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The Stolen Coffin by Dnf Productions

bERT 8 7 7 6
Cuqui 9 7 8 7
Dimpfelmoser 8 7 7 6
DJ Full 5 6 7 5
Drew 7 7 7 7
eTux 7 6 6 5
Gerty 7 7 6 6
Jay 7 6 7 7
JesseG 4 5 6 6
Jose 5 6 7 5
Juan Carlos 7 7 8 5
Kristina 7 6 6 6
manarch2 6 7 7 6
MichaelP 7 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 9 7 7 7
Phil 8 7 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 7 7 7
Ryan 7 6 7 7
Sash 7 7 7 6
Treeble 6 7 6 6
Xxenofex 9 7 8 7
release date: 27-Jan-2002
# of downloads: 98

average rating: 6.70
review count: 21
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file size: 24.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level is filled with quite a few nasty tricks. Inconsistently marked death squares, invisible timed door triggers, poorly marked climbable walls, inconsistently marked monkey swings, opaque floor tiles that lead to pitfalls, a statue puzzle with an obscure solution, with several mazes and backtracking sprinkled on top. Paper thin walls, wallpapered rooms, and stretched textures will only contribute to the unpolished feeling. While I can't say there's many redeeming qualities in this level, it at least has a good sense of architecture shown in some of the buildings and temple rooms, and some creative use of lighting in a few places. 43 minutes." - JesseG (27-May-2021)
"Being a sort of scene setter for the full Saudi Arabia adventure, I remember this level being one of my least favourites in that game. It definitely has its enjoyable parts (like the neat colour coded timed gate puzzle and the brisk jump sequence near the end), but I could have done without the maze sections and the long, long ladder climbing and monkeyswing sequences. I also found the ninja attacks somewhat repetitive and the textures a bit of a mish-mash in the opening area, although better in the inside areas. Having said that, it does work well on its own, and would also be a good intro if you're planning on playing the whole series from start to finish." - Ryan (19-Jul-2018)
"It's odd - I could have sworn I'd played all the Saudi Arabia levels, but I don't remember this one at all. Perhaps, it being more of a taster for the updated first episode, I really didn't play it way back then, or perhaps my memory is getting worse (no bets please). Anyway, I have to say I definitely remember the complete Saudi Arabia game as being far better than this. It has its moments, with some fun timed runs/swims and a lot of platforming, but the maze aspect feels a bit overdone. Still, it has made me quite eager to try the 'finished product'." - Jay (28-Oct-2017)
"It seems that the author though about ways so Lara died or get stucked: unmarked deadly tiles, the monkeyswing with all the ceiling textured the same way where not all tiles can be grabbed, the couple of statues without a hint to place them, etc. At least the mazes are not too big, but the first one is too dark for my taste. As in many other levels, the same white ninjas and some red scorpions as enemies, no puzzles to solve, elongated textures specially on ladders, but also in long wall panels, paper walls here and there... The best for me were the well placed cameras to point the triggered doors, the flybys and also the appropriate musics. Not a good level for me but playable anyway." - Jose (09-Jun-2016)
"Stealing coffins is what tomb raiding is all about, no? It's been years since I played Saudi Arabia, so this demo stirred no memories whatsoever. The surroundings at the beginning are rather crude, but the appearances improved as the game progressed. In all I spent almost precisely an hour here, and I enjoyed myself a great deal. There are some timed runs, an extended slope-jumping exercise and four secrets documented in Dutchy's walkthrough. It does quite well as a standalone level. Recommended." - Phil (12-May-2016)
"One of these solid first attempts you cannot call "nice" - the action mostly covers indoor corridors with boring mazes or long ladders and as always I don't approve hidden grab surfaces or death triggers. The map is mostly flat-lit, draftly textured and filled with default objects but has challenge and tension balanced quite well though the star secret should remain in main gameplay for sake of clarity. What I missed the most was goal and background - it would be better to finish the level with something obtained or at least the knowledge received about what the coffin is, what it holds, what the content does, who stole it, why he did it etc. - you know, little details for greater immersion." - DJ Full (15-Apr-2016)
"At many places you could see this is a debut level, as the looks in the outside areas were rather crude and with many end-of-world moments, the texturing was often streched or squeezed slightly. The gameplay, even if spicked with a few nice puzzles, often was on the obscure side with a few of my "pet peeves", such as the dark maze or the way too long underwater door puzzle (even if the idea is ingenious). One unhinted statue puzzle was pretty annoying. There were also a few decent places, as the deep room with the rope and two timed runs. The enemies were nicely placed, the four secrets well hidden, and I liked the coffin room in the end, even if the mummy gets a little pesty after a while. Finished after 50 minutes." - manarch2 (06-Apr-2012)
"I know that there was something in this level that held me back in finishing it the first time around. It was that timed swim almost at the end. Funny though as through the years I became much more nimble at my fingers so this time, there was no hic-up at all. It sure does look kind of bland compared to what is made these days. But be aware that this is made without all the new tools that are available today. Textures are kind of a jumble but oh well, another notch on my belt." - Gerty (22-Jul-2010)
"The start of this level does give it a bad impression, with the rather bland atmosphere and the obvious end of the world right at reach from every side of the room. Later on it picks up, but there are quite a few bad points that stood out, such as the unmarked climbing walls, the mazey pitch black crawlspace area, some wafer thin walls, a lack of consistency in texturing (even though all the ceiling has the same texture, only parts of it work as a monkey swing and just on the other side of this particular area this same texture also equals death) and unmarked deadly tiles. Gameplay revolves around the basic lever/item collection/backtracking formula, except for a rather weird underwater colored timed gates and a pushable sequence that doesn't give you any hint of what has to be done. The base area was a let down and the long climbs toward the end could have been skipped too. 45 minutes, 2 secrets. 05/08" - Treeble (29-May-2008)
An average looking level with above-average Gameplay; that about sums this one up. The small town at the start is never convincing, and many of the rooms are rather bland and unimaginatively lit; but the progression is devious and hugely enjoyable. Several times I was convinced I'd missed a key pick-up somewhere, but it's actually reasonably sequential and everything fits together. The timed runs were a challenge and helped to liven up some rather tedious labyrinthine sequences. Horribly stretched textures let the atmosphere down on a number of occasions, but this is a decent level nonetheless and I'm ready now to progress further into the series to which it provided the prologue. - Orbit Dream (22-Jun-2005)
"There's not much I can add here mainly because I was stuck right before placing the pillar and the knot for a long time. Totally missed the entrance in the gray mountain to their receptacles! Even if I have some gripes like the darkness the unmarked death squares (some of them look the same as normal squares) and the badly applied and chosen textures (not that they are badly chosen - but they don't fit together too well) there is some nice action here like the colourful timed pools - the challenging timed run on the platforms and the jump sequence. Worth a try especially if you want to play this before Saudi Arabia." - eTux (14-Jul-2003)
"Entertaining level in settings that now and then have a strange mix of textures. But the room with the coffin is well built that you will reach near the end of the level. There's something for everyone's taste gameplay wise: sneaky seemingly unreachable places underwater swims that nearly make you drown a lengthy consecutive sloped pillar jump from a big height statue pushing that may be nervewrecking but since there is no clue it is rather obvious what to do and also a swim in between short coloured stone tubes of which the grated gates are timed. Add to that some zombies and nasty machine gun people and you know you won't have an easy ride. Here and there some tedious bits (high climbs) and wafer thin walls. All in all a good entertaining level." - bERT (20-Apr-2003)
"From the very beginning it's clear what your first objective is. You find a place for the Pharaoh's knot and pillar and the set of double doors that these objects open. The journey for these objects is a fun and exciting one. There are a few timed doors and some clever puzzles including lava underwater tunnels with boulders and the best one has got to be the colored underwater timed doors - this was definitely my favorite part of the level. After using the pillar and knot you'll come across a small maze where you collect a few cartouche pieces and after placing these and a few long ladder climbs you slide to the end. If you enjoy this remember to play his whole series Saudi Arabia. Secrets found: 3" - RaiderGirl (15-Feb-2003)
"Gameplay quite easy but entertaining. However I found the timed gates at the end of this level very hard. And the atmosphere is successful. I think that it's interesting enough and I had much fun playing it." - Cuqui (19-Nov-2002)
"I had so much fun with the first half of this 50 minute level because of the strong gameplay a maze of doors a smart underwater boulder puzzle a very tricky timed run to one of the 3 secrets where when you have finally made it through the door you soon find out the floor on the other side is fire trapped and only a few tiles are safe and other timed runs and swims but sadly the second half turned out to be quite standard apart from a nice block jump. This level though will never win any awards for its look as the textures are a bit of a hit and miss mix but I guess it does its job and I never really took too much notice in the first half because of the puzzles." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This level has Lara spend about an hour in a black catsuit in Saudi Arabia (?). You start in a small city area and then go underground to find the Arabian Knot and Pillar which when placed open the door to the second half of the level where you have to yield the Isis and the Osiris Cartouche to open the door to the exit climb. I found one secret and met a fair amount of ninjas scorpions harpies and a mummy. Progression is actually quite interesting with many tricky jumps swims rope swings and I liked the timed doors puzzle and the jump sequence room a lot but it is also spoiled by a lot of unnecessary darkness especially in the pitch black maze unfair monkey swing tiles placement and a 'no-clue-given' push object puzzle. There are also a few thin walls and in the starting area you can easily reach the end of the world." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"A very simple game but playable just one funny puzzle it is in water with some colour underwater ways I liked it the rest is find the switch open it and go for next. A good time also at slopes but not too hard. Enemies appear every time you arrive to a big area about secrets the first one was very simple. One thing I really liked was the use of cameras I think this level has a good work on this point. There aren't lights in game Lara always looks plane Technically talking textures are worked terrible most of them in wrong size too long too short but almost never in correct size; a terrible mistake is when you arrive with Lara to top parts you can see 'the black hole' I mean the end of the world with out textures. Room map is very simple too square!" - Juan Carlos (21-Jun-2002)
"That was so weird. I expected to see a place that reminded Arabia or something like that but I never saw it I am sorry. In fact as soon as the level started I thought it was going to be a let down and it was. The textures were awfully mixed you see something that isn't even close to a building and where are the objects; only until you are enough into the level you see some bearable rooms. The game play is very poor too. Just some levers to pull and cartouche pieces to collect a pillar a knot plus a hand. At some point I thought it was going to be interesting as I entered a dark underground area with many doors and as I climbed to the upper level it got better but only briefly. It was just a flash. The only thing I liked was solving some kind of a rolling ball puzzle to access a lever but again easy enough. As for enemies there are a few scorpions and ninjas scattered around randomly and two birds near the end. Also some thin walls I spotted gave one more reason for me to think that this is a bad level." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"Actually that is the first part of a multipart series by the name of 'Saudi Arabia'. From the textures it is an average level but there are a good puzzles in there. And the timed gates are really tough. My nerves were high pitched also with the other jump combinations. Level is worth playing nevertheless I can recommend it." - Xxenofex (21-Jun-2002)
"Excuse me please?! Gameplay very poor very simple? You must be joking?! This features two of the best timed doors I encountered in a custom level (and I played everything from Will Gell) a great jump sequence (where there are different ways to reach the exit) an original spiked boulder puzzle under water and colourfull pool area with lot's of gates that took me some time to master. The best bit is the timed run for the Uzi secret. It's tricky as it is and then you think you've just made it only to die instantly when you step into the room. Great stuff. It is a bit dark in places especially in the crawlmaze. Yes we could have done with more light and less maze but you'll get so much else to do in between. There is nothing special about the textures and they are stretched in some places but because of the entertaining gameplay I didn't notice really. I thought the atmosphere was convincing enough and I remember only one thin wall. Taking in consideration that this is an Egypt style kind of level (which aren't my favourites) I think Donald has done a pretty good job." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"When I played Saudi Arabia I felt that this part seemed longer than the rest. Also there seemed to be no balance in that Donald threw everything in one part for difficulty measures --- dark passages 3 timed run bits (that short one to the gate from the pool columns is hard) descending sloped jumps tricky routine (the coloured gates is simply puzzling) and every element you can think of --- ropes lava water burners etc. Now I understand; this was released as an independent level. I like it as a standalone. However I will still write here my comment on SaudiArabia --- timed bits should be rewarding. The timed run to place a star to open an armory is not worth the take. There's not 'nuff baddies anyway for any need for an armory. That was no small task either to access." - Drew Pizza (21-Jun-2002)