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What's behind the Door by Charles Kane

DJ Full 4 3 3 3
eRIC 2 3 3 3
Jay 3 3 3 2
manarch2 2 2 1 2
MichaelP 1 4 3 3
OblivionJaw 1 0 0 0
Ryan 2 2 1 2
Treeble 2 3 2 3
release date: 21-May-2023
# of downloads: 375

average rating: 2.22
review count: 8
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file size: 20.40 MB
file type: TR5
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I could almost copy my review for his previous level here, but there are a few more switches than just one and if you always wanted to endure a battle with 5 hydras then you do want to get that door open with the key and actually check out what's behind it. Even with the somewhat lengthy battle it will not take longer than 10 minutes, so another quick one under my belt here..." - MichaelP (23-Dec-2023)
"A peru-styled level, which could actually work well in TR5 if it was made by someone who actually cared about making a decent level. Because this doesn't really try much at all. With some decorations, basically no lighting and textures carelessly put around the big empty, lifeless rooms, the swinging rams in thin air, the poorly marked death tiles, you're ought to skip this. That's to be said with most TR5 levels outside the few ones that do not try to be tests- which is a very rare sight as we can behold ourselves." - OblivionJaw (02-Dec-2023)
"Perhaps the most substantial level of the builder, but still so underdeveloped and simplistic that it is very likely this level will be forgotten in a few weeks. There is some hint of gameplay here and there, a few hydras to battle and the three obligatory, yet almost non-hidden secrets to find, all that in bland and uninspired settings. At least its shortness at 5 minutes doesn't make it outstay its welcome - and gives me the opportunity to write at least one review this month despite being quite busy at the moment..." - manarch2 (09-Jul-2023)
"Why not making the rooms with thicker walls ? The swinging ram beams can be seen in two different rooms and there is no need to have thin wall or ground for the players to appreciate the horizon. Aside from this the setting is solidly done but a bit strange and with repetitive textures on wall. Half of the short time this level requires is spent dealing with a bunch of hydras. Total absence of audio tracks , on the other hand the sounds are correct." - eRIC (08-Jul-2023)
"The answer turns out to be ‘very little’ sadly; I’ve played plenty of demos that lasted longer. It’s always good to see builders having a go at a TR5 level, but this one involves a brief canter round a maze-like area with some gold rose secrets to find and a rather tedious battle with some hydras." - Jay (02-Jun-2023)
"Well, a nasty surprise is what is. It does feel like there's been some sort of progress from the previous test levels, but it's still not substantial enough to be called a level by itself. 5 minutes, 3 secrets. 05/23" - Treeble (28-May-2023)
"Very minimalistic in form. I won't spoil why, but it manages to get boring despite of short duration. Combat is even enjoyable, until you notice enemies fire placeholder leg meshes instead of correct projectiles - I would give one more point if it didn't happen." - DJ Full (24-May-2023)
"Very similar to this builder's previously released efforts, in that it's over in a flash and doesn't present anything memorable. This one is a sort of TR1 Peru setting (and the textures are a bit more bland than in the original game) and the surprise behind the door this time around is a bit more worthwhile, although still nothing worth shouting about as the hydras are defeated quite easily with the insane amount of weaponry on offer. Secrets again are just sitting out in the open. 10 minutes, over and out!" - Ryan (21-May-2023)