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The Fallen Sun - Part 1 (Beta) by denis25l

Bruno-Oyaji 3 1 3 5
DJ Full 5 6 4 2
eRIC 1 1 2 1
manarch2 2 2 2 2
Ryan 4 4 4 4
Treeble 5 5 5 5
release date: 15-Apr-2022
# of downloads: 181

average rating: 3.25
review count: 6
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file size: 177.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"With Treeble having cleaned this one up a bit, removing what appeared to be some more graver annoyances, I decided to bite the bullet and clear my reviewing backlog a bit while I'm at it. To that end, it actually wasn't too bad. It does present some novel gameplay elements not normally an occurrence in your average debut offering including the TR4 monkey sequence and a scale puzzle. Some of the more linear progression did show that some thought had been put into the layout of some sections and a few enemy encounters were enjoyable. On the downside, a few levels are still blatantly unfinished, the textures are crudely applied, the architecture is a bit messy in a few places and gameplay creativity is rather lacking. A rather mixed experience really." - Ryan (25-Apr-2023)
"This has remained with an all-time low amount of reviews for well over an year and nobody until now had stepped forward to write a walkthrough. It's by no means a masterpiece and it's filled with a lot (in fact, pretty much all of them actually) of rookie mistakes, but it's rather impressive and bold from the author to try and put out not just one level but a complete series, this being just part one of a potential larger game later on. It doesn't help matters that this is released in a Beta state, however, as out of the box it just works halfway. I mean, regardless whether you download v1 or v3, the second level is non-existent. Then, for some reason in the later levels the author has misplaced triggers for levers so none of them actually work, so you can't really proceed further than a few rooms. And when the author replaced the wrongly supplied original TRLE levels, he provided one level where Lara is placed right at the end of the level. All of these issues have now been hacked and fixed by us, players (massive thanks to Dominik from the TRCustoms Discord server!), and I've supplied a curated version of the level to Michael. I sent an email to the author and he promptly replying saying he's trying to fix levels, maybe someday we'll get a working level 2 and hopefully nothing else will break as I don't see myself diving into this release again. The original supplied zipfiles were also bloated with unnecessary sound samples, duplicated and corrupt levels and uncompressed wav files. Surprisingly however there are a number of features here which you wouldn't expect from a debut level, not one where flat rooms and stretched textures are pretty much the norm, you have the monkey pulling a lever trick, the scales puzzle, a working kayak, all levels have proper LoadCams, and generally speaking you can see the author has good ideas for gameplay but the whole thing is severely let down by a notable lack of care put into design itself. I was playing these levels while peeking under the hood with trview (ah, yes, there are absolutely no camera clues to tell you whatever door has now been opened and the levels are massive) and honestly I'm surprised none of them break as pretty much every level is one massive overlap. Personally, I think the author would benefit from focusing on one single level at a time, get it properly tested and only submitting a final and working version, otherwise he might be stuck with another scenario like this, where he obviously put in a lot of hours and effort and pretty much everybody has been avoiding it. Until now, hopefully, now a walkthrough is available and most of the levels work as expected. These may not be the greatest levels you'll ever lay eyes on, but the time I spent here was actually rather entertaining (the excessive use of audio tracks got a bit annoying, though) and I actually learned a thing or two about FexInspect. I'm bound to forget in a few days time, but still, for a moment there, I genuinely felt proud of myself. 3h30min, 19 secrets. 04/24" - Treeble (23-Apr-2023)
"Made of crude shapes, minimal lighting and the simplest texturing possible, most of the time it's one of the "when will this end" levelsets. Surprisingly, gameplay is better than in other games built in this fashion. If you don't mind the atmosphere, you might actually give it a try." - DJ Full (18-Sep-2022)
"Some tasks like a few of the trap and jump sequences are not bad and the usage of the jeep and the motorbike were sweet but the majority of the rest is just painful, just running around and collecting items, mostly some medipacks or ammo you won't need. Too large areas, resulting not only in bad graphics but also tedious gameplay. There are also all kinds of debut mistakes like bad texturing in all its forms, paper thin walls, badly used objects, annoying sounds (although some were fitting well, they are just too overwhealming for large parts of the game)... all in all a rather unenjoyable and unattractive experience you certainly can do without. Nothing is exactly horrible and any category has a few good things, but spending 1:50 hours (before I quit because of the last part being an official TR 4 level) here, in weird and eclectically put together levels you albeit mostly can't finish, is just too much and a waste of time. Less is, especially in this case, more." - manarch2 (20-Apr-2022)
"The only thing I like is the FMV TR1 Lara model. The rest is bad. No story, it just says "Somewhere in Egypt" then throws random decoration and enemies from TR4 Cambodia and TR3 India, columns that seen from above look strange and some that look like platforms are not, the waterfall textures don't move, stage 1 is a big emptiness, stage 4 is simply Temple of Karnak from TR4. In all stages you'll see enemies getting stuck in the scenario. Also obvious paths and no puzzles." - Bruno-Oyaji (17-Apr-2022)
"It is impossible to explain the presence of two (out of seven) official levels here. A very strange levelset, or rather a set of levels not connected together , some of which you can not finish or don't know for sure if you have reached the end and seen all that the levels have to offer. The whole thing screams Unfinished work, in the last one you have so many missing textures , even whole rooms are untextured. Here and there you can see the builder has gameplay ideas , but it is too messy. The only fun here was the ride with a vehicle in two of the levels. Considering the impossibility to finish the levels properly or the fact that nothing significant has been accomplished and you don't know why, the other big flaws (stretched textures , thin walls , wrong portals between rooms and so forth) are secondary issues. Nothing really makes sense here in this draft of an adventure." - eRIC (17-Apr-2022)