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Lara on the Moon by ve2lyr

bERT 8 0 1 6
Catherin 4 2 6 6
CC 5 0 4 5
Ceamonks890 1 0 2 2
Dimpfelmoser 2 0 4 5
eRIC 2 0 5 4
Gerty 2 0 4 5
Grayboy 3 0 2 3
Jay 2 0 2 5
Jose 1 0 1 5
Kersaho 5 0 9 6
Kristina 1 2 6 7
Lady Lara 0 0 0 2
manarch2 1 0 2 2
MichaelP 5 0 3 7
Orbit Dream 3 0 4 7
RaiderGirl 5 0 5 7
Ryan 1 0 2 5
Sakusha 4 0 4 4
Sash 4 0 5 5
Scottie 1 0 1 0
Torry 5 0 6 9
Treeble 1 0 1 1
release date: 27-Feb-2002
# of downloads: 166

average rating: 2.79
review count: 23
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file size: 45.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Typical LaChapelle in this level: short, snappy and rather quirky, not to mention obscure. The single point I gave to the gameplay section is for the neat (if a little unclear) puzzle at the start where you have to light three alcoves red by tracing the correct path on foot and on a monkeyswing. After that, it's an extremely straightforward run through a few rooms (just press forward most of the time and you'll get through) to the finish trigger. There's some effective lighting and custom textures around, but nothing much else." - Ryan (05-Jan-2019)
"What a very strange little level this is. The initial puzzle had me confused for some time, but I stumbled through it eventually, only to find myself utterly confounded by what to do in the outside area. The eventual discovery of a route led to some rather surreal, brightly coloured rooms. It's certainly interesting, but I can't say I found it much fun." - Jay (25-Jan-2018)
"Really hard to finish this short level. The first puzzle with the red lights took me a long time with trial and error, 'cause I found no hints. Later, outside, there's a big problem to find the exact place to drop, again with trial and error until I found the right way without hints. An finally a series of coloured rooms where you can't see anything and again trial and error until I found the right path, again without hints. I liked the custom textures in some areas, but that was all." - Jose (16-Jan-2018)
"I've booted from the original release and I can say the audio and image files were corrupt, so the complaints from fellow reviewers about a 21mb release (which at the time would possibly be comparable to a 2.1gb file today) are justified. The initial puzzle with the three lights was fun to some extent (up to the unmarked monkey swing, anyway), but what came next made absolutely no sense, having to blindly discover where the fall-through floor wouldn't kill you. A flashy sequence of rooms later and you eventually reach a pillar which marks the end of the level. I know there's a reference in there (possibly the same pillar that was used as an easter egg in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel?), but I can't pinpoint it. I like Lara's outfit. 5 minutes. 12/2017" - Treeble (04-Dec-2017)
"You'd think with a change from standard Egyptian areas to somewhere in the never-ending fabric of outer space, that the potential for ideas would have increased tenfold. Unfortunately however, that is not the case here. Instead, what we've got is yet another puzzle-focused level that is far too obscure for its own good, with very little else available for the player to do otherwise, including ambiance tracks that have a tendency to glitch up so badly, that it actually requires the lowering of the in-game music volume to avoid snapping outright. And that's quite a shame too, as it seems like the builder was clearly out of ideas at this point in time yet chose to let it out the door anyway, just to have another level of his available on the site for other players to 'enjoy'. But overall, this is another uninspired release that simply doesn't warrant a playthrough in this day and age. So best to just skip this one." - Ceamonks890 (26-Nov-2014)
"When you think that the quite obscure puzzle at the start marks the lowlight of this level then think again! It's actually the best one in this level, and at least its first half is somewhat solvable. Of course the logic then completely gets lost in the monkeyswing part, but the rest of the game is described by a fairly trial and error course over the "moon surface", an invisible walkway and some drops and then it's already over, after only two minutes. One of my least favourite levels of this builder, because he seems to have run out of ideas on this one." - manarch2 (09-Apr-2014)
"Actually, I am not a Walkthroughwriter. And, actually, I do not find much too detailed road descriptions in reviews so fantastically for the people, who have not played the level yet. But here I must make an exception. So then: Lara is in a small and quite plain room, which is closed with a grid. To open this grid, one must bring three red lamps to burn. Alone this already provides for frustration attacks, because even the smallest possible tip is nowhere to be thought how one should do this, never mind which one should make something so generally. If this is done, it goes out on the moon. More or less. And of course without protective clothes or similar one. But why also? What can one see then outdoors? A small sandy surface, a rocket, the sun, the earth and a few sparkling little stars. And already follows the next frustration attack, because there is not the slightest tip how it could go on then now. If one goes too far, it goes precipitously down and Lara is dead. Except at one place. There one lands a floor deeper, surrounded by dark night and a sparkling little stars. If one goes on then, one comes successively by small, but really small, areas in the colours Dark yellow, Yellow, blue and Red. Then it goes again under it and one runs again by dark area with sparkling little stars. If one has left behind this, one reaches in a white room. Namely properly white. So pore-deeply white only washing powder can wash. But fun aside. The problem is, that one couldn't find a way in this white room. So one trips in the area and finds the way pure coincidencially. Then one comes to a white room with a brown thing and is already at the level end. I must confess that I have managed this level only with the help of a Walkthrough. If there had not been him, I would have got lost on the moon. To all abundance the sound is really bad. It sounds sometimes like a broken record, including the typical noise, if the needle jumps back. There helps only to load the saving anew. Or also not. Or only briefly. Long speech, short sense: Very well for people suitable, who simply play every level, all the others are prewarned." - Scottie (17-Apr-2009)
"If you've ever seen and admired '2001:A Space Odyssey',then you'll no doubt enjoy this level very much,despite (or perhaps because of) its short length. Solve one puzzle (not too difficult,with a bit of patience) and carefully explore the Moons surface. If you fall down an invisible hole and die then you've missed the best bit;locate the sneaky dark starry abyss and plumett into the 'trippy bit' from the movie,ending this amusing little jaunt with a confrontation with the Monolith. I loved the concept and the execution,but I suspect I'm the only one to feel this way." - Orbit Dream (24-Feb-2008)
"Really good idea re the moon. You'll find interesting "rooms" (in case you really can call some of them 'rooms'), anyway some of them are are nicely done and you'll find a good puzzle. I liked especially the view towards the sun and the earth. Pity it's just such a short level." - Tinka (27-Mar-2006)
"Typical La Chapelle and this I didn't understand at all. But I was glad that we got to the end just don't ask how. 04-02-2006" - Gerty (06-Feb-2006)
"Well this certainly was a piece of diversion. A very small level in terms of rooms but took a while to figure out the complicated puzzle at the start where you have to turn on three red lights and try to keep them on so you can get out of this little moon base and onto the moon surface! Good music and fixed camera. Outside you'll see a spaceship and the earth. Watch your step and jump towards the yellow planet. This lets Lara slide down into a yellow room then different coloured rooms to a white one. Here we hear some more moving music and run towards the black centre." - CC (17-Dec-2004)
"Well after playing ISS 101 I thought people might be under-rating this. But no. Puzzle makes no sense and is too brief. And what's up with the moon's surface anyway? Oh well. Don't even try it unless you have broadband - big DL for a few minutes of play." - Lady Lara (10-Oct-2004)
"This puzzle is quite fascinating because the author decided to make the tiles that one needs to step on less obvious (aside from two tiles that stick out and beg you to neither to monkeyswing over nor to step on them). Even when you solve the puzzle you may be briefly confused because the doors won't open unless you approach them in a particular way (ie by monkeyswinging and walking carefully). If this level had more puzzles I would've given it a higher score for gameplay but I can't go any higher than 4. Lara is wearing a desert camouflage outfit which probably should've been replaced by a space suit instead. Due to the lack of objects I gave a 0 for objects. For once the author made some significant improvements when it comes to level designing. This level is pretty well-textured in general and there is a presence of atmosphere in this level. His levels are usually deprived of any atmosphere and the textures are unbelievably stretched. Outside the moon base (I can't describe the building in any other way) you get to see a rocket that reminds me of Herge's 'Tintin' which is a Belgian comic strip the Earth and if you break every bone in Lara's body unintentionally the sun will go down. I haven't found a finishing trigger. The author has sent a black load.bmp which I find annoying but the uklogo.pak was very original." - Sakusha (15-Aug-2004)
"It's a typical Robert level as I like to say. That means the puzzles are complex and the level is short. This took two minutes to complete once I knew what to do but the stars outside and the idea of Lara being on the space station is nice. As she fell into one of the holes outside the sun came down so I've noticed. If you are familiar with Robert's levels you might want to take a look at this although I think 21 MB is way too much for one puzzle." - Kristina (29-Aug-2003)
"Since I had read how to solve the first puzzle by turning on the three red lights on the forum I found the first part to be pretty simple. Of course I probably would have never figured it out on my own. I was confused on the second part though because I kept falling through the floor and dying. The final solution was to jump towards the yellow planet and there is a panel along the back wall to go through. Then after going through a few rooms each with a different color there's a space black room and then a solid white room to explore before running up to a huge structure which ends the level. Robert's levels always have an interesting look and give you an excuse to exercise your brain. My time at the end: 4:07" - RaiderGirl (11-Feb-2003)
"There are two things that I find really annoying about the moon puzzle. First that there are no monkey bars where you can monkey swing and second that the door doesn't open when you get it right but only when you approach the door after you get it right which results in a lot of confusion; the more as the fixed camera angle prevents you from seeing if there is any change in the other part of the room. Thus you are tempted to walk over to have a look but then you have to start from scratch or reload. After that you walk a bit over the surface of the moon before you have a colourful sprint through stars and the great big whiteout until you reach the monolith. Not much for a 21 MB download. However what I found incredibly funny and what actually made me laugh out loud was the 2001: A Space Odyssey title sequence that is done in South Park style. South Park had a similar trailer to make fun of the Star Wars hype a couple of years ago and if you have actually seen Kubrick's masterpiece on a big screen you will doubtlessly see the humorous side of this pastiche." - Dimpfelmoser (19-Dec-2002)
"Annoying (very un-TR puzzle but it can be done if I can do it) weird (even without the music working something with the installation definitely goes wrong there is a distinct 2001-atmosphere certainly with monolith-like statue in the end) and also a pleasant surprise (Kuifje's rocket Kuifje=Tin Tin) showing up. Well I guess it's a bit of an artsy performance thing: if you're in for that kind of thing why not. And the puzzle is a real brain-teaser though some players seem to have cracked it in a few minutes (probably rocket engineers lol)." - bERT (23-Sep-2002)
"A good start with an interesting outfit for Lara some new textures and a very smart puzzle with lighting alcoves to exit the first room. Then you are on the surface outside and ...well that seems to be it...I did explore more of the underground rooms but really to no avail other than the author's picture that can be found (?). The audio files coming with the installation also do not work so I did convert them to the correct format which at least gives you the pleasure to know what the huge download was for (classical music with a Zaratustra title flyby!). Still most definitely a 21 MB download is too large for one smart puzzle to be had." - Michael (01-Aug-2002)
"I'm sorry but this is ludicrous I spent roughly an hour and a half downloading this 21MB level and it took me 4 minutes to play. There is one puzzle which I must admit I liked that opens a set of roller doors to the surface of the moon but you can't go exploring as when you reach a certain point you fall into the ground and plummet to your death. What a waste! Edit: Having heard there was a little more to this level than I found I replayed it and indeed did find more as after a jump towards the yellow planet you move through colours literally and then a couple of star filled rooms till you come to a white room with a monolith these interesting areas added another couple of minutes to my existing game time and deserve a few more points so I have rectified my rating." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This 6 minute level may be described in one word. CONFUSING. The opening puzzle I managed to get through but I have no idea how. All of a sudden the doors opened and I was out (after 50 or so tries). Outside was just as confusing as you went through a vista of pitch black corridors to brilliant white ones until finally arriving at what I presume to be "Arthur C Clarke's" Monolith where the level promptly ended." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"What a waste of time downloading this level - apart from one puzzle at the start there is nothing to this and finished the level in approx 5 mins. No enemies or objects to be found so a score of 0 given." - Grayboy (21-Jun-2002)
"A demo of six minutes. With the new sounds and the use of the camera the purpose of this level was maybe to make you feel as if you were at Houston watching a direct report of Apollo 27 with only one astronaut without any special equipment: Lara Croft! At the beginning Lara is in a room and has to solve a puzzle to go outside. This puzzle is original and I did not solve it without help of the forum. Once outside notice the planet Earth and the funny red and white space vehicle the same as in Tintin's adventure. The ground of the moon is full of void so do not run; if Lara dies here a strange orange planet falls down at the horizon. I think that Bob is a poet who experiments new things and doesn't want to make Lara raiding tombs anymore. Jump in front of the sun and find the underground orange yellow blue red and starry rooms. See the author's photo on a wall in the red room the end is after the white room." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"Lara is not on mission but is making a risky ballad on the moon. For a strange reason she is trapped in a room and must find the solution to go in the outside areas. The sky is well designed. Then she must find her way to reach underground rooms where is the monolith but she can't pick it up and bring it back to the British museum because it is too heavy. I should have preferred caves instead of modern monochromatric rooms. The atmosphere camera and sounds are excellent. For people who are tired to shoot SAS this is a good diversion and an original work. The only criticism is finally and only the big download size for little gameplay." - Kersaho (21-Jun-2002)