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Author(s): Greywolf
total rating:4.50 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 4 4 5
DJ Full 6 5 5 6
Gerty 3 5 4 5
manarch2 2 4 4 5
MichaelP 4 5 5 6
Orbit Dream 3 5 4 5
Phil 5 6 6 6
Rambo 2 5 4 4
Ryan 3 5 4 5
category averages
(9 reviews)
3.44 4.89 4.44 5.22

Reviewer's comments

"While there is an inkling of a story present here(starting off with Lara venturing into a remnant of Atlantis civilization to retrieve a priced artifact that an organization requires, only to realize her mistake when dinosaurs inexplicably swarm her home and has to gun down all members of said evil organization anyway), that doesn't really make the journey as a whole satisfying to go through(with very uninspired implementation of many design elements). Gameplay is for the most part shooter-centric as you gun down any foe standing in your way(with platforming & swimming sections solely used in the first level). But overall, a very mediocre levelset that's only worth looking at, if you want to see how the builder's skills improved with time." - Ceamonks890 (20-Mar-2018)

"This is apparently one of two long, forgotten and previously unreleased early efforts by this since established builder. This one in particular isn't the most enjoyable game out there. The change of scenery is the main advantage here, as the gameplay isn't very scintillating. There are three short levels (the remaining one is simply a short flyby) which mainly revolve around collecting endless amounts of ammunition and weaponry with which to dispose of the onslaught of enemies you'll encounter along the way, along with many levers to pull and rather tedious running around. The Mansion level in particular contains a bewildering and nonsensical array of dinosaurs and the gameplay as ever didn't appeal to me. It took me nearly an hour to complete and I was glad when it was over." - Ryan (23-Feb-2018)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: Very boring and almost no fun. It's a shooter kind level with a lot of running and enemies as the only highlight. Very few tasks and only a hint of storyline and thus only two points. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Many, many enemies, but thanks to the ammo very easy. They look a bit better in this level. The objects are few but as in the other level not special. The secrets are okay. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: There is no good atmosphere with many boring rooms and simple architecture, but no blatant mistakes and one or two nice areas. Sounds and cameras aren't good too. Lighting & Textures: Solid textures, rather bland lighting." - Rambo (06-Sep-2015)

"Might seem a series of random levels but despite of their short duration and divergence each part is a subsequent episode of a quite flowing storyline. As in: I don't understand the Italian readme but I don't have to know the words in order to recognize particular themes of introducing exploration, getting an old artifact, researching it, what leads to a kind of time paradox, followed by punishing the evil corporation and concluded by a getaway explosion (nice AOD reference btw). Everything else in ths game is mediocre, but you can ignore the majority of pickups focusing just on the shotgun (you can run over the sases with a bike anyway) to reduce runtime by half, and the fun still stays no matter of how bad shooter you are. SUMMARY: Not as bad as the ratings may indicate. Some parts are quite boring but they can be skipped as soon as you figure out what they are about, and the whole thing should be attempted at least in search for signs of emerging talent. Recommended." - DJ Full (21-Aug-2015)

"Another early attempt by this builder and to be honest I was glad to get to the end of it. Dinosaurs plethora so be prepared. Oh well, there are other levels to play that are made by this builder. This is just another notch on my belt." - Gerty (07-May-2015)

"This one might have better been left in the dust bin. Three small levels (a fourth one acts merely as a springboard) that give you different looks. That's the main saving grace here. The middle house level plays like Jurassic Park; when you finally get outside and face the big boys, one of the two T- Rexes kept standing there trying to throw up, so I gave up on it and went on to the final base level. That's the most frustrating one of all, where you run all around the place trying to find switches that will allow you to progress. I was glad when it was all over, didn't even think to keep track of the time. At least the textures were professionally rendered, and the game didn't have the feel of a debut effort." - Phil (03-May-2015)

"Phil,it's all about the T-Rex' soft underbelly.Stand underneath it and fire upward.They go down with one shot! Other than that,I agree with your entire review.Although it begins well with a shark chase through an underwater pyramid,things deteriorate rather soon afterward.Level One is fine,as far as it goes - which is not nearly far enough.The House level irritates with its overly familiar interior and the nonsensical plethora of dinosaurs;while the final level is an irritating labyrinth,where (according to the Walkthrough) I didn't get to do half the things I was expected to,but successfully crossed the Finish Trigger anyway. It's really all about shooting,shooting and yet more shooting;and may even be unplayably buggy for some. (My PC refused to run it after a while,and I had to perform a complete System Restore - which the level unquestionably did NOT warrant). In the end,I can only say: 1) Be very cautious of playing a previously unreleased early level from an established builder;as it will almost certainly have been unreleased for a very good reason - and 2);from past experience,beware Custom Levels with surreal and elusive titles!" - Orbit Dream (03-May-2015)

"A blast from the past, as this is one of two old Level sets released by Greywolf that somehow never made it to the various level hosting sites before. And it has not aged particularly well. What you get here is early attempts at level building, which gets most of the basics quite right but then only adds a myriad of not really required pickups and many, many often rather out of place enemies to slaughter - like the entire army of dinosaur types in Lara's Home. It is all over fairly quickly though, so for those with a sense of nostalgia maybe worth a look back into the early days of this prolific builder." - MichaelP (03-May-2015)

"This one starts rather nicely with an underwater pyramid and a rather decent trap sequence, but afterwards there is simply not much more to enjoy here. The gameplay is restricted to find an absurd amount of ammo, kill dozens of enemies and use many, many levers, and there's not one entertaining task in the game after the initial gauntlet, maybe except of blowing up the sentryguns which is only for a secret and a short bike ride. The architecture is rather plain and not very inspired and in the Lara's home level there are many odd constructions outside, while the inside architecture is almost completely copied. Textures are rather decently applied but the lighting is often flat and there's not much creativity seen in the room design. There are three rather nice secrets to be found, but the rooms are very empty in terms of objects and the enemies are placed in plain shooter style. Overall not a quite fun game and not even showing much creativity either. Even with four levels, it took me less long than Lost Pyramid at 30 minutes." - manarch2 (01-May-2015)
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