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Deep in the Jungle by Hokolo

Andi Croft 10 9 9 9
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Chronicles5 10 10 9 10
Cuqui 9 8 10 9
Dimpfelmoser 9 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 9 9 9
Dougsan 5 5 8 8
Drew 9 8 8 9
eRIC 10 10 10 10
eTux 6 7 7 7
Fairy Godfather 10 9 9 10
Freeman Porter 10 9 10 9
G.Croft 8 8 9 9
Gerty 10 10 10 10
Grayboy 10 10 10 10
Hendrik 10 10 10 10
IndyDallasJones 10 10 10 9
Ivan 9 8 10 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 9 8 8 9
Jose 6 8 8 8
Kristina 9 9 10 10
Leandro 9 8 10 10
Litepulsar 10 10 10 10
Loupar 7 9 9 8
Magnus 9 9 9 9
manarch2 7 8 9 8
MichaelP 9 9 10 10
Miguel 9 8 9 10
Miss Kroft 10 10 10 10
Mman 8 9 9 9
Momster 8 9 10 10
Monika 10 10 9 10
Moonliteshadow 10 9 10 10
Percys 10 10 10 10
Petaludas 9 8 8 7
Phil 10 9 10 10
RaiderGirl 10 10 10 10
Ryan 8 9 9 9
s2kdest 10 10 10 10
Samu 9 9 9 8
Sash 10 9 10 10
Scottie 9 9 9 10
Seemeister 10 10 10 10
Sheevah 10 10 10 10
SilentViper 9 10 7 9
Snap125 10 10 10 10
Tombraidergirl 9 10 10 10
Torry 7 9 9 9
Treeble 9 10 10 9
Xxenofex 10 9 9 9
release date: 11-Mar-2002
# of downloads: 208

average rating: 9.22
review count: 51
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file size: 33.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Jungle trle here and one of the good ones if you are looking for this kind..Of course there will be hidden and hard to find paths , platforms , climbing walls ..its jungle..Although i was looking for such a level and thought i was good at , it seemed and remind me that it woulkd be a harder task than i would expect and walkthrough was essential ...feelsbadman.. The good thing about these 2 lvls was that i didnt get bored , found them interesting and keep playing.. Credits to the big boulders room" - Petaludas (19-Jul-2021)
"I again presume that final foggy chapter wasn't that intense on GPUs from 19 years ago and is only that annoying now. But still you can switch off the fog so I'm not gonna let it impact the rating and, for the first time, I will give this builder a 9. It still seems too low but there were minor yet accumulating wrong things in every aspect of the game. Notable is even though gameplay was quite trolly, it was still the best element of the game so I could really forgive this level a lot. Cameras were again insufficient and while I'm quite sure the builder was just thinking "oh, there's just one door to remember", then as a player I still had to do a substantial and quite overwhelming amount of guessing. So yes, unfortunately this is yet another level which left me more tired than it should have - but no, not because it's 4:39 AM, because if it wasn't a good game, it wouldn't even give me energy to play at this hour. In fact being significantly impolished made it more surprising how impressive it is despite of that. I just wish we could get it good AND polished, because I think this builder deserves to be remembered a bit more than he is." - DJ Full (21-May-2021)
"For years (decades, even), I've shied away from these bigger levels, but I'm glad I've decided to go back and 'fix' this as this is brilliant. It has certainly stood the test of time, and kept me rather engaged from beginning to end. The first half has us literally deep in the jungle, with a very dense vegetation as we hunt down a couple of items and levers to eventually reach and climb a pyramid, which was very nice, and then a few pushblock sequences tied to side trap rooms. Then, the second part has us driving the Jeep through mountain valleys, parking a few times to explore the surrounding areas which also include an underwater pyramid (and yet another layer gets added to the level title, eh?). There were quite a few texturing issues, such as misaligned, compressed or stretched textures, and the occasional walk-through texture, but nothing that compromised the amazing atmosphere. To add to it, fog and god rays are put to good use to make the place even more inviting for exploration -- the second level, in particular, might have been one of the few times I actually enjoyed the way fog was used: it added to the atmosphere without hindering gameplay. Quite a few crocodiles had me chomping medikits like crazy throughout the first level but I still reached the finish trigger with a safe surplus. I'm sure every other reviewer has mentioned the "shatterable bones" towards the end which, I agree, was a bit of an odd way to wrap that area, but at least they're not deviously hidden. Ah, yes, I also loved the homage to a very particular secret room from TR1, you'll know it when you see it. The tl;dr version is: definitely worth your time, even nowadays. 2h20min, 5 secrets. 04/20" - Treeble (26-Apr-2020)
"Another high quality level from this builder, although I may have enjoyed the sequel, Mysterious Alien Cave a bit more. The texturing and environments are quite good, even for the standards of when it was made and I didn't even mind the rather squarish look of the jungle areas or the sudden change to Egyptian environments. My main complaints are more to do with the gameplay. It's definitely not bad as such and the exploration elements were enjoyable for what they are, but trap filled gameplay over puzzles just doesn't appeal to me so much, enemy placement was a tad unfair at times (scorpions and crocodiles in narrow spaces) and there were a few too many booby-trapped items for my liking (in retrospect, they were also in Twilight City, but fewer in number). Nonetheless, it's still worth playing for what it is, and once you reach the second part, your gripes may just fade away..." - Ryan (18-Jan-2018)
"This time it's not in Egypt but somewhere in the Amazonia Forest we discovered Lara ... near the goal of her travel. Already, the level start with a lot of action ... rollingballs sequences, lava traps, teeth spikes ... and we arrived in a beautiful jungle atmosphere who remember TR3. This first level is really beautiful even if some objects and corridors are very well hidden. For me this first one is sometimes very hard (specially the water sequence underground) and there are a lot of crocodiles (not my favorite enemie) but I really enjoying it. The second level of this adventure if my favorite with a wonderfull travel by jeep through the mountains. The level is perfect with an exellent mix of peruvian textures, tr3 textures and a gloomy mist with misterious creatures hidden. It is also easiest than the previous level but some passages are a bit hard, but nothing impossible. So, another beautiful masterpiece by hokolo with a prefect design and gameplay (I like hard level). Very recommended." - BigFoot (06-May-2013)
"Through the Jungle (6-8-8-7) - 70 minutes: I must admit that I absolutely could not enjoy this first part of the level. The start rather was nice with picking up a jar while being dangered by two fires, plus a nice boulder chase but after entering the actual greenish jungle the level was getting more and more boring for me, finding a lot of items to progress and it was very easy to get lost in the scenery. The retextured enemies and some custom objects like the plane were nice touches but I think this level completely lacked variety and originality, and texturing also wasn't very good outside; I am not a huge fan of the original jungle textures but even overlooking this some were squeezed and clashing badly with each other. There were three secrets in this level but two of them were rather badly hidden and the third must not be missed to progress in this level. Some reviewers complained about too less jungle parts despite of the title, but I must confess the areas that took place inside the temple were more appealing for me, with one big exception: There was a huge water area with a crocodile that could not be shot and Lara had to collect items and use too trickily hidden levers while getting chased by the croc, plus a very enerving object with way too much collision. This was a point where I nearly gave up this level (and I don't consider this often). The last part of this level was more appealing, with a pyramid climg and another temple area with some decent (but after the fourth pushable tedious) block puzzle and a nice room with some artistics to do and swinging balls to shoot.
Higher and Higher (8-8-9-9) - 55 minutes: This level was much better than the first one in my opinion. The general task is revealed in the title and it really is all about finding a path to get high up the mountains using the jeep. Everything starts in a little village with only slight gameplay elements thrown in such as a very short but actually very clever block puzzle (with only two(!) boxes), some roof climbing and after some minutes you eventually find the jeep and then the fun begins. Raiding through a TR 1 reminiscent setting with nice texturing and lighting, lots of agility in form of boulder dodging, hard jeep moves and a nice foggy area with five bones to shoot. There also was a secret you must not miss as it contains the passage to an important lever, not too much care here. Else than that everything was just decent enough to please me, except for some too high ladders to climb, a passage with some unavoidable spikes and the underwater dart maze. All in all I have spent a little more than two hours in this levelset, found six secrets recommend it at least for the second level." - manarch2 (23-Jan-2012)
"Already the level beginning is a real challenge. Not only that Lara must grab the Canopic from the pedestal without burning. No, she must run afterwards immediately the ramp down because she is pursued by a Rollingball. And if she runs at the junction to the left or to the right, she has to go back immediately again, because now from the other ramp rolls another Rollingball down. Then one must drink first a coffee to calm the strained nerves. Then it became better for my strained nerves, because the degree of difficulty was not so high as I thought first. However, I must confess that I am not necessarily a fan of Jungle Levles. They are too green. And anyhow too confusing. Therefore, I have liked, actually, only the segments in whom I was not in the jungle. However, this is of course no reason for a devaluation , because the level is not bad per se, just because one is on the move in the jungle. The only thing that has really disturbed me were the partly unfair placed crocodiles. The joyride with the jeep in the second level has made a lot of fun. But really brilliant was the search for the 5 bone piles. Only for that was it worth while to play this great level." - Scottie (30-May-2011)
"I'm agree with eTux this time. First level was tedious for me; difficult to find hidden switches and items, a lot of backtracking and do the same tasks and step the same areas several times; in the room with the small lava square I had to do the same jumps at least 5 times; in the room where you must place the blue gems, it's easy to jump to the pool below before place them 'cause the wraiths menace. Also ambience is too dark and difficult to explore some areas. Second level is a bit better, but there are many things you can miss if you don't explore carefully all the areas, forcing you to dismount the jeep many times. Also there are some frustrating tasks, like the hard swim through the underwater maze inside the pyramid with all those dart traps. From the other side, architecture was very good, interconnecting very well all areas and sometimes showing you next challenges; cameras are good too and textures are well applied creating a realistic impresion." - Jose (27-Apr-2010)
"An old release that still holds up very well. The Jungle environments, and later mountainous ones, manage to have some very impressive visuals. The mix of textures in the interior areas seems a bit much but the author makes the style their own and has it work surprisingly well. The lighting is also very good, and the scale of some areas is very impressive, especially one boulder-filled temple in the second level. I did notice a floating tree or two though, and there should have been a change in the ambient track when you entered interiors (as it is you have Jungle sounds through the whole level).
The gameplay also holds up. It's on the more challenging side of things, with lots of things to look out for and some tricky sequences (although it's more about puzzles and platforming than traps), along with some extended underwater areas. The Jeep in the second map also gets some good use, although it's possible to get stuck if you backtrack with it left in the wrong place. There are also some trial and error moments with no warnings. Also, I'm not sure if Volumetric FX is supposed to be on or off in the second level, as there's no mention in the readme; having it on makes the fog so thick you can barely see at times (which is sort of a cool effect), while having it turned off means there's still some fog but makes the edge of rooms (as there's no sky in the fog areas) very obvious. This remains one of the best Jungle-based packs around" - Mman (26-Apr-2010)
"I don't normally review 'back catalogue' levels as they all tend to have plenty of reviews attached to them already. This is a bit of a special case for me however, being the very first custom level I ever played, well before I discovered this wonderful site and became a reviewer. Being short of a level to play recently I decided to revisit this particular one to see if it was as wonderful as I remembered and also, for interest's sake, to see how long it took me to download (two and a half hours originally on dial up and under two minutes this time on good old broadband!). I had forgotten a lot about the level, which is perhaps hardly surprising considering much I can forget in a couple of days, but I was delighted to find the quality to be as high as I remembered. So many years and innovations later it really is good to be reminded just how excellent some of the older levels are and I just feel rather privileged to have inadvertently started my custom raiding experience with such a fine level." - Jay (28-Apr-2008)
"I had some vague recollection of having played this one before, especially in the five shatter-bones section near the end, but the rest of it was so fresh that it was as if I were playing it for the first time. Even though this release has already been immortalized in the Hall of Fame, and even though yet another review at this late date may be pointless, I believe it's worth noting that this is a prime example of what makes Tomb Raider such a fun game to play. It has a little of everything: extended and challenging puzzles, devious traps, enemies that burst around corners and take you completely by surprise, adequate lighting and pleasing visual surroundings throughout. Drew Pizza has provided a walkthrough that doesn't spell out every step, leaving the player to figure out some things on his own, but it still takes you all the way through. The builder has also left the flycheat enabled, which saved me some valuable time in several tight spots. Even at that, I finished with nearly four hours of net gaming time, not bad for a two-parter. Now's a good time to play it again." - Phil (26-Aug-2006)
"Playing this game was a really nice experience for me. The game contains many beatiful jungle areas, some temples, rocky areas and also a camp in the beginning of the second level. The first level is really enjoyable. In the first level puzzles are good and every areas seem very beatiful and added to this atmosphere is really good. The bad thing is that I didn't like the second level as much as the first level. Environment seems much worse in that level and there's a lack of interest and fascination. However, I liked that level too. In a whole this is really well created game and I recommend this." - Samu (31-Mar-2006)
"Started this almost when it was released but the croc I encountered in the water was way too hungry. Been trying a couple of time and the beast was still too hungry so I chucked the level. Now with a fresh download it worked. Not that he wasn't around (yeah right I should be so lucky) but I could handle him better. Maybe also that I knew what to do. I still wonder about the first move Lara had to make getting that canopic jar from that burning pedestal as it worked like a dream this time. There are some more nice traps in this level and I just loved to play it sort of again. You are in search of the Canopic jars and Vraeus and need to find quite a lot of levers. There are enemies here like the re-textured ninja's warthogs crocs bats some dogs scorpions and pterodactyls. The foggy area had (for me at least) a WOW factor. Although I hated to drive that jeep as there is one corner that had me reloading a lot of times. All in all the gameplay was great never one boring or even a frustrating moment for me. Found 5 secrets. 26-08-2003" - Gerty (28-Aug-2003)
"This starts as a not too interesting jungle level and grows and grows to end as an excellent game. One thing I didn't like much and I'd better say that right away was the weird mixture of the jungle (without monkeys where are the much needed monkeys?) and Egypt something that you notice almost right away and that makes you doubt you're going to like the game... Then it slowly develops until everything starts making some sense. In the end you're very much into it and sorry that it's almost over. Well I must say that although I like jungle levels (TR 3 is still up to this date my favorite in the TR series) I liked the second part best - perhaps because it made more sense as I've said. There are some very tricky parts which you have to master before you finally make it (i.e. the underwater maze with that poison coming from everywhere or a curve the jeep has to make among others) combined with some fairly easy puzzles which also contributes to make this a little strange. I also found a couple of bugs: at the beginning you can easily jump an inclined platform to the other side of the jungle instead of climbing up a tree which made me wonder what the hell that boulder was for when I got there from below; in the same spot after killing the two "Indian" ninjas as I went into the small corridor with my pistols they still detected them and could see blood coming out of thin air as I was firing; at the beginning of part two I jumped to the rooftop on the left went to the plane part on the left grabbed the roof and there I was inside the cabin with the jeep - then I was able to drive the jeep out of the cabin through the closed door (of course afterwards I did it right); there's also a pool with an artifact on fire that you can easily get just by jumping to it grabbing it while burning and jumping back to the pool instead of doing all the complicated stuff that I did afterwards (and that you're supposed to do); these are just some I can think of right now...But you've already seen the game gets to be more interesting as it develops. All in all it becomes very enjoyable so don't let yourself be discouraged by some parts in the beginning allow yourself to continue and you'll be rewarded as I was." Jorge22 (07-May-2003)
"Well nothing but top marks for this level it was an absolute pure pleasure to play and has all the elements that make up a perfect-score raiding experience. Through the Jungle: The jungle is really realistic here and the atmosphere is excellent. Loads of little nooks and crannies to explore and the traps are very tricky but not overly frustrating and yes there are plenty of them right from the word go. Boulder traps fire traps spike traps.... but it's all such great fun that time flies quickly. Your job is to find two canopic jars as well as a couple of vraeus along the way fighting brightly-coloured ninjas a few bats and plenty of crocodiles. Amongst the jungle you'll find a plane wreck lots of underwater passageways and beautifully designed buildings. The custom objects are lovely especially the Inca/Mayan statues and totem poles. You also have to find two stars to be able to enter the temple a lot of fun trying to scale that! The burning tiles/moving pillar puzzle was great fun :) What I liked about the temple (and much of the overall design of the levels) was that the design of it was quite true to life (when it comes to Mesoamerican architecture). You also have to gain two gems on your travels as well as a scroll which I think was supposed to be the major 'find'? Higher and Higher: You'll start in a jungle compound where your first objective is to get the jeep. Yet again I was really impressed with the overall design and atmosphere of the second level. The jeep takes you up very steep rocky inclines and tumbling waterfalls having to park and explore to progress further in the game. Important quest items are the canopic jars again as well as more vraeus. I found I could get the first canopic jar by jumping across the water instead of doing it the way I was supposed to hehehe. Some of your journey takes you into large temples where you have to overcome more obstacles I was really impressed with the rolling boulders that was fun but I did have to reload a few times. Then a hair-raising jeep ride further up the mountain path (a hint here reverse onto the wooden block carefully at that first horrible hairpin bend!) where you end up at some more huts. The jumps and bone-shooting across the foggy pit was fun too :) including one extremely tricky jump which had me cursing. Your main enemies in the second part are the crocodiles again (think I bumped into a few ninjas as well) and also the harpies which were a real pain at one point. The secrets are extremely well hidden in both levels though I did manage to find a few and some of them are important because they are necessary for you to be able to progress in the game. Fantastic raiding I highly recommend it and I'm off to play Hokolo's other levels now!" - Litepulsar (27-Dec-2002)
"Since this was released quite some time ago everything has been said about the puzzles and enemies. I juts want to add my admiration for the level builder's work. This was a fantastic adventure great scenery the textures especially the jungle part are very well placed. Everything is so convincing and the gameplay not very complex although some backtracking is necessary. There were two things though that had me going both of them on the second part. I picked up a golden vraeus somewhere along the way and I didn't get to use it. My curiosity made me refer to the walkthrough and there I read that in order to get one of the canopic jars you need the vraeus the way I did it was simply jump from the opposite side and grab the ledge therefore I was able to pick up the jar between the statues without ever going around and using the vraeus. Secondly I had a bit of trouble finding the finishing trigger at the end. I had to jump around randomly until I got the loading screen. Other than that the jeep the jungle the blocks in the fog were very good. I suggest that you start the download right away." - Kristina (03-Nov-2002)
"Having read all the reviews I am more inclined to offer opinions of a personal nature rather than gameplay enemies etc. for sure this is a wonderful piece of work and ever-so-deserving of top marks I found gameplay to be a little erratic. Again one of those I've had difficulty playing in the past and kept trying. This time I reverted to the walkthru and am positive I'd have not gotten through the level without it. I understand the need to make levels more and more demanding but I think there is a point where tedium sets it and that's how I felt about this one. Truly magnificent as far as atmosphere especially the breathtaking view at the top but still a little too much to and froing for me having taken nearly 4 hours." - Momster (21-Sep-2002)
"This one reminded me of Jungle from TR3 it had all the same elements there were some secrets hidden in the same way. I liked the new objects and textures the crashed plane was pretty cool. All textures I thought were used appropriately and though some of the objects were from an Antartica level they were made to fit right in here they looked normal. I liked the sunburst between the statues. I did not like the beginning spikes and rolling balls are not a good way to start a level but it was quick to get through if you're good at that stuff. This level is surely worth the download lots of fun to play especially if you like the TR3 levels 'Jungle' and 'Crash Site' this one was reminiscent of both. :)" - Chronicles5 (23-Jul-2002)
"Very interesting game. The first level 'Jungle' is very well done except the square trees in fact is the only weak point. All the rest of the level lighting and gameplay is enough to enjoy it. The second level has some faults in my opinion: sometimes very hard and confusing it was so long for me. The differences between sceneries and rooms gives some of diversity but when I thought that I was almost finishing the game I entered in another room with another puzzle to resolve (or boulder trap to avoid). I loved especially the part in the misty heights but hated the underwater pyramid with poisoned darts. I must admit that I've DOZY few times. I got 5 secrets but almost 4:20 hours gaming." - Loupar (14-Jul-2002)
"This is without a doubt my favorite of all the custom built levels out there so much so that when I finished it after 3 hours 105 minutes in the first level and 75 in the second I was heartbroken. The first adventure sees you working your way through the gorgeous and intricate Amazon jungle and the temples found within and the second is a flawlessly brilliant long jeep ride meandering through the mountains where you stop here and there to pick up necessary items and then eventually stumbling across an area that it seems time has forgotten. The beauty of this level is that you are on the move all the time finding new breathtakingly stunning areas to explore and the texturing was just perfect except for one small area very close to the end that it fully drew me into the level and had me feeling as though I was really in those places. The only reason I marked down and never gave it the across the board ten scores was that there were not very many enemies so for some players that love a lot of action this may be a let down and also I was a little perplexed at the placement of most of the 5 secrets I found as they were either right next to levers that were necessary for progression or that even one of the key pick ups a Hand was a secret itself which made no sense. Not being as tricky or just plain difficult as 'Twilight City' this one is a definite must play for all types of players that still will have you thinking quite a bit but shouldn't have you cursing." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Through the Jungle (9/9/10/10 - 2:05 hours): Without any doubt this is the best jungle level I have played yet. The atmosphere is absolutely gripping and authentic. After a rather tricky start where you have to avoid two boulders you spend the first moments of this game exploring the dense jungle finding the next place to go to avoiding more boulders nicely camouflaged ninjas scorpions fire wraiths crocodiles bats and warthogs. Poor Indy did not make it - wonder whether he crashed with this plane wreck you are finding. Later there is a section with a lot of swimming finding underwater levers which are sometimes nicely hidden. And then an excellent lava room with a smart puzzle involving movable objects fire and symbols. I found the holy scripture and along the way you need to find and use two canopic jars two hands of sirius (one oddly comes as a secret?) two horsemen's gems and two vraeus. Perfect time in this part of the adventure and the only reason to not rate it all 10 is that sometimes the exploring becomes a little tedious and you can get to a few places before you are meant to be there (by squeezing past boulders) and that gets very confusing. Also the secret placement was rather poor. But that does not spoil the fun in the least. Higher and Higher (8/8/10/9 - 1:35 hours): Starting out in a little mountain village where you need to find the Jeep fighting a few dogs ninjas and bats and mastering a tricky rope jump you make your way driving through a great course and it is highly advisable to often look up and behind you to find ladders you would otherwise miss. The atmosphere is yet again fantastic especially when the fog comes in and Tomo's harpy is great. On the other hand the 3 secrets are sort of hard to miss as you have to pass two of them anyway and the big issue with gameplay is that in fact you can miss two huge areas of the level (and especially the quest for the second canopic jar with the underwater dart temple and the rolling boulders room is a lot of fun) and that can end up to be very frustrating. Also I am not a fan of the 'shoot-the-5-sets-of-bones'-puzzle and near the end there is even a texture missing (quite surprising for a level of this quality). Nevertheless excellent and long entertainment - a must-play." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Well apart from the brilliant Petrodactyls the great Jeep ride the atmosphere and the camo clad ninja's I HATED this level. Sure the score says otherwise but I am limited in what and how I can score. This set of levels must be the most confusing I have ever played. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to some of the things that need doing and if you miss something on early it's a laborious backtrack to pick up where you left off. I even finished the level without using the vreaus (I could not find it) but found where it went so I ask what was the point? Sorry I usually love this authors levels but this one for me didn't pass the mark." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"A not too hard level first part in the jungle - find your way through vegetation and rivers. Find levers to open gates and set off boulders. Second part you start in a camp where you have to get access to the jeep. Then drive along a river and make stops to explore. The lighting in the last scene is magnificent I think!" - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"It's an excellent adventure and I recommend to everybody download it. The first level is in a temple and it's very similar to the Indian temples levels from TR3. In the second level Lara is in the jungle within an abandoned camp or something like this and later she must ride a jeep and race through the jungle (mostly inside a cave with a long river and some waterfalls) The graphics of the this adventure are great (the jungle is very real and the lighting inside the temple very atmospheric). The puzzles and traps are very good too. I really have fun playing this level (the jeep chase is GREAT!) that's why I recommend everybody to download it." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"This was a long exciting adventure that had me glued to my computer for hours. It's hard to imagine the work that Horst must have put into these two visually stunning levels. I can think of few levels in the original games that can match these in gameplay puzzles or atmosphere. Stumbling onto a sort of 'lost' civilization you'll go from a lush jungle inhabited by jungle creatures to a mountainous area that seems to take you back in time. I just sat here with my jaw hanging open when I saw that first pterodactyl rising out of the fog. There was also a sprinkling of alien symbols throughout the level that nicely tied everything together. I found many objects - blue gems canopic jars golden vraeus - many hidden places to explore and quite a few traps - boulders poison darts spike traps tricky climbs and roads that must be drained in order to drive the jeep further. A number of puzzles were very tricky and had me searching high and low for the solutions. Quite often there is one thing that must be done so that you can do the next thing and so on. Both difficult areas for me were underwater in a large cavern and an underwater pyramid filled with poison darts - but after reloading a few times were not too hard to get through. There's so much more I want to say about these levels but I don't want to spoil all your fun - just download this now! :)" - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Again a brillant game from Hokolo you will have much fun to play this one. It's not as difficult as 'Twilight city' really nice and fluent gameplay. The driving in the jeep in the second level was cool I also liked the rolling ball park :) At the end I was able to end the level without putting in the canopic jars so I backtracked with the jeep and searched for them again. And I would have missed an underwater pyramid with a maze inside and the rolling ball park ;) So I finished at 4 hours net playing time and have found all 6 secrets. Have fun in the jungle!" - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"Well it's been said by everybody else two very good levels. The texturing is good and the jungle and mountains look very real (maybe not the square trees but other than that). It's very fun to drive the jeep in the mountains and sometimes it was very challenging. The lighting is very good and the fog in the end of the second level although annoying looks very good too. It annoyed me that the levels are two big labyrinths in places but I guess that the levels would have been a little boring if it wasn't for that. Some of the secrets are well placed and some of them are placed in places that you have to go through to get further making it impossible to miss them. The enemies are well placed and the fight in the end of the first level was a bit tricky. I have ended the levels in 140 minutes and I enjoyed (almost) every minute of them and I really recommend that you play them (if you haven't already)." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a really superb level. A long search through jungle to get across a piece of water with many puzzles on the way. Some can be done taking a hit on health but there is usually a proper way to progress. The lava room was very interesting. Nowhere to go it seemed until a posting on the forum showed the way. Eventually across the water up a pyramid and into the next level "Higher and higher". A fantastic jeep ride. First find your jeep with an interesting series of puzzles among some buildings then onwards and upwards climbing up the most realistic looking scenery I have ever seen in a custom level. There are many puzzles to solve on the way always hoping you can get back to the jeep when solved. An underwater pyramid to swim round filled with dart guns to get a canopic jar. Finally a series of jumps across pillars in fog to shoot bones while fending off the attention of several orange birds. The last door is open find a safe way to place the canopic jars and up to the top of top of the mountain and the end." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"I love to this Level it is simple magnificent. It was perfect the Gameplay the atmosphere the opponents were just like I expect from a top Level. This Level is really varied. Lara must cross the jungle comes to a Base camp and then she drives with a jeep in the mountains. The driving is really funny and also requires some talent in these mountains :)) Clever well thought-out puzzles do an absolute top Level from this Level. To play this level is a must - download and enjoy it!" - Seemeister (21-Jun-2002)
"I loved playing this level. The texturing in the Jungle part is not perfect and this is what I think makes such a level realistic and natural. Of course I loved the good texturing and the good use of Bump Maps in the Jeep part too. The gameplay was in my opinion very non linear which I like just like in the original TR titles. The level skill was generally seen like in TR3 (sometimes I almost got stuck). I don't like to criticize the number of enemies or where they are placed etc. because that's part of the level and either you are able to kill them or not I mean you couldn't call Eidos and tell them that they should make the spider at the end of tr3 easier to kill... But for this level I had to say that the triggering of the enemies and the number were really good. A level which is worth while playing." - Rene (21-Jun-2002)
"If there is any level builder who's planning to top this level - forget it it's impossible. This one is visually technically and gameplay-wise perfect! The first part leads you through a jungle the second is a kind of jeep race into the mountains. There is a very good mix of puzzles traps and training your skills in the first part as well as in the second. The difficulty level is quite moderate everybody will be able to play this game. It's tricky but not hard. Also there is no need in dark places mounts of enemies rather impossible jumps or unfair scenes to make it an exciting level. It's impressing only by its pure and very good gameplay. The level design the use of textures and lighting is very nice and suitable too. I needed 4'45'' to get through and found 5 secrets." - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"This is Tomb Raiding at its very best - I like jungle levels and this is easily the best that I have played. The gameplay and puzzles are not too difficult or too easy - the author in my opinion has found a perfect balance. The second level Higher and Higher is the longest and has the best jeep sequence that I have played. I really liked the flying raptors they looked quite real! The lighting and atmosphere were superb. To play this level is a MUST! I only wish that I could score it higher." - Grayboy (21-Jun-2002)
"This level encompasses some really great new textures but in the first level I thought they were applied a little carelessly. The objects were quite good and well placed but I did not like the ninja built out of plants. In the second level way to much fog but all in all a good level." - Silent Viper (21-Jun-2002)
"It is one of the best levels which I played; a lot of fun in jungle - but more fun instead driving the jeep in mountains fog...good gameplay texturing and a lot of work one can see in it. Hokolo is going better all the time - play it and you will love it!" - Miguel (21-Jun-2002)
"I had the pleasure to beta-test this level and I am quite proud of that because this fascinating masterpiece left me in awe even after playing it repeatedly. The jungle is designed in a very real fashion up to the smallest detail (colour ambient sound enemies objects textures light and shadow). The idea with the self created plane wreck and the well hidden entries to the temples have impressed me as well as the devious traps and the neat tricks you need to come up with to survive this level. Sound textures remodeled enemies -everything merges into a unique atmosphere which makes the blood rush through your veins. The second part stands out especially through the heights that you cover with the jeep. The numerous waterfalls and pools offer a lot to discover to the adventurer and you are always happy when you can move on further. The jumping near the end of the level on top of the foggy mountains represent a beautiful finale of a level which I will soon enough play again because it turns out better than many original TR levels. A real 'Hokolo' - fantastic level - my top score!" - Hendrik (21-Jun-2002)
"You will be for one part in a jungle with buildings and the other part will take you mainly into the mountains with lakes. Part 1: Through the Jungle: In the jungle part you have to collect the Holy Scripture (you never use it but take it with you when you leave at the end) 2 Canopic Jars 2 Hands of Sirius 2 Horseman's Gem and 2 Golden Vraeus. You have to deal with ninjas scorpions crocodiles and bats. There are some tricky parts. One is right at the beginning with taking a Canopic Jar out of the fire and dashing away from rolling balls then the time in the underwater temple with a crocodile at your heels and then the time when you insert the 2 Horseman's Gem. In the lava room getting three times through the fire was a bit too much. Part 2: Higher and higher: In the mountain part you have to collect 2 Canopic Jars a Golden Vraeus and solve a puzzle in the foggy area. Enemies are dogs ninjas poisonous birds scorpions and bats. You have to drive a jeep along a rather narrow road. Takes some driving knowledge to get through. I enjoyed this drive even though I exploded Lara several times. Here again watch out so you don't miss anything. I got almost to the end just to find out that I had only one Canopic Jar and I had to drive back to where it was to be found. Now getting it is another story. Most of the time the game is not overly difficult but you better look out so you don't miss anything like items or switches. In both parts I liked the environment and the atmosphere. I almost had the jungle/mountain fever because I was so fascinated that I just had to keep on playing even so my eyes were already dead tired." - Monika (21-Jun-2002)
"'Deep in the Jungle' ships with a fine story. If you want to know how the story ends ('What will she find in this fog and behind it? Will she find the way out?') you have to finish the level. This is cool and added some real suspense! But before Lara gets to the 'fog' she has to find some artefacts solve some hard but never unfair puzzles and eliminate some baddies. Among the locations Lara has to search are a jungle an underwater temple a mysterious room with a lava pit mountains (by jeep!) and of course the 'fog'. Wow all locations are very well designed and perfectly lighted and it was pure fun to explore every corner of the beautiful architectures. What I liked most was the jungle in fact I liked it much better than the jungle in TR3. The gameplay was very well balanced (except for those poison darts in the underwater maze - I really could have done without) and of medium difficulty which was just perfect for me. I got stuck sometimes but never seriously and I never felt frustrated and enjoyed every second of the 7 hours (net) it took to finish the level. Yes it's one of the best customs I have played so far and only the second (or maybe the third?) that I give a plain 10/10/10/10 rating. Hokolo I can't wait for the follow-up and please again combine it with a story!" - Percys (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a great game. The first part is playing in the jungle and the second part is in the mountains. The puzzles are not so hard but I don't like hard puzzles. In first part it's a little bit dark in the second part it's better. The second part is a game the way I like it. I must drive a jeep and the street is very small. I must look on the ceiling to find some ways. I had a lot of fun to play this game and all other must play this game too." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"These levels are made very with an impressive atmosphere well organized jumps and pretentious puzzles. Two fascinating levels which have tied me for approximately 14 hours to the PC. Who can hardly excel particularly the jungle level? It is the very best what I might play in this kind of level up to now. The opponents were used extremely professionally; they have cost me some beads of sweat. Particularly I would like to emphasize there the separate crocodile in the enormous water temple. Actually the puzzles were not too hard to me. Sometimes but not the most. Unfortunately I cannot agree in all points: the sound was not for me so particularly I did not find the camera trips also so successfully. The secrets were actually none except one they should represent a reward for the player he should not find them compulsively (Here the player must find it because they were switch or 'The hand of Sirius'!) Nevertheless both Levels belong to the best from 201 Level played by me." - Xxenofex (21-Jun-2002)
"I totally agree with Miss Kroft what she has said about this level was not exaggerated. It is a perfect and enjoyable adventure with a good scenario and gameplay. A plane crashed in the jungle a temple with lava a beautiful underwater temple a river which surrounds a wonderful jungle area with statues and ruins a Colombian pyramid to climb in the first level. Not many enemies (crocs ninjas with green camouflage clothes fire-sprites) it's ok like that and there is a good ambush at the end. Here you must find 1 scroll 2 jars 2 stars 2 gems and 2 golden vraeus. I like very much the puzzle with the Colombian symbols and pushing objects. Very good traps. There are the sounds of the jungle in TR3 and new short sounds when a danger occurs. The second level begins in a little village with wooden houses where the local collaborationists of the RX-Tech have settled down. Lara must find here the jeep and the keys. Then a wonderful travel in the mountains with falls and canyons 2 jars to find and temples with textures which will remind you the first world in TR1 to raid and an underwater pyramid with poisoned darts. In fact you will spent not much time in the jeep maybe only 5 minutes. Gigantic birds and risky jumps on pillars in the fog an abandoned camp and a last temple at the end. Definitely enjoyable and refreshing. 6 secrets not very hard to find. I can't rate lower than 10 in spite of a few minor faults because of the wonderful author's work. I should like to play more levels like these." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"This levels' name is 'Deep in the Jungle'. Then how come the only part in the jungle from the 2 levels was only at the start of the first one? Ok the jungle was made very beautifully and the second level with the jeep was fun but there were so many things I disliked about this level. In the first level there's a jungle and then come some inside parts that are... Egyptian? This didn't make any sense cause in the second level all textures are like if you were in the mountains in aztec/incan temples. This would have been half as bad if the mix of the textures was nicely made but well... it wasn't. I didn't like the thing that I could get some puzzle items that mustn't be meant to get at that time like the burning jar in a middle of a... pool? That part wasn't well thought through. The first level had some water surfaces that Lara could stand on like it was dry land. The jungle wasn't bad but the Egyptian stuff didn't fit in at all. The second level was good. It was the only reason in my opinion why you should play this game at all! The jeep ride was great but I hated the thing that at the very end of the level I had to backtrack to find those 2 jars! Couldn't the author make the level that way that you can't get further without the jars? All I can say to those who really want to play this level is to keep your eyes open in both levels so you wouldn't have to backtrack the whole level back or redo some parts you don't want to again. I ended the level in about 4 hours with all the backtracking with a Holy scripture that I didn't use in the first level but still could get to the 2nd one for some reason. I disliked this level really much even if I usually love jungle levels. Decide yourself if you want to play this level." - eTux (21-Jun-2002)
"It is a magnificent adventure Ladies and Gentlemen no question about that and I would be very surprised if it's not in the Aprils Top Ten. The whole thing starts in true Raider of the lost Ark style then you get to the real jungle section. I said it before a forest made out of cubes looks a bit daft and I generally hate it as I'm so bad at climbing and jumping in the trees. Thankfully you stay on the ground in this one so I was able to cope. Once you leave the greenery the pace quickens and the real fun is about to begin. At the end I was tempted to comply with Miss Kroft and give it ten out of ten in all categories. However there are a few tasks that I found too time consuming; meaning you know where to go and you know how to get there and still it takes ages. I could have done without the poisonous darts in the underwater pyramid for a start. Also there are sections were there is just a bit too much climbing lever pushing and door-opening for my liking. But we have to bear in mind that this is a very ambitious project and it is quite a feat to keep the suspense up for over more than five hours but there were times when I was getting a bit impatient and hoped the next highlight would be just around the corner. Don't get me wrong there are so many great experiences in this level and if you've played Hokolo's other stuff you know that the setting textures architecture lightning is among the very best you see inside and outside of Eidos. Naturally he won't let you down in this one. Along with his other trademarks: enemies that like to ambush you from the rear (great) levers that are cleverly hidden (well I got stuck once) and a truly beautiful final. I could tell you all about the original and excellent stuff that you get here but you are going to play this anyway so you better find out for yourself. Yes the gameplay is quite fluent (compared with Twilight City) the drive with the jeep good clean fun the new enemies just leave you calling for more and the showdown at the end of part one is definitely one of the best I've witnessed so far. Well to tell the truth I can't wait for Hokolo's next level and hope that he continues to surprise us again with something as unique as this. You should be proud of yourself. Final Note: It is possible to get past the balls (before activated) and jump past the wreck on the stairs and that disorientated me to some degree." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"Finally it is there! - The level of all levels ;-) What Hokolo has magically crafted here is a class of its own.! A perfect mixture of classic TR components: good and fast paced gameplay (if you keep your eyes open) beautifully textured built with care and detail wonderful atmosphere new objects new puzzles - fabulous ideas. I had the honor to beta test this top level and thus have the honor to be the first to review it and to let you know that this level exceeds most of the custom levels including many of the originals. Beginning in a fantastic jungle in the midst of huge trees hidden pathways great seek and run passages you continuously slip deeper into this kaleidoscope of colours and impressions. There are old caves to explore and huge halls full of traps and surprises. After this wealthy area of nature you then enter the second part which takes placed in the mountains above the jungle and is not by chance titled 'Higher and Higher'. You explore caves and chasms find a treasure here and there and still cannot reach it until after a lot of effort you can claim it to be yours. And then the foggy mountain scenery....wonderful. All I can say is get this game and enjoy it - it is really worth it - ingenious. I had a net gaming time for both levels of 7.5 hours but spent about double the time actually. There are also a few secrets to find. Wow! What a level!" - Miss Kroft (21-Jun-2002)
"I am sorry this is the best level I ever played! There are two levels the first plays in the jungle with a brilliant graphics music athmosphere lighting and a fantastic gameplay logic gameplay and puzzles fantastic underwater rooms with a lot to do. But the difficulty is not as heavy as levels like the last crusade. You will be able to play this level alone. When you reach the second level you will get another kind of fun. The driving with the jeep up into the highlands with waterfalls and fog. This is so funny to drive this jeep through this level that I driven 2 times back to the beginning because I love this driving so much. Be careful that you stop with the car by the special points whether you overlook important places. There a lot of enemies ninjas crocodiles flying dinosaurs and scorpions the first time I was killed by small scorpion. A lot of rolling rocks be careful! But you can play this second level alone too! This two levels are my Nr.1! YOU MUST PLAY IT!" - s2kdest (21-Jun-2002)
"Little return to TR 3 and little jump on first Tomb after is continue to newest experience and appeal of real Tomb Raider with nice logical elements which grow one after one ...." - Ivan (21-Jun-2002)
"It's an excellent work. Two levels very well done. Not too hard. The first level in the jungle is the great adventure (poor Indy). Very beautiful views like the one behind the waterfalls. The second level is very very fun driving the jeep through the mountains (some roads are difficult specially the long ramp after the second lake). A lot of switches and boulders in the hole game. The final room is amazing. This light the top of this room is really wonderful. I had a very nice time playing these levels." - Cuqui (21-Jun-2002)
"I like the texture of the temple rooms the gameplay and design. The beginning cut scene immediately grabbed my attention and my interest is sustained through its coherent gameplay magnificent rooms and very well tied up chronological unfolding and untangling of the puzzles. The jeep never fails to provide excitement and challenges in any TR custom level and Hokolo the level designer use it to the hilt in the second part. Even a minute detail like the enemy motif is addressed --- If the ninjas were not refitted with a camouflage costume then it would have been lame to use them as baddies in a setting like this. The rerun of some maneuvers (like the first secret in part 2 was a similar routine from TR1 or the jungle slide from TR3 or the pyramid climb from TR4 etc.) may perhaps appear uninteresting and unoriginal to some. But I don't mind replaying them. Simply put everything just fits in. If this were a movie I'd give it an oscar for best cinematography. Notice the use of the sunlight in most outside areas? I just find that serene. This is an excellent level!" - Drew Pizza (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a beautiful looking effort. However it plays as if the gamesman's goal was to device a difficult series of trick moves within a thinly written story. He did succeed if this was his goal. But there are enough glitches in the design so that most of the challenges can be avoided. Following is a spoiler or two. If you haven't played the game and don't want to avoid the challenges please skip the next short paragraph. The silly swing to the small landing spot on the roof in the quest for the keys to the jeep can be ignored by simply walking through the wall at the side of building -- where the jeep is being stored (on the second level in the front corner where it is flat). The two jars you use to free the rolling ball at the end so you can walk out are not necessary at all. Walk up the ramp backwards slowly sticking to the right hand wall (Lara's right). When the boulder/ball starts rolling take one step backwards and crouch. If you do this correctly the ball/boulder will bounce over you and you can walk to freedom. I did enjoy the "look" of the second level. I thought the jungle of the first level looked silly. Square trees are and will always be silly. I did know some people who were working on growing square fruit but not square trees. Of course I have never developed a level and it is too too easy to find fault with the hard work and vision of the efforts of others." - Dougsan (21-Jun-2002)
"The scenery is great the whole level was full of all the things that I find enjoyable about TombRaider. Not a level for those wanting lots of kills but when they do come they sure give you a fright. A touch of the original Tombraider with the skillful jumps needed. I have played three levels now and this one was the tops for me. A must to play. You will enjoy it." - Moonlightshadow (21-Jun-2002)
"This level has wonderful graphics and a really nice atmosphere. Compared to the Tomb Raider 3 Jungle Level it's much better. A nice mixture of all different riddles. Some diving some boulders spikes fire. The second level was even better than the first or maybe that's just my feeling. But I really liked that part. Driving around with the jeep again better than what Eidos gave us." - Tombraidergirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Who in their right mind would've thought you'd have to shoot 'all' of a parcel of skeletons/bones scattered about a certain diverse area to trigger a door? LOL!!! Tombraiders of course nespah. There must have been spirits in them bones min then you know there's always mysteries unsolved at work in these places hahaha. You gotta luv it! This is a great adventure for sure! The first part deep in jungle is just that. I liked all its scenery textures & lighting etc. The puzzles were pretty tough & like the one above you would have needed to have been locked up at least 3 times to have qualified in figuring it out lol. Just goes to show: You gotta look/notice anything 'unusual or that is different or stands out ' those bones that had to shot were brighter whiter than the others but you'd really have to be on your toes or probably on someone else's toes to have realized that little trick. Hokus Pokus - Shazam you need a magic wand sometimes that goes 'BAM! lol. Okay back to the story: again you find Indiana Jones's look alike day'd hat & whip in boney fingers. You may wish you were before you finish it then has some treacherous puzzles & will have you wasting a lot of time before find right stuff. You may need to be an astronaut to play this one in fact there's a marvelous underwater 'pyramid ' but looked like an Alien spacecraft to me where you have to get one of those 'gut-containers ' haha. In Jungle you've got some touchy crocs to beat & several tough ninjas. It takes a little bit to get going after killing a pack of wild pigs. You look & you wander & you get 'mad ' ... but when things begin to click you're on your way further & find some pretty amazing stuff in this jungle! This level is very long very well done & you'll do better if you really give it your best not when tired etc. will take time & if you like really puzzling puzzles you'll enjoy this one (after you've figured them out lol) You're going to have to find a couple crucial breathing holes in crucial areas. After you discover a hidden pyramid in this jungle & get inside & complete this hard & amazing journey you'll end up fighting through multiple crocs & mad as hell ninja's as you get to 'Higher Places ' the next level. I really loved the second level! It's beautiful & the most fun! You'll have a jeep for almost your whole trip & it is a blast. You'll want to go back when done & just drive this heep all over the place. I didn't find this mountainous river gorged exotic backcountry nowhere near as hard as the first part. The puzzles are nowhere near as hard & if you are observant & not miss a thing you'll get the crawl spaces the overhead grab channels etc. & just have a wild wonderful time. These levels are as good as Official Core efforts which says it all. You'll love this adventure although you may 'hate ' the first part in the jungle lol. Have a feast in this when you're ready for a heavy duty adventure gang! It's simply great!" - IndyDallasJones (21-Jun-2002)