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Author(s): Gabriel Croft
total rating:7.96 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Feder 7 8 8 9
Gorty 6 8 10 7
HaseebLeon 10 10 10 8
Jorge22 7 8 8 7
manarch2 5 7 8 7
Phil 8 8 8 9
category averages
(6 reviews)
7.17 8.17 8.67 7.83

Reviewer's comments

"A nice futuristic level, the idea is original and the levels are well designed. The atmosphere is well-accomplished, particularly with the soundtracks, the outside areas, the lights and the objects that give you the feeling of being immerse in a robotic and colorful future. Gameplay involves numerous pushables and keys to be found, it got a bit repetitive after a while but some tasks were fun. You start with no guns and a few guards to face before you find some firepower, which adds a nice challenge at the beginning. I didn’t understand the excessive amount of uzi clips, I know you don’t have the unlimited pistols but I think it was too much (I thought there was going to be a boss fight to spend all that ammo, but there wasn’t and I finished the level with over 1300). Overall, this 3-parted levelset is rather easy so I recommend it for all players." - Feder (14-Sep-2017)

"Good effort with a rather nice storyline and a lot of futuristic touches. The gameplay is not bad overall, I also liked the non-weapon part in the first level, but the setups repeat too often in this game making it feel fairly uninspired especially towards the end. Camera hints are mostly missing and there are also only few tasks where you stop and think before you pass them. I also think that there might've been some more variety in terms of enemies as the repetitive soldier-robot mix, and the amount of Uzi ammo to be found in this game is insane (I had more than 1400 rounds left at the end) and actually creates a dull peculiar flavour. Object design is decent and often quite fancy, secrets are missing sadly. The atmosphere is quite authentic at times with a few really nice areas in each level (the glimpses to outside areas in the first level are quite nice), but there are also some more simplistic areas and I really didn't like the choice of background audio which really got annoying after some time. There are also sound mistakes like missing and mixed up sounds on some occasions but nothing too serious. Texturing is clean and the lighting decent if a little bland, but the settings are fairly boxy so that's not so great actually; a bit too much eclectic texturing is also an issue. Anyway this level is okay, but rather stays in line of the builder's previous games and it's not too much an improvement. 45 minutes." - manarch2 (12-Sep-2017)

"I played this three-part futuristic raid while writing a walkthrough, so I probably spent more time at nearly two hours than I otherwise might have. But I had a fun time and can give this release a solid recommendation. The lighting is good throughout and I rarely felt the need to light a flare. You start the game with no accessories, which is a challenge in light of the fact that you have to get past a couple of weapon-wielding enemies before you get any of your own. But as the game wears on you accumulate scads of armament and accompanying ammunition, even after the last enemy has been vanquished. I'm not complaining, however, as having too much certainly beats having too little. Gameplay is on the easy side, so Neon should be accessible to players of all skill levels. We don't get very many sf-themed levels these days, so this was a refreshing change of pace." - Phil (12-Sep-2017)

"I never reviewed any level before this is the first level i am reviewing about.first futuristic atmosphere that was awesome specially music both were matching with each other.soundtrack of remember me add more charm.i wish level could have been more was short.and the costume was looking awesome of jill the entire scene.this is the first level i liked very much thanx for this" - HaseebLeon (11-Sep-2017)

"The level starts in a confusing manner. At the first try I pushed my way to a room with a dead end which happened because I pushed the first pushable forward/inside instead of outside the wall. After some running around I decided to start over …. This time I pushed the first block outside the wall and managed to find the correct way. I have to make good point about the outfit … reminds me of Nina from ˝death by degrees˝. The overall vibe/atmosphere is very good and refreshing. The first level had fair texturing ( not much to do wrong when texturing a futuristic inside area ), some nice background audio and terrible gameplay. There is an overall lack of camera hints after pushing switches. Even timed tasks give you no hint that they are timed. So if you pull a switch you basically never know if it’s timed or not. Another terrible Idea was placing several shooting guards while Lara had no weapons … and this part is not short and happens on several occasions. Also, the guards had water sounds while shooting making this so horrific annoying. The gameplay did include some nice tasks, but often too long monkey swing and some task even repeated in the same level. The second level seemed graphically somehow less attractive, but I still feel the atmosphere to be superb. Some parts strongly remind me of Westworld. The gameplay was similar with repeating tasks from the previous level ( long endless monkeyswings, too many pushables … ). The third levels still has great audio and atmosphere, but graphically doesn’t offer too much. The gameplay stayed faithful to the previous levels. I couldn’t bare another levels with pushing something out of the wall and listening to the bubble gun sounds. In the third level I didn’t get much the feeling of being in a city, more like a virtual reality game. The only thing that carries the feeling of a city is the low res horizon. In the end Lara finds the Star trek ship and can escape from the bubble soldiers. Overall, the game has an amazing atmosphere and audio which will be rewarded in the rating. The gameplay stays mostly on basic grounds with repetitive task and ideas through all 3 levels wrapped in some frustrating ( camera hints ) and buggy elements. Texturing was fair, lighting was somehow dynamic, but combined with the overall design and architecture felt just too flat, undetailed and not very advanced. The authors still makes too many beginners mistakes despite this being his 24th level so far. Ten years of level building and still learns too slowly, still in a rush. I’m still with the same opinion I had while reviewing the last level, the author need to put more time and effort in creating rooms, making them more complex. He claims the game is inspired by mirrors edge or Ghost in the shell, but why not make the city look more like a city with more buildings and complex environment ? Why stay in spectre of a boxy side street ? Unnecessary to make 3 levels, rather spent the time to make one complex levels instead of the 3 more simple and basic ones. The game is obviously poorly beta tested otherwise the bubble sounds and rope bugs would be fixed properly. Overall, thanks to the atmosphere created the game feels a bit refreshing, but otherwise doesn’t offer too much. Recommended for sci-fi lovers." - Gorty (10-Sep-2017)

"A soft-ish tomb raiding release in futuristic clothes. Generous on medipacks, overly generous on guns and ammunition, nobody can fault Gabriel on that. The general level of difficulty could be considered easy although developed so as not to make it boring. The settings are fine but one does get the impression some more work could have gone into the final product texture wise. I got the infamous rope bug at the disco and had to go a long way back to get there again plus I'm personally not a looping music fan as opposed to atmospheric music right on the spot. All in all, a good instalment fit for all." - Jorge22 (09-Sep-2017)
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