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Backstreets of London by StormChaser

billie2001 8 8 8 8
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
JesseG 8 8 8 7
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
manarch2 5 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 7 7 7
nerdfury 7 8 9 9
OblivionJaw 6 7 5 6
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
release date: 01-May-2022
# of downloads: 289

average rating: 7.70
review count: 10
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file size: 205.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A very trademark style level by this builder. Solid setting, classic tasks, generally straightforward progression in a City setting. Gameplay is mostly about traversal among roofs, ground and sewers. Find-key-find-lock-repeat, you know the drill. I liked the moments with the moving train and the burners with the cars, as these stood out from the otherwise very well known and proven recipe. The 6 secrets are a welcome addition, but mostly easy to pick up and not very rewarding in their content. Hardest part for me was actually one lengthy swim, while the timed runs where not a challenge to master at all. You even get a boos ending, but again, not a challenge as you have plenty of weaponry at hand. Good game, 45 minutes or so, but not one that will stick in your memory for very long, probably." - MichaelP (08-Feb-2024)
"For the 75 minutes or so I spent in-game according with the timer, and about 2 or so hours in reality to beat this level, I have got to say that it's above average in all reality. I can understand the 8's though, but in reality it doesn't exactly do anything to truly stand out: Here is what I mean:: { GAMEPLAY AND PUZZLES! } = I could describe it in a word or so. Alright. It does the job it is meant to do well enough, and has some interesting moments, for example the section in which you have to crawl around the roofs for a bit, and the swimming section, while tricky, was nice in it all. (( Also, the final puzzles was confusing and made no sense at all, thank the walkthrough creator for the guide to beating this level, needed to use it a few times )) The rest is quite forgettable, however. Filler gameplay is important, but combined with the ATMOPSHERE, I wasn't looking around and admiring the environment, due to there not being much to see. It's above average which warrants a 6 from me personally. { ENEMIES, OBJECTS, AND SECRETS! } = Probably the best portion of the game, though not without hiccups. Why? Because the secrets are bad. They bring nothing to the table due to Lara getting nice toys for free, and the few items that are secrets are easy to get by without. The enemies and objects used were cool, if not really adding much to the story. The story that doesn't really exist. Nothing really happens, and all you end up doing is getting a scroll in an anti-climactic way and fight some dudes. I hoped for more at the end, that is for sure. With this, I will raise two complaints I had for the level: Flares were not easily accessible, and at the start to mid-point (aka the part they were needed the most) I had to worry about not having enough to get through the darker areas. Nice that the option for gamma exists, but personally I dislike having to change settings in order to enjoy a level. It's not really my job to tweak external settings in TRLE to make it playable in my case, though that is simply a perspective I put out. And the timed bits, with the water section were too tight in my personal opinion. I did them quite quickly, with only needing a few tries, but that is simply because I do a lot of stunts like this. Still, it did a decent if not a well done job, so it gets a 7 from me. { ATMOPSPHERE, SOUND, AND CAMERAS! } = The sounds and cameras were sparse and well enough put into the level while not doing much disorient the player. Average at best though, and there isn't much to say about it. 5 for this section. { LIGHTING AND TEXTURES! } = Again. they were fine. The lighting was nice in some parts and the texturing was not glitchy or such. 6 for the final section. SUMMARY = Overall I enjoyed the level, though It's forgettable in my opinion because It doesn't offer anything special to the table for me. It's a small level, which is nice and I had fun :)" - OblivionJaw (23-Jul-2022)
"A lightweight level with every element more or less in place, great for a short pause between work. If you're into epic adventures look for something else though." - DJ Full (15-Jul-2022)
"Concerning the looks, this is quite solid, despite minor shortcomings the design is quite elaborate and also doesn't feel at all empty as some of the builder's previous levels and texturing is used quite effectively here. The gameplay, while fluent and not without its moments, is overall too uninspired and simplistic though, without many diverse tasks and even the few presented here are rather straightforward, like the timed run or the block puzzle. On the other side the retextured enemies and the destroyed cars were nice touches, and the six secrets a nice, if also not very demanding, extra quest. Finished in 30 minutes." - manarch2 (04-May-2022)
"A good TR3 level is always a welcome change of pace, and this one provides an hour or so of entertainment while presenting few challenging moments. Lighting is never a problem because of the player's ability to adjust the gamma to his liking, but I felt there was perhaps an overabundance of ladders and trap doors. The two timed runs are short and easily managed. The builder has been a little stingy with the ammo count, but enough is provided so you can deal with the assorted enemies without ever experiencing that feeling of rising panic. The scroll you pick up near the end serves no function other than to trigger the final set of enemies, but it was rather fun to lock horns with that boss fellow. Nothing memorable here, but a fun raid nevertheless." - Phil (04-May-2022)
"It's always a nice change of pace to play a TR3 level, although the relatively primitive textures do make it hard to get too excited about the graphics side of things. This one however does manage to look good despite that. This is another sturdy Tedstone production, displaying all the hallmarks of this reliable builder (and that's no bad thing): competently constructed (if a little darkish) environments, fairly linear and straightforward to follow gameplay interspersed with the occasional timed sequence, fun enemy encounters and some enjoyable gymnastics. The secrets were enjoyable to find too, although not too well hidden. Nothing difficult, but a fun enough raid." - Ryan (04-May-2022)
"(7) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a very easy adventure that took me a little over an hour. The main focus is exploration, with a good amount of combat sprinkled in, along with 2 enjoyable timed runs and a pushblock puzzle near the end. The exploration is enjoyable and relaxing (and very straight-forward). When considering the puzzles in the builder's last few levels, I do think this level is weaker in terms of puzzles. The 1 puzzle here is not as intricate and thought-provoking as the puzzles in these previous releases, and I did finish the game feeling like something was missing in terms of problem-solving tasks. (8) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The combat is good fun, as is exploring "off the beaten path" for juicy pickups that aren't necessarily secrets. Object decor is excellent, as well as the use of objects for startling moments, such as Lara almost bumping into the train, as well as the exploding car. I would have liked to have seen more memorability in terms of traps, however. (9) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere and architecture is lovely, with convincing building backdrops. A nice subtle touch that I noticed is that there are 2 little areas that give a nod to players who have previously played "Aldwych Adventure" and "Venice at Night". Camera hints are well-executed, as are music and tense sound cues. (9) Lighting & Textures: Another beautiful level from this builder. I didn't spot any visual issues, although I do think "Venice at Night" is currently the builder's magnum opus in terms of aesthetics. "Backstreets of London" is definitely a darker level, but no matter here, as I just crank up that Gamma setting. Overall, when considering the builder's last few levels, I think "Backstreets of London" is a *tiny bit* weaker than these levels in terms of gameplay. However, it's still a good fit for someone who wants an easy, exploration-based adventure. 7/8/9/9. ** I beta-tested this level. This did not inflate my rating **" - nerdfury (04-May-2022)
"Lara explores a few city areas in search of a scroll. Her trek here is simple for the most part, much of the beginning is finding a key and using it before moving on to the next key. Thankfully all these keys don't lead to gruesome backtracking as they tend to do in other levels. There are some parts that spice things up though, including timed runs, a puzzle with two pushable blocks, and flame traps – all the car fires in this area must drive insurance premiums through the roof! The finale ends on a high note with a re-skinned Tony boss fight, accompanied by some of his goons to increase the action. Textures are a bit wallpapered in places, and I would have liked more dramatic and colorful lighting, but the visuals work well enough to get a city vibe. 52 minutes." - JesseG (03-May-2022)
"Another relaxed and enjoyable little raid from StormChaser. The gameplay is simple and classic but has all the elements to be enjoyable. The secrets are cleverly hidden. The atmosphere is good and the overall looks are nice. Took me 1:20 hrs to finish will all secrets." - billie2001 (02-May-2022)
"This is one more well built TR3 level, with London as the background. One can’t actually capture the TR3 feel in such short levels, but that’s alright, everything seems to be in its right place. It’s dark-ish, but not too much, the secrets are generally quite well hidden (and you get that rewarding ring from TR3), the enemies are well placed, and there are a few memorable scenes, namely when the tube rolls on behind Lara as she climbs down a ladder and when a car suddenly explodes after Lara grabs a key, not to mention a fair, but interesting, timed run. The level is on the simple side, but it forces you to explore, even though it’s pretty much straightforward. Quite enjoyable." - Jorge22 (01-May-2022)