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Sabatu's Tomb Raider 4 - The Tomb of Seth (Demo) by Sabatu

DJ Full 8 9 9 7
Feats 10 10 10 8
JimmyBeon 10 10 10 10
Jose 8 9 9 8
Lorax 10 9 9 8
manarch2 7 7 8 7
MedievalMetal 10 10 10 9
Ryan 8 8 9 8
Torry 7 7 8 5
TubThumper 9 10 9 9
release date: 01-Sep-2022
# of downloads: 275

average rating: 8.65
review count: 10
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file size: 41.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I cant believe I've never reviewed this one of Sabatu's level as I played this back in 2022 I believe, as to me this is probably the most inspiring level to me that enabled me to keep going with my First trle project. Sabatu does something i thought impossible, making a giant head of an Egyptian god deep underground. He did away with the old design of a generic sphynx like in the original tr4, he made a giant Seth head, and it is glorious. And this one piece of eye candy made me realise making a level of my own can be so much fun. So thank you Sabatu, you along with Titak are my biggest inspirations for my own modern trle design. About the level, its wonderful, it doesn't matter how dark it is, the mood atmosphere it sets (no pun intended) is perfect. The classic level design along with sabatu's patented flavour is on display in this level. I love the little bluebox easter egg too, very cool. Looking forward to the full release." - JimmyBeon (29-Feb-2024)
"Nice to see that this "Tomb of Seth" level is not a TR4 remake. Perhaps some rooms remeber the original level, but most level is all from scratch. Only the intense darkness was a problem for me, but as usual the gameplay was fluid, the fantastic architecture and the good atmosphere, the well balanced enemies and the secrets not hard to find were nice features which make you wait a final release very worth to play. Looking forward for this promising work. Thanks, Sabatu." - Jose (15-Oct-2022)
"It made a pleasant change to play a remake level that wasn't, say, Vilcabamba or The Great Wall and if it wasn't for the omnipresent darkness throughout, the enjoyment factor would have been much higher. As it is, it's still fun to play but navigating these dark intersecting caves becomes more aggravating than it should, especially when the flares aren't as effective as usual. It is a bit of a shame because the textures looked effective and well used (to my untrained eye anyway) and the atmosphere was convincingly spooky. If the ambient lighting is cranked up to a reasonable level for the full version, I shall look forward to exploring this temple further." - Ryan (14-Oct-2022)
"You have ABSOLUTELY got me on tenterhooks! I finished the level and I was almost in tears because I'm dying to know what's going to happen next. I knocked off just 1 point for the lighting, because I agree with Lorax - that entrance was super tough to notice. I had to consult the video walkthrough (and my policy is that I knock off a point if I need to resort to a walkthrough if all my other attempts to solve the level on my own have failed. I'm sorry ☹). I also agree with Torry that the enemies were a little difficult to defeat.

One thing I really respect is that you kept the original TR4 mesh, and you didn't swap it out for one of the newer meshes - I love this because it feels like I'm playing the original TR and it doesn't take me out of the atmosphere. As a result, I still feel immersed in the TR4 level. The level's gameplay was phenomenal - the difficulty was perfect, and I lost track of time while playing it. Normally I hate when the level is too difficult and there are traps that are unfair and frustrating, and the jumps are too obscure or it takes me too many tries to get it right (and I'm met with yet another trap) - I abandon levels because of this and I don't bother to try again. But the gameplay here was wonderful and I didn't feel like I wanted to give up.

The 'cousin' to the Sphinx room in the original TR4 was such a genius touch. I had goosebumps when it was an Anubis room, and it had similar elements while still preserving your own character within it. You captured the essence of the whole level beautifully. And Jonell's voice! 😍 I was absolutely shocked and excited - did you program AI to read the dialogue out? What a stunning touch. I love all of this so much and I'm so impressed.

I'm so curious to discover the plot of the full version - please don't keep us on tenterhooks for much longer, I beg you! 😁" - MedievalMetal (11-Sep-2022)
"Too dark Sabutu. Too damn dark. The player simply cannot see the route and stumbles around heedlessly trying to find any way forward. Yes there are plenty of flares but they don't sufficiently illuminate enough territory to be af any real use. This is a 30 minute or less level that took me three hours to negotiate because of the darkness. Simply trying to find a corridor or crawl space took forever. Naturally I found no secrets whatsoever. The enemies are very difficult to kill, even the scorpions or has Lara's aim deteriorated? The new animation (well, new to me) having Lara clamber up a ladder and then transition to a sloping ladder was neat. I had not seen that before. Also the path to switches and objects was way too incongruous and should be simplified. Sorry mate but I did not enjoy this one at all." - Torry (08-Sep-2022)
"This is a (pseudo) remake of a level we haven't seen so often remade so this was rather fine to me. The gameplay would be quite enjoyable as there is not only a professional structure to this game and some story elements put into it, but also interesting platforming tasks and traps. However the darkness is a bit overwhealming and decreases the enjoyability somewhat. While the atmosphere is very nice already and the architecture and cameras are very well done, there are a few less nicely textured parts that need some more care. The five secrets are not very hard to find and enemies play a minor part in this demo which is not an issue. Without the darkness problems, this 30 minute level was overall intriguing and was able to catch interest for the full release because there are a few nice and creative approaches I'd like to see more of." - manarch2 (06-Sep-2022)
"My first review on here - and it so happens to be the demo for what we already know will be an almighty classic once completed (the game, rather than my review)! Gameplay & Puzzles (8/10) Straight off the bat this is the weakest score for this level. Much as I don't mind testing platforming, some of the jumps seem to be unfair - without giving away much as a spoiler, I'm thinking around and after the swamp section. Often you will reload 20-30 times to get a drop exactly correct, and it just feels obtuse, rather than fun. This is the main niggle I have with the game. Exact jumping is fine, but given the game is so dark, it can often feel the difficulty level is overly contrived and forced. Elsewhere though, the puzzles riff heavily on the OG and in Sabatu style, don't necessarily conform to the original. The best challenges are those which use the original set pieces but turn them on their head - often knowing an area so well is as much a curse as a blessing. Enemies, Objects and Secrets (10/10) Tarted up from the original, the enemies seem slightly harder (dogs and scorpions mainly needing more ammo to kill). Objects are mostly derived from the OG which is a great nostalgia fest, and the secrets are excellent. Hard but not overly obtuse in difficulty, often applying logic which are the best type of secrets. On my first play through, I managed to find 4 of the 5. Atmosphere, Sound and Cameras Sounds and FANTASTIC. Some new effects here and there, while Lara sounds at her best (I have a deep preference for OG Lara sounds). Lara's voice - is that spliced from the OG? It actually sounds like Jonell Elliot has read for this game! Ambient music is a twisted take on the OG, sounding like it's underwater and just oozing atmosphere and nightmarish memories of 1999. Cameras are solid with good flybys in places. All in all, atmosphere is on point - but please, the darkness level is immersion breaking. I appreciate that the game notes say this might be reviewed in the final product, and I really encourage this line of thinking. Lighting and Textures As we've come to expect from this builder, there's a faithful recreation of the OG textures which offers something new while being immediately familiar. The sphinx centrepiece is excellent, looking far sharper and frankly more scary than the OG, and very well done. I've said it before but the darkness really does impact the level, and in most of the review categories, so I really hope this changes before the final release. Overall: Personally this is my favourite of the Classics, so I'm delighted it's getting the treatment it deserves. Enhanced music and graphics aid no end, and the new moves such as AoD style climbing is a wonderful addition - one I imagine will add only ingenuity to the final piece. Ease off the awkward jumping and crank up the lighting, and we have a classic on our hands. Final note - this was level 3 in the original and the difficulty is tough, but not awful. I dread to think what the final game will be like in level 39! Time taken - 1 hour 9 minutes (plus many deaths and redoing jumps)" - TubThumper (03-Sep-2022)
"Good to see Sabatu is also doing a special version of TR4 as well as TR1 & 2. Can't fault the workrate cranking out quality offerings like this Demo at the rate he does! The gameplay is awesome, same goes for everything else except the lighting... The level is so dark and while ample flares are provided they don't help much with being able to see my surroundings as well as where I'm going! If it wasn't for that it would be straight 10's across the board... Eagerly awaiting this release as well as Sabatu's TR2 :)" - Feats (03-Sep-2022)
"The previous level of Sabatu was ultra bright. This one is ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra dark, so play it in the evening or with curtains closed. If this level sat in place of the library demo we got in 1999, I think it wouldn't really invite players to play the full game - it feels like walking in the dark, flares are not enough to light it up and even with binoculars I wasn't sure if I saw everything. Then I cranked the monitor up to maximum brightness and it helped a bit, but I still felt like missing some bat-vision.What else to fix? Hmm, the first crawlspace in the tomb room needs better focus, somehow it didn't look like I was able to enter it... The revolver shouldn't be so nerfed - if its purpose is to be a secret reward, you should be able to one-shot those doggos. The sand animation is also to fix... And yes, I deleted the automatic FOV plugin because on my 2560x1440 monitor it puts the camera a kilometer away from Lara - I guess it works only up to 1920x1080, what the plugin author should be notified about." - DJ Full (02-Sep-2022)
"I really enjoyed this demo and thought it had some of the most enjoyable gameplay and pacing I've experienced from a trle in a while. In my opinion the darkness doesn't really detract from the level that much, there was one instance where I got stuck for a bit because it made an entrance hard to notice, but other than that I thought it was fine. Looking forward to Sabatu's TR4 and seeing the completed version." - Lorax (01-Sep-2022)