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Seth Strikes Back (Demo) by 911

billie2001 8 8 9 8
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
eRIC 8 8 9 8
manarch2 6 7 7 7
nerdfury 7 7 9 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sabatu 9 10 10 10
release date: 03-Jun-2022
# of downloads: 207

average rating: 8.38
review count: 8
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file size: 69.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Although it is tagged as a demo, it's a three-level adventure that took me almost 3 hrs to complete. It starts at a slow pace but it gets better and better as it progresses. Especially the third level is a very good one, but I'll say that I quite enjoyed it as a whole. The highlights are the torch puzzle and the timed runs. Nice environments, good texturing, mostly good lighting too. Everything that makes a raid enjoyable is there. Recommended." - billie2001 (09-Dec-2022)
"Another well done work from Thibaut and in the end we really want for more after 2 hours in this demo. Good design overall in all categories of level building. The third level is the more interesting gameplay wise with its dynamic ideas i also like the use of textures here , this said the first one was also pleasant to play. The second one is perhaps the most confusing one. Special mention to the secrets which are diverse with some good ideas." - eRIC (02-Oct-2022)
"Ooookayy... What is this game doing outside of the hall of fame is beyond me. It's a treat wherever you look, it plays nicely wherever you go, and it has little extras to appreciate everywhere. No complaints aside of one broken pushblock sound. If there was anything else wrong with this levelset then it is fixed already and the reviews should be updated as well. Until then, it's way underrated." - DJ Full (20-Aug-2022)
"This is another amazing Egypt level and I am happy the author had a certain mood in the levels. The rain was surprising that's for sure but in the end, it somehow fit. I will not expand this review, I just want to say this is a must-play level :) Thank you for this great adventure." - Sabatu (19-Jun-2022)
"(7) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a 3-level adventure that took me 1 hour and 30 min. There's not much gameplay in level 1; just some back and forth and then the level ends, but I think this is OK, as it seems to me like it's a prologue "mini-level" to whet the player's appetite. I think level 2 is the weakest in terms of gameplay tasks (no puzzles, again lots of back and forth). Level 3 is the strongest, being well-rounded in terms of tasks to accomplish. The problem-solving required to handle the torch in level 3 is my favorite part of the game, and I hope that the builder includes more of these types of activities in the full release. I think that the gameplay flow in level 2 needs some improvements. Filling the pit with sand is not needed as you can just do some straight-forward platforming around the pit (nothing tricky). Also, near the end of level 2, there are two paths: A) leading to the dynamite receptacle and B) leading to the talisman receptacle; the player won't initially know which path is which. If player picks path B) to start, they will do some shimmying/long monkeyswing and then realize they don't have the talisman for the receptacle. This means they will need to return with the talisman (after following path A), and repeat the shimmying/monkeyswing. I do not think the player should have to do this long monkeyswinging twice. Perhaps when the talisman is picked up, a raising block could trigger, giving the player a shortcut to the talisman receptacle. That way, the player is not punished with backtracking if they happen to pick path B) first. It's also strange that there is a red building you can enter in level 2 via the roof, but you can't come back out (which you should be able to do, since the roof is only 4-clicks away from the floor). The diary is a nice touch and really strengthens the storytelling and sense of urgency during play. (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Something that the builder does very well is utilizing "surprise" enemy moments, where goons jump out at Lara in level 2. I wasn't a huge fan of the boss fight in level 3, though (not enough medipacks to fight him legit, so I had to run around in circles around him). There are a variety of traps in level 3, although I do think trap usage is lacking in level 2. I think object usage needs some polish prior to the full release. First of all, there are a number of janky objects in my opinion (chair and archway objects with no collision; a paper-thin archway object; the side of the staircase object flickers in and out of view). Next, in level 1's town area, there are some brown doors. Some of them are just textures, while others are objects that you can interact with. I think it will be better if there is a clearer distinction between "real" and "fake" doors. Also, I find it strange that there are 2 pedestals with torches in level 3, separated by a few rooms. If the first one isn't needed for anything, I would just remove it. (9) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The builder does a great job of creating an eerie atmosphere and heightening immersion. Their use of music cues, as well as cutscenes/flybys, is very good. I do think the atmosphere is not as strong in level 1; the modern architecture there could use more geometry variety/distinction in building shape and size. If you look at the top of the buildings in level 1, they're all a uniform height, which seems a little weird to me. There is a bit of an obnoxious moment in level 2, where a ninja is shooting at you during an unbreakable flyby, but it's not a big deal. It would be good if there was a tense sound cue for all timed runs (a sound cue does play when you trigger the timed run for the torch's raising block in level 3, but it's not a tense sound, so it's not clear that it's a timed run). (8) Lighting & Textures: It's a great-looking levelset with polished texturing. I do appreciate that levels 2 and 3 aren't super dark (the builder also provides plenty of flares), however I do think the underground areas could use more lighting contrast/shading, as my eyes started to feel drained during level 3. Overall, I think level 3 is a good start in this demo, although level 2 needs more memorable/interesting tasks. I hope my feedback was constructive to the builder. 7/7/9/8. P.S. The first "new diary entry" trigger in level 2 should be oneshot, but it is not." - nerdfury (14-Jun-2022)
"This formidable release is billed as a demo, but its three levels will keep the average player engaged for a couple of hours at least. The gameplay may be easy in its execution, but that's only if you know where to go, how to go and when to go. For this reason I found Doggett TV's video walk to be indispensable in making my way through this game. There's a generous total of 17 secrets, and if you get them all you'll find the same weapon more than once, and I felt that this consideration for the player was a nice touch on the builder's part. One of the secrets requires a rather extensive timed run, but once you know the route you'll find that it's not too tightly timed. Near the end of the third level you must choose between two divergent routes. If you choose the "wrong" one you'll miss out on two of the remaining secrets, so the written walkthrough warns the player at the appropriate spot to keep a savegame handy so that both routes can be played and enjoyed. I found the lighting to be player friendly throughout and rarely had the occasion to light a flare. In short, these levels provide almost everything that I appreciate most in custom levels, and although they may not be of Hall of Fame quality they certainly give you a thoroughly delightful raid. Recommended." - Phil (11-Jun-2022)
"Surprisingly lengthy for a demo offering at around 105 minutes, but luckily it manages to be entertaining enough. The first level is a bit on the plodding side, with rather a lot of backtracking and fetch quests, but it does improve and get more varied as it goes along, I particularly liked the timed runs, trap sequences and the torch puzzles while the secrets were also enticingly elaborate. However, the enemy attacks (mainly the ninjas and jackals) were on the unimaginative side, with one seemingly appearing either around every corner or in the same groups of two or three. On the positive side again, I thought the cutscenes were nice attempts at carrying the story along. Not a bad effort and it does whet the appetite for more." - Ryan (11-Jun-2022)
"The first level was a bit o a dull start, there's actually very little to do else than finding a few items and secrets. Things get slightly more involved in the second level, filling the pit with sand is actually not required as you can jump alongside the ledges to the other side, but otherwise there are a few decent, if not very creative or challenging tasks in it and a lot of to and fro. The third level is the most interesting one, with some quirky puzzles and traps, I liked the creative usage of the beetle to create two alternative paths. The 'cellar' route seems to be a bit harder with the hammer trap sequence, but once you get the trick it is fairly easy. Good usage of the torch and I also liked that timed run. Nothing is very difficult and things progress smoothly, except of some obscure keyholes like the car jack and the dynamite. The 17 secrets are well hidden mostly and the 'special secrets' add to the enjoyment and depth of the game, that phone secret was rather cute. The design is solid but lighting is a bit dull and the architecture not too complicated. There are many enemies in the first two levels, it had parts that felt like a shooter style level, but the third level is more calm in that regard; nevertheless, all of these felt rather well placed. Fixed and dynamic cameras as well as sounds are well used too, especially when you know there is a reason for those (secret!). All in all a nice demo taking 1:05 hours to finish and if the full game is mostly like the third level I'm looking forward to it." - manarch2 (04-Jun-2022)