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Paper House (Demo) by Nahomi Chan

bERT 5 7 7 9
DJ Full 6 7 7 9
John 3 6 7 8
Jorge22 6 7 7 8
Jose 3 4 5 6
manarch2 2 5 4 5
MichaelP 2 5 8 7
Orbit Dream 2 3 3 5
Phil 5 5 6 6
Ryan 3 5 5 6
Torry 4 5 6 4
release date: 01-May-2022
# of downloads: 140

average rating: 5.41
review count: 11
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file size: 27.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another design show case demo by this builder and another nice one in terms of the look and feel with the cartoonish black and white design. But just like her other demo, the gameplay what little there is - is completely unfair, especially with a crucial switch basically not even being visible and that annoying death switch booby trap (why?). Over in 5 minutes or so if you check out the walkthrough, but worth a look for the visuals." - MichaelP (08-Feb-2024)
"The best part of this level is the design, black and white with only our girl's hair in colour. It has a nice (Asian) cartoonish feel to it. Love the sleeping dog and two birds on the table. But boy, our girl is very touchy about her music installation, better not touch it! The music you do hear though either will drive you crazy when you don't find the sometimes very hidden button or find soothing within the theme of the level. Gameplay wise I am not too fond of it and went very quickly time and time again to the walkthrough to get over it. Some things were just not fitting the atmosphere. Static camera's were rather well done but very annoying for the timed run at the end. Fun level while it lasts and certainly worth a try if only for the looks of it." - bERT (25-Dec-2022)
"A black and white raid is certainly unusual and the Anime Lara in high heels with the flowing hair rather than a ponytail was different. As this is a demo it is very short but certainly has prospects of a good sized level. Use of the crowbar took me a while to figure out and there is one sneaky switch to find. The timed run is relatively easy once you know where to go. What is it with the fire switch in the bedroom? That was annoying. Only thing missing is her trusty 45's which I hope will be included in the finished product." - Torry (21-Sep-2022)
"Yo this is good. It's like 10 min of raw gameplay but the style is very unique and I see tons of potential for tens. But please... don't loop this music forever. Waiting for the full release, I'll surely play it." - DJ Full (29-Jul-2022)
"Original design in a black and white environment, but the demo is very short to see the potential of the level. The rooms have a good look with well placed objects, but the gameplay is not easy 'cause the excessively hidden switch and the movable you don't know you can move, specially if you previously found the same object before and you couldn't move it; the final timed run is not easy too. No enemies, no secrets, the background music is a bit repetitive. We'll see the final release..." - Jose (16-May-2022)
"A quirky and somewhat charming oddity, but unfortunately nothing more to it than that. The cartoonish setting is nicely done and the custom objects are a cute touch (albeit with a few annoying collision issues), but the gameplay is extremely minimal even for a demo and rather too obscure to be enjoyable. The pushable vase was a bit of an odd choice compared to an earlier, non-interactive one, the backtracking is a bit dizzying (although you should be able to remember where you have and haven't been yet) and the deadly button was just plain weird. I would also implore the builder to choose a less grating audio loop next time. I did enjoy the timed run, but that doesn't make up for the fact that there's just not a whole lot to do." - Ryan (15-May-2022)
"This short level has a black-and-white setting reminiscent of Debbie Overstreet's memorable contributions to Lara at the Movies. The game map is quite compact and confined to a few rooms and a hallway. It presents a few interesting ideas and has a fairly tight timed run at the end, but there's little here to whet my appetite for the full version." - Phil (14-May-2022)
"It's clear from this,their second level,that the builder has a fondness for quirky surroundings and gameplay that depends upon pushing (occasionally obscurely hidden ) buttons. The oriental-ish room decor is interesting,as is the use of monochrome throughout (unless the 'death ending' is chosen); but the timed run is rather obscure (especially on the first attempt),and the object collision gets a little annoying. There's not much gameplay - but the playing area is small and every room has some sort of significance; so if you find yourself at a seeming dead-end,simply scrutinise the immediate surroundings. As for the atmosphere - I enjoy Philip Glass well enough,and most of his music depends upon repetition;but listening to the first few bars of "It was always you,Helen" on a perpetual loop for fifteen minutes was really quite enough for my (or anybody's) taste." - Orbit Dream (14-May-2022)
"As a concept level only taking 4 minutes in the stats to finish this was rather okay, despite two rather obscure things (the movable pot and the button behind the painting). The black and white atmosphere has its certain something and the object and texture design is nice. I wasn't too much a fan of those fixed cameras which rather hindered the progression. Sadly there's very little to do apart of finding well hidden things except of a short but not too easy timed run." - manarch2 (08-May-2022)
"This is Set in a small black and white apartment where is the only color is on your characters head haha! i found the thunder in the background and the haunting little creepy tune made a good atmosphere but unfortunately the gameplay is quite short, basic and a bit dull as apart from pushing an item and a small timed run you are just literally searching for items or switches to open up more doors etc and its all over in about 10 mins but what i did enjoy was these original visuals and looking at all the interesting pictures and original objects used in all the rooms. We just need some length and fun tasks now as the setting and the originality is definitely here!" - John (07-May-2022)
"Alright, it's a demo. It took me 20 minutes in a very small area, honestly because some of the tasks at hand, which are actually simple, end up being somewhat obscure if you don't know there's a very well hidden button behind a painting, the timed run is a timed run, and such. The Japanese-influenced design isn't perfect, but it's good enough, and it's actually the part that stands out the most - I really liked the black and withe-ish, Japanese settings in spite of the irritating toy piano loop that goes on and on throughout. I didn't like the lightning button, even though I guess it makes sense. All in all, I found it interesting." - Jorge22 (05-May-2022)