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Dun Huang - Part 1 by moon_cn

DJ Full 7 10 10 10
gao-ou-fan 9 10 10 9
JesseG 7 8 8 7
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Petaludas 10 10 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 8
release date: 01-Jan-2024
# of downloads: 1140

average rating: 9.04
review count: 7
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file size: 423.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Fantastic job! Really amaizing how can "just" 3 maps combined can take so long, and not much of repetition, rather the 1st map can be splitted into at least 4 separate levels. Plenty of really amaizing puzzels! However, some more hints in the diary could really help, especially close to the end regarding the statues on the wall (where need to press 4 out of 7 or 8 possible hidden buttons). Battels are very fair, ammunition and medicine wise placed, so was very enough. Even the final battle passed quite quickly, and is way very smart. Definitely not for beginners, but for those like challenge, I warmly suggests. Lighting close to perfect, there is only issue on 2nd and 3rd level that it looks too bright, not much shadows, and it loosing the 3D feeling in some of the parts, especially on top of the wall of the fortress. Worth play again after learning the pathway, to better enjoy the storyline. Took me 25 hours of good exploration." - gao-ou-fan (16-Apr-2024)
"I don't remember such difference between gameplay and immersion ever. This level fried my potato brain, cut it in fried fries, sliced them into fried chips, and then opened my mind only to spill them in the ground, where they will wait through the winter till they grow instant chips instead of potatoes. This could be a 10 - omg, not again!!! The amount of times you don't know if you're on the intended route is insane, so please try it but limit being stuck for like 15 min then use the walkthrough for saki's sake. Dun Dun Dun. Huang." - DJ Full (12-Apr-2024)
"Ufffff! What a hard and almost impossible game. I give 10 in every category because it was an amazing work. Only a very dedicated, clever and... evil mind can do this kind of game. The problem for me is that author must undertand what too much means. There is a moment when you must say it was enough. A lot of great ideas, like using two times the same switch in different parts, opening the same door from different directions goes to different rooms, the sand traps, many corridors and switches hidden. Some very smart secrets. The problem is that the level and the spaces are too big, and when you find an object it is almost impossible to know where is it's place. Some times you have the correct idea, but when you try to do it Lara says "no", like using the cannon ball, Lara must be placed exactly in the milimiter, so without looking for the solution you cannot solve the game. I really appreciate a lot this huge work, but maybe with more details in the diary would be better. Anyway I must say thank you very much to the author and of course I will be waiting for the next game he creates." - Juan Carlos (29-Mar-2024)
"This is one marathon of a game consisting of three long levels, but they're so interconnected that you feel as if you're playing a single extended level. The glitch-free videos both span more than four hours, and my own playing time was more than double that, and it's obvious that a great deal of creative time and effort went into this remarkable release. My scores are a notch below absolute excellence for a couple of reasons. First, I encountered a number of game-engine issues along the way that may not have shown up during testing but which brought play to a screeching halt until I either figured out or someone explained to me what was causing the problem. These are mentioned in the stuck threads, but specific examples are the disappearing torch in the second level and the invisible bars at the end of the game. Gameplay is inventive but often obscure, and I would never have gotten very far had it not been for the posted videos. A couple of sequences are of hair-pulling difficulty such that I thought it advisable to provide savegames to accompany the written walk I prepared, such as (1) the rising and falling platforms while avoiding a dragon's flame balls and (2) the multiple timed wall switch exercise. The two timed escape sequences are difficult but not frustratingly so. The lighting is good throughout and I rarely had occasion to light a flare, yet the builder has provided many more than are needed. Armament and ammo are likewise plentiful, but for the final battle with those four statues that come to life I succumbed to temptation and provided myself with unlimited medipacks so I could deal with that last statue (who simply refused to die for what seemed like forever). The second reason for my slightly depressed scores is somewhat nebulous. When I'm playing a game and having a jolly good time of it, I want it to keep on going and never end. In this case, however, I had the opposite mindset, possibly because of all the required backtracking that becomes particularly obtrusive toward the end of the game. Still, I found this to be a great raid, one that I can recommend with great enthusiasm." - Phil (01-Feb-2024)
"It's always difficult to phrase exactly what I want to say in a review when completing a levelset as lengthy and as challenging as this, but nonetheless I shall try my best. I did end up playing in hour-long sessions here and there over the course of a couple of weeks to avoid it becoming too much of an undertaking, but there's no denying it: this is most definitely not for the faint- hearted. As well as being challenging in terms of dexterity (putting it mildly), it's also incredibly backtrack-heavy, too much so at times, so it probably helps to make a note (mental or otherwise) of which tasks you've accomplished as you venture back and forth between these three levels. I also encountered a strange glitch involving the statue puzzle where you have to follow the tracks on the ceiling (in the first level, I believe). The next action wouldn't trigger no matter how hard I tried, so I had to resort to a kindly posted savegame. But on the positive side, the acrobatic sequences are enjoyable to pass, the secret quests were well executed and the timed runs were a nice challenge. The environments were also pleasant to the eye, although the lighting could have been improved in the cave areas as it tended towards being overly dim. On the whole, an exhausting, sometimes frustrating but ultimately rewarding raid." - Ryan (01-Feb-2024)
"Its difficult to gather all my thoughts and pin all details i want here cause its so long and it took me time to finish it , not in one day.. - its a chinese level ofc so its only for experienced raiders , its not a matter of ultra difficult jumps like neltharion's or qunai's but the navigation and the gameplay is very hard , items that you dont know where they are placed into these 3 interconnected levels - the secret hunting is very satisfying but also u dont know what u find is progress or a secret - really liked the usage of the boulders , u can move them also when u release them and it helps you either on secrets or moving forward - the secret with the the lamp turning on-off by moving forward-backwards reminded me the metal odyssey - possessed with the lever -press secret - when using the budha key ,pulling the jump switch and opening the near area , the cutscene with the shooting vase above never showed to me - also when you combine the 2 tower parts item , when you place them , they light the pottery near you but the thing is that you dont need it cause you can bring the torch over there also and light it yourself by a high passage - have in mind that the builder really tried to hide items and switches so u must look in every corner and behind items all the time - the forages for the bull should dissapear after using it and not have it again in your inventory - puzzles are very creative and difficult and there are moments you will remember for a long time afterwards in you .. tip : usually one lever in each puzzle change the usage of the others or reset - find it really unfair and dissapointing when you use the san su wu item ,you reach the bottom and must open the door to the main hall . in order to open it you must press action onto some 'levers' onto the drawings on the wall ??u cant see these levers by any chance and you dont know which ones are the correct , only if can read some words on another wall i guess in chinese?? just wrong - to be honest i loved this trle , it was a few times unfair but i felt addictive and really admire moon_cn effort and imagination . he surely knows how to built and keep you entertained although you must push yourself into the games logic or be lucky or wandering around for minutes - too bad , not many raiders will review this , maybe its not average player-friendly or they wont finish it , except if you have, near you , the adrielvicio walk or the bilibili site walk , but personally i prefer really challenging levels and im looking forward for part 2 and playing his previous lvl - keep it up !" - Petaludas (31-Jan-2024)
  • To my surprise, this level uses a few of my very old animations, which I released to add new moves without code changes. I'll list the ones used here:
  • Monkey swing turnaround: Press forward + back together to turn to face the other way
  • Monkey swing to ladder: Press back + right while holding action at the end of a monkeyswing to swing around and grab the ladder
  • Ladder to monkeyswing: Press walk + jump while holding action at the top of the ladder to jump and grab the monkeyswing
Bugs/Functional Issues
  • The suspended pot puzzle that Lara moves with levers, if the reset lever is used too frequently the levers may all disappear. Just keep a save before starting the puzzle.
  • I got softlocked close to the end because I was short one heavenly mace. It seems to have been in the tomb area that the player must flee from when a timer appears, and re-entry is impossible. Make sure to have this mace before starting to run away.
  • The level is a self-proclaimed difficult one, to be sure, but some moments use too much guesswork. An example near the beginning is having to press action in a certain spot at a pile of sand to pull out a completely concealed body. Other pickups are visible, but barely, and will be easy to overlook.
  • Inconsistent interactions add to the difficulty. For example Lara must burn some tree roots in a tunnel, where there have been plenty of those roots previously that cannot be burned. Another example is a non-crowbar door being used as a crowbar door.
  • A majority of the switches are missing camera cues, not letting the player know when certain doors open or other changes happen.
  • A lot of backtracking is required between the various levels, sometimes through perilous trap sequences that have already been conquered.
  • There are some unique puzzles in this adventure, one of them is a suspended pot that Lara must move into the right position, which was engaging once I figured out what the switches did. Another is a set of chambers with a rotating tunnel in between. There are many other puzzles, most of which I enjoyed.
  • There are some tricky platforming sequences and timed runs, some of these are pretty unique too. One such moment is a monster that appears in the middle of suspended wooden platforms that move up and down, which Lara must traverse.
  • Overall the visuals are good. The lighting could use more flair, but the texturing does its job well and the custom objects help add some immersion.
Time: Softlocked at 5 hours 42 minutes | Difficulty: Very Hard | Rating: 7.5/10" - JesseG (26-Jan-2024)