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Tower of Sumpta / Beneath the Tower by Isis

Andi Croft 8 10 10 9
Cuqui 10 10 9 9
Dimpfelmoser 8 9 10 9
Doug E 10 10 10 10
Dougsan 10 10 10 10
Engelchen Lara 10 10 10 9
eRIC 9 10 10 10
eTux 10 10 10 9
G.Croft 8 10 8 9
Gerty 8 10 10 9
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 8 9 9
Jose 9 9 9 9
Juan Carlos 10 9 10 8
Kristina 10 10 9 9
Leeth 4 5 5 7
Linda 9 8 7 7
Loren 9 9 10 8
Loupar 8 9 8 9
Magnus 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
Miguel 9 9 10 8
Mman 8 8 8 8
Momster 8 9 9 9
Navi 10 10 10 10
Obig 9 10 9 9
Patson 10 10 10 9
Phil 10 9 10 10
QRS 9 9 9 9
RaiderGirl 10 10 10 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Samu 9 9 9 9
Sash 9 10 10 9
Scottie 10 9 9 10
Sherry 9 9 10 9
Treeble 8 9 10 9
Whistle 6 7 10 10
Zhyttya 5 6 6 7
release date: 22-Jan-2003
# of downloads: 165

average rating: 8.95
review count: 38
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file size: 33.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I first played this game in my pre-reviewer days and remember being extremely impressed as it seemed well above the average standard of the majority of games being produced in 2003 (with of course some honourable exceptions). It was with a certain amount of trepidation therefore that I embarked on a revisit, but I needn't have worried; it has aged very well. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with jungle levels – on the one hand I love the atmosphere, but on the other it's all too easy to miss stuff in amongst all those - busy' objects and textures. Sue has used some wonderful textures in this two-part level so this isn't just your average jungle look. Even Lara's fetching animal print top seems fresh. Definitely recommended." - Jay (20-Nov-2020)
"I'm very late to the party (as usual) but this pair of jungle levels has held up pretty well as far as visuals are concerned. There's a certain feel to the lighting as a whole that makes this a very compelling raid. On the other hand, while I thought gameplay was very varied and with a lot of open areas to cover, I found myself running in circles rather often and the walkthrough is a bit too condensed, often omitting important parts, so what I expected to be a simpler raid before binging a Netflix show ended up taking nearly all my allotted free time. The first level also had two situations in which I was locked inside chambers with a fire wraith, forcing me to clear something or the other to open the exit again so I could finally douse them off. For the second one it was worse as a flyby would be triggered and the first thing you'd see as the camera pans away is Lara going up in flames. I have no idea why Core never bothered to fix this issue with Lara's flammability, but then again, I digress. Another neat touch I don't remember seeing anywhere else was having a shiva statue replace the burning rope, the effect of seeing the statue burn to reveal the actual baddy was pretty cool. 90 minutes, 7 secrets. 09/20" - Treeble (04-Oct-2020)
"These two jungle levels must have seemed highly innovative upon their release (they aren't among the absolute oldest in the Level Index, but there are quite a few neat touches here that would seem impressive even today), and even now that hasn't changed. Aside from a couple of odd sound files and buggy wraith attacks, I found this to be an engaging and puzzling raid lasting around 90 minutes. The India surroundings are pleasing and up to standard, music is well used, atmosphere is nicely executed, secrets are maybe a little too obvious and the enemies are sneakily placed but relatively easy to dispose of because pickups are numerous. The gameplay is actually quite innovative in places. Using a torch to light a receptacle was a bit too obscure, but I liked the idea of the doors you could operate manually and the sequence with the flower. Definitely recommended, and a good example of a levelset that hasn't aged badly at all." - Ryan (09-Aug-2018)
"An overhyped and overrated level! Sorry but that's just my opinion. Its a beautiful place to be since you will be roaming around a lot but the random triggers (like shooting in the air.. Even the walk-through was a bit dull), the doors that you have to pull and the jumps that you have to guess. And another thing was the ending. The "lack" of textures in the part when you have to move the blocks after killing the Shivas is just "lazy" in my opinion. There was some great platforming to get one of the eye pieces and the fire triggers with the balls were annoying but really well thought. Another thing that BUG me out was the sound, they were just to random. And it was not my problem since it was tested on two PCs, I dunno why. Still, really far away from being one of my favourite levels. Was just a bit dull. Recommended if you like to walk around questioning what the trigger is, but I suggest everyone to stay away from this overrated level that I'm glad its over" - Leeth (03-Aug-2016)
"This level was a big disappointment. After reading all the positive feedback i was expecting some high quality level, but for me it just wasn't the case. The level seemed too empty all the time, with few enemies to fight or traps, not to mention some pretty weird triggers in some areas (like the one you need to shoot at the wall - there's nothing that indicates that), the gate that's actually a box and the sound was buggy for most of the situations, and yes i did read the text and did what the author requested but it still didn't fix some missing and mixed up sounds. One more thing that doesn't effect the level what so ever and it doesn't have a topic to evaluate, was the walkthrough. Really poorly written, although understandable enough, but in some situations i would enjoy a little bit more information. To conclude although this is a hall of fame level, for me it far from it." - Zhyttya (03-Aug-2016)
"This is an Indian themed-set, although it employs various other texture sets like Scottish and Cistern ones too, some stretch the theme a bit but they mostly come together well. The Trees in the second map also had a moment or two of inconsistencies of when they are walkable. The overall detail is nice although there are some texture misalignments and similar. Lighting is decently executed outside a couple of flat areas. I wasn't especially convinced by Scarabs in India but everything else fit well, and the bullet-blocking Statue enemies were nice to see in such an old level.
Gameplay is enjoyable but has a few polish issues, for instance in the second map you can fall through a wall and get stuck on an illegal slope (or in a dead end if you avoid that); it's really obvious when it has happened but I'm sure it could have been averted. The Fire/Ice Wraith cancelling seemed a bit buggy too and it took a bit for them to finally go for each other (and even then they failed to take each other out, and only died when I got to water). Outside of that there are some creative ideas and nice exploration. One moment with a certain object is subtly genius, and a hint of what the author is capable of and showed in their later releases; it locks you in an area just the right size to make it possible to work it out without making it too obvious, and the idea is nicely reapplied later too. There's also the famous Flower moment. The only moment I found too obscure is the end, where no clue is given of how to get out after finding the quest item, and your view is heavily obscured. Still a good set, but I'm surprised how much it has aged compared to Isis' later releases." - Mman (18-Jul-2014)
"Well, I am in general no friend of jungle levels. And just as little I am a friend of levels which are built with the Angkor Wat textures. And here comes both together. I don't know, I do not like this kind of levels. However, this does not keep me from playing, nevertheless, such levels. Since, finally, I want to play all levels in the level universe. And this is of course no reason to value a level lower. It's finally not the fault of the level builder that I do not like his level, even if it is, actually, a top level. With this level by Sue Wicks it is not a lot different. He is well built, has great riddles and a good lighting. However, I have ascertained that one seldom hears a noise if Lara goes or runs. But apart from that is this a good level which one should have played in any case. And now I will again nourish and cherish my visceral antagonism against Jungle levels and/or Angkor Wat levels." - Scottie (10-Jun-2011)
"Excelent. A couple of jungle levels very nice to play. Half lineal gameplay with no much backtracking, enough guns, ammo and flares, good puzzles, high doses of exploration, well balanced enemies, not easy but not too hard tasks, professional cameras, sometimes unuseful 'cause the triggered objects were very near; another times the author gives you needed items even if you already have them in case you've missed them before so you can continue playing without backtracking (great!). It seems that the author wanted to be sure that you can finish the levels! Correct textures and well worked lights, easy secrets, some innovative objects you can interactue like the moveable door... Old levels, but an example of how a clever builder can release a very good work so players can enjoy a lot without fantastic resourcers. New builders: play this adventure and learn!" - Jose (07-Feb-2011)
"This adventure won't let you down as you can expect if you have played other levels of author. Even if the duration of the game is not so lond it offers a wide range of sceneries to explore such as jungles, ruins and many indoor temple areas. The last chamber including a huge flower which opens and reveals a sword was absolutely amazing and unique idea. In terms of gameplay this is quite easy but entertaining game. You have to complete nice jumps and timed runs and explore a lot in first level. Second level is more linear and has some good puzzles and one of my favorite puzzles was the puzzle, before the final flower area, which combines switch, pushblock and torch puzzles. Enemies are quite rare but they are used very effectively in good situations. All in all this game is created with much care and if you haven't already played it, you should definitely at least consider giving a try for it." - Samu (17-Apr-2008)
"Judging from the reviews I've just sent in of the author's previous levels, I wasn't a huge fan. They were decent, but not great. This one was "really good", though. At least that's what I thought when I wrote the review. I was still ranting about the lighting, though, so if you found the author's previous two levels too dark, you will have the same problem playing this level. The level is "linear", but it's still hard "to figure out where to go" sometimes. I'm not sure how much sense that makes, but that's what my review says. The biggest plus is that the level contains some novel ideas, with the big flower being the highlight. The traps "aren't overly difficult" and the enemies "are easily taken care of". There are also "a lot of medipacks lying around". In other words, the level is pretty easy. I don't know why I didn't just say that. It lasted just over forty-five minutes. If that means forty-eight or forty-one minutes, I don't know. Still, it should take you under an hour to finish, I guess." - Magnus (02-Jul-2006)
"This is a good level, made with care, great contructions, very good rooms. Excellent work with cameras!! Some very good ideas for traps like the one with two ramps and two rocks going in one way and the other for starting fire. Many secrets, but most of them really easy to find. In general this is an easy couple of levels, but this doesn't mean a bored level. I liked the game and I recommend to play it. It is nice to find again the Shivas enemies, but they are really easy to kill. The level has a nice enviroment, but many textures aren't in the correct size, some to long and some to short for the room squares. Some triangle textures aren't correctly rotated. And, well, there aren't new textures. The game has lights, in almost all places Lara looks in 3D, so this is a good point, but there are some areas without lights." - Juan Carlos (10-May-2006)
"Another masterpiece by Isis. I'm not a huge fan of jungle levels but when they are in the same class as the 'Jungle ruins' saga or 'Deep in the jungle', I really love them! This is one of these levels that constantly keep you buzy at either shooting enemies, solving puzzles or just admiring the enviorement :) I like those huge areas with tons of things to do. These two levels also had a very clever layout. Especially the second level. I did found the secrets on the first level a tad too easy to find. It almost felt like ordinary pickups. The lighting is as always top class and although I found some missplaced textures, it was top class in that category too. Highlights in this level: The burning Shiva, the amazing jungle feeling in the first stage and of course the gigantic flower near the end LOL! Top stuff. Keep them levels coming, sue!" - QRS (19-Mar-2006)
"Some new and different ideas in terms of gameplay and puzzles - thoroughly enjoyable!"- Linda (03-Mar-2005)
"This is a TR3-Jungle similar adventure with a lot of nice ideas. The ambience reminds one of India or Cambodia and all textures are well done with that. Some newly textured objects giving more deepness of ambience and some good combination of water fire oil....Enemies are Crocodiles Shivah statues with swords beetles (the big ones) and some no-harmful monkeys. You have to find some keys to open that great door - even if skeletons will do anything against - but Lara is not new in business. Rollingballs and Teethspikes Timed doors and some Wraiths give all a challenging pressure. Second part seems to be a little bit darker - because Lara goes deep inside the building. Good Rollingball-ways combined with Firetraps and some unexpected things are waiting for Lara (sometimes the nearest thing is correct even if you don't expect it so). Nice Jungle view with colour and form good ambience in different levels upon. And you will get more action - a Shivah is waiting not moving any part - but not forever.... fast jumps for timed doors and real good challenges. Step by step with jumps fighting climbing and so on Lara finds the final thing... some .....Inside I didn't know what to do - but then yes I found it out. ... there awaits a showdown. A real good level with some never-seen things for me." - Miguel (25-Feb-2004)
"This is my first exposure to Sue Wicks (played 12-31-03 and 1-1-04) and I must say I am highly impressed. TR3 remains my favorite of the commercial releases and this two-parter captures its appeal almost perfectly. The scenery is stunning especially that opening pink lotus flower at the end and the traps and puzzles are challenging without presenting undue frustration. The enemies are few but memorable notably the several Shivas scattered throughout the level. And I noticed that the friendly monkey was sometimes strategically placed to provide a clue as to where to go next. The walkthrough left some essential detail to the imagination particularly the location of the first tower key near the very end but overall it was a helpful guide. I'm looking forward to playing Sue's earlier levels which have also received high ratings. More from her please." - Phil (01-Jan-2004)
"These are two nice levels with a lot of action and exploration. There are a lot of secrets to find so many different objects and enemies that sometimes are very difficult to avoid. There are a couple of puzzles hard to do since Lara has to get her way with fire and ice wraiths behind her. Some rooms are fantastic with textures and lighting in perfect match and the jungle is perfectly done. Although all above mentioned performs a very good level there's something that's not of my taste. Perhaps the gameplay is a bit irregular and confusing in some parts or simply that for me was in its major part frustrating." - Loupar (12-Oct-2003)
"Tower of Sumpta - 7 secrets. This is a wonderful level actually 2-in-1. The first one 'Tower of Sumpta' is everything you'd expect from this level builder and more: lovely scenery plenty of puzzles to solve different areas to explore and plenty of baddies to dispose of. There is so much to explore that I only found 8 secrets out of 9 (I believe). There is a spike balls/fire blower trap that is a little tricky but I managed it. Enemies consist of Wraiths (both fire and water) Shivas Crocs Bugs Skeletons and if you're not careful some of the Monkeys may push Lara off the edge but none of them too difficult to overcome. I felt the music sound effects atmosphere and lighting were all well done. Occasionally you could see through where the blocks come together which is why I didn't rate this a 10 but all in all I really liked this level. Beneath the Tower - 2 secrets. The second part of this 2-part level is mostly done within the same area but at different levels from the water on up. There is a spike balls/fire trap that is a little tricky to get the timing right but exciting too. There are some tricky sequences to overcome but can be done. Thank goodness for saved games! The near to ending sequence in which the flower opens is fantastic! And then to try to figure out where to go from there took me a few minutes. I would gladly recommend this two-part level for anyone to try." - Patson (01-Jul-2003)
"Without doubt this set of two levels has the most impressive moment for me in any of the levels I have played over the last couple of years and I'm talking about the enormous flower where you get to activate the blossoming of its petals it was tantamount to watching a butterfly breaking through its chrysalis and then unfurling its newly blood engorged wings just wonderful. Okay instead of rehashing everything else already written I will just say you get a whole lot of everything here and it is an all round brilliant 2 hour level but just know that sometimes you have to do things that are uncommon to us so if you see a receptacle for a cartouche and you don't have one then maybe there isn't one needed and the answer may be right in your hot little hands or if it seems a gate must be open but there is no trigger are you sure it is really your average gate go on take a closer hands on look! You will not be disappointed if you decide to play these great levels but you don't need me to tell you that just look at all the scores above." - Sash (18-May-2003)
"This is just a great level. The quality is right up there with the best of them. Atmosphere is first class with the lighting and textures just about perfect. I liked the first level best the second was quite difficult in places - I am thinking of those rolling balls particularly also the timed door (my old nemesis). I was completely enthralled the entire time I played and quite exhausted and satisfied at the end. Both signs of a really good level. Play it by all means!" - Sherry (01-Mar-2003)
"Brilliant couple of levels. Very well done and beautifully designed with clever puzzles and few secrets well hidden: found 9. The gameplay is exciting. It has just enough difficulty for you having a great time. I enjoyed the music and the sounds too. The flower with the Sumpta's sword is a nice touch. I had a lot of fun playing this great adventure." - Cuqui (21-Feb-2003)
"These are two very professional levels. The lighting and the textures are very solid and so are the gameplay & puzzles and everything else in the game. I preferred the first part perhaps because it has more open air scenes. Plus in Beneath the Tower the game becomes a little harder and a couple of parts were truly difficult for example in the room with the spike balls rolling up and down a ramp when you have to jump to your right and pull a rope - the hard part is getting back! Then you may get a little lost for a while in the tree trunks and the timed door where you have to pick up the second part of a piece so you can proceed in the level is really much too timed! Anyway this is a definite must for any custom level player. The flower at the end of the second level is one of the most original scenes ever created for custom levels! I think you should definitely give this one a try..." - Jorge22 (17-Feb-2003)
"A wonderful set of levels. I don't particularly like dark levels though and I would prefer a few scenes on the outside to break that darkness so the two categories about atmosphere and lighting are marked with nine. I liked the textures though India like and the game play is also great. Many puzzles some of them requiring some thought to solve spike balls fires as traps. Some friendly monkeys flying beetles crocodiles and shivas as enemies. I would have liked to see a few tigers in there. The torch puzzle is used in two different combinations and as far as the second one there had to be a hint as it is not very obvious what you have to do. The secrets are not very hard but some are well hidden therefore I found five out of seven in 'Tower of Sumpta' and the two there are in 'Beneath the Tower'. The end with the rose opening and allowing Lara to get the sword was fantastic. All this might sound a little cryptic but I don't want to spoil the fun by revealing too much. Excellent work highly recommended." - Kristina (07-Feb-2003)
"Susan Wicks I am in love with you! You have designed what for me has proven to be the most enjoyable level of TRLE it has been my pleasure to play PERIOD. There is not one complaint bone of contention qualifier or but I offer against Tower of Sumpta. Lara and I spent 4 hours and 12 minutes climbing thinking swimming thinking diving thinking and killing (a little bit) through this most lovely Hindu (?) temple in the jungle of some far off land with our friendly companion Einstein the chimp. The puzzles; some were great and some like the timed overhead run in the second half were brilliant; were exactly what I like. They make me think and think and think. The secrets were not easy (some weren't hard?) since I only found seven of them. I will go back again and play the game a second time and see if I can find those I missed. I did go to the forum once to find out how to get the second half of the second eye but no one had advanced to that point -- or noted that they had -- and rather than ask I decided to look more closely. As Momster always says 'Details'. A light that is out of place is certainly a detail I had overlooked! The enemies were no match for the firepower. Even the Shiva's fell easily to explosives but for fun could be fought with the handguns. In the areas where dark shadows were necessary dark shadows were present but the game was not at all dark and yet it had all the mystery and atmosphere I would expect in a jungle or in a temple or in a temple in a jungle. (Editorial aside -- having been in more than a few of these I have never found any of them so dark that I needed flares to see what was in a corner.) Susan Wicks has done a wonderful job with all the facets of Tower of Sumpta from the story through to the smallest part of the design. Everything is in harmony. Very well done Ms Wicks." - Dougsan (04-Feb-2003)
"Sue's latest double level has just cemented her place in my top favorite author's list. With her first two reminiscent of the first two original games now she has tackled TR 3 and captured the spirit of the jungles of India perfectly. First of all the levels are quite large though hard to get stuck in and everything looks just perfect - the temples jungles and water areas are flawless IMO. The huge flower where you get the shiva's sword is especially cool. The puzzles are clever and fun to solve the enemies include my favorites - the shiva's the secrets are well done atmosphere lighting and music really add to the mood and the camera work is always very helpful. I enjoyed these so much I don't really know what to say about them without spoiling it all for the future players. I highly recommend this to anyone though. Thanks for all your hard work Sue!" - RaiderGirl (03-Feb-2003)
"Rather a frustrating level where as far as I am concerned the author has tried to be to clever at times in what you have to do. On reflection it may be that I have never met a switch which is activated by standing next to a block and draw the pistols but it took some figuring out. Same with the ending finding the exact spot to leave the flower and sliding down-to back flip. This kind of approach just leaves me frustrated and I end up not really enjoying the level. Enemies are easily dealt with consisting of crocs skeleton and very easily killed Shivas. The graphics are excellent as is the mood lighting etc. The author has shown ingenuity and flare in their design with the opening flower being the most spectacular. Definitely worth having a try though it may be better to have a walkthrough handy when one appears or use the forum (frequently) when stuck or you may end up frustrated like me." - Whistle (03-Feb-2003)
"This is a good level. I found a great atmosphere and a lot of healthpacks. The enemies were crocodiles beetles skeletons and shiva-statues. The lighting was good and the puzzles were not hard. All players can play this game. I like the levers you can see a sequence all time. I do not like the ladders I can not see. And I do not like the movable door-blocks. The first level was very great the second level was beginning not so well but it was better in the next time. The big flower at the end of the second level was very great. I like this very much. I was playing 2 hours and 37 minutes. I found a lot of secrets (7). But I did not find all secrets. A level you must play. I had fun." - Andi Croft (03-Feb-2003)
"Hm - I don't know. Maybe it has to do with expectations when you set out to play a third level of an author of which you have greatly enjoyed the first two and then read raving reviews - maybe those expectations of mine were too high. I found these two levels fun to play and very solid levels but given the choice I would prefer Temple of Thor and Lost City of Luma over those any time. Tower of Sumpta (8/9/9/8 50 minutes 7 secrets): It's India/Jungle and the leopard outfit fits in nicely. There are movable blocks darts underwater levers Tower Keys to find Ceremonial oil a Gate Key and the two halves of the Eye of Sumpta. It starts off rather slowly and then has a bit of action thrown in on occasion with spikes burners and rolling balls. The variety of puzzles with a waterskin to extinguish a fire and the oil that you need to light was fun. Also quite a variety of enemies (skeletons shivas crocodiles wasps and wraiths who deal with themselves if you are smart enough to release them all). But I thought the texturing and lighting does not quite meet the very high standard Sue has set for herself with her first two levels and some of the rooms are quite huge and square and empty. Also there are indeed way too many pickups so there is really no challenge at all and of the seven secrets I think maybe two would be worth calling them that as the others were pickups pretty much in plain sight. Good use of the torch though especially the timed jump sequence to light it. Beneath the Tower (8/8/9/8 60 minutes 2 secrets): This starts out a bit more in a Celtic rather than Indian mood and is a little darker at the start. Again there are three Tower Keys and two Eye pieces to find. Gameplay is quite linear with a few good ideas like the revolving rolling balls turning fires on and off the pushing and pulling of doors (rather than blocks) timed platform jumping (always fun) and the lighting of the shiva. What stands out most of course is the beautiful rose and the way it opens up to reveal you great prize - the sword. Very well done! The fight with the four shivas at the end is not a challenge though as you can simply nick them off from a high ledge. Bottomline a very good effort that you should not miss to have a look at it just did not work out that extremely well for my personal taste." - Michael (01-Feb-2003)
"Now this is definitely a delight to play from start to finish. A great gameplay clever use of spiked boulders devious traps neat timed runs a brilliant atmosphere ingenious puzzles and well placed enemies. However without really trying I found no less than three shortcuts. The most annoying one right near the start where I simply jumped past the column of fire instead of going through the trouble of dousing it. Now this wasn't because I'm so smart but because I was unable to find the waterskin and as the fire is going on and off I actually thought you were supposed to jump past it. This way I never got a chance to pick up the ceremonial oil so it was a good thing that Sue had been considerate enough to place a second vessel in the room where you need it. The second shortcut I found when I came to a monkey swing that is out of reach but apparently a nearby cage has to be raised. I found no way to do so but fortunately you don't need the monkey swing as a simple run jump and grab will get you to the other side. The third shortcut has already been mentioned by Gerty. It's not a big deal really; it's just that I dropped into the water after I collected the Sword from the still closed pod and went up all the way to the top of the tower again where I finally reached in the hole that triggered off the fly-by that then zoomed in dramatically into the now empty flower; which looked a bit odd. My only other complaint concerns the cleverly hidden crawlspace that you have to reach via a climb that is pretty hard to spot. But hey those are mere details and that won't spoil your enjoyment of this double feature. The jungle setting is not necessarily my favourite but it's beautifully done here with picturesque waterfalls the awesome tower itself spooky catacombs and only a minimum of cubic trees. Recommended soundtracks: Quite Village by Martin Denny the Exotic Moods by Les Baxter and the Voodoo Suite by Perez Prado. Oh yes and before I forget I liked Lara's new Mondo Exotica Top." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Feb-2003)
"I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable level by Sue having lots of exploration. I must confess to having a great difficulty near the beginning (so great that another reviewer and I almost came to blows (lol)) finding that darn underwater switch with the croc chasing Lara all over the place. Once my brain cramp subsided I found the remainder of this 2 part level rather nicely flowing with blocks to push a couple of torch puzzles to solve lower the water level and filling another area with water. A finely textured India atmosphere and more than a couple of cantankerous shivas to contend with. Nice touch with burning one of them and also the fire and ice sprites who played together so nicely." - Momster (01-Feb-2003)
"I like Sue's levels - they're wonderfully enjoyable to play. This latest offering - the first two-parter - is no exception. This latest jaunt is set in India where Lara is searching for the lost Sword of the warrior God Sumpta. Along the way she runs into spike traps boulder traps firetraps as well as baboons crocodiles flying beetles skeletons and the six-armed Shiva statues from Temple Ruins in TR3. Gameplay though largely linear was nevertheless quite good. The only problems I ran into were that when climbing out of the large indoor pool in the first level just above the underwater door Lara became stuck and I and to reload; and when she leaped around a raising block near the beginning of the second level she fell into the floor where a pushable block would later rise and became stuck there. The Shiva statues unfortunately are a bit of a disappointment as they lack the dire threat level of the originals. The objects largely from the India levels of TR3 and Angkor Wat in TRLR all fit in well. I found nine secrets none of which was terribly difficult to find. The atmosphere lighting sound and camera work were all superb. The combination of India and Angkor Wat textures was a bit disjointed. Perhaps using some Race for the Iris textures might have helped. The biggest texture problem I found was actually on the objects. Specifically Sue used an older version of WadMerger that un-mirrored many of the object textures but didn't use Strpix to fix them. The version of WadMerger Sue used also caused problems with the sprites in flattening out the right hand and bottom sides. Nevertheless Tower of Sumpta and Beneath the Tower are two excellent levels that I heartily recommend." - Loren (01-Feb-2003)
"As my scores show this is a brilliant level. It is very well done and is bug free. The time taken on this must have been huge as the textures etc are stunning in places. Great double boulder traps - good booby traps - pushing a closed gate to open it are all part of the pleasure of this very enjoyable jaunt. Download it now for total satisfaction." - Doug E (31-Jan-2003)
"This level starts out in a jungle and often reminded me of TR3. A top leve with new objects and very beautiful graphics. It was fun to watch the wraiths play (who did actually win?) Puzzles were not difficult and well thought out. I liked the design of the rose and the sword at the end. Several enemies were around and many artifacts to find as well as nine secrets. I did enjoy this level a lot." - Navi (31-Jan-2003)
"I like very much this double jungle/temple level with plenty of good surprises inside: retextured objects many Shivas statues and more than 3 hours of time gaming. The texturing is very good (India + Cambodia + some from TR1) and the architecture of some rooms is sometimes impressive and awesome. The gameplay is not too hard and very fluent and there are some good puzzles with torches or waterskins. A timed door has puzzled me for some time before I mastered it. This kind of raiding is almost perfect for my taste. Congratulations to the author!" - eRIC (29-Jan-2003)
"I love this level of 2 parts. The puzzles are very witty the texture and the enemies are various. I don't know how many secrets are in the level but I found 9 - to tell the truth it wasn't my aim to find them all. The sounds are great as well. It's not a particularly difficult level as I got stuck only once and I didn't manage to find the other Eye Piece. The accomplishment is phenomenal very great! The Sumpta's Sword in the blown flower is very witty! The walkthrough is under construction." - Obig (29-Jan-2003)
"Great fun raiding in this double level. Of course (as the title says) you move around and in this big tower and the surrounding is jungle. Great traps and puzzles with water oil rolling boulders and fire amongst other things. Crawl spaces and setting fire to unusual objects kept me running around for a while so look everywhere and burn everything! ;-) There are several of those Shivas - my daughter calls them 'Jangularer' - and they make me scream and my daughter to hide! ;-) Anyway they fit in very well in the levels as do the crocodiles and the monkeys. The ending with the huge flower is amazing but I almost missed it because I unwillingly and unknowingly took a shortcut!" - G.Croft (27-Jan-2003)
"So far I love the levels Sue creates there are some remarks I would like to make for these two. Because you do need to use waterskin and torch Sue shouldn't be afraid to have just one waterskin in Lara's backpack. Lara can't throw it away anyway. A torch should be handy with every torch puzzle but finding a torch and carrying it with you and even finding another torch in the same room (found 4 altogether) is overkill. Also the 3 shotguns and 2 jars with ceremonial oil I found are a bit over the top. The fire and ice demon are a nice solution but they never canceled each other out although at a certain point they didn't pester Lara. The solution about a torch into a Cartouche receptacle wasn't the obvious action (thanks Elvis) and I still don't understand that. Now for the level. Jungle my favorite. Exploring that is the main thing. Secrets are nicely hidden. There are climbable walls but they don't look like it (that I hate). Finding a Cartouche and Guardians key and later the Eye will bring you to the second level. In this level you also find the fighting Shivas. I was glad they are a bit easier to slay as at a certain point you have to battle four of them. Other enemies are crocs bees and skeletons and I was glad I had the shotgun and later the crossbow. There are a nice couple of traps and some tricky jumping to do. There are some levers you have to pull and some of them are nicely hidden so look everywhere. In the second level I also found the same shortcut Kristina mentioned although I had to find out what WAS in that flower but you don't need the sword to trigger the ending. Finding 2 guardian keys will open the last gate. Still puzzled why I needed to burn a Shiva although it just happened by accident as I wanted to see what was in that corner and accidentally brushed the Shiva with my torch (but it did the trick) as there is no logic in that. There are blocks to push or pull and lots of jumping to do so download and have fun. Found altogether 7 secrets. 25-01-2003" - Gerty (27-Jan-2003)
"Well I already liked her other levels but I have to say this pair of levels is a must-play for every TR Fan :-) The whole gameplay of the two levels was brilliant. I liked the puzzles very logical and diverse. Lara has to use a lot of skill to proceed. I found all nine secrets :-) There were custom objects around and textures and lighting was well done. It is not too dark and I hardly needed any flares. Enemies are well placed and I especially noticed that the Shiva appeared a number of times way more than in TR3 and Lara had a lot of work at the end but I won't tell you more. ;-) There was a camera showing something I liked a lot and have not seen before but I won't spoil the surprise for you. :-) Lara acquires a sword as her prize. Congratulations Sue! Looking forward to your next level!" - Engelchen Lara (26-Jan-2003)
"These 2 levels from Sue are nothing else but brilliant! What she has mastered here is great beyond words! There are some smartly used ordinary looking objects which are already Sue's trademarks. I don't want to spoil anything so I wont mention those things ;) The puzzles are very smart and the gameplay full of action so it'll never get boring! I found 8 secrets in total (6 in the first level and 2 in the 2nd) which were very rewarding and sometimes cleverly hidden. I liked how the objects were retextured to fit the Indian environment that was done very well and there was lots of camerawork so you'll never wonder what a lever reach-in-hand switch and a puzzle item did! There are also some neat effects like the mouth of the God (?) picture opening and releasing a fire spirit the huge flower room with the flower blooming at the end so you can claim your prize - the sword of Sumpta! This is an entertaining 2 hours adventure that will keep you playing to the end of it. The level flows pretty fast (unless you get stuck that is) and you won't feel the time passing by when playing these levels! I don't really have a complaint but it's well known that the India & Cambodia texture mix is not my favorite so I didn't want to rate that category the highest but that's no real problem! Get these levels and get them now you wont regret playing them!" - eTux (24-Jan-2003)