savegames, some parts of the game are hard; the timed run over the lake using all those scafoldings was really tight, in the mines I had to use the flare bug when jumping onto a breakable tile, in the castle there's a bell too hidden in a gap in the ceiling... At least there are enough pickups and I didn't need to reload many times. The best, the great architecture and texturization, with a lot of well placed objects, the environments are fantastic, near the reality; the atmosphere is quite good too, as the animations, the lighting, the cameras... A masterpiece you can't miss, but not for beginners." - Jose (01-Apr-2022)
"An amazing game which conatins 8 levels and it is set in horrorish/apocalyptic vibes. It's pretty long, I have spent on playing it above 9 hours on nightmare mode. It was a really nice idea to implement something like the nightmare mode since it made game harder and it brought the feeling of survival. I will review all of levels separately. The Residence Very good level which introduces us into story and apocalyptic world. It provides a nice touch of survival for the whole level because we don't have weapon with unlimited ammo, we even don't have any weapon for the first half of the level. So when fighting with zombies we need to take care to not lose too much ammo on them. There are nice and various tasks but without any solid puzzle. The Mines I think this level is the most scariest level of the levelset. Creppy ambient sound, darkness and zombies everywhere and nice usage of soundtracks. Here also we have good tasks but still without any solid puzzle. I liked one of the last areas; some ruins of castle. It looked really good. The Foothills This level is divided onto two parts; cliffside station and castle grounds. It's probably my favourite level from whole game. It's really awesome with great gameplay and interesting puzzles. Story-telling also stays on pretty high level there. And the scenery of both parts is stunning. I loved exploring the castle grounds, it was well made with good celtic feeling of castle and the cliffside station is pretty enormous. Great level. The Castle Another level which is divided onto two parts; upperfloors and lowerfloors. First part, upperfloors is pretty good, introducing us more into castle environment. Some nice tasks here and there and really nice puzzle at the end. Then we are going to second part which is much better than first. The whole idea of level is mix of St. Francis Folly and Palace Midas from TR1 actually. We need to pull correct combination of levers to open gate which leads to trial of some element. There are four trial of elements and four keys to collect, each in one trial. Nature, water and air trial were great with interesting puzzles and nice platforming. Fire trial was also good, with platforming and boss fight but I felt that there could be something more in it and that it was shorter than other three trials. The Ruins Another level in castle environment. This time more deeper into castle undergrounds. Main objective here is to collect two items to get into main hall with artifact. There are two paths; blue fire path and orange fire path. Blue fire path has some good platforming sequences and some clever puzzles. The orange fire path is more harder with much lava, timed runs, hard jumps and pretty hard enemies. These enemies (some fire yetis) were very fast and they killed me on one hit. At the end of the level we will have the nice cutscene. The Chase Different from all of other levels, this one provides us much action and riding with jeep. In mid-time we can get out of jeep and search for secrets. I don't have much to say about this level. It was just something different from rest and it's pretty fresh. The Locomotion As the title of level says, the action is situaed on train. It's one of the best trains levels which have been ever made. There are some quite nice puzzles as for the train level and cool platforming sequences. Whole train is decorated really beautifully. At the end we will have a boss fight. The Invasion The last level which concept is same as in Home Sweet Home TR2. There's no puzzles or platforming, only shooting and action. There are still hidden three secrets in this level so we can search them before fighting with enemies. At the end there is nice cutscene. Overally it's an amazing and pretty long levelset as I have said before, which contains great environments with good care about details, good and interesting puzzles and tasks, pretty good story and story-telling which still could be a bit better, some hard parkour sequences and timed runs. I can highly recommend it. If someone want bigger challenge with limited save spots it can take nightmare mode. Great job TR95!" - BlackWolfTR (05-Nov-2021)
"This is a masterpiece. In total, there are eight level parts with two sublevels that surprise the player with very beautifully designed environments and very interesting tasks. The game is captivating and challenging at the same time. The level builder has brilliantly understood how to captivate the player with the tasks so that he can't stop playing. At least that's what happened to me. Only the darkness in some parts of the game reduces the quality a bit, but overall the game is on a very high level. A great adventure." - nad (05-Sep-2021)
"This is one of the most immersive level sets that I have played so far and it was pure joy from the very first minute to the last. The environments look absolutely gorgeous and gameplay is a mixture of exploration, platforming, highly inventive puzzles, epic boss battles etc. I loved the platforming sections and timed runs but it’s worth notifying that many of them can be very challenging if you are an inexperienced player although everything should be doable. Author has put also a lot of effort to story telling and created several cut scenes, which gave a very professional feel to the game. All in all, I was amazed how much unique gameplay and memorable moments are included in this lengthy game, which took me nearly 8 hours to complete. This is certainly one of those level sets that every TR fan should play." - Samu (05-Sep-2021)
"This multi-level minigame is a tour de force destined for quick entry into the Hall of Fame. I took a break from walkthrough writing for a couple of weeks to savor this one a little at a time, in bite-sized snatches. My game clock at the end was just a hair shy of ten and a half hours, but I followed Dutchy's walkthrough throughout and milked every possible nuance out of the game, including all 24 secrets. The ambiance is spooky by design, and the builder has made a conscious decision to shroud everything in darkness from start to finish. Although it turned out that ample flares are provided, I gave myself an unlimited supply at the very beginning to make sure I wouldn't run out. In the process I was able to enjoy the intricate textures that otherwise I would have missed entirely. I've always found it amazing that builders will go to inordinate lengths to craft gorgeous surroundings only to make them impossible for the player to see and appreciate. It's not unlike buying a cheeseburger and scraping off the cheese before eating it. The game itself is wonderfully varied, providing all kinds of looks, but to me it ended with a whimper - right after what is perhaps the best train level ever made - by tossing in an ordinary (except for the darkness, which was extraordinary) house level that was a shooter to boot. That took a little luster off what was otherwise the most well-rounded series I've played in years. Some of the jumps, timed runs and enemy encounters were quite challenging, but none of that game-stopping difficulty that would require a savegame. I can't imagine the time, thought and effort that went into the production and execution of these levels, and I commend the builder for a job well done." - Phil (09-Aug-2021)
"Beautiful work. Since the first moment, until the end, every detail was been made perfectly. I loved the atmosphere, the way zombies appear. Some puzzles are really hard, specially those against time, with poison gas involved! But it is part of an amazing game." - Juan Carlos (02-Aug-2021)
"Exceptional level. Top marks in every category. A marathon effort with lots of puzzles and held together with a good storyline. The locations were expansive, stunning and full of great detail and objects. The only quibbles I had was a couple of pick-ups on the train which were on counters and couldn't be picked up by Lara no matter where she stood, and maybe 1 or 2 more camera clues. Otherwise a pretty perfect and professional level. Congrats!" - Adrian (13-Jul-2021)
"If you think the Resident Evil series can serve as a form of inspiration for a custom TRLE game, you're damn right! And while I'm not a huge Resident Evil buff, I can totally understand why this and Tomb Raider can definitely blend together to create a horror/survivor masterpiece that knows no bounds. Tomb Raider - Biohazard takes its own world to brand new heights by combining elements from Resident Evil and mashing them together with any and all current TRLE/Tomb Raider IV elements. The story and environment you explore are pretty self- explanatory. As usual, you control Lara, who finds herself smack-dab in a dangerous scheme involving the sudden emergence of zombies. As such, she sets out to seek the source of this zombie infestation. From the forested, zombie-riddled Northern Ireland plains to treacherous caves, ruins, and dungeons filled to the brim with secrets that should remain unknown, Tomb Raider - Biohazard takes you through a horror thrill ride detailed with all the bells and whistles that not only give TRLEs their flair, but provide a difficult challenge to overcome for the right reasons. You start out with a single magnum in the beginning, but gather more weapons along the way. But unlike most Tomb Raider games, whether they be fanmade or among the official releases, going into battle against the zombies is not mandatory. In fact, Tomb Raider - Biohazard encourages you to use your critical thinking skills to determine whether or not it's necessary for you to shoot down every single zombie you see. Even more so, the zombies you encounter won't go down completely in one shot nine out of ten times. Usually, it takes three or more shots to take down a zombie, which forces you to decide whether you should keep shooting or run. Players must make use of this tactic, as you'll actually need as much ammo as you can to activate switches and mechanisms more often than not. There are also the risks of getting too close to a zombie, running into one, or even getting touched by one, which causes immediate infection and requires a med pack to cure your ailments. Luckily, while they're deadly, they're not unavoidable, and if you're quick enough, you should be able to evade zombies with ease. The puzzles are very innovative, some of the best I've seen in any TRLE! One of my favorites happens to be the springboard puzzle in the lower floors of the castle. Each puzzle has its own unique intricacies, encouraging you to study them as best as you can and go through multiple trial-and-error phases. Some of these intricate puzzles are even timed, which force you to use your quick wits to complete each one as soon as possible while keeping in mind that every condition must be met while doing so. Emphasis on 'conditions.' You need to handle each puzzle with care, otherwise you'll end up getting crushed, burned, set yourself up for failure, or even end up with multiple broken bones. And you'll find yourself in these predicaments. A LOT! One example of this is during the spinning flamethrower puzzle. I had trouble figuring out how to position myself correctly in order to avoid getting burned alive. This game becomes unforgiving when you're faced with the possibility of failure, but rewards you for your triumph. All of Tomb Raider - Biohazard's eight levels have three secrets, bringing the total count up to 24 secrets. All the secrets are hidden quite well, and it's even possible to miss a few during your first playthrough. But with time and recon, it gets easier to pinpoint their locations. Exclusive to Tomb Raider - Biohazard is a brand new challenging difficulty: Nightmare Mode. This difficulty is exactly as it sounds, and it's also where Tomb Raider - Biohazard really shines! Nightmare Mode provides even more of a challenge, making enemies tougher than usual and limiting your saves to typewriters scattered across each level, similar to that of Resident Evil 2. And call me crazy, but I think this difficulty gave me some Dark Souls vibes too. It's also important to note that Nightmare Mode gives you even more of an incentive to save often while you still can and save your ammo for a rainy day, as sometimes you might find yourself thinking that an encounter or your exploration in specific areas of the game could've gone better. This is where your saves will come in handy, and it's important to save often and keep a bunch of them, as you'll probably want to start over from a specific save point again at any given time during your playthrough. I say 'keep a bunch of saves' because any course of action you take can either lead you to your success, or bring you to your doom. Overall, Tomb Raider - Biohazard does both Lara Croft's world and the Resident Evil series justice! Each level is jam-packed with detailed, intricate action that's fun to play around and get lost in, bringing the total playtime up to a meaty six to eight hours. And with the addition of Nightmare Mode, this game will go down in history as one of the best TRLEs to entice newcomers and veterans of the action/adventure genre in 2021!" - DecimaDragonoid (07-Jul-2021)
"One of the most atmospheric TRLEs I've ever played. Haven't played any Resident Evil games to compare it with but it is very much Tomb Raider. It has a good story and an excellent gameplay that is both exploration and puzzle based. Although there are big maps, I never got stuck for long, which is a plus. The puzzles are all good and some of them are really intricate. It starts more tame but as you progress the gameplay becomes more challenging, not overly challenging though. Even middle-skilled players, if they persist, they will be able to manage the more challenging parts (which are not many). Enemies are mostly zombies but we also encounter some more challenging enemies and battles, and we are well equipped to conquer them. Textures and lighting are impeccable and especially the lava rooms were stunning. The atmosphere is rather gloomy, as expected, but we get many flares. (Personally, I increased the gamma a bit in the first levels). Except for the gloomy/haunted areas, there is also a nice chase with the bike, a train level which is the best I've played so far and a shooter epilogue full of nostalgia. One of the best and most immersive TRLEs out there. Highly recommended." - billie2001 (30-Jun-2021)
"Well What can I say, what a great game. The atmosphere is amazing and the texturing especially in the castle level is visually pleasing. I had to say iv always love elemental style games, and this fits the bill. The amount of scripting this game must of taken, Lighting was amazing, room structure and geometry i cant fault, in fact I was in awe of the sheer work that went into it. The gameplay flowed nicely and is defiantly challenging and for the more experienced player. I like longer games such as this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My Only critic is the last level where I did run out of ammo for and was running around trying to find some more and then eventually found some in the closet. Maybe this needs to be made more clear, or some may feel they have run out of ammo and the game is then un-completeable. Some areas were a little repetitive but the style changed in terms of what u needed to do and was simple enough. LOVED the Castle! Great Job!" - Lady_Wise (30-Jun-2021)
"What a long, complicated, imaginative, ingenious, and lovely to look at level set! I don't know much about Resident Evil, so I'll view this game as a Tomb Raider game, which is what it actually feels like to me. I can't compare, sorry... Still, I loved the atmosphere (very good lighting and sounds) and the settings throughout every level, and never got bored, even though this was really long. Exploration, traps, puzzles, timed runs, enemies of all sorts, and a story, it's all there (I found the skull to be a hard to beat enemy, but I made it). I can't remember it all anymore, but I particularly enjoyed the spooky start, the station, the church, the bike ride, and the surprising two last chapters: the train and Lara's home. I did find a funny glitch in the castle, at a time when Lara took a dive into the water only to find the water didn't behave as such even though it was there, and I had a bit of an issue (thanks to the author for explaining) in the room with the lowering columns and the knight, which wasn't a glitch after all, but can easily seem like one. No reason to downrate though, since all worked out well in the end. This may become somewhat of a habit, but I'd like to thank Doggett and other video walkthrough makers for their invaluable videos too, always a great help in the most complicated moments. Definitely recommended." - Jorge22 (29-Jun-2021)
"An extremely massive adventure that will take you for sure some time to entirely complete ^w^.
I will review every single individual level, this means that I will count as two level three and four as they are divided into two sections, and especially level four has the two parts being very different. Do not let yourself be fooled by the Biohazard/Resident Evil connotation you might have, if you are looking to play a normal raid, you pretty much are gonna find it here, but let us now get to the real review, expect a massive one :3. Lastly, I played nightmare mode and I have been a tester, I will share my comments about this mode but I will not let it influence my ratings overall.
The Residence (9 10 10 9): And so we start, Lara has substantially broke her jeep because she is a terrific driver, and that was sarcasm! This has gotten to be the most Resident Evilesque level of the whole game, together with the level that comes next, tasks presented are not exactly too difficult but I found the intro to be quite confusing, the road I took brought me to a secret but I have to admit I am not exactly sure if there was another way to reach the same area, that aside this is the simplest level in terms of gameplay Bradley, the author, has to offer, with the occasional platforming and running away from enemies, I am totally glad dogs do not poison you contrary to Horizons by Justin, zombies can be annoying, but we are not in the annoying zombies level, so we are kind of safe we could say? The atmosphere and sound design is superb and during the whole game will be, I remind you, and same goes to the amazing texturing, I have though a big, very big problem with the overly dark lighting and the overall scarceness of flares, while testing I did gather that but we thought it was not really lack of flares, but rather me using them far too often to look for textures which could have been misplaced hehe ‘^w^, although I kind of gather that is not the case. A pretty good starting level that does define how exactly the game will substantially look and feel, the gameplay is not as intricate nor interesting as further on, but still a great time :3.
Nightmare mode notes: An okay level to play, there are good spots on which saving and the tasks rarely can bring to sudden death, except the pole rope, which caused me a game over due to the fact I did not remember whether Lara was gonna jump behind or front (was the latter), also some of the platforming could be irritating to the non expert TRLE player as they could require some precision a newcomer does not have yet. Was it difficult? Not really. Enjoyable? For the most.
The Mines (10 10 10 9): Now this is an unnervingly creepy level, from the soundtrack usage and the starting up point to some very interesting and fun platforming, finally we get pistols and we do not have to be afraid anymore about running out of ammo and having to find the respawnable ammo, which is great. The gameplay is much more defined and starts giving hints this is not a Resident Evil game, starting from the ruins and how much different the gameplay feel there. We get an amazing timed run for a gate, and we need to rush on some wooden planks for an amazing parkour time, and we lure a zombie to manage to succeed a timed run, there are two irritating ropes into the ruins section, but they actually are fine when you play not under Nightmare mode. Enemies start to be a bit more, but still not becoming extremely irritating, luckily. I was really a fan of the object usage ^w^ as it really was great and helped defining the difference between the much more mines area and the ruins one. Atmosphere as always was good and the texturing follows, I will still have to point out the darkness as there are spots in here which can be terribly dark at the times. Overall I have to admit this is the second least favourite level of mine in the game and I quite cannot explain why, probably it is not as memorable nor fond as what comes next to me? Probably so, still a pretty good follow up and a great introduction into the game’s major plot twist: this is not a Resident Evileque game, but follows more the Tomb Raider formula throwing in lore and enemies from Biohazard (another title for Resident Evil).
Nightmare mode notes: Here we start to get into the not really good territory, saves at first are way too far and there are far too many sudden death traps, like the rolling ball or that AWFUL platforming section in the terribly dark cave like room, which, as Bradley will remember as I told him, MADE ME LOSE 40 MINUTES OF GAMEPLAY because I did not see the typewriter first. Do we want to talk about those awful ropes too? They really destroyed me at some point as I kept mistaking a bit and having to redo bigger section, dying did not feel fearful at all rather annoying and when I would have died I did not really see a mistake made in my department but an overall too complicated task for me to complete in only one go. Was it difficult? Absolutely yes. Enjoyable? Mildly if not barely.
The Foothills – Cliffside Station (9 10 10 10): The first part of the third level might as well be the best I have played thus far in the game, the level is not excessively dark and the tasks presented are really fun! Especially the way back from the waters and the excellent small timed run, HOWEVER I have a big complain to this level, and it is presented in the form of the little key necessary to continue which is somewhere in some place which I am not going to spoil, but is made in a way that “Okay, I get it, there is a small hint”, but that does not exactly help me that much and that made me repeat one not exactly short task twice. Moving on the object usage was really great and I found excellent the idea of a deranged train and a broken bridge to just point again how much Lara is alone in this place with substantially no help, that is what makes the atmosphere so great again, and finally the great texturing is not ruined by an overly dark lighting, sometimes it can get dark, but not as overly to be honest.
Nightmare mode notes: Breath of fresh air from the previous tedious level, here the level does have its saves but it does not feel way too unfair when you might die, although when I cited that excellent timed run, there actually is a moment there where if you fall into the water you need to make an absurdly long way back, still nothing as awful as the previous level, this is really doable.Was it difficult? In the norm. Enjoyable? For the most.
The Foothills – Castle Grounds (9 10 10 9): Tied in with the previous level, yeah, but feels like something its own thing, with bare minimum things in common to be found. The gameplay in this one is kind of okay, but not really that exciting, we have a pushable block sequence, something to shoot with laser-sight and having to look for something underwater, probably one of the simpler levels of the game, but again we hit an HOWEVER, in the form of the super annoying dark as fluff maze-ish cave where spiders are, I found myself YET ANOTHER TIME without any flares, and the sadly funny thing is that the flares were given me after I been through ... Object-wise the level is still great, we have back some zombie dogs, not that I missed them that much, and some neat looking castle like set of objects, probably from Complex Simplicity? I do not know. The Atmosphere yet again and for the entire game is always flawlessly great, I just have to point out again the lighting for especially that dark tunnel, that I cannot forgive AT ALL.
Nightmare mode notes: Chill level for the most part, sadly does have its downside and comes in the form of the incredibly annoying way you have to reach the cog holder’s part of the front side of the castle, the one requiring the parallel bar, which for no reason whatsoever decided to not work, so I had to BACKTRACK all the way back at least 5 TIMES before getting it right, this is the only downside really.Was it difficult? In the norm. Enjoyable? Almost always.
The Castle – Upper Floors (10 10 10 10): So far the only level that has not made me rage extraordinarily for one reason or another filled with actually good puzzles and an amazing Resident Evil like trip to the spooky basement, I have one only problem and it has to do with myself and my amazing ability at not taking the crossbow which totally made my experience very much unenjoyable, but this is not a comment towards Bradley at all, I kind of wish this weapon was much more in my eyesight or rather I wish I paid more attention, moving on. This level has a surprisingly chill vibe to it, with very few combat to embrace and only one little scary scene to be found, a nice mirror enigma, laser-sight using and an excellent pushable block enigma in the end, nothing really throws me off in this level, so much so I would define it as the best I have played so far, the atmosphere was great as usual and finally the lighting was again not overly dark, and the dark section provided us with nice camera angles and flares! ^w^
Nightmare mode notes: Trust me when I say this has to be the chilliest level of the game with barely any bad thing going on for it, there is some platforming and, oh boy, parallel bars jumping near to the end but it is bearable. Was it difficult? In the norm. Enjoyable? Absolutely.
The Castle – Lower Floors (9 10 10 10): We start the descent into what sadly for me will be called over-gameplay, kind of shown by DJ_Full in his review and substantially is: the game goes to create more inventive but unneeded gameplay. The game would feel full as it is with lesser to do, it is not downright awful nor anything, just really drags a bit and gets even boring sadly, let us review each section individually, just to make this already long review come off as the longest in the TRLE history: Nature Section (10 10 10 10) I am very fine with this in particular, it kind of resembles Tomb of Qualopec if you take off one challenge and put two more door preventing you from taking the scion, the challenges are good and not too long to complete nor anything, the look of this area is just amazing with the little garden in the main area and the watery garden in one of the two challenge rooms looking just amazing for the object usage and the overall atmosphere, we are also in luck because it is not overly dark and we can finally see something!! Fire Section (9 10 10 10) Err it is a fine one too, yeah, three challenges to be found, I am not extremely fond in the one in which you are forced to be on fire to continue, I am really not a fan of wraths in general haha, but I just also felt like that section was not really challenging if not annoying, thus that is why you find that 9 in gameplay, the rest was excellent as usual I will not brag about why, a 10 in lighting and textures means I can see something and not need the flares at this point. Wind Section (8 10 10 10) I feel like I just watched a filler episode ... this really is the most boring part of this level with such repetition that even the novelty of the trampoline will not save it at all ... maybe the timed run in the end was extremely fun and does bring it up from 6 I was going to give to the gameplay to 8, yeah, probably so. For the rest I let you fill yourself what was right and wrong ;3 Water Section(9 10 10 9) This section took way more time than it ever needed, not that the tasks were not fine (I did have a problem with the saving in Nightmare mode, just for you to know I am going to talk about this later), they actually were pretty good and inventive, with some incredibly fun timed runs (also running away from the wrath was one for me) and some interesting pushable block pushing, but it really felt like a way to enlarge something that was already a very long lasting adventure ... for the rest everything was fine at all except the incredible darkness which, heh, you kind of cannot do anything about it ‘^w^
Nightmare mode notes: It kind of works well for the most part? Yeah it kind of does, I really just found myself sweaty in the water section, when sometimes I made a lot of progress and really few could erase it all, especially the area where you went up after a timed run, there really was a needed save afterwards for me. Was it difficult? Yeah kind of. Enjoyable? Quite.
The Ruins (9 10 10 10): Welcome to the most annoying level to play in Nightmare Mode, you need to know this is in fact the least favourite level of this game by far from me, we will now review the two sections this level is divided in individually because why not? Red Section (8 10 10 10) Interesting area for the look and also for the gameplay, I kind of think it brags on for a bit too long and some of the tasks feel old and repetitive even for how new they are, but there is one thing ... oh one thing that makes me use the F word, FLAMMABLE ... we get introduced once to a flammable enemy that as soon as it touches you he kills you one shot ... this wonderful piece of enemy is also seen in the boss battle in the end, and want to know what is so great? The boss battle makes you battle two which if they touch, you are dead and you need to reload. This is really not fun at all, this is actually unfair gameplay in my honest opinion, I apology to Bradley as I did not notice this while playing the first time, but I really feel like the one shot rule becomes unfair if anything and not fun if you play in Nightmare mode, but even without it, still feels a chore. Luckily it is no dark place and the atmosphere is heaven like, so many memories from Titak’s excellent Mist of Avalon. Blue Section (9 10 10 9) Not exactly any better from the previous section, because we now have an escort mission to complete with TR4 AI, the idea is incredible the execution is remarkable, TR4 makes it a bad time, the other task requires us to solve a small turning enigma, nothing too special nor remarkable, I really liked the boss battle in the end but I DID NOT NEED those skeletons to mess with me. The rest is all good and nice, except the oppressive darkness this part presented us sadly qwq.
Nightmare mode notes: By any far the WORST level of the game in terms of this mode, it feels unfair and really annoying the payoff is minimal and the annoyance is high, I would avoid this level over this mode. Was it difficult? Hellish. Enjoyable? Nope.
The Chase (9 10 10 9): A decent short run through some of course terribly dark tunnels, I am not sure why Bradley decided to not make light be emitted by the quadbike, I have the feeling (I might be very wrong though, so do not pick this as right immediately) that was not the case in the beta version, hmm ... beyond darkness it is a smooth enough ride with a minimum of two dismounts from the quadbike in the whole level, unless you are looking for secrets, and the forced dismounts are exactly what stop be from giving a full mark, in this action packed level stopping is only felt by me in the case I want some secrets, not otherwise, so this is my actual problem with the gameplay, these two unneeded and actually a bit boring stops, specially the second one where our objective is solely to move over a rock, instant death also makes its come back, but we talk about that later. Looking at the positive, this level is gorgeous for a fast paced one, in which I almost would not expect me stopping and all to look around, the texturing switches between the caves, the ruins and again some more caves and does it flawlessly, thanks also to the excellent usage of objects defining where the goons exactly were and all, my only complaint, as far as I can tell about the look status of this level, is the irritating darkness through the track, that makes sense and all I understand but easily throws you into one of the two instant death I am going to talk about in a second. Not a bad level by any means, almost a relaxing one after that mess that was for me to play the level before.
Nightmare mode notes: This mode does not get to feel any better about this level, two if I recall correctly are the only save spots that can be found and while the journey from the first to the second is actually kind of okay except the extremely annoying trip to the bottom of the cave thanks to the incredible amount of instant death pits, helped by the incredibly dark lighting and if you think that instant death is enough, just wait for the barrels that will set you ON FIRE killing you, yet again, INSTANTLY, still a better level to play through compared to the previous one. Was it difficult? A bit. Enjoyable? Mostly.
The Locomotion (10 10 10 10): Hands down, best train level I have ever seen in a game, followed by QRS excellent train level, this is such a pleasing and relaxing level for the most part, offering some little exploring on a train of sorts to, let us say, calm us down, before we hit the real meat of this level that comes in the form of trapdoors that if they fall you die! I am pretty sure during testing these boys had much less time given to you to stand on them than in this version and, if that is really the case, I am VERY glad about it. Somebody like me would find this specific challenge to be instantly irritating, yes, although I did not found myself irritated at all, but I am not sure if it was an effect created by the chillness in the earlier wagons that I saw before which tenderized me. It actually felt extremely satisfying to pull it off correctly and the boss battle in the end finally did not include instant death due to be touched, yes you can still fall off, but it is a lesser problem. The atmosphere and look in this train is just GREAT! I extremely love the first wagons and the last one for how meticulously were created, in order to have a real life vibe, it also gave me vibes of Resident Evil 0, my first game of the franchise that will always have a special place in my heart. The lighting was also not extremely dark which is always an absolutely yes for me.
Nightmare mode notes: While it can get difficult and repetitive with some tasks due to high death rate, let us call it that way, the number of save spots was fairly distributed and the backtracking, while requiring sometimes to crouch did not feel very heavy on the player, which is really good. Was it difficult? A bit. Enjoyable? Yes.
The Invasion (8 10 10 9): While I like the fact this level is substantially a leaked version of Home Sweet Home of Bradley’s hopefully upcoming continuation of his Tomb Raider 2 revisit, I consider this to be fairly anticlimactic compared to the previous level, how come? While this worked in Tomb Raider 2 as it was very combat focused in the whole game, this game in particular is focused on working on your supplies and not using them in an exaggerated way, this level totally throws that down and decides to be different, which is not a bad thing, but fails to feel connected with what was previously laid down by the rest of the game. It is not a bad level by any mean, far from it, we have that excellent looking atmosphere and supreme texturing, except annoying darkness, the combat is also not really dull with some interesting strategy to be found and a simple enough trail to follow, contrary to its original, it really just boils down to what the game wanted us to do, do not take it personally Bradley, please ‘=w=.
Nightmare mode notes: One only saving spot? No problem. Likely the most excellent level in terms of Nightmare Mode, with one room really feeling special as you could get supplies and saves at the same time, really giving in for that Resident Evil vibe. Only the ending enemy caused me to die and making me replay the level once before I remembered to save more often. Was it difficult? Not until the very end. Enjoyable? Yes.
Conclusions (9 10 10 10): An extremely long adventure deserves an extremely long review does it? Well yeah, holy cows this took way too long and on my word document this is in fact 6 pages and 3919 words, wow. Going back onto the game, this is surely an excellent game which does combine some elements from Resident Evil, but ends up becoming its own thing, with mostly great results, for people curiosity the real marks would be 9.2 gameplay, 10 for enemies and object usage, 10 for atmosphere and actually 9.5 for lighting and texturing, I cannot put half marks so, you need to deal with this. I can recommend this very much to middle to expert raiders to experience in NOT NIGHTMARE MODE, which I actually have to say I cannot recommend due to how unfair it can get in especially level 2 and 5 (mines and ruins). All in all Bradley made an excellent job and I was glad I could test his level and fix the small but very present texture errors he leaves behind. My review was fairly given with my own opinion, it does not change the fact I tested this or not. Wolfy Regards ^w^." - Wolf7 (23-Jun-2021)
"I'm not entirely sure what to write in this, after both just finishing this behemoth adventure and reading the previous encyclopaedic review. But suffice to say that this is one of the most immersive custom games you will ever experience. Having not played any of the Resident Evil games, I had no basis for comparison on how faithful the gameplay is to its source material but I was absolutely hooked throughout. It starts out deceptively simple in the caves of Ireland, but once you make your way into the ruins from the mines, the gameplay kicks into high gear. The element area with the levers in The Castle was so masterfully created that I cannot begin to fathom how the builder was able to squeeze so much gameplay in. Yes, it is fairly challenging in places but it is so engaging and the neat touches are too numerous to mention. The various boss enemies do require a fair bit of practice, but not even these are insurmountable. The overall atmosphere is on the gloomy side (what else can be expected of a game on this theme), but contrary to others I didn't find the dark spots all that annoying. An undoubted masterpiece and one you must not miss." - Ryan (23-Jun-2021)
"Loving both Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, I think the risk of making a game inspired by Resident Evil is to distort the Tomb Raider style too much, but this doesn't happen here. The RE style has his own space but the core of the game is a typical Tomb Raider adventure. Everything is perfect and well balanced. The design is superb, the gameplay is challenging only in few moments but not frustrating. The story is simple but solid and well outlined by cutscenes. I appreciated the terse dialogues (because I hate long-winded dialogues in custom levels) and I also appreciated the very good dubbing. I really loved all the adventure from the start to the end, I didn't find any boring moments at all. Nay, after the Ruins level the gameplay is even surprising and unpredictable. Highly recommended!" - Teone (18-Jun-2021)
"I've been waiting to play this one for quite some time and it certainly did not disappoint. Great atmosphere and story telling. Honestly in terms of gameplay I didn't get stuck for more than 20 minutes in any section which is a rare thing to happen so I definitely give props for that. One downside however, the first levels are too dark and at the time I needed flares the most I didn't have any left. Had to load on some occasions to keep double checking for pickups/secrets and had to use binoculars more than I'd prefer to. Even though the game has a specific horror theme I didn't really get tired or bored. There were elements that played part to that. For instance the game at the start feels more like a Resident Evil game that plays like TR, but when you get to the later levels, you really get that Tomb Raider authenticity you've been craving for which really gave me Underworld/England vibes and I loved it. The epilogue was the cherry on top but I will not get into details to avoid spoiling it for people. A very well rounded adventure that is definitely worth playing even for the ones who would not prefer horror games." - Zuxuna (17-Jun-2021)
"A masterpiece. The author says it was inspired by RE, but the game's structure reminds me more of Uncharted Lost Legacy (anyway, I liked so much the tribute with the fixed cameras at a time of the game). this level has some of the most beautiful rooms I can remember, the last part is frenetic and the puzzles are not difficult but quite creative. Some battles are epic and very tough so you must be careful when saving the game. On the other hand, I I had added a few more sections with traps and jumps." - requiemsoul (16-Jun-2021)
"This is probably another review I will update in the future because the author is fixing the game in the meantime. But it is a very good work already, even with some flaws still present: too dark in the beginning, too bloated with running which could be avoided with simple shortcuts, too much content repeated from other levels, too long elemental level lasting for ninety minutes while you can predict the content after the first five... TL;DR another great game which would be greater if it was 6 hours instead of 9. I can also point out several absolutely pristine executions: likely the best castle interior, probably the best cliffside scenery and arguably the best train level built to date (even though this laboratory stuff should be used instead of normal gameplay) - and getting it all in one game is impressive. SUMMARY: A gem. But before you play/review, I strongly suggest that you wait for the update." - DJ Full (15-Jun-2021)