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Search for Imhotep 3 - The Awakening by Palopique

Bene 9 10 10 10
Bex 10 10 10 9
CC 9 10 9 8
eRIC 10 10 10 9
eTux 10 10 9 8
G.Croft 9 10 10 10
Gerty 9 10 10 9
Jay 10 10 10 10
JesseG 9 8 9 8
Jose 8 9 9 8
Kristina 9 9 9 10
Loupar 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 9 10 9 8
Mman 9 10 8 8
Petaludas 9 8 10 8
Phil 9 10 10 9
RaiderGirl 9 10 10 9
Ryan 9 10 10 9
Sash 9 9 10 8
Scottie 9 9 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Tortoise3 10 10 10 10
Treeble 8 8 7 7
vienna 9 8 10 10
Wiggle 10 10 10 10
release date: 07-Jul-2003
# of downloads: 142

average rating: 9.33
review count: 25
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file size: 52.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

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Reviewer's comments
"I've been doing staggered sessions to cover this series so I'll be honest here and say I don't remember much from the previous levels in the series. This release stands on its own, however, so no need to play them all back to back or anything of the sort. I feel this was a weird mix of things in the end, the Venice textures for instance felt slightly out of place, then you face shivas and eventually a bunch of atlantean creatures in a massive rustic chamber with modern maps and consoles. I suppose this might be tied to the storyline in some way, but in-game it felt a bit weird. Some of the areas are also too big for their own good and end up suffering with a slight wallpaper effect, such as the underground lava chamber with the rope swings in the second level), looking too similar all around. The desert eagle is a revolver outside the menu, and the crossobow is labelled as a rocket launcher. There were nice details though, such as breaking the shivas out of their shells, a rising block genioously retextured as a mouth to a face, and I liked the effect with the timed raising blocks for giant steps to climb with the torch. There was also a very nice homage to the community in a short bonus level with a lot of familiar faces (some we haven't seen in a while)... 90 minutes, 3 secrets. 04/22" - Treeble (17-Apr-2022)
"This was my first experience from this author and what a trle this was..i really admired the atmosphere and the effort of this game!It is sure a must play..i didnt get bored at all! I dont know why other raiders find some parts difficult like the 2 dragons or the floating skeletons, i finished the game just with m pistols.. i only was annoyed by some colourful mists and from the fact that some objects were part of secrets and also i could have missed some items and couldnt continue..i loved that some walls or structures were rising or transforming, great atmosphere! Also the rope into the vertical jump shimming was not a problem cause i didnt used it..for some reason i jumped into the other side and the platform raised by itself.. And the most annoying thing was that the laserlight was useless ,such as the last torch..didnt use them at all.. Hope Palo still read reviews, have a nice day fellow corona-raiders" - Petaludas (21-Jul-2021)
"This follows in the vein of the last set visually; there small improvements to the general consistency and design (including some more nice geometry), but there aren't major improvements. The object use is improved further though, with all kinds of original stuff, including a pretty wild bonus level. It also has some enemies I've rarely seen before, like floating Skeletons. It does also take some major theme turns towards the end and does a good job transitioning to them (although the boss room has some very distracting texturing). You start seemingly directly after the second part, and the gameplay iterates well, with more interesting challenges and slight twists on normal tasks that reminded me a little of Richard Lawther's releases at their best. Plus the modified enemies add some flavour to combat. I had a major issue with something not spawning and having to replay a bunch, but I think it's an unfortunate engine issue rather than a map one so I didn't let it affect the score (I may be wrong though). While there's no overt story there is somewhat of a progression to things here as you get deeper into the mystery of what exactly is going on with somewhat of a twist near the end. This trilogy shows a good progression throughout even if there are still things to improve, and it's unfortunate the author released little after." - Mman (30-Jul-2019)
"An action packed and entertaining conclusion to the Imhotep series, and it stays true to the builder's recognisable style. It begins where Imhotep 2 left off (outside the pyramid) and from there, Lara defeats his armies and restores peace to the world once again. Many interesting touches scattered around here, such as the rope that doubles as a shimmy crack to traverse a lava pit, a few neat mirror and obelisk puzzles and the sequence where Lara has to retrieve a Canopic Jar while within breathing distance of a giant, fire-breathing snake. Thrilling stuff. Quite a few timed runs, enemies and traps crop up in the meantime as well, and the finale taking place in a colourful, flashing room inhabited by mutants was wonderfully executed. Be sure to locate all the secret disks to be able to see this (I'm not entirely sure what would happen if you didn't get them all, presumably you wouldn't have been able to get very far) or you'll miss a couple of neat surprises. Recommended." - Ryan (18-Feb-2019)
"This set of levels are full of cool features and innovative ideas. You can easily get stucked if you miss an item or a hidden switch, as I suffered in the nasty maze in third level, but usually the tasks are entertaining and the gameplay is fluid. I missed a lot some more revolver ammo in the third level to deal with all those floating skeletons, and as usual I didn't like the unmarked climbable walls, I think in the third level too. Despite of this, this is a level with a lot of good features and sure that you'll enjoy it. Take a try." - Jose (26-Sep-2016)
"This is the last part of the excellent 3-parter of Palopique. The enemies are hard (Shivas). Fireballs and swarms of locusts are very hard combination. Still, there is a good camera work, interesting rooms and nice riddles. The mirror room was the best part of game." - vienna (11-Jul-2016)
"This level is now the last part of the excellent 3-parter of Palopique. And like already in the first both parts, he has also performed here a good work. Indeed, there is, at least, two negative points. To the one it was incomprehensible, why one had to "shoot free" both living Shivas in the room with the four Shivas. The next problem was a possible Dead-End. If one killed first the left Shiva and placed then the golden skull on the pedestal, was the right Shiva suddenly disappeared. Though the statue was still there, but if one shot at them, appeared no real Shiva. And because also these Shiva something important loses, one could not play further and had to take an earlier save. The second negative point was the big room with the grid cage in the middle and the two dragons. It is absolutely not amusing if one looks in the underneath lying water room for both levers and Lara will constantly attacked by swarms of locusts. And when Lara gets out of the water, shoot the Dragons in addition fireballs on Lara. No, such a thing is absolutely not funny. But apart from that it was once again a very good level with a good camera work, interesting riddles and many well built rooms." - Scottie (09-Jun-2011)
"An hour and a half journey through three levels and a bonus level. There are quite a lot of trap sequences, enemies sneaking up on you, and puzzles to get you thinking, including some clever uses of mirrors. I was however confused about a few things, one of them being this "bonus" level. Should you not find the required pieces, all you can do is open some door with a skull on it that leads to a dead-end with an invisible column blocking you from a pad in the middle. You could glitch past that wall, triggering the next door to continue, but I backtracked all the way to the previous level to finish my collection. The bonus level looks nice, where you turn into a mutant for a moment, and is a tribute to a handful of builders. Then you return to the other level to finish things. It's a nice touch but it shouldn't be called a bonus level if it's required to get some sort of finish, and thus it shouldn't be so painful to go back and get the required items. I also got stuck in the first level on a high balcony after missing a jumpswitch and had to use an earlier save. On top of these experiences, I was turned off by some unmarked climbable surfaces. I was surprised to find such an atrocity at the end of such a great adventure, but indeed there were a few "ladders" in the third level that looked like perfectly normal rock surfaces. I do not know how players are supposed to discover these things short of becoming a madman as they run into every wall holding the action key. I probably sound a bit critical at this point, seeing as this is a level in the hall of fame. Indeed, it is an entertaining journey, it is just that certain things, especially unmarked ladders, prevent me from viewing the levelset as a polished one. But if you have the walkthrough handy, and get all the secret gemstones along the way, you should have no trouble enjoying this work." - SSJ6Wolf (10-May-2010)
"I played and reviewed the first two levels in this series years ago, and for the life of me I don't know why I neglected to play this penultimate capper at the time. It's as new and fresh as if it had been released yesterday, and it even boasts a short bonus level with Lara playing as a mutant. The final room is plastered with familiar photos of forum members, and I guess I came along too late to make the Rogues' Gallery. You'll get nearly two hours of gameplay out of this engaging finale, which has a couple of nice touches I've never seen in a custom level. There's a horizontal rope you jump to from a normal dangling rope, and it acts as a shimmying surface. Cool. There's also a timed rising block move where you have to be precise in your movements, but otherwise it's not too hard to master. You'll encounter some of those skelton ghosts along the way, the ones that spiral upward as they die. There are a couple of mirror rooms with hidden spike traps, where you'll need to move along slowly and with considerable care. In all, a wonderful gaming experience, and a perfect example of the great fun we had in our earlier raiding days." - Phil (30-Mar-2009)
"What an absolutely fantastic game. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. This is Lara at her best. From the 2 dragons and locusts frying the Beetles opening heads and a jump from a vertical rope to a horizontal rope [don't remember this before] the pace just did not slacken. Full of really good and unusual combinations throughout. I particularly liked both the mirror rooms especially the lava one with the invisible platforms. Everything just seemed to flow so naturally and there was no annoying backtracking. The Bonus level was an absolute masterpiece with the carvings changing to piccies. What a lovely way to immortalise players and builders. Thanks Palo it was a privilege to play it." - Tortoise3 (18-Nov-2003)
"Very unique stuff happening here. Wonderful sight of the obelisk rising out of the sand beside the pyramid compound you've seen before. Loved the rising and falling blocks obelisks you have to push around the moving stairs more rising obelisks giant masks that move whole walls descending a great torch puzzle two giant snakes that shoot fireballs and locusts moving snakes to kill floating skeletons shiva statues to kill all sorts of retextured beasties and the horrible spikes in the mirror room. A very tight timed 'crawl' before you're entombed forever and a most unusual jump from a swinging rope to a horizontal rope. I found the best way to do this is climb up the swinging rope 'til you're just beside the horizontal rope and just jump straight at it like a shimmy crack. And an amazing Bonus level where Lara becomes a mutant herself in an excellent 'portrait gallery' of grey embossed familiar faces which change to the full colour version. Looking out of the 'window' in this room is an experience too - see that sunken galleon and swimming thingies? The ending is spectacular. I'm lost for words. I salute you Palo. Brilliant. Did you know that Imhotep designed the very first 'pyramid' which was a step pyramid for king Zoser at Sakkara (beginning of the 3rd Dynasty Zoser transferred his capital from Abydos to Memphis in the south of the Delta about 2650BC). Imhotep a commoner was deified by the Egyptians and was Guardian of the Senets of the Royal Magic. One Egyptian narrative tells us: 'His real name was Imhotep but they called him Petbastis'. There you are now you learn something new every day." - CC (25-Sep-2003)
"What can I say - this game is by Palopique so you know it's going to be a really good one. Following on from 'Imhotep 2 - The Search Goes On' this new set of levels 'The Awakening' certainly does not disappoint. A lovely title flyby with perfect custom audio sets the scene for this new adventure. There are many many impressive moments including some Shiva statues with a difference and a host of new enemies and objects. At one point you will even see Lara as you have never seen her in a custom level before! As you would expect from Palopique there are also some great puzzles and some nasty traps (of particular note is a very nasty mirror room which had me cursing Palo's sneakiness) and as ever there is a touch of humour (look through the windows in the bonus room if you want a laugh). Speaking of the bonus room this is possibly the single best finale that I have ever seen in a custom level it actually rendered me speechless. Seeing all my raiding friends immortalised in stone (and then in colour) was just amazing it's a beautiful homage to the raiding community. To summarise this is a brilliant set of levels. Mr Long Hard and Satisfying does it again - do not miss this one!" - Bex (21-Aug-2003)
"I have never been keen on Egyptian levels. Luckily this does not feel like an Egyptian level at all because Palopique has created his own world and it is completely unique. I had so much fun with these levels that I would say they were now my joint favourite with Inchdix's Hidden Garden series. Some artifacts are sneakily hidden and some of the enemies are really menacing but nothing is ever too difficult to do. The bonus level is simply stunning I won't say any more about that though because you have to see it for yourself! If this does not end up in the top 50 I will be absolutely amazed. Thank you Palopique for a wonderful game." - Wiggle (21-Aug-2003)
"I was eagerly awaiting the latest part of this adventure and I was certainly not disappointed. The ingenuity shown by Palopique with his puzzles traps rising blocks/obelisks etc. does indeed seem worthy of the great Imhotep himself. As usual the atmosphere feels truly authentic and the gameplay is marvelous. If ever I feel I've had enough Egypt adventures I remind myself of this series and I'm ready to go exploring pyramids again. The settings gradually become more alien as the game progresses until at the end Lara herself is transformed into an alien. The bonus level is a wonderful touch. What a lovely idea to use so many pictures of reviewers and builders as wall textures. I spent ages trying to identify everybody only to find that they turned into proper colour photos as I carried on playing. Doh. Excellent stuff. 13.08.2003" - Jay (13-Aug-2003)
"Again an innovative adventure by Palopique with new puzzles new or retextured enemies and objects that are not often used. The atmosphere is better than in SFI2. You've got to come here and see all these innovative things the author has put in this game to create a mysterious world (starting in Egypt continuing into an unknown underground world and ending in some kind of Atlantean realm). SECRET TUNNEL (1:20 hours of net gaming time): The level begins where SFI2 ends. Never believe level builders when they say that a search is over: in this well known area Lara will have more things to do before finding a secret passage leading underground. (don't forget the shotgun and a red artifact before). The underground tunnels lead to several big rooms where Lara will have to jump on raising platforms find more artifacts push new objects solve a torch puzzle among other tasks. Enemies: a vulture little scorpions crocs many green lizards venomous mutants and 2 giant snakes spitting locusts. THE CURSE (40 min.): Lara has discovered a new world which is not Egyptian anymore and the atmosphere is threatening. Some great effects (like the eyes of the statues which are suddenly lighted) and some enigmatic puzzles to solve here. Imhotep's heart disks and 5 swords to find. A mirror room and a lava room where I had a hard time with the ropes. Enemies: beetles Shivah statues sliding snakes (they seem to come from the Latin American mythology) killable flying skeletons and harpies. THE AWAKENING + BONUS LEVEL (30 min.): Two short levels that go deeper in this mysterious realm. Another mirror room in a lava cave and boulders spikes traps a timed door a red herring a torch puzzle and nice touches here and there the best one being the room with the many pictures of the raiders and a final boss to end this adventure. And I could return to the previous level because I'had forgotten a piece of one disk that are required to finish the game. Enemies: Monsters Yetis new wraiths and beetles flying Atlantean demons." - eRIC (11-Aug-2003)
"From the initial flyby in the settings of SFI2 to the final Awakening and the run towards the Big Pyramid; all in the game is superb. Palo always knows how to give adventure and exploration in some of the best settings I've seen in tr custom levels. There are new and old objects and enemies; some of them very nice to see again. It's a game very complete with puzzles enemies and tricky jumps; three secrets needed to get the Bonus level (Thanks Palo for putting my picture in your level) and an open ending. I hope there'll be another SFI 4. GREAT!" - Loupar (11-Aug-2003)
"If you've played the previous levels you'll recognize the opening scene of this series as it's exactly where we left off before. After finding your way underground the fun begins as you encounter area after area with clever puzzles that aren't too hard but are hard enough to be fun and can be solved with a little brain power and some exploration. Enemies are exciting and include giant snakes the crawling dragons heads from Chronicles new little beetles if you're unfortunate enough to run into them Yeti from TR 2 the flying demons from TR 1 (which I hope to see in more levels) wolf things flying spirits - always something different but not too many overall. And of course everyone knows by now how amazing Palo's levels look and they won't be disappointed here with all the different places to explore. I have a feeling this will soon end up in the top 50 list and it will definitely deserve it. Secrets found: 3" - RaiderGirl (23-Jul-2003)
"I need to start this review with a special mention of the excellent title flyby which nicely reminds us of the previous Imhotep 2. Great choice of music here too. Secret Tunnel (8/8/9/8 40 min. 1 secret): So starting off in the well known Imhotep 2 environment Lara explores the area and needs to find a few artifacts raise and push several obelisks around use a torch and steal a canopic jar from right under the nose (?) of two giant snakes. The secret (crossbow lying around in plain sight) is actually quite helpful with the enemies: scorpions vultures crocodiles green lizard creatures and big poisonous beasts. There is very good use of cameras great lighting throughout and in general nicely flowing and entertaining gameplay except for the obelisk pushing which got a little tedious. The Curse (9/10/9/8 30 min. 1 secret): If the first part seemed a bit like 'more of the same' this one is now where it really gets interesting mainly because of an abundance of new objects and enemies. You need to collect several disks and swords fight off beetles shivas floating skeletons snakes and harpies. The modified use of the Angkor Wat masks is excellently done. Maybe the rooms are overall a little too huge and uniformly structured and the gameplay is very linear and that little maze area seemed unnecessary but still the lava room is impressive in its magnitude and the mirror room with a twist is fun too. I also like the way how Palo reveals areas with the help of raising blocks - quite a trademark of his by now. The Awakening and Bonus (9/10/10/8 30 min. 1 secret): Be prepared for quite a ride. After a few harmless traps (spikes boulders) some nasty creatures to kill and a tricky jump out of the lava/mirror room a fabulous chase gets you into the Bonus Level which is really a wonderful homage to the players and builders of the community and once you get back you encounter one of the best grand finales of a level that I have come across (and I thought mine in Losing your Marbles was good - LOL). All in all this series is just what we are used to get from Palo - wonderful entertaining classic and very creative TombRaiding - not to be missed!" - Michael (18-Jul-2003)
"Starting with the initial flyby with scenes from Imhotep 2 to remind me how much I liked this series I wasn't disappointed. There are new enemies: red headed things and flying skeletons (new to me at least). And a wonderful new jump - from a vertical rope to a horizontal rope. (tip - look around after the shimmy and the drop from the jump) Very tricky (read: hard to see) crawl spaces. Mirror rooms that work well and are actually fun. Logical puzzles. A red (alien?) Lara and wall pictures of some reviewer forum members in the bonus level. Very imaginative and innovative. Hard to find fault and I'm looking forward to #4!" - Bene (18-Jul-2003)
"First of all I'd like to say that this is a great level set and my favorite from the Imhotep series so far (presuming that someone will persuade Palo to make a follow up to this one too lol). Secret Tunnel - The level starts near the pyramid where Imhotep 2 ended and you have some pushing to do and also have to explore area's you were to in Imhotep 2 too to progress. At first I had quite a laugh (in a nice way that is) cause after I watched the title fly-by (nicely done) where the obelisk came out of the sand and the sign at the start said: 'Lara has found the Tomb of Imhotep but oh no what has she done!' Exactly my thoughts as the world really has no use of obelisks coming out from the ground lol. I understand that this was supposed to symbolize the Awakening and was a nice idea but I had a laugh about this in my own wicked kind of way... Now to the actual level - there are a lot of sneaky things in here like the jump switch in the rolling ball room the hideout of the torch the timed 'expanding block' (designer language) where you can reset it by using the waterskin which otherwise seems useless. A nice start for the level set in which I spent about 40+ minutes in. Curse - The remarkable things in this level are the new puzzle objects - the swords which remind a lot of the dagger of Xian and the new enemies like the floating skeletons which took a lot of my medipacks away and the poisonous snakes which remind me of the ones from TR5 guarding the entrance to the Philosopher stones' chamber. As always there are some inventive things from Palo here like the special rope swings but I was a bit disappointed to see a maze in here and even if it is not as confusing as I thought it would be still not a good idea. But I didn't decrease the gameplay ratings this time as the last minutes were so fun. The Awakening - Starts with a sort of mirror effect (if I remember correctly) where you have to watch were you step and eventually moves on to a very sneaky timed run with a cog which was not very easy to master but I didn't like that the walls needed to access puzzle items were climbable but didn't look like they could be. I still am not very pleased with Palo's texturing style so unfortunately can't rate that category too high but this is a matter of taste I believe so don't let this hold you up. After a short visit in the bonus level you return for a spectacular ending with a meteorite and Atlantean beasts. After the 4 jump switches here are activated you can escape back at the pyramid and the level ends there even if I believe that the rolling ball there wasn't necessary so close near the end. Bonus - A great bonus indeed - as you slide down in the red oblivion with the Atlantean headed beasts chasing you you find that Lara is turned inside out in this level herself and the red fog effect made the effect even more convincing - well done. Not many enemies here only 2 Yeti's. After placing the artifacts they leave you already see many familiar faces carved in stone. And after completing the puzzle you see all of them in color - a nice effect. Don't try to find my face there as even if the offer was very inviting to take part in such a nice part of the game I'm not giving up that easily he he. Overall - a great experience Palo has given us and even if I have a headache right no lol it was all worth it." - eTux (17-Jul-2003)
"A great set of levels again from Palo! This time a little easier gameplay much straight forward but you can go back if there is something you missed except at one point where I only shot one of the shivas when I should have shot two. This is Tomb Raiding all the way through with new enemies new objects a new Lara (! in the bonus level) and great surroundings. Puzzles and traps hard but not too hard. Be sure to play the bonus level and see which faces you recognize. Yes I'm there too! ;-) 2 hrs of gameplay and a really cool ending!" - G.Croft (14-Jul-2003)
"Maybe it wasn't fair as I saw big parts of this level on the TR meeting on the other hand I was glad. It only meant that I wasn't stuck so much. You will have a deja vu as the game starts and know how to proceed. Getting a Red Artifact and the Holy Scarab will let you just do that. There certainly were some nice WOW factors in this 3 level game like the rolling ball room in the first level. The creatures throughout this game you have to shoot are nasty and growl and watch out as some of them are poisonous. The puzzles are great and luckily not that hard to solve. Do find the crossbow and Palo was so nice to have one as a secret and one just as a pick up as you need it with the Shiva's (another WOW for me there). There are many artifacts to find and look everywhere as some crawlspaces are very well hidden. The timed run towards the door you opened by using that wheel is a sneaky one and I was glad I saw that one done at the meeting LOL. The snakes that was another WOW for me and the bonus was indeed a nice bonus. Looking out of the windows there you even see creatures swimming and I was glad I didn't had to chase after them. The level is still not finished as there 4 jump levers you have to switch and I just outran the enemies there and it worked with a bit of reloading to do though. This was well worth waiting for and now I am off to play it on my PC as on the Mac the game 'floated' a bit too much for my taste Found some invisible blocks and 3 secrets. 08-07-2003" - Gerty (10-Jul-2003)
"At last we have the desirable sequel of this series. Three levels of which one is the bonus with pictures of Tomb Raiders on the walls. Not to mention that you're playing with a red character which I guess is an alien or Lara being transformed to an alien. The rest is just pure fun. Our Lara is exploring underground and outside areas in the quest of a talisman coins and other items. She has to battle monsters and small creatures but also crocodiles and flying skeletons with swords. Be careful not to leave an area without completing every task or kill every enemy. Especially in the area with shivas also be sure to have the crossbow and some explosive arrows. I got stuck in the game with no way to turn back for a piece of a coin. The author always being supportive was kind enough to point the right way and provide a savegame for another situation I got into which was partly my fault partly his. Anyway the textures and lighting are just right with the red rooms and fog hiding perfectly either a crawlspace or a small room. There two mirror rooms very well built with lava and spike traps. The effects at the bonus level are quite nice I liked the view from the small windows it looks like a pool or something with sharks and crocodiles. Basically this is the kind of adventure that will keep you pinned to your chairs for a little more than an hour. I found three secrets and enjoyed it very much. Recommended." - Kristina (10-Jul-2003)
"Well another great installment in the Imhotep saga. This one three levels plus a bonus however is a lot easier than its predecessors with fluent gameplay although I got stuck a couple of times overlooking the simple solutions that were right in front of me. You start these levels in familiar territory but soon enter a weird Egyptian then Atlantis like environment where odd monstrous things lie little green lizard creatures blade clawed monsters Shivas gigantic snakes sliding snakes (new) flying mutants flying skeletons beetle like snake heads (new) and snake head sprites (new) yes all those and more but still you never feel like there are too many enemies. What I'd have to say is the best aspect of these levels would have to be the way the level flows as the difficulty factor isn't either too hard or too easy also this is a puzzle based set of levels and each puzzle gives a sense of achievement when you work out their solutions. There is also a little forum Easter egg in here which is no surprise coming from Palo who seems to me like a man who cherishes his friends and it is in the bonus level where you see all the faces of those known well not all as I sob sob haven't sent in a picture to Michael so I sob sob am not in there but it is fun seeing those we love go from being colourless grey wall murals to wonderful colour once the puzzle is solved. I look very much forward to Search for Imhotep 4 if there is to be one but for now this 100 minute one is just what the doctor ordered." - Sash (09-Jul-2003)
"What a marvelous set of levels and what a master of the art Mr Long Hard and Satisfying is. Well done Palo. This great set of levels not only had moves I had never seen before but enemies I had never encountered before all set in a wondrous world where the feeling of being 'there' was palpable and is not this the true test of a level designer? To immerse you so deep into the level that the mundane everyday world is for a few short hours forgotten. The levels are logical and process even if you like me miss an essential object is not impeded as you can go back for the offending piece. Some enemies are better dispatched with the pistols alone (this is a clue folks) and some you just cannot kill at all. I loved the fire spitting dragons transformed into snakes the snakes in level two that slithered towards you and let us not forget the bonus level where for the first time ever a level designer has paid homage to the often misjudged reviewer. Play the game and you will see what I mean. And why not? After all is this not a symbiotic relationship between designers and reviewers? I loved every minute of this game and as I had no hand in beta testing I can give this the score it so rightly deserves." - Torry (09-Jul-2003)