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House of Horrors by mugs

billie2001 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 10 10 10 9
Jay 9 9 10 9
JesseG 7 10 9 10
JimmyBeon 10 10 10 10
John 7 9 10 9
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 7 9 9 8
Lady_Wise 9 9 9 9
manarch2 6 9 9 8
Nillc 9 9 7 8
Phil 8 9 9 8
Ryan 9 9 9 9
release date: 01-Nov-2021
# of downloads: 341

average rating: 8.96
review count: 13
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file size: 78.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I know I wasn’t reviewing or playing much at all when this came out but I really can’t believe I managed to miss a level started by Pat and I feel sure she would have heartily approved of what Sponge has done with it. The first part takes place in a fun fair, which is always a popular scenario. The second part is set in and around the titular house and it certainly is extremely creepy. I found the game very entertaining and strongly recommend it." - Jay (26-Apr-2024)
"This level set is amazing! I forgot to review it a while back, but this is a level that sticks in your mind. I loved the 3D Objects, I loved the setting atmosphere, the cinematic cutscenes. All of it so good, there were parts I got stuck, but with some back tracking I was able to understand the flow quickly. Nothing felt unfair or too tricky, it was just a brilliant game, really special. Recommend anyone to play this wonderful creation." - JimmyBeon (21-Mar-2024)
"One of the best horror levels I played, a lot of care went into it. Some puzzles got me but ultimately I got them. Recommended for everyone, anytime." - DJ Full (18-Mar-2023)
"Undoubtedly a spectacular adventure, very well built and with many new features. I have listed it as very challenging not because I have found difficult tasks, but because with all these new objects it is very difficult to know where you can use them or how you should do it; for example, the dagger was not activated by pressing the Ctrl key in front of the bowl, but had to be selected from the inventory. The atmosphere is very good, with appropriate music and the lighting is also well done. I had a hard time beating the boss at the end, because I ran out of ammunition for the shotgun and the other weapons were useless. I'm sure mugs would be proud of this great work. You can try, but I would never finished it without the help of the walkthrough." - Jose (30-Jun-2022)
"Well this wasn't creepy at all... LOL ( insert sarcasm) I loved it! What a great game. Mugs would be proud of this. I love the house level was so creepy and the ambiance matched perfectly! Puzzles were great, took me a few times to figure out some of them as they left my scratching my head but i figured it out eventually. game length took me a little over 1 hour. textures on point, not to difficult of a game, really enjoyed it!" - Lady_Wise (01-Mar-2022)
"First of all, many thanks to Sponge for bringing to life a map/idea of our beloved and much missed mugs. The first (shorter) part takes place on the grounds of a carnival fair, very reminiscent of mug's Ramla. The second part leads us to the spooky house and the gameplay becomes far more engaging. The aesthetics (environment/objects) are top notch but what really stands out is the spooky atmosphere. Having played many levels of this builder, I knew I had to try to interact with every strange object (lol) but I still had to look at the WT a couple of times. Found all the secrets and most of them were well hidden. What I didn't understand was the ending. But all in all, I spent a great time with this game." - billie2001 (20-Dec-2021)
"Quite a bit of variety here in these 2 levels, the first set in a carnival fairground area and the the second in a spooky house and its surrounding caves etc. the sounds, cameras and atmosphere are just spot on here with it being very spooky and intriguing. the gameplay however i found to be a bit hit and miss because while some of using of objects i found very clever and original such as the basement, others i found irritating like the attic as its so obscure sometimes knowing what you cant and cant interact with and in what way so i feel some players like myself will be constantly looking at a walkthrough instead of being able to figure it out by yourself. i have to commend the variety of locations and tasks here with great cut-scenes, story and sound effects, and while we do have some fun traps and platforming puzzles i feel a few more hints of what item does what and where possibly to go next after completing a task would of made it less frustrating. it was fun to see pennywise at the fair and of course the boss at the end was an exciting finale to very well made and interesting level" - John (17-Nov-2021)
"Another very nice Mugs level 'completed' by Sponge that is highly effective in terms of atmosphere, there is great usage of sounds and cameras and very nice object and enemy design and usage. The first level reminds of Mugs's Ramla but is not a remake, rather a short introduction. The second level has you explore the titular house and finding and using sneaky (sometimes even fairly obscure) objects is what you're doing most of the time, but it's rather enjoyable if you have peeks at the walkthrough occasionally. Classical gameplay is not the major element in this game, rather unfolding the story. I also liked the hideout of the five secrets, maybe something could be triggered by shooting those devices instead of directly registered secrets but okay. The atmosphere is top notch throughout and the rooms are all designed with care, despite some odd textures here and there and the end of the world not perfectly hidden. A few cameras also were somewhat annoying, especially those fixed ones you cannot get rid of. Nevertheless, a level that does very well what it wants to be and thus warmly recommended. Spent 50 minutes in here to find a rather disturbing finale, well, if you find all secrets..." - manarch2 (13-Nov-2021)
"A spooky levelset, with the first level set in a carnival of sorts, and the second at the grounds of a cursed house. The first level is mostly a bunch of running back and forth collecting various items, although there is some target practice and combat thrown in. The second level is more engaging, with several types of unique enemy encounters to overcome, although some were more satisfying than others. I enjoyed the hooded figure throwing fire down the stairs, and Lara must find a way to extinguish it. The three-headed dog was an interesting moment, but I'm not sure what would make the player think to lure it toward the same light it just came out of. The final demon has cool presentation, but the fight itself is a letdown as a single shotgun hit takes care of it. I could have done with more camera cues for switches, and not the trial-and-error basement door (opening the lock in the wrong place leads to instant death), and maybe less bat swarms and fixed cameras that make it hard to see what Lara is doing. The visuals are very strong throughout, and I particularly liked the lighting in the carnival. Great use of cutscenes as well. A good choice for players that want strong Halloween vibes in an adventure. 1 hour 41 minutes." - JesseG (12-Nov-2021)
"What a touching idea to take a blueprint of a level constructed by our much-loved and much-missed Pat, and turn it into a fully playable game that's enjoyable right the way through. I'm not sure how much new content is added courtesy of Sponge, but that's not important in the grand scheme of things. Aside from a bit of backtracking and sneakily hidden objects that stumped me a couple of times, everything flowed smoothly from start to finish, the puzzles throughout were neat and the atmosphere constantly gripping and spooky. The one odd thing was, as Phil mentioned, the jarring ending which could and should have been altered. Apart from that, wonderful stuff and thanks to Sponge for bringing this to fruition." - Ryan (07-Nov-2021)
"How fitting a tribute to the memory of one of our most beloved forum members and builders, and even more so in having been released on All Saints' Day (November 1). Whether this level is 90% mugs or 10% Sponge or vice versa is really beside the point. The important thing is that it gives us the opportunity to reflect on a fan of Tomb Raider who "came up through the ranks," so to speak, and who over a period of time matured into one of our most reliable and respected builders with several Hall of Fame entries to her credit. The work product of Talos and Ranpyon frequently came to mind while I was playing this two-part adventure, with all the quirky gameplay and pickups you encounter along the way, but it all flows together quite smoothly and especially in the longer second segment. I can't imagine, however, why the decision was made to insert that awful ending where Lara is transported abruptly onto a Train to Nowhere. The finish trigger should have come as Lara approached the Jeep in the bright morning sunshine after vanquishing the boss villain. Anyway, this was a fun raid and brought back some fond memories." - Phil (05-Nov-2021)
"To start with, from the information provided, this can hardly be considered an actual level by mugs, but thank you so much, Sponge, for bringing it to life - it's a great level (or level set - 2 levels), and a fitting tribute. I really enjoyed the textures, the general atmosphere, the settings, and the original way in which the story unfolds. It's always intriguing, and a joy to play. My 9 in Gameplay and Puzzles is due to the following: a) It's a bit too easy to forget important objects along the way, thus forcing some possible unnecessary bactracking at times; b) The constant crashes on the second level, even though there's a warning about them in the readme (it's wrongly mentioned as 3rd level), may become an actual drag; c) In the second level, when Lara goes down to the cellar, if she forgets to use the wheel under the stairs before they're set on fire, it's the end as she gets trapped there. But the gameplay is very creative, and I loved it all. Highly recommended in the genre." - Jorge22 (04-Nov-2021)
"This level comes from an original idea by the late and beloved Mugs, but in facts it's been developed by Sponge; and, you may say, it is a typical level by Sponge. There are two levels: a prologue, set in a spooky abandoned luna park, and the level itself, which takes place in a haunted mansion and its own landscape. The first level is a little short, there are not enemies at all (except for a nasty clown and a fairy, which can be avoided and do not harm Lara) and you have to esplore the luna park, solve some puzzle and find the way out. The second level is more complex: you have to explore the mansion, solve puzzles (which imply an imaginative use of the objects) and fight with some enemies and a boss. The level is a little bit story-driven, so you'll enjoy the story and have some goosebump, too. Technically, the levels are very well made, as usual; in some way, the cameras are not very well positioned and sometimes they make things too much difficult." - Nillc (04-Nov-2021)