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Narcobase by alan

DJ Full 7 8 6 4
Jorge22 8 7 6 5
MichaelP 7 7 7 5
Ryan 7 6 6 5
Torry 7 7 7 7
Treeble 6 6 6 6
release date: 18-Mar-2023
# of downloads: 284

average rating: 6.38
review count: 6
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file size: 50.60 MB
file type: TR2
class: Base/Lab

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Reviewer's comments
"Another ship level and despite me not being a huge fan of playing TR2 levels, this one does have its charms. It flows quite well and has decent diversity of tasks and the two levels really play as one and will take you just over an hour to complete. Both parts have the three secret dragons to be found. I liked the basic push puzzle in part 1 and the idea with all the flamethrower guys as kind of a boss fight in part 2 is interesting, but spoiled by the near infinite amount of grenades and medipacks you get before going in. Visuals are quite poor even for TR2 standards, but the gameplay makes up for it, so definitely worth a look." - MichaelP (15-Dec-2023)
"A fairly standard Offshore Rig style level, complete with Lara beginning without anything in her backpack. I played this blindly with the intention of writing a walkthrough and found it to be quite linear, you solve each room at a time. Most rooms felt boxy and without a whole lot of care as far as texturing goes (you have entire rooms covered with a single texture for instance), but gameplay was as enjoyable as TR2 allows it anyway. Several enemies along the way, which might be a problem in the beginning as you're always low on supplies, but by the time you hit the end you'll have gathered a silly amount of medipacks and firepower. In true Tomb Raider logic you'll find a couple of floating items you can only grab by placing a floor beneath them, be it a pushblock or a trapdoor, and especially in the second level the engine failed to render the rooms in quite a few areas, so you'd see floating all around as you ran through an invisible passage or something. It's not the most polished level I've played, but I still had a reasonably good time here. 65 minutes, 6 secrets. 04/23" - Treeble (16-Apr-2023)
"A reasonable set of 2 TR2 levels, but not without their oddities and noticeably lacking polish. You start out with a completely empty backpack and survival is a bit tricky at first, but pretty soon you happen upon bucketloads of supplies (even nonsensical amounts, as near the end you get a load of medipacks and ammo when they're no longer needed) and things progress in a straightforward and linear fashion, although the second level revolves around a neat concept (climb to the very top of a central structure, which weirdly houses a helicopter lacking collision). Textures are purely functional, somewhat automated and jarring to the eye and the ending is a tad weird, you find yourself in a bleak room with massacred monks and a finish trigger placed in the corner of a room. In summary, not without it's moments, but I'll never replay it." - Ryan (16-Apr-2023)
"This is not a bad TR2 level and it does have it's nice moments but there are too many errors that cannot be ignored. Pickups that you are unable to pickup. Objects simply floating in the air and the ending anti climatic because in the preceding few minutes you pick up tons and tons of ammo, health packs etc, so I was expecting a huge boss fight but the end trigger lies in a room full of dead bodies and nothing else. How disappointing. There are plenty of traps and those flame thrower guys are a pain but it is an enjoyable level set none the less. Graphics are typical of the engine but as good as the original game. Definitely worth a play but does not deserve a replay." - Torry (23-Mar-2023)
"Dead end... I should have known, the name tells it all. This is a very simple looking, absolutely back to basics, almost careless, but still often out of the box gameplay wise, set of two levels that often ranges on the absurd (the quantity of large medipacks one gets at one time, when they aren't even needed, the number of flame throwers in one particular room - and elsewhere, cards and secrets purposely just left floating on air, the saw room...). I admit: I had fun. But I'm still divided as to how one should rate it. There are no actual mistakes, so it seems everything is as is just because it's supposed to be that way. Oh well..." - Jorge22 (21-Mar-2023)
"As always in case of alan, the game is enjoyable despite of skipping the visuals. I like the ending but I think it was too soon as I collected 1600 uzi ammo and was never able to use it. A bit of WTF but still recommended." - DJ Full (20-Mar-2023)