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Search for Imhotep 2 - The Search goes on by Palopique

Andi Croft 8 10 9 10
bERT 10 10 10 10
Bex 10 10 10 10
CC 9 9 9 9
Cuqui 10 10 10 9
Dimpfelmoser 8 9 9 9
Dougsan 9 8 8 7
eRIC 9 9 9 9
eTux 8 9 9 8
Fairy Godfather 10 10 9 10
Freeman Porter 10 9 9 10
G.Croft 9 9 10 10
Gerty 8 9 9 8
Hendrik 10 10 9 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jose 7 9 8 9
Kristina 8 9 9 9
Loupar 10 10 9 8
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
Mman 9 9 8 8
Momster 9 10 10 10
Navi 9 9 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 10
RaiderGirl 9 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Scottie 9 9 10 8
Torry 9 10 10 9
Treeble 10 9 9 9
vienna 8 9 9 9
release date: 08-Sep-2002
# of downloads: 143

average rating: 9.16
review count: 29
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file size: 32.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another classic from the early days, and even nearly 20 years later I still found myself surprised with some of the details here. For instance, we get to use the shovel, although it didn't quite work out as expected (at least in my game there was still a sand texture which I could fall through), and towards the end we have to throw a torch through a tiny slot up on a wall to proceed and grab it from the other side. Although visually the level is impressive for the most part, I felt that fog was overused and the initial areas, especially the "race" track looked rather subpar in comparison as it felt like a whole string of rooms was done with one or two unique textures. Gameplay is quite fun, though, with a lot of different tasks to do as you gather four shaft keys to eventually make your return to the surface with the newly acquired knowledge. 65 minutes, 2 secrets. 06/20" - Treeble (14-Jun-2020)
"The opening is absolutely heaving with atmosphere, setting the scene nicely for part two of this super adventure. The ‘Mastabas’ style setting is well created and the scope of the level is imposing. The search for shaft keys takes Lara into four similar looking areas, but with very differing tasks to accomplish in each. There’s plenty of diversity of gameplay, an excellent timed jeep ride, some interesting puzzles, a nifty bit of torchwork to name a few. I confess to being completely creeped out by the spider cave, but otherwise enjoyed myself immensely. Definitely recommended." - Jay (01-Aug-2019)
"This is a visual improvement from the first part but in some relatively subtle ways; it's still a little on the cramped side with some cubic areas, but the main outdoor areas feel more natural and open, the texturing is more coherent, geometry is more interesting, and there some nice modified objects and twists on old ones. The starting terrain is a bit repetitive in texturing, but it improves beyond that point. It incorporates a couple more themes on the Egyptian one and manages to slot them in quite naturally. The gameplay also improves on the first in almost every way; the stuck issues are mostly gone, with a potentially one near the start but at least it's not too far in (there's technically another at the end, but it's a very obvious follow-up to what's established just before). There are some nice twists on traditional tasks and unexpected challenges while avoiding the frequent obtuse design of the first set, and it's got a better balance of tasks beyond the heavy puzzle focus of the first one. The second half is based around a sequence of trial-type challenges that are a nice way for the set to throw some varied scenarios at you. Overall it's probably shorter than the first, but much less frustrating and more engaging. After finding the first part of this set somewhat disappointing this sequel lives up to it's HOF status much more, and I now I look forward to what further improvements the last part has." - Mman (29-Jul-2019)
"The unsettling sound of thunder crashing across a cloudy, blood-red sky greets us in the second part of this series and somewhat sets the tone of the entire thing: it's rather spooky. Some might complain that the textures are a bit plain (that rhymed, I know) but I thought the austere appearance of the outside areas worked in the game's favour, and it all looked very authentic (and lighting was very effective in some areas). I really liked all of the neat touches added in here such as the timed jeep ride hinted at by a clock, the little lizards scampering along the ground in the pyramid level, the giant spider that drops on top of Lara and the ingenious way that the torch is eventually lit near the end of the game. In fact, there's some good puzzling and trap action going on altogether and the flyby cameras are neatly utilised. Apparently the flare bug appeared sometime near the finish (at least the torch appeared less brighter), but nothing too intrusive. Overall, great stuff and well worth playing." - Ryan (23-Jan-2019)
"This level is worthwhile to play. The ride with jeep very nice. There is enough ammo to survive enemies. One room with table with miniature of pyramids very nice. I missed some cameras then triggering something." - vienna (11-Jul-2016)
"On my tour through the level universe I have now made here a little rest. And I must say that it has been worthwhile. The first highlight was the ride with the jeep. Above all the time run was interesting. Palopique had given enough time to the player, so that also players might have no problems, who play only from time to time. The pyramid was rather small and unspectacular. However, this changes massively, as soon as one is in the pyramid and must do all tasks. There one gets bit by bit the feeling that the pyramid must be much bigger. One could see here many well built rooms, but the most beautiful room was definitely the one, where one could find Imhoteps Scroll. Here and there were to be seen a few stretched textures, but this was not so bad. On the scale of things is this a level which one should have definitely played." - Scottie (03-Jun-2011)
"A builder who knows how to use the editor. There are some defects like areas where you'll need to reload an old savegame in first level 'cause you forgot the jeep or any item, paper walls in the hut near the pyramid, a bad placed door where the demigod is or the flare bug in the final areas of the game. There are some special effects along the game with a well worked atmosphere and lights; some interesting puzzles and enough guns and ammo to deal with the enemies. There's a need to jump between levels several times once you reach the second one, but without problems to follow the correct gameplay. Some texturing defects and I missed some cameras when triggering something, but still a good adventure worth to play." - Jose (15-Oct-2010)
"A very well built level. It's big but not monotonous. Lots to do in each area. Loved that jeep ride at the start the hint of the watch on the rising gate that says 'I'm timed' and the zipline and rock climbing. There are a lot of giant scorpions but it was great to be able to kill some of them with the jeep and shoot from a distance. Very good pyramid area and Lara gets to dig with the shovel. That was brilliant getting one of the vraeus after the explosion. And when you get into the pyramid I loved all that climbing and jumping and swinging over the lava room. There are four different areas inside the pyramid to explore for shaft keys while having to deal with a dragon (that you can decapitate) ahmets and golden harpy demigod skeletons crushing giant hammers slamming blocks moveable blocks and a run on top of columns past swinging chains. Also spiders in a very well done cobwebbed cave. Nice touches of those wriggling lizard type creatures. There is just one small thing some things take a couple of seconds to work like a door opening so just stand for a few seconds and see it's usually right in front of you. I wasted a lot of time going back to see what I could do when there was no need. A very busy level no time to get bored and I never got stuck excellent gameplay. Loved all of it and the ending flyby." - CC (25-Sep-2003)
"Two parter that continues everything big style like we were used to get from the first Imhotep. So well built settings again as well outside (rocky structures that lead to the pyramid) as inside (the pyramid consists of four big rooms connected to each other with uni-coloured corridors each room with a specific theme of which one is very creepy being filled with tiny spiders and one big one). The gameplay again is original with special mention for the way to find the two vraeus symbols (you have to shovel for one and - of course after all this is Palo - shove boxes into place lol) the torch enigma (think and you can do it). Movies were top notch again too with perfect music matching especially when reaching the beautiful fire temple near the end. Again I saw no reason to take a point away here and there (rope swinging through blocks + at least one illegal slope problem in the rocky section with hang slide) because everything is absolutely brilliant and down rating for that would have been nitpicking. Why you simply HAVE to play this level: The fantastic decapitation of the locust-spreading monster (A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y my Oscar for originality!)." - bERT (20-Jul-2003)
"Imhotep - The Search Goes on - the first impressions are good and this seems to be a great improvement from Imhotep 1 as visually so gameplaywise - and it is. There are some movable blocks here and there and also lots of Palo's creativity - the clock on the door warning you of a timed run (smartly done) the explosion to reveal a keyhole - and the use of the shovel. And while speaking of the shovel - I again slightly downrated the gameplay cause it is so easy to miss in the dark pit before the timed drive and as I really didn't think of looking for a puzzle item in a pit I missed it obviously. Again - just like I said in my review for Imhotep 1 - my fault that I missed it and had to replay the game so far but that just shouldn't happen in a good game like this one. There should've at least been a chance to backtrack for it (for example a switch near the zipline which opens the door again). Nevertheless - a fine level and you'll enjoy your play time till getting into the pyramid (Not that the adventures in the pyramid are bad you just jump to a different level here duh!). The Guarders - a level which you visit 3 times each time for a puzzle object - Holy Beetle Dragon seal and the torch. None of the quests were extremely hard in my opinion but there were some nice tricks in them and the overall difficulty was acceptable for me. A strange thing about the holy beetle quest - when the giant serpent appeared - and after yet another unsuccessful attempt to reach the jump switch cause the serpent fried Lara I really had the thought - OFF WITH HIS HEAD! And surprise surprise - after finally activating the jump switch (alive) some blocks did separate his head from the rest of the body lol! Let this be a lesson to you - dreams small or big sometimes do come true. The quest for the Dragon seal was not extremely hard too - a puzzle with movable mirrors and a dangling ball to shoot somewhere on the rear of the dragon. The most remarkable thing about this room is the great flipmap and the fly-by though - after the dragon spit the lava out it really looked like he was grinning in a way like he'd want to say: 'You'll never get the seal!' But then again - might be my imagination lol. The spider cave with the torch actually looked more complicated than it was and so did the further rooms so don't let them scare you off (could be harder for the arachnophobic players though). The last room with Imhotep' tomb was impressive but I was tired after lighting all those torches - don't know if I should've lit them after all lol. The thing that didn't appeal to me much was he overall design - which seemed too 'blocky' for me sometimes and also I think that the textures didn't look good at some points. But this is great game anyway and you should definitely try it out." - eTux (17-Jul-2003)
"This is another outstanding level that boasts all of the elements that make playing Tomb Raider so much fun. The puzzles and moves are challenging without ever becoming frustrating. Much effort has gone into creating settings that are visually pleasing. (There's a particularly attractive flyby near the end that pans a torch room with a central sarcophagus.) There's an extended maneuver with a torch that requires you on at least two occasions to park it somewhere and then go pick it up later. One room has four mirrors that have to pushed and pulled onto designated squares in order to trigger an exit sequence. In short this is another classic level in the grand tradition and it is to be hoped that Palopique will be moved to continue this saga." - Phil (13-Apr-2003)
"What a fun level! In many ways it surpasses Search for Imhotep. The positives were a great jeep ride that is timed kinda. The jump & climb puzzle with the climbable walls kept me going for longer than I care to admit (took me a long time to recognize I could climb the wall). Loved the shot the bell puzzle. Had me totally confused. The only way I could get it to work was to not step foot off the stairs and still kill the Ahmet and Bird Thingy. Also liked the salamander/baby croc Lara followed and the lizard in the spider caves. Also like to see the shovel back in use again. I mean a tomb raider who never digs? The drawbacks for me were the textures - almost all of them looked VERY flat (lacked all 3D). The mountains did not look at all real. The objects in the middle distance were invisible then black then visible. If Lara stood in just the right spot they flickered in and out (there is a word for this in designer talk but it escapes me at the moment). Most of the sections did not fit together (they looked like one block was designed and used exclusively regardless of look or fit). A very good game for puzzles gameplay and all. Sadly the look is poor." - Dougsan (20-Mar-2003)
"The second part of this great game is another fabulous adventure. The gameplay is always exciting. Textures and lighting are fine and the atmosphere is brilliant. I had a great time playing this level. Highly recommended. Don't miss it." - Cuqui (07-Feb-2003)
"This is a great adventure. The textures are very good and the atmosphere too. In this level are many different enemies. Soldiers monsters skeletons scorpions and a big dragon I can kill it. This is the first level I saw spiders. I like the second level. I must change the level to find the stars and I must leave the level to use it. The last room is very great. But I do not like the fog. On some places is the fog too much and I can not see anything. And when I did not find 2 pieces I had to go a long way back or I had to use an old savegame. But this is a fun-level for all. I was playing 1:43 hours and had a lot of fun." - Andi Croft (27-Dec-2002)
"The first time I played SFI2 a strange thing occurred. Not this time there is no problem with those levels except for a few minor bugs. They are so minor that you may not even notice them. Maybe I was stuck only because of my incompetence...**cough** Well SFI2 is made of two enjoyable levels not very difficult but with some very innovative puzzles and original features and objects. The good atmosphere of the first level reminds the Gizah levels of TR4 with the giant scorpions and the red apocalyptic sky. The ride with the jeep is fun and I like also the area with the zip line where you have to find your way up to reach the pyramid area. This rocky area is beautiful with the blue smoke over the water. The two golden vraeus you need to find to enter in the pyramid are well hidden. The player must spot movable rocks and must have found the shovel a long time ago the placement of this object could be more obvious in my opinion. Once inside the pyramid expect a classic gameplay with small adventures to finally find the scroll of Imhotep a priest who liked to make jokes like a guy named Palopique. I liked to see the small lizards the twin hammers and the jumps moves and rope swings in the cave with lava. Except for all the spiders to shoot (good fun) a demigod a harpy a couple of skeletons and red ahmets and an unlucky bloody dragon to deal with. But Lara has not used a single medipack as she went back and forth between the two levels and restored her health. The sounds are perfect the atmosphere is good but not very threatening. In a place like the bowels of a pyramid the atmosphere should be more creepy. The search is now finished and I can say that I preferred the first episode. Nevertheless SFI2 is a good work and fun to play and Palopique makes always efforts to come up with original puzzles." - eRIC (01-Dec-2002)
"This game again is like most of Palopique's levels very different to most custom levels with a lot of new ideas and puzzles. When innovation and good level design fit together I give high marks as reward. The idea with level switching is great the player gets the feeling of playing many different levels while in fact they are only two with different areas in different colours. In every new area the lights are differently coloured and the target object is painted on the wall. The atmosphere is fantastic I enjoyed the small lizards running away. The most important thing is the right saving in this game so you can't miss important items. The puzzles are great the jump combinations hard but not impossible. The sounds are good and appropriate to the atmosphere. The enemies are well mixed also no real problem there is enough ammo to find. Not to forget the serpent it's the first time you can kill this monster. Absolutely recommended for every TR fan difficulty medium a fine level maybe could have been a bit longer." - Freeman Porter (14-Oct-2002)
"Imhotep - The Search goes on (40 minutes): You begin another quest for Imhotep and part one is actually quite linear but takes place in impressive outside areas with great organic looking textured and nice use of fog. As usual with Palo's levels you get a few movable blocks (of different kinds) and there are SAS and scorpions (big and small) to kill. The Jeep is put to good use to get some boxes out of the way and master a timed run (or drive rather). Plenty of items to find (timeless sands excavation key desert eagle two vraeus and a ruin key). The zip line is fun but not needed. Some decent rock climbing one secret here and the near the big pyramid you need to cause a nice explosion and use a shovel. Speaking of which this is a real gameplay issue as you can easily miss the shovel pickup rather early in the game and then have to restart from a savegame as the door after the timed drive closes. Also a few too many illegal slopes in the rock area. Once in the pyramid you begin exploring four paths which all take place in part 2. The Guarders (60 minutes): Lots of action down here in your quest for the four shaft keys the Holy Scarab the Dragon Seal and the torch which yet again is put to great use in a puzzle by Palo. The fire burners are great especially in the final room the hammers were cool and the mirror puzzle most ingeniously built. Decapitating the dragon was a great moment as was the spooky spider's nest. I got caught in the invisible door block of the timed door but that was of course my own stupidity. A few ahmets harpies skeletons and demigods to kill but enemies are not important here. Loved the lizards scurrying away and the great ending flyby. Fabulous adventuring!" - Michael (05-Oct-2002)
"As always another good level from Willi. Although not as impressive as the latest one capable of keeping your interest until the end. A timed run with a clock giving away what you have to do was one of the things I liked. The puzzles are two golden vraeus' if I remember right shaft keys and the serpent. The level's environment is quite gloomy outside as well as inside with the dragon giving you a hard time. In that part there is a way to 'steal' the key under the dragon's nose but you will miss its decapitation. The shovel really gave me some frustration I was running around for hours trying to figure out what to do since there was a not so clear way to use it. A kind of golden block in front of an opening had to get out of the way it was meant to be sand but how should you know the shovel wasn't meant to be used in the way we know from TR4. I guess that's the real challenge but some things are way too hard to guess. The textures were missing from the two parts of the bridge and at their sides as well as in a few rocks if I am not mistaken but it didn't make the scenery less convincing all together. The lighting quite good as usual. Another part that made me scream was getting the torch into an opening I was there for at least twenty minutes trying to understand how could that be done but the trick is to throw it to the left side of the opening and into the corner. One door that opened at some point and with a little water inside I still don't know what purpose it served I hope I didn't miss anything important. A fun level to play no doubt." - Kristina (05-Oct-2002)
"These two levels were visually well designed including many new objects. After Lara fought for the jeep keys at the beginning she drives around for a while. Before she finally steps out there is a timed door to master. After she found two puzzle pieces in the desert she went into the pyramid. The spade reminded me of TR4. In the pyramid there are then still some mysteries to solve before she exits again. The spider area and the last large area pleased me most. Lara finds two secrets and different artifacts. At first the textures were not completely so cleanly applied but it became much better then. The color effects were partially too sharp. The puzzles were well invented but not particularly difficult. The opponents were spiders SAS and scorpions. The lizards which crossed Lara's path again and again were nice. The end was then again a short camera run through the level. Very recommendable." - Navi (18-Sep-2002)
"I have mixed feelings with this level. Don't get me wrong Willi came up with even more new puzzles. His eye for details is great as always you just have to look at the small lizards that scurry along. Also to see the dragon appear was great. The gameplay was fluent not counting the many times Lara died and required a reload. I called Willi every name in the book with that timed run not that it was that hard but I felt so cheated once I finally made it to the other side (without the jeep as I rather walk than drive) and that bloody door was shut. So I chucked the level. Started it up again one day later and made it first time around again on foot. Another place I was at my wits end was the slanted block I didn't seem to get on it to slay the dragon. But eventually Lara could get a hold on it and got burned to crisp. Bloody dragon but take your time and you will find a rhythm in the flame spewing. There were other places that weren't so clear what to do and it involves climbing walls (thanks Willi). I got trapped more than once in illegal slopes there was a flare bug at the end and Lara wouldn't draw her guns after using the torch. Luckily she didn't need them anymore. I was glad to find the Desert Eagle and the crossbow as those skeletons were a pain but I was more in need of medpacks than anything else. Got the two secrets and that was fun as I love secrets. What I didn't like was the headache I always get as I needed this level to play in a dark room. But then you can't win them all. 11-09-2002" - Gerty (16-Sep-2002)
"I always expect something special when I play one of Palo's levels as it's obvious that he works really hard to have good original puzzles well built and textured rooms well-placed exciting enemies a realistic atmosphere and all the small details that really make a level special and memorable. There are two levels and you go back and forth between them as you first reach the excavation site then search for four keys to reach Imhotep's final resting place. Highlights for me were the jeep ride the timed door the spiders descending from the ceiling all around me the giant hammers the fire breathing dragon (especially killing it) the crawling lizards the mirror puzzle the great jumps in the lava room blowing up the receptacle for the Horus artifact the giant snake the spikes the torch puzzle - lot's of highlights as you can see. I found two secrets and spent almost two hours on this fantastic level. Thanks for another great game Palo!" - RaiderGirl (15-Sep-2002)
"The second part of the SFI is completely different from the first. The ambience and the situation is mostly outside. We arrive to an excavation in Egypt with the usual enemies (scorpions and soldiers); after this we take the jeep and we travel to the canyon where we take the zip line (or not) to reach the opposite side. Then we arrive to a beautiful pyramid (the tomb of Imhotep). The next puzzles are not difficult to complete we get some items to find the final room. The gameplay is very logical and straight forward; I think there's no possibility of getting stuck because when we take one item (scarab seal or torch) then we can take the exit key too. The enemies are appropriate to the place where they are and they aren't too annoying. The atmosphere and cameras are perfect. I've played without sound so I can't rate. All the game has a perfect use of the textures no bugs in this area; but it's a pity that in the darker part of the game it has the flare bug. In spite of this is one of the best I've played It's worth playing. P.S.: I love the sense of humour. After lighting the torch and keeping it on in all the jumps between the chains I threw it across the hole and when I went to take it again....AARRGH!" - Loupar (13-Sep-2002)
"As always I'm impressed and thrilled with what Palo does with a level. I loved the dark stormy atmosphere Palo has presented in the first portion. It worked so well with the task at hand breaking into the excavation site of a newly discovered pyramid. I like the idea that for once you must find the crowbar first thing otherwise you go nowhere. From moving that stone to crawl into the other room I was hooked. You could almost smell the dankness and it was almost sulfuric in nature. Lara must make her way through the mountainous twists and turns not forgetting one very key pickup and a not terribly difficult timed run to leave the jeep at the (my favorite) zip line. Then figuring out what to do check the water climb around the rocks until your hands are bloody until finally you find the way. In part 2 'The Guarders' Willi has proven once again his unique talent for puzzling. The shaft keys once again make an appearance and getting them is great entertainment. Each path takes you to a different life-threatening adventure and the jump from pillar to pillar avoiding the chains to the rope swing over the fire was my favorite. The dazzling experience of Imhotep's room when you bend down to pick up the scroll is thrilling. I spent about 2 hours in this incredible level and wished for more. If we are voting my vote is that Willi should NOT stop building levels." - Momster (13-Sep-2002)
"Another brilliant level from the master. This a double level with the first being relatively easy (except maybe for a timed run) with some giant scorpions to take care of and a little digging to do and then morphing into the second level which turns out to be decidedly more difficult with near impossible jumps fire breathing beasties ahmets mirror puzzles (where was the mirror ball?) and a spiders den to clear where I near pooped my pants when that giant spider attacked LOL. Then try and figure out how to climb jump and rope swing with that bloody torch you need at the end. This overall was not as difficult as the first Imhotep level but I had to take off a few points because the flare bug showed up late in level two. The enemies and objects were fantastic. In the spider cavern not only are there spiders but watch for the orange lizard skittering up the wall. It's these little things that make a level such a wonder." - Torry (11-Sep-2002)
"Bravo, Palopique, this is a worthy sequel to 'Search for Imhotep'. This double-level is fun, as it is full of good and tricky puzzles. First, Lara has to make her way to a pyramids complex with the help of a vehicle (jeep). Already here you notice the great ideas of the author. Obstacles that you can only get out of the way with the jeep and a timer clock to indicate a timed sequence. Also very beautiful is the room where the sun reflectors need to be moved. Objects looks really well. Within the pyramid, it becomes really tricky as Lara has to explore in four directions to get the four shaft keys. Not an easy task, because every shaft key has its own puzzle to be solved. This includes Lara moving some blocks, which are easy to spot this time. A fire dragon gets in the way and this time you can really deal with it. In another area you reach a fantastic spider den - a warning for everybody with arachnophobia. There is also a run with a torch - watch out that you don't lose it. Very well done, apart from the puzzles are the lighting (especially around the pyramid complex) and the new objects. Bottomline, a great game, which is a must for every TR Fan. Absolutely recommended!" - Hendrik (11-Sep-2002)
"Palo told me that with the continued Search he wanted to please everybody. The people who loved the first part of Imhotep and the people who weren't so convinced. Better make that the person who wasn't so convinced cause if the reviews are anything to go by there was only one fellow who didn't love it to bits. Then halfway through building this adventure Palo voiced his concern that it shouldn't turn into something that isn't his kind of level anymore. He shouldn't have worried cause no matter how many timed runs and jumps he would manage to cram into the course it would still be unmistakably a Palo level. Which is a good thing I think it's just not my favourite approach to level building. However I enjoyed this immensely cause every room and task in itself is great while the atmosphere is rather consistent by Palo's standards. I particularly liked the spider's den and the torch puzzle with a difference. There you get a really ingenious placement of enemies. I guess everybody has sussed out by now that to kill the demigod you simply have to stand in front of him and fire away while his staff can't do you any harm. It takes ages and always feels a bit stupid really so I thought it was pretty clever to have two skeletons there to assist him thus making it necessary for you to keep moving. Thankfully I hadn't wasted any Desert Eagle ammo so far. There are impressive flybys many nice touches along the way (right until the end until the very end) quite a few things I've never seen anywhere else and who would have thought it to be possible to still find new aspects with the pushable object chore. All this said no matter how brilliant the puzzles in themselves as the gameplay is very linear and the rooms don't interact I think that this level never becomes more than the total of its parts. That's not bad though. Actually it's great fun the whole way through. Oh and I liked the fact that the torch looked like a giant soft ice cream cone with chocolate coating. Made Lara look like a happy little gal for the time she clung to it." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Sep-2002)
"Well done again Willi. This is a great follow up to the first search. The scenery is superb and so realistic. I took nearly 3 hours to complete the journey as I left the jeep near the start having crashed into a rock to start things off. Fortunately an early timed run was still possible on foot. This run was then repeated as I didn't pick up the shovel when I saw it. After this were more excellent puzzles each with a different slant to keep the brain turning over and a variety of skilful jumps. Among the usual enemies were some new spiders in various sizes and some friendly lizards pointing the way. Certainly this level is in FG's top ten." - Fairy Godfather (10-Sep-2002)
"Oh noooo not over already! That was my first thought when I finished this level. This is a great adventure that starts outdoors outside an excavation site. Then after puzzles and timed runs and battles you enter the pyramid of Imhotep and come into this unreal spooky atmospheric underground world. There you meet more challenges of lava fire skeletons boulders and -ugh- spiders (I hate spiders) among other things before you finally come to Imhotep's most beautiful burial chamber. The atmosphere is outstanding and there are many breathtaking effects. The gameplay is a challenge but not too hard. This is most certainly a 'mustplay' level! :)" - G.Croft (09-Sep-2002)
"Let me start by saying that this does not have the atmosphere of Imhotep 1. That doesn't mean it's not as good though not at all! It's just that it's very different - it has a darker more menacing feel to it and I liked it a lot. In fact for me it worked even better than Imhotep 1 (which received my first perfect score). The beginning reminded me a little of the 'Sphinx Complex' level in TR4. I found it a little easier and more linear than its predecessor in many ways but in other ways it's more difficult - some of the jumps are quite nasty (in particular over a lava pit) and the enemies are more diverse. What made this level really special for me though were the unique elements: The little harmless lizards scurrying about the spiders which I have not seen since TR2 the one-of-a-kind puzzles that only Palo and a few select others know how to implement with flair. You will never be bored here there is always something to do. I can describe these two levels in one word: Classy. I finished in just under 2 hours (with help from Palo and Momster) and found two secrets. Because I was enjoying it so much I wanted it to last for twice as long. This is a must-have and gets a perfect score from me. Download it now." - Bex (09-Sep-2002)