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Author(s): phms2010
total rating:6.48 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 5 6 9 8
Gerty 6 6 6 6
Jay 8 6 7 6
Jose 5 7 7 5
Kitkat 7 6 7 6
Kristina 5 5 4 6
MichaelP 7 6 8 6
Orbit Dream 8 6 8 5
Phil 7 7 8 4
Ryan 6 7 7 5
Treeble 7 8 8 8
category averages
(11 reviews)
6.45 6.36 7.18 5.91

Reviewer's comments

"Yes, as mentioned by other reviewers, this is an incredibly and unreasonably dark level. It's a shame that it was so pitch-black in places because it's pretty self-defeating and undoubtedly destroys the work done on the textures in this level, and what I could see did look good. I did like the flybys, the nostalgic use of TR1 music and the block puzzles and breakable tile runs, as well as the gladiator encounters, but the darkness dampened the experience I had here. Sorry. Took me 45 minutes." - Ryan (09-May-2017)

"Harry Laudie warned us at the beginning of his walkthrough (and grumbled about it several times along the way) that this was a dark level. Boy, did he ever get that right. Obscenely dark. So dark that only by keeping my unlimited flares constantly lighted could I sufficiently see my way to follow his meticulous instructions. A technically competent raid, perhaps, but by no means fun to play. Why builders do this is beyond me. At least this particular builder quit while he was behind and never inflicted another level upon us after this one. On the other hand, what I could see convinced me that this 45-minute adventure was very well put together and could have been a much more pleasant experience had sufficient ambient lighting been provided, despite the fact that there's an unreasonable amount of required backtracking. Enemies are few but well placed, often catching you in precarious situations where a misstep will have you hurtling into oblivion or being set aflame. For masochists only." - Phil (20-Oct-2016)

"Darkness. That's the one thing you'll notice the most in this level, and it's such a shame because the textures are so gorgeous and nicely applied. But, with the patched executable, your main worry in this level has to be your health. There are just a handful of medipacks spread through the level and there's one particular water corridor that took me 2,5 medipacks. The design of this level is like a shortened version of the cistern, and there are quite a few traps along the way. Bottomline is, if you're going to play this one, make sure you spend as little flares and medipacks as possible. 30 minutes, 2 secrets. 11/08" - Treeble (03-Nov-2008)

"This is certainly a great pity that this level is so dark and that the gameplay is a bit unfair at times. Even when playing in a dark room, I had to double the gamma of my screen and yet there were still very dark corners and had to add flares with savegame editor. Also, as I used the patch I started with zero medipack and added a couple of big ones in my inventory as it is unavoidable here to loose health in two areas because of spikes. Despite these big flaws, this level has good moments and is certainly an atmospheric level given the large rooms, the beautiful Roman textures and some good music too. The enemies, bats, rats, crocs and Roman soldiers fit well in the level but do not play a big role. 35 minutes." - eRIC (19-Oct-2007)

"A 30 minute adventure with quite some potential. The ideas are good: some tough traps (spikes, blades, boulders), good use of movable/climbable blocks, well structured progression and a couple of nice flybys with decent choice of audio. What spoils it is that with the spikes you are twice forced to lose health, it is way too dark and the two secrets are just normal pickups lying on the floor. But still, good fun while it lasts if you can lighten up your screen enough to see something." - MichaelP (03-Oct-2007)

"This level was too much dark for me to like. Moreover you don't have the binoculars to help you and only a pack of flares for all the level was very insuficient. Sometimes when you activate a camera shot to give you a clue you could see nothing and was very difficult to imagine where to go or what you was doing. The level itself is not bad, but the extreme darkness ruined it completely. Textures are quite good, but I had to rate only with a 5 'cause the very bad lights." - Jose (17-Jul-2007)

"You do need to use the TR4 file but it is NGLE machine so Mac players, give it a try. This is a dark level and apart from one package of flares I could do with more so half the time I was shooting my way through some dark areas and I do hate that. There is also no sound with those spiked balls in my download. For the rest it is a straightforward level and it was over before I knew it. Found two secrets just lying on the floor" - Gerty (09-Jul-2007)

"This level really kept me on my toes for several reasons: I'm sure got through some of the traps by sheer luck alone, as the prevailing darkness didn't help and as I couldn't see much of what was in front of the the fear I was about to walk into a deadly trap stayed with me for much of the level! As well as inhibiting gameplay {progression is always difficult when you can't see where you are going} the darkness also prevented you from fully appreciating the architecture and textures of the level. What I saw of them, I was impressed with. {St. Francis' Folly textures but a much better quality than the originals.} And dispite all of the above I really did enjoy the level, avoiding the traps, figuring out where to go next, fighting the enemies - I would have just enjoyed it more if it were a little lighter." - Kitkat (01-Jul-2007)

"Well what can you tell for someone that creates a pitch black level! This is the perfect bad example on how to use the new tools the builders were given. He took out the binoculars in a pitch black setting with few flares that in such darkness are not helpful anyway, now how smart is that huh! On the other hand I can't say that it is a bad level, as far as the gameplay is concerned. It could have been a pleasant ride with the rope swinging and the nice blade traps even the spikes underwater gave it a challenge. I don't understand why people create nice levels and ruin them with some bad lighting. Anyway it had its good moments and I even managed to find the two secrets, they weren't difficult at all. You get the scroll and then the level ends. I would recommend players that hate so dark levels to not download this until the builder decides to put some serious lighting and NOT only add flares otherwise it's just too damn frustrating to be enjoyable." - Kristina (24-Jun-2007)

"I'll get the whinge out of the way first - this level is definitely far too dark, which is a shame as the textures look well used and I'd like to have seen them more clearly. I suggest playing in a darkened room if you possibly can, or just give yourself a load of flares, which is what I did (no, I don't consider that cheating - I don't see why I should waste my time flaring round and reloading; it's just irritating). That aside, this is a pretty good level and well worth a look at (no pun intended). I found the underwater spike trap a bit brutal, but eventually got through it with my life just about intact and everything else was fairly easily achieved. I'd definitely recommend it unless you just can't bear dark levels." - Jay (15-Jun-2007)

"Despite taking only 45 minutes or so,this level really makes you work up a sweat. Taking place predominantly in one large(well-designed)Chamber,you need to accomplish various,rather challenging,tasks to lay your hands on two gems and thence open the way to the titular Scroll. A couple of the challenges (both involving spikes) seemed negotiable only by an element of luck,while others needed a touch of lateral thinking (which was good).The environment was suitably atmospheric and very well-textured,and needed to be criss-crossed inumerable times (or so it seemed);while the correct physical course for progression wasn't always clear,the main reason for this being the oft impenetrable darkness.I've said this before and (alas) I'll be saying it again,but why builders take such great pains to craft elegant and well-designed surroundings only to blanket everything in near-total darkness (while providing few flares) is not only a mystery but is completely self-defeating. I spent so much time peering into the darkness,wondering what pulling a particular lever had achieved,that progress forward was only possible by saving the game,lighting a precious flare,looking around,then reloading again from the same point(the Binoculars having been cruelly removed from the Inventory). This is a rather unfair way of prolonging a level and will put many people off. Nonetheless it's a smart and quite rewarding little adventure which I reccommend you try,especially if you're a seasoned player in the mood for a shortish but rather invigorating challenge." - Orbit Dream (14-Jun-2007)
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