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Search for the Skidoo by Boleklolo

dinne 3 2 4 3
DJ Full 3 4 4 4
Jay 3 3 4 4
JesseG 2 3 3 3
Jose 2 2 2 3
manarch2 2 2 3 3
Orbit Dream 3 3 2 2
Phil 3 4 4 4
Ryan 3 3 3 3
release date: 15-Oct-2021
# of downloads: 181

average rating: 3.00
review count: 9
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file size: 480.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Despite being split into three sections, this is a very short game and probably best viewed as a demo. It’s very simple gameplay with generous pickups, making the enemy action easily dealt with, but you do find the skidoo and there’s a brief but quite fun ride to be had on it. So, basically it’s no masterpiece but it’s a debut level and we’ve all seen far worse. Perhaps the builder’s next level will be a bit longer and give more idea of his potential." - Jay (20-Apr-2024)
"Nothing really interesting in these three mini-levels, except look for the secrets and the short ride with the snowmobile. I can't understand why three levels, 'cause all they could be perfectly included in a single TR4 file; also the excessive weight of the package (more than 500 Mb) could be reduced less than 100 Mb if the author deleted the unuseful audio files. Simple architecture, no puzzles to solve, paper walls, stretched textures... The author should consider all this if he's thinking about continue building." - Jose (28-Jun-2022)
"Here is another glimpse of a debut builder's fledgling effort and while it certainly isn't a masterpiece or one I'd necessarily recommend, the builder's enjoyment does shine through noticeably. The textures, lighting and architecture are all pretty basic and crude throughout, and the gameplay holds no real challenge (aside from a mildly challenging snowmobile ride, quite clearly the Skidoo of the title, and not even the bird monsters pose a substantial threat), but the jumping exercises show some thought and the (albeit very simple) progression through these short levels does show that the builder has ideas. Maybe not for the replay list, but it's quite charming nonetheless." - Ryan (06-Nov-2021)
"A download of 573 MB for a game that can be played in less than 15 minutes is obscenely bloated. And the reason for dividing such a short raid into three separate levels is beyond me. There's not much to do here. The sprint jump is advertised, but I never had to make use of it. In the first level you crawl for two secrets and the weapon you'll need in the second level. The search for the Skidoo (which I've always called the snowmobile) is over by the end of the second level, and the final level consists mainly of mowing down enemies while guiding the Skidoo to the exit. Forgettable, and certainly nothing to write home about." - Phil (06-Nov-2021)
"The author confirmed he has spent so much time fighting the editor he decided to share the moment of win regardless from its quality. But this output already surpasses the (unreleased) prequel I have seen, and makes me think the following release will be much better. Tl;dr we're getting into trouble but into a good kind of it." - DJ Full (19-Oct-2021)
"The description of this adventure is apt. This is a set of 3 TR2 tibet levels that will each take just a few minutes to complete. In the first level Lara finds a temple entrance, in the second she finds a skidoo in the temple, and the third is her escape on said skidoo – if nothing else I would say this ticks all the essential boxes of a Tomb Raider narrative. Along the way Lara will dodge a boulder, overcome two floor-tile puzzles, and shoot down four bird monsters before running over the rest of her foes. The geometry is basic and texturing tends to be wallpapered and warped, but it at least has some sense of ornamentation in the temple area. 11 minutes." - JesseG (17-Oct-2021)
"These 3 levels were very short, 10 minutes in total, and bear a lot of the trademarks of debut levels but the builder's excitement of building is visible and I hope that he continues practising his skills. There is a sense of story here which is not too badly done, also a few voice lines are used here to support it (of course, a 'key somewhere in the room' could be somewhat harder to find than just around the corner). Texturing and lighting are not too badly done, but still there are some missing textures, paper thin walls and all the like that will hopefully be considered in the next release. And even if comparatively small, best is to not include any mazes and pointlessly winded corridors or long ladders as it's just a waste of time for players. All in all not too bad for a very first effort; but don't rush to release levels as the learning curve of 'just another' builder is not exactly what players are waiting for." - manarch2 (15-Oct-2021)
"Three levels,and you'll be through them in around 15 minutes - but (aside from the slow-moving crawlspace maze) you zip along linearly from moment to moment. Text and voice hints really don't add much to the level (you won't need the 'long jump' anyway);but the challenges,although of a modest nature,are quite enjoyable;and the showdown with the bird monsters is rather comical,as they've not been blessed with intelligence;and simply plod about while you lure them in your direction before shooting from a comfortable distance.Everything else is pretty basic (the architecture very much reveals this to be a first attempt);but (rather in the manner of the climactic skidoo ride) it's all quick,easy and fun." - Orbit Dream (15-Oct-2021)
"A set of 3 super short levels, with not much to do. I can't list anything remarkable, although the level is pretty linear and it's impossible to "get stuck", at least. Effects are generally correct, sounds are generally correct, new animations are implemented successfully (although the dash-jump has no usage in the level), the builder does actually have some basis to start from and even if this level has a low rating I think the builder will concretely improve during the time.
Graphically, textures a generally placed badly and have lots of noticeable seams and stretches, but I've seen worse. Audio choices are strange sometimes (dramatic music for a chill maze - metal music for a boss battle that can be done by just standing on blocks and holding action until they're all dead).
Architecture gives generally a blocky feeling with long corridors, nothing organic, some big squared rooms with nearly nothing to do glue the "debut" label on this level.
Story is a bit ruined by the fact that you can totally beat the level without the Skidoo Lara is willing to actually get.
I got some funny moments with the skidoo because I got it before killing the bosses and it caused me to do weird acrobatics between them.
Not recommended from me, but I see promising small details from this builder. Things will get better." - dinne (15-Oct-2021)