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Sabatu's Tomb Raider 1 (Demo) by Sabatu

BlackWolfTR 9 10 10 10
DJ Full 8 8 9 9
eRIC 9 9 10 9
LuxQSD 9 8 10 9
Mahetus 9 10 10 10
manarch2 5 7 8 8
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Torry 10 10 10 10
Wolf7 9 10 10 9
release date: 15-Apr-2022
# of downloads: 279

average rating: 9.03
review count: 9
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file size: 191.00 MB
file type: TR1
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Already showcasing the high quality of the final version. I played it as a "DLC" after the full thing and it was still worth it. Recommended." - DJ Full (12-Jul-2022)
"Great re-imagining of the City of Vilcabamba that really bears little resemblance to the original so that the game play is fresh and new. Graphics ware excellent. This tended to become confusing with the myriad of doors to open both in the open and underwater and I had some difficulty trying to keep track of what opened where and one of the gold idols to exit the level alluded me for quite some time. I knew exactly where it was but trying to get the door open to grab it had me running about for quite some time. Only found one secret so how did the other players find all 5 so easily? Mind you I played without the benefit of a walk through. Hope Sabatu finishes this off as I thought it was great." - Torry (08-May-2022)
"It's hard for to enthuse too much about TR1 remakes (the sole exception that comes readily to mind being Daoine Sidhe's magnum opus) as we've seen it all before countless times, but Sabatu has done a solid job here as much as he could. Everything is up to a solid standard as you would expect from this builder, textures, atmosphere and music are all well done, enemies are well placed although secrets are perhaps a little on the easy side. Gameplay does actually deviate enough from the original Vilcabamba level to not be recognisable, although still mostly very simple. Not bad if you feel like a trip down memory lane." - Ryan (26-Apr-2022)
"A remake of the titular level from the original game. I have to be honest, I had my doubts about this project as I did not see the point in remaking or otherwise editing the original levels with the old TR1 engine, but the author has absolutely outdone themselves in every aspect. This feels like a true upgraded successor the original level. It keeps the original aesthetics and Peru atmosphere, but adds so much more to the table. The city of Vilcabamba actually feels like a ruined city now instead of a series of corridors. The texturework and lighting is expertly done and it builds up nicely from the groundwork of the original. It also flows really nicely as your objectives are clear and traversal is enjoyable. There is an overabundance of enemies in this demo, but I feel as though the author put it all there as a placeholder for now since they plan on releasing the entire game at one point. You will recognize some major set pieces from the original game, but the level has been remade to a point that you will feel like you're playing a custom level made from scratch. Looking forward to the full release! Highly recommended!" - LuxQSD (23-Apr-2022)
"What a brilliant preview! :3 Sabatu offers us a complete overhaul of the original second level of TR1 that I am going to review individually step by step ;3
Gameplay: A lot of exploring needs to be done to finish up the map, everything was intuitive for almost all of the custom, there was only one I guess ambiguous moment? In this big cave in which I had to insert two silver keys I ended up getting to the keyhole but was not in possession of the key at all, looking around apparently two levers in another room allowed me to open up a path to get the two keys, which was fine on its own but felt just a bit far fetched, minor details in an otherwise very refreshing experience.
Objects, enemies and secrets: A lot of care was put into placing objects such as seats and tables and vegetation, which did allow to give a more lively appearance to an otherwise pretty empty looking location in the original Tomb Raider , enemies are plenty! They can overstate their welcome if the player does not ration properly their medipacks ;3 I found two secrets over the six of the level, and they were nicely hidden!
Atmosphere: A huge positive remark here too, Vicabamba has never looked so bright and colorful, we got greenery into the village area, bright red near to the lost valley entrance and the snow in some of the opened up areas deep in the city! :3
Lighting and Texturing: Despite looking sometimes too bright, the areas were perfectly lit for TR1 standards. The green and more saturated textures allowed the level to look more warm and nostalgic than it does in the original game heh.
I was never really a fan of the Peru setting in TR1, but this has brought confidence in me that what is coming next is going to be a true new experience and not a simple remake that would have brought some people not really liking the project. It took me 35 minutes :3 picked up two secrets, quite a recommended experience for a medium raider :3 Wolfy Regards ^w^" - Wolf7 (21-Apr-2022)
"A solidly designed 25 minute long reimagination of TR 1's City of Vilcabama, but even if all things are rebuilt, the gameplay structure still feels largely like the original and the tasks are rather conventional. The atmosphere is rather nicely done and enemies, sounds, cameras, visuals are of a high standard, the five secrets aren't really hard to find. I hope to see more of this only if more novelties and creativity are added to the design - there are already more than enough variants of good old TR 1." - manarch2 (20-Apr-2022)
"Not a remake, while being inspired by the official level. In fact this demo is much more beautiful and much more interesting to play, while being faithful to the classic tr spirit with a gameplay quite polished. Likely players won't need to use a walkthrough once. Not a diffucult level , i don't remember any timed door , only near the end some jump need to be quite accurate. The secrets are rather easy to find. Enemies are very well placed, many wolves and bats, and a few bears or crocos for good measure. Perfect atmosphere and camera work. I was quite astonished that for one camera shot i had a view of a door opening and when pulling the switch back up i had another different although related view. 55 minutes of enjoyment." - eRIC (17-Apr-2022)
"That's only a preview for upcoming Sabatu's TR1 re-imagination. The demo is already an excellent experience (as it's usual for Sabatu's levels)

Gameplay feels like a classic TR game. Platforming, collecting keys, pulling levers and etc. Yet it's not that monotonous/repetitive as there is a lot of variation in tasks, so basically there isn't any moment where you get bored.

Enemies placement is proper, however players may complain about the amount of them. When I personally did not struggle that much, I think others may have a lot of problems and die frequently at some parts. I'd suggest to either reduce the enemies or add more medkits. (I am personally for the second option, cuz to me the amount of enemies is fine)

Texturing as well as the lighting is done flawlessly. I personally think that stretched textures fits well to the general environment and to artstyle of TR1. Great usage of light sources, good contrast in literally every room.

Atmosphere is extraordinary! Whole setting is really stunning and the waterfall sounds make the general environment more believable. Great usage of assets as well. :)

I'm looking forward to the full version. Great work Sabatu as always. :D

Recommended!" - Mahetus (17-Apr-2022)
"A great demo of Sabatu's big project. It's set in Peruvian vibes.
Gameplay The level is reimagination of original City of Vilcabamba from TR1. It's different but still quite reminds the original level. It's basically it's updated version. Gameplay is solid and focused on exploration of beautiful main area with small Incan houses, ruins and some nearby lushy caves. There is some platforming too. Level consists few easy and cool puzzles with pushables but I think Sabatu could add something a bit more complicated to add freshness. There are plenty of enemies, they aren't strong but they appear in large groups so they can take some amount of health. I would suggest adding some more camera hints for better immersion.
Design, Atmosphere & Sounds Design is top notch; I don't have anything to point out there. Textures are saturated and they look really good. There is much of lush everywhere that add this specific nice vibe. Lighting is balanced and well done. Architecture is amazing; caves are very realistic and big and construction of ruins and houses represents Incan culture perfectly. Atmosphere is excellent, it reminds original level but with some new extra vibes. Usage of sounds is great.
Conlusion It's a great demo level of upcomming Sabatu's reimagination of whole original Tomb Raider 1. It reminds original TR1 level, a bit of Anniversary too but it adds a lot of freshness and new look. I can definitely recommend it! Waiting for full version :)" - BlackWolfTR (16-Apr-2022)