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Labyrinth by ve2lyr

CC 7 1 5 4
Ceamonks890 2 0 2 1
Dimpfelmoser 4 0 4 4
Drew 9 6 7 7
Gerty 4 1 4 3
Jose 2 1 4 1
Kristina 8 3 7 6
Magnus 3 0 0 1
manarch2 4 0 3 2
MichaelP 6 1 5 5
RaiderGirl 7 3 7 7
Ryan 3 1 4 3
Sakusha 9 3 5 3
Sash 4 1 5 3
Scottie 2 1 2 1
Torry 4 1 8 6
Treeble 3 0 3 1
release date: 29-Jan-2002
# of downloads: 114

average rating: 3.49
review count: 17
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file size: 61.87 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Yet again, another quirky offering from this builder, but also rather confusing for the average player. The concept is based around nine interlinked levels that each house some sort of obscure puzzle. They're actually not set out too badly, but the solutions are blindingly unclear without a push in the right direction from the walkthrough (which was also a little vague at times) and somewhat spoils the flow the gameplay could have had. Enemies, objects and secrets are entirely absent aside from Lara herself and the artefacts, while lighting is creative but textures are repetitive. Credit to the builder for his idea, but it doesn't really work as such." - Ryan (01-Jan-2019)
"Really a very rare level, I had to check continuosly the walkthrough so I could advance until the end, and even so, sometimes it's very difficult too. There are some fresh ideas, but I think there's an abuse of the flipmaps and the timed runs (doable anyway). The rooms are too huge and empty of objects, the textures are very elongated, and there are not enemies and very few pickups. I recommend use the walkthrough if you don't want to turn fool." - Jose (15-Jan-2018)
"I guess it takes a genius to appreciate the work of another, but ultimately I can say this series of literal puzzles was too mind boggling to be properly enjoyed. I admit I played by following every step in the walkthrough and even so it still felt far too cryptic to be enjoyed. Level design and texturing are pretty much an afterthought, as the heart of this series of levels is within 9 different puzzle concepts that are mostly based on flipmaps â€" sometimes you get a visual clue, sometimes an audio trigger, but more often than not you wouldn't even notice something had changed in the room. Still, for what it's worth, I quite liked the fixed cameras that put things into perspective and made Lara seem a little pawn in a massive boardgame, with only the one seen through the mirror being the exception. 45 minutes. 12/2017" - Treeble (11-Dec-2017)
"Robert is somewhat of an enigma on its own if you can say that of a person. Now I know why I never finished this level, it was his first but for me I couldn’t get into the groove so to speak. The walkthrough I had to use was not really helpful but this time I kept plowing on and I did finish it. Not my cup of tea although hats off to the guy who put all his strange ideas in a level." - Gerty (27-Aug-2017)
"An incredibly boring series of Egyptian test levels that are all interconnected to one another and while I'm sure that this would have served as great practice for the builder in learning how the TRLE works, it isn't particularly as enticing nor engaging for the average raider who simply desires something decent to play through in their free time. And with under-utilized ideas on top of a rather unappealing presentation overall, let's just say that this is one release that I very much doubt many folks on here will get a kick out of playing, so best avoided." - Ceamonks890 (25-Nov-2014)
"Les piscines (3-1-3-1) - Starts actually promising with Lara in a new outfit and an intriguing first area that looks like a nice puzzle, the first timed run was actually rather nice, but soon this level appears to be a search for some trigger tiles, at half of these you don't know what they effect; all objects (which should obviously have been only a few vases and pickups) but Lara and several doors are replaced by butts (at least on my end) and I ultimately never knew what to actually do so I had to completely stick on the walkthrough, so that I at least had a little more fun playing through. The looks are very bad - textures are wallpapered and stretched at the same time and most likely were only placed to make this level playable.
Les 49 chambres (4-2-3-2) - Slightly better texturing in this level, but the word "better" isn't the same as "good" in this levelset. As you maybe have figured out, the main part of the gameplay is about exploring a huge area consisting of 49 rooms and finding many trigger tiles to open a door in the middle. This sounds pretty tedious but when you found the logic behind this everything can be done in quite a short time, even if the constant running through the area is indeed tedious. Afterwards you get to run through huge and long corridors, fight the only (nicely remodelled) enemy in the whole game (or not) but there are at least some nice transparent floors you can look through to see areas you get to visit later on.
Les 25 colonnes (5-0-4-2) - One of the more fun levels in this set, as the pillar puzzle at the start is quite fun to do if you figured out what to do and if you played the second level it is much more easier to do. There is not much gameplay afterwards but the level ends soon after the puzzle after finding and placing three butts, I mean Ba cartouches, in their "receptacles" - seeing them fly away after placing was nearly hilarious even if unintended.
Les sauts (too short to rate) - You can visit this level more times as it serves as something like a hub for the first seven levels and you can go back to it in nearly every level if you forgot something, but it's actually only needed to visit this level twice if you do everything in the right order. Maybe the strongestly textured level of all.
La cachette (3-0-2-1) - This short level doesn't include much more than one single puzzle which isn't very difficult - only step on one tile to make another tile appear - until the point where you have to jump over a certain tile not to make the next tile disappear, which was a little confusing. Texturing is not really good; there is a pic from the builder but that's the only memorable thing. Lighting is slightly existent here and not that bad as in some other levels.
La porte (too short to rate) - Mainly about finding one hand and picking up another hand. The textures are again very crude so the good feeling of the other transition level is blown away.
Les miroirs (6-0-4-2) - The most fun level of the whole set. It is pretty short but it includes a nice mirror room and a very, very good puzzle in another room that first looks like a mirror room but isn't, also having more camera work and slightly better looks. However, probably due to the butt bug, you can reach the "end" of the levelset without being able to play the last two levels - the last room was flooded for me and there is no way to place the stars, so I had to use the levelcheat to play the last two levels.
Les bonds (3-0-1-2) - A very interesting puzzle. Lara has to jump on various tiles to make the way safe (actually, only one of two as you can jump over one), then find the necessary artefact, get up. When you place the two items on the wrong tile (no indication) you are lost. The finish trigger is also not well placed. Texturing was mostly streched, but the important areas are better textured. The cameras were highly confusing in this level because it's nearly impossible to find the exit without pure chance.
L'espagnole (3-0-3-3) - I once tried this level before but I quit it, and even this time I had a hard time getting through this level. The first part of it is absolutely innovative with a nice and little different way to play chess, but after the chess rooms are directly close to each other the level was so confusing I only wanted to finish it as nothing is clear anymore and even the walkthrough could not really help me further. Mainly it was about trial and error. It really would have been nicer to have pieces for both sides so that a clear aim would have been noticeable, thus this remains a nice idea which was badly executed and remains to be realised in a stunning way by anyone out there.
Summary: Nine levels only made 45 minutes of playtime. All ideas were pretty nice but much, much more could have been made out of them, more camera work to show what triggers do, at least a little more effort to put in decent texturing, object placement and playability even without using the walkthrough. Without it, it's not recommended to play this one as many tasks are so much obscure you will be getting crazy soon." - manarch2 (09-Mar-2012)
"Do you want
- Stretched textures where ever you look?
- Incomplete rooms where ever you go?
- Riddles solve which one can solve only with the Walkthrough?
- Play a level with which one must look from beginning till the end into the Walkthrough because one has usually absolutely no plan?
Do you want really everything? Honestly?? Then you must play this level. The idea is not so bad, actually, at all sometimes. The author has built here 9 small level parts which are connected together. There is a central room from which one can jump in another level and again comes back. One must collect different Items (hand of Orion, cartouches, Eye of Horus, etc.) and this then use in the same or in another part. Moreover, there are ground levers and Bodensquares on which one must step to release something.
As said, the idea is not so bad in itself at all sometimes, but if a level builder goes only after the riddles and everything else more or less shoddy quality is, than it will be very fast boring and dull. And the riddles are mostly in such a way that one stands like a duck in a thunderstorm and has zero notion what the level builder wants.
Result: Not really recommendable." - Scottie (25-Apr-2011)
"Unlike most reviewers I found this adventure quite enjoyable even though the author really needs to work on level designing. The textures are stretched the lighting is sometimes boring (unless its purpose is to help you solve a puzzle) some triggered sounds create a form of cacophony in the middle of the level (however the sounds show that you're on the right track) some areas are untextured the horizon is nonexistent there are a few paper-thin walls the baddy's AI is bugged (or is the author trying to make us feel guilty by making us shoot at a harmless individual for the sake of stepping on a transfer tile?) the lava is solid there is a lack of variety of objects and there is a bug involving the Ba Cartouche (don't combine all of them at once. If you have a whole cartouche I suggest you to leave the two parts of another cartouche separated until you place the whole cartouche in a keyhole. Otherwise you will end up only having one cartouche instead of two for some reason). The gameplay is excellent even though the cornerstone of the puzzles can make the gameplay seem monotonous (ie you basically have to step on tiles in a particular way). Little by little the author deals more and more with the theme of chess (some hints are given in 'Mirror' where Lara has to make L moves like a knight in order to finish the level and the theme is obviously shown in 'Chessboard'). There are variations in each level but gameplay mainly consists of jumping on tiles. If he had varied the methods used to solve the puzzles I would've given a perfect 10 for gameplay but this is not the case. I really loved the logic of his puzzles. So I was rarely frustrated. The timed runs were quite entertaining especially the one at the end of 'The Pool'. Some levels are laughable such as 'The Door' and 'Leveljumps'. I was astonished by the simplicity of the titles of the levels ('The Pool' '49 Rooms' '25 Columns' 'Leveljumps' 'The Crypt' 'The Door' 'Mirror' 'Jumps!' and 'Chessboard'). Is 'The Crypt' the author's ideal burial place? I don't know. It turns out that the moves in 'Chessboard' aren't random after all especially since there are two errors in Drew Pizza's walkthrough. The levels are slightly modified in order to form an adventure (eg. 'Jumps!' where you can die if you don't jump correctly at the end of the level. This doesn't occur in the standalone version). After stepping on many tiles Lara is finally rewarded with a large swimming pool with the word 'End' written at the bottom of it. Fortunately she can resurface so she won't be unfairly (or maybe fairly especially since she has committed murder in LaChapelle's little virtual world) punished with death. I have finished 'Labyrinth'' with one half of a cartouche." - Sakusha (13-Aug-2004)
"What do the words 'confusing' 'frustrating' 'ugly' and 'unnecessary' have in common? All of them are words that can be used to describe this level. I would never have finished it without the walkthrough. And even with the walkthrough you're never really inclined to play through the level. It just feels pointless. And the fact that it's ugly doesn't help. The level can last for anywhere from forty minutes to several hours depending on how quickly you figure out the puzzles (or the walkthrough which although it is confusing is a big help). I've never been a fan of this author's levels. And this one isn't an exception." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"There's some work involved getting these levels going. And the introduction paragraph of the walkthrough is like a riddle never mind trying to play the levels but I couldn't have played as far as I did without it. I started and stopped this so often over months. The architecture of each level fits the tasks to be done but the textures and overall look of the levels is not great just a background for the puzzles. No storyline no theme no atmosphere no enemies (but one). My game crashed a lot and I got really fed up accidentally standing on the wrong tile to the wrong level or just plain standing on the wrong tile period. Standing on tiles seems to be the 'thing' to do here either for timed runs triggers or level hopping. It all about what you're into if it's puzzles then perhaps you'll like all this. Personally I'd prefer to see these puzzles incorporated into an actual level." - CC (01-Oct-2003)
"I concur very much with Dimpf on this. This is another set of levels 8 mostly single puzzle levels and a transition level that are just too smart for their own good and when each is completed with a lot of help from the walkthrough there is no accomplishment felt but dread at what the next puzzle will do to the last remaining neutrons firing lethargically in your brain. I also got quite sick of trigger tiles being at the core of almost all the puzzles and when I reached the last puzzle Chessboard I didn't feel very concerned that I couldn't make it through I'm not a chess player and the walkthrough was as clear as going for a swim in porridge with blacked out goggles so ended there. I can almost just barely deal with Robert's levels when they come out as single little devilish enigmatic mind benders but not en masse like this so if you want to go for it all I can say is 'good luck and godspeed!'" - Sash (08-Jun-2003)
"First of all what would I have done without Drew's walkthrough! What a contribution that has been for the TR community. Part four was just a transition level and I got through The Crypt without it but I think I looked at the walkthrough for every other part just to make sure I was doing the right thing. There are some clever puzzles though even though the solution is often trial and error. The first part has some timed doors and underwater swims to get a hand part two has you going around the outer rooms and then the inner rooms to open a door that leads to a middle chamber part three was a bit long and involves a lot of running around but really all you have to do is step on certain patterns on the floor five was the easiest and had you jumping around on nine squares to get a hand six was very easy too and all you have to do is shoot a couple of vases and place hands to get half an eyepiece seven has a mirror puzzle that leads you to parts eight and nine. These two last levels were the hardest for me - eight is a harder mirror puzzle and has marked tiles to step on to get the cartouche which floods the lower room and lets you get the eye pieces - all made harder by a fixed camera view and nine was really tough because I know absolutely nothing about chess and after this will probably never take it up. This whole series though didn't take long to get through as I played the standalone versions of some of these levels first so I often already knew what to do. The simple ending has Lara swimming around in a room with the word 'end' written in those tiles which I'll probably have nightmares about from now on." - RaiderGirl (09-Feb-2003)
"First I have to admit that I wouldn't have been able to complete this set of levels without the walkthrough from Drew Pizza. The first part I could handle but it became a bit too complex after that. I'm not sure I guess you would figure it out after a while but the atmosphere is so bleak the textures so boring that you really don't feel like spending longer than necessary in this boxy tutorial world. This is the main downside in my view. Although the gameplay is rather interesting at times the author makes it very clear from the start that he is not interested in creating a gripping atmosphere or placing any enemies to add a bit of excitement. Halfway through it struck me that Bob and Lara aren't exactly soulmates. Like if Lara and Bob would meet I don't think they would have a lot to talk about but maybe I'm wrong. He doesn't seem to like her really and let her have some fun. Instead she is forced to dance to Robert's very own tunes. I can't really say that I enjoyed playing these set of levels. It doesn't have to be the traditional Tomb Raiding world with me but here I got the feeling that the author had a handful of clever ideas and wanted to put them out as fast as possible without ever thinking of combining them with a believable storyline or setting that corresponds with the tasks in hand (there are some nice camera angles though). I liked the timed runs in the first part but somewhere in the third installment I got really sick of the step-on-a-certain-tile-puzzle. There is so much more that Lara likes to do you know?! Also for some reason my game would crash when jumping from level two to level three so I had to start again with level three and take it from there. Well that didn't really endear me to the whole concept. Especially since the gate in level two stayed closed on my second try. Bottomline: I think can only handle one of Robert's levels at a time. Having to do 7 in a row is downright irritating and boring. But he has some potential no question about it but he should have a look at Jon's or Rene's levels to learn a bit about atmosphere. The most clever ideas are nothing without atmosphere." - Dimpfelmoser (28-Nov-2002)
"This is a 9 level set of brain teasers. I had the earlier version which was very buggy and I could not proceed in the second level. However I am happy to say that the new TOMs located at Lara's Levelbase were fine. You can indeed play the levels up to level 7 in any order but being a traditionalist I played them from level one through level nine. Les Piscines: This level is a puzzle on how to empty and fill HUGE rooms with water by stepping on various tiles. Taking around 20 minutes it will not tax you greatly but still gives you the opportunity for a bit of head scratching. Chambres: This is a level consisting of amongst other things a 49 rooms puzzle where you must step on certain tiles to lower columns to eventually get into the center area to swim up to a higher set of levels. This was corrupt in the earlier version I had and I thought that the author was indeed short of a few brain cells until I discovered the fault lay in the earlier tom. Once I had that sorted out the level was actually quite simple and lasted a mere 15 minutes. Colonnes: This level took me 30 minutes to work out how to lower all the key columns so that I could open the water tunnel to the new area to collect the three Ba cartouches. All in all a bloody confusing piece of work. Les Sauts: This is simply a transitional level whereby you may proceed to any level up to level seven by picking the appropriate jumping block. As I was headed for level 5 I chose that one. A good 30 seconds here lol La Cachette: Simple level of 5 minute duration. You use one hand solve a simple floor puzzle to pick up another hand and on to level 6. Note the picture of Bob grinning at your misery on the wall. La Porte: Another quick one minute transitional level where you place a hand and get an eyepiece. Les Mirroirs: Find an invisible hand (which shows up in the mirror) and progress with a series of jumps over fire tiles to find you need another two of the damn things after five minutes of burning poor Lara to a crisp. Step onto the left tile and you are whisked away to level 8. Les Bonds: This 20 minute level is a bastard and took me over an hour to get right due to the reverse angle mirror you were looking through. The object here is to turn off some fire tiles by jumping on the correct squares so that you can place a cartouche and flood a lower area to collect two halves of an eyepiece. Even after you complete this it turns out to be a circuitous route back through three levels to reach level 9 and the memory starts to play tricks on you. Just that took another ten minutes of head scratching and who the bloody hell let that cat in here? L'espagnole: Firstly let me say that I found this last level to be conceited. Why should the average raider be manipulated into trying to understand or even try some of the gambits of the master chess players? Honestly who cares? Having said that I found that I could not finish this level even following the close instructions by Drew Pizza in his walkthrough and believe me I tried. Over three nights I put some six hours of frustration into trying to get this to work. After the first six moves no new rooms were revealed as I was led to believe via the walkthrough. Was this level also corrupted as the earlier versions were? I don't know. The point I wish to make is that I really don't care. Up until then this set of levels was different and intriguing and I would have rated the first 8 levels as an 8 for gameplay but with the addition of this final level I have reduced that gameplay score to a 4. I do not see the relationship between this level and Tomb Raider. If I upset anyone I apologise but that is my opinion." - Torry (15-Aug-2002)
"A different level with nine parts in it. If you are waiting to see the usual TR gameplay I am afraid you are in for a disappointment. If you want to experience something new and out of the ordinary this is the level for you. The rooms are quite empty but you are so deep in the puzzles that it is not much of a problem timed doors columns and tiles secret rooms and the chessboard adapted as well. The main items are hands and cartouche pieces as well as Eyes. Transferring from one level to another as far as the seventh goes to start with the goal is to collect pieces and combine them so you can proceed. Once passed all the original puzzles and a room with chess moves although it's hard to guess that the solution had to do with that familiar game you can access parts eight and nine. Be careful though some times you have to choose which hole is the appropriate one to place an item. A good work but not for many players especially the chess part. The end comes not with a trigger but with the familiar jumps to the tiles by that time you will know what I mean and the end written on the floor while Lara finds herself in water. Not to fear she will not drown. I would say play it it is worth the time even if you can't complete it certainly anything unusual will attract me just to explore these kind of levels with new ideas." - Kristina (02-Aug-2002)
"I downloaded this finally as it is now available in TOM version but of course this means you have a bit of work to do to get those 9 files converted. Once you have you are off to play through an adventure which virtually holds no enemies and secrets but instead will put your brain cells to work to figure out what the author has come up with in terms of trigger/flipmap scenarios. So taking it step by step: Les Piscines / Swimming Pools (15 minutes 7/2/6/2): The first level offers at least a bit of gameplay as you have to step on certain floor tiles master a couple of timed doors and drain and flood a few rooms. I liked the camera angles but the flyby through walls was a little rough. Good use made of sounds here. Texturing and Lighting obviously has not been a priority as it is very simple repetitive and applied to the huge rooms without much care. Pick up your Hand of Orion and on to level 2. Les 49 chambres / 49 rooms (15 minutes 7/2/6/6): I liked this one even though it does become a little tedious to run through the rooms and step on the right tiles to eventually open a door in the center. Again some nice camera angles but the flooding of the rooms while you're in them to make your way up is not one of my favourite actions. What is remarkable is that the author spent more effort on lighting in this level especially applying some colour and the 'blinking blue' walkway and the 'lights out' effect was fun. Here you get half a cartouche and a Hand of Sirius and on you go to level 3. Les 25 colonnes / 25 columns (20 minutes 6/2/6/5): Well by now the stepping on tiles did get a bit on my nerves especially as here you have to master it many many times to lower those columns to make the pool appear. You will find your other half of the cartouche (and three full ones which you will apply immediately after) as well as an eyepiece. Les sauts / Leveljumps (1 minute not rated): This is only the transition level as you can reach Level 1 through 7 from here. I liked the idea and increased my overall gameplay rating by a point just for that. La cachette / The Crypt (5 minutes 3/0/3/3): This level was also released as a standalone and I reviewed it there. Not much to do - use your Hand of Sirius and get a Hand of Orion in return. Remarkable though is the picture of the author added in this level - a nice touch. La Porte / The Door (1 minute not rated): Again just a transition level. Place the Hands of Orion and get your second eyepiece. Les miroirs / Mirrors (5 minutes 4/1/5/6): You may think this is again a level that was also released standalone by the author but this one isn't. With the help of the mirror effect you pick up another hand and place it. Then you have to master a jump combination in a certain way (nicely done) and place the eye which brings you to the area from which you can reach levels 8 and 9. Les bonds / Jumps! (5 minutes 4/0/5/5): Also released standalone this uses another mirror effect to get to the required pickups and you can see my review there. L'espagnole / Chessboard (15 minutes 5/2/4/3): And finally the really smartly done Chessboard - also released standalone so find my review there. All in all this is an interesting set of levels for the ones among us who enjoy a little brain teaser here and there do not mind a rather bland and uninspired environment and can handle the occasional tedious bits well." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Labyrinth is basically a level (of nine parts) test. It's a test literally --- the author Bob is making it playable on the PC for the first time that's why I'm clarifying here that what I played was a beta version. Bugs were corrected and now the game can be finished. It's a test figuratively --- as far as I recall from the number of custom levels I played so far this is the first game I played where there are no ammos and weapons to pick up no enemies to fight (save for a harmless white ninja) and no difficult moves to hurdle at all (save for some manageable timed runs and swims and routine in long cam view). That makes it a test because of its pioneering concept the first of its kind. It's also a test because this is a pure puzzle game. It'll test your logic your ability to find patterns and your patience in untangling the otherwise confusing formula of the puzzles. Here it's just you and Lara's thinking head and aching feet from all those floor triggers you have to step on. This game is a definite appeal to those who prefer mental challenges over physical prowess gun triggers and baddies. The only con of this game is that once you already know the puzzles and played the game the game loses its re-playability level of excitement. In other words you play it once and that's it. So if you're going to play the game for the first time I'd highly suggest that you refrain from reading the walkthrough I wrote." - Drew Pizza (21-Jun-2002)