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The Experiment - Forgotten Cave (Demo) by Bojrkraider

Akcy 10 10 9 9
bERT 9 9 9 9
CC 10 9 9 8
Ekrixi 9 8 8 6
Gerty 8 10 10 9
Jose 8 9 8 9
Kristina 9 9 9 9
Loupar 9 8 8 7
manarch2 9 10 9 8
MichaelP 10 10 8 8
Navi 10 10 10 10
Obig 10 9 10 9
Phil 10 10 9 9
Ryan 10 10 9 9
Sash 5 9 8 9
Scottie 9 9 8 8
Tombaholic 9 10 9 8
Torry 10 10 10 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Yoav 9 9 9 9
release date: 22-Oct-2003
# of downloads: 138

average rating: 8.93
review count: 20
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file size: 20.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It's been just a month or so since I've played the complete version and yet, while some of the areas felt very familiar (such as the mushroom caves), some of the other areas felt quite unfinished, with caves (especially the underwater ones) being completely done with a single texture tile. Not sure if that was kept in the final, but it just felt a lot more bare in here. There's also a distinct lack of audio - I'm playing with files from my personal archives, so it's possible the one on the server is more complete in that regard - which rendered most of the levels silent, even the pistol sound effects seemed a bit rough. It's still quite a labyrinth to navigate and you'll be burning some cobwebs and chopping down wood tiles, plus the flippers too, so it might be in your best interest to follow the walkthrough... 90 minutes, 4 secrets. 05/22" - Treeble (29-May-2022)
"I had actually already played this level in a much more extended format in the full Experiment Part 2 section. However, this is such a wholesome level in its own right that I think it deserves its own individual review. Even after playing this a second time, it still managed to impress me the whole way through. Yes, the gameplay might stymie you in a couple of places and your next objective might seem a bit obscure, but the gameplay is otherwise so ingenious that I just couldn't deduct from it. The animations are still impressive (particularly the axes and the flippers) and the custom objects are astounding. The textures take a bit of getting used and are rather boggling to the eyes slightly, but the scenery is absolutely stunning overall. The mushroom field, in particular was masterful with its gorgeous looks and ingenious puzzle design. Definitely give this a go for a unique experience (either by itself or in the full game)." - Ryan (25-Feb-2019)
"I had actually played the full version of the game but since there were apparently barely any changes in comparison, I felt qualified to release this review. This level feels a bit strange at first as you have to get used to the builder's very unique atmosphere but when that is done I think this level is pretty enjoyable. The best thing about it are the various new objects and animations - just to name a few, the flippers, the axe usage which results in dropping off the large ball down the hall and the scene where Lara loses her flippers again are very fantastic even more so regarding this level is over 10 years old. I found the gameplay to be great fun, the builder has cared to never create a feeling of tedium and there's always something to do in this level. At times one can loose the orientation a bit because the areas look rather simile at times, and some tasks aren't quite obvious (the ladder/monkeyswing textures also could've been better marked), but I found everything to be extremely well put together and fun from start to finish. As said before - the looks are not quite matching the quality of the gameplay and new animations, there are several textures which could be better placed, the lighting is partially okay, partially a bit bland and sometimes the architecture felt a bit odd with some rocks having a strange shape. The whole fantasy-like appearance is well done though and the looks have a certain charm that lets me forget some of the shortcomings. I won't recommend this special level though because the full version which includes this part is even more satisfying than this one, and probably the better choice if you want to play those levels. Found four great secrets in 1:10 hours." - manarch2 (18-Jan-2014)
"It is a nice level, but many times I felt that something was missing. The textures and the lighting don't seem too nice in many rooms. I couldn't understand from where all these colours came from. Sometimes the gameplay maybe become a bit frustrating. Also, I can't understand why the author added the two first levels. They just ruin the last better level. It is enjoyable and it has some nice puzzles and items, but I found more drawbacks than good things. In addition, some textures which are used for monkey swing, don't seem that they can be used for that. I had good time playing it and I enjoyed some parts of these levels." - Ekrixi (22-May-2012)
"This author always surprising us with a lot of new features. There are many cool objects and effects making the level really difficult to play (where to use the axes?) but great puzzles too. I found climbable walls difficult to find, not well marked; transparent ropes to burn also difficult to spot; a moveable block difficult to figure out where to place it and another tricky tasks. Near the end I missed a lot a powerful weapon to deal with the giant spiders. Really a very original game which never let indifferent to the players." - Jose (23-Apr-2012)
"Before I play a level, I look to me now and again what the other Reviewer have written and which evaluation the level has got. Not possibly because I want to know before what I must make in the level exact. For it there is the Walkthrough. No, I would just like to know what others think about the level. And I must confess that I was completely helpless after about 20-minute playing time, why this level had got so good Reviews and such a high score. I had seen almost nothing what would have impressed me anyhow. The blue cave with the Rollingballs still looked quite good. But I have not liked the green cave at all. She did not look in such a way as if it had been built by an experienced level builder. Moreover, I never knew wether I was on the right way at the monkey swing, there lacked the unequivocal textures, so I have landed more than once in the deadly broth. Though the next cave with the many small spiders was brighter, however, it looked even more afterwards than a beginner would have tried this. And there I was already in consider whether I should continue to play generally. But the curiosity was stronger. And then bit by bit I have understood, why the other Reviewer were so enthusiastically about this level. Bojrkraider has used here so many fresh ideas which I had surprised more than once how is such a thing possible. Particularly I think there of the diving fins. Nevertheless, Lara could really dress diving fins. And only with these diving fins she had the chance to dive against the current and to reach another cave. These pull of the diver fins was animated quite fantastically and which one could dive with these things then also really against the stream where one had before no chance, was already very impressive. Really good implemented was the gigantic cave with the big ball thing which hung from the ceiling. This ball had to go under it. That one could light three stay rops with the torch, is still normal. But that Lara could work on two arm-thick retaining jigs with an ax, was again such an aha-experience. I have liked the cave with the mushrooms still best of all. This was a total of one well built up riddle. And the gigantic mushroom as a lift looked really amusing. I did not like a few things, however, at all. The sound sometimes had quirks what is valid above all for the pistols. The water surface did not look so nice. Was there at the time of where the level was built, nothing better? Furthermore there was a possible Dead-End. One could jump because with the torch in a hole. However, the exit from this hole lay so high which one was not able to jump out with the torch any more. The same one is valid on for the place where one was able to jump into the hole. If one has made this, before the big hanging ball has falling down, one had a problem, because there was only this one torch. To sum up, I must say, that Bojrkraider though had a lot of good ideas, but I don't think, that this an absolutely toplevel is. But this is only my quite personal opinion." - Scottie (08-Jul-2009)
"Very unique and imaginitive level, with cool new movements and objects, you have to see it to believe it! Lara chops down branches, puts on flippers to swim against the current. Blocking the water to get back up was an excellent idea, one of many that is. The fairytale area with the mushrooms was fantastic. Great work, Bojrkraider." - Akcy (06-Mar-2007)
"This is one of the most innovative levels I've played in a long time. Some of the scenery such as the spider den and the mushroom garden is absolutely phenomenal. There are also some new animations for Lara that I've never seen before where she whips out an axe and chops loose some thick roots and where she puts on some flippers to give herself an extra boost through some heavy currents. After that some flipper fetishist knocks her cold and slips them off her feet while she's dazed. Bats are disguised as fairy bubbles and mushrooms double as pushable blocks. A very enchanting level one not to be missed. Highly recommended." - Phil (16-Dec-2004)
"Starting in beautiful colourful caves. I loved that super fast flowing water. I was totally stumped when Lara fell through a wall and landed in a 'glass' bottomed cave and couldn't figure out how to get out for a while hint: shoot. Here I met hedgehog beetles very unusual. I had to do a lot of saving through these two levels especially here in this cave trying to follow a monkeyswing to a transparent door (same type as an eye of Horus door) it took a while to realise what it was. In the temple: unusual spiders this time they are poisonous but leave behind their useful bodies. I thought the idea in this cave very original. Some clever and frustrating ideas were the drops through fire the awkward jump to a breakable ledge the falling blocks that squash if you don't get out of the way the unusual 'glass/cobweb' doors the pushable block puzzle the torch - what to do with it? the block that 'plugs' the water and allows you to swim up using an axe to chop away a branch burning the cobweb ropes the fast ledge that comes out for a second to let you jump across a cave watching Lara putting on a huge pair of flippers at the waterside trying to figure out which lever to pull in three rooms and outswim the sharks (I thought these guys were so funny they looked like they were trying to eat a dead spider on their nose) getting over the high waterfalls the right way a unique mushroom puzzle to climb on push and shoot great retextured 'locusts' the giant spider fight (yeeeuuuuk) standing on a mushroom that grows up like a lift. BTW when you get the torch and reach where the keyholes and double doors are don't do what I did and throw the torch way down below thinking I was to use it down there rather leave the torch near the double doors before you go down. One thing I haven't seen before is Lara placing a gem she gets killed dies and voila she's alive again! There were some places to climb that were not obviously marked which was a pain. You are picking up golden proteus as secrets along the way and mushrooms and at the end a wheel. Now if that isn't a hint that there's more to come then I don't know what is. Excellent original level. Looking forward to what may come in future." - CC (02-Feb-2004)
"Okay the voice of NO reason is here and I have to agree but also disagree with the others. Yes this is a really intriguing level that has some wonderful new movements putting on flippers using an axe you also come across a really smart movable puzzle set in a fantastic field of giant mushrooms and let's not forget to mention the really brilliant spiders with huge abdomens and their gigantic parents near the end.....BUT.....for it seems like half of the time spent in these 3 levels mainly the last I had to keep referring to the walkthru to simply get me through now this was mainly because of these new moves I mean you get some axes but as I have never chopped anything in a level before I didn't know I could or what I could then there are these invisible ropes you have to burn to release a huge ball thingy but as they looked identical to rays of light I would never have suspected I could burn them. Further on you find a place to place a gem but as soon as you do something pops out of the wall and kills you now as a normal player does I simply hit the reload button straight away without waiting for it to load the saves screen and once again place the gem to then find instant death a second time now who was to know that in order to proceed you MUST die um I'm sorry but that is absolutely ludicrous and I would still be placing that gem trying to avoid death if not for the walkthru. There's even a movable block at one point that you have to move into an alcove that has a small empty room behind it and I think as most players will I pushed it from the outside in to see a water effect cascading down over it so off I went to see what this accomplished not finding anything I sought help and found that you should actually trap yourself into the empty small room to actually get the solution okay this one isn't such a biggie but maybe if there was no visual effect shown when doing it the wrong way I may have realised nothing had happened and looked for another solution but as something happened it can throw a player off. Okay it seems though I'm just griping but I feel if you have to consult a walkthrough as often as I did then it looses much of its thrill. I spent 95 minutes playing with 3 of the 4 secrets found and can tell you now that it is all worth it for the mushroom puzzle at the end." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)
"So this is what they call a 'demo' these days? Well don't let the title fool you - you're in for a good bit of raiding when you start this one. Now I'll get right to the point of what makes this level special: new toys. Of course there have been many great levels created using the TR objects that we're all familiar with but it's always fun to have some new toys to play with. Here the author has gone the full nine yards and created new animations for Lara to go with some of the new objects and they're alot of fun. These objects are not superfluous however - they're really central to gameplay and progression of the level. Much of the level centers around a Psiko-esque room with a giant egg-shaped object suspended in the middle. Well you know you'll have to do something with that 'thing' to progress with the game and that is in fact the aim (sound familiar Psiko fans?). Near the end you'll be treated to an enchanting mushroom field (you'll have to see it to understand) and a final battle royale with giant spiders. The only downside for me was the texturing and room modeling in some places which didn't quite live up to the ingenuity of the custom objects and enemies. The dark forest for example was not the least bit forest-like; it was just tall square columns textured with wood grain. It's not enough to detract from the overall fun of playing this demo and I highly recommend having a first-hand look." - Tombaholic (25-Dec-2003)
"What a wonderful departure from the norm this double level is. The environments traversed covered many spectrums of the raiding rainbow. From indoor settings to cavernous domains to the wonderful magic mushroom field. The puzzles were unique with new and interesting variations on the tired old themes. I especially liked the use of the carcasses of disposed enemies to trigger doors et al. The author has even managed to give Lara new animations that are used to chop down wooden supports with an axe or two as well as the whole 'flipper' sequence that allows you to negotiate otherwsie unpassable water currents. I must admit that whilst the animations were a little jerky full credit must be given here for the imagination and bravado to attempt these things. The level was dark in some places but not so dark that it precluded the player from accomplishing the tasks at hand. New enemies are to be found lurking on land and in water and the final battle with the two giant beasties at the end I took as being homage to that great fight from Tomb Raider 1. All this and over two hours of fun frolic and exploration in only a demo level. Wow. What will a all singing all dancing completed level be like? I think we are all awaiting that with baited breath. Great work Bojrkraider." - Torry (15-Dec-2003)
"In this demo Lara explores a very coloured cave she has to cut two beams to make a big rock fall and solve many puzzles. The game is full of new movements and objects and the caves are beautifully done. Only the lighting was in my opinion a bit annoying (I hate dark blue lights)." - Loupar (11-Dec-2003)
"This is a unique level in a number of ways. Built with a non-official editor it provides a few surprises some of which are very remarkable like the animations for the use of the axe and the flippers and the 'death and still continue' bit. I also thoroughly enjoyed the rather fast paced very diverse gameplay that never gets boring despite a few pushable objects puzzle that are maybe a bit tedious. Several new objects here four secrets (of which the two with the proteus were rather nice) a few traps in between colourful caves and more. The enemies are new as well with some funny beetles mutant sharks magic locusts and many many little spiders and a great boss fight near the end. There are a few things I found a little annoying such as a 'stuck situation' near the start some not very well textured climbable surfaces texturing that got a bit careless here and there but the mushroom area all made up for it with its great looks and clever puzzle design. The quick jump into the Temple level for a fight in a spider den is cool but my PC actually struggled to display all the enemies as there were so many. The torch puzzle was also nicely done and took a bit of thinking to solve and they way how you get the big central boulder to fall is very smartly conceived. So all in all many of those Wow moments in the about two hours of net gaming time here and definitely one not to be missed." - Michael (01-Dec-2003)
"This level is huge and beautiful. Having seen such ideas realized by the editor I truly became a slack-jawed raider. The first great idea is the transparent gate where I used the combined Broken Handle-t and To Sharp to Handle. The next level awaited with a squadron of mutant spiders coming in the way leaving back 5 pieces of Remain of a Spider I could not use anywhere. Lara also has taken home the two Golden Proteuses found in two Secrets. The collection became larger by 4 Mushrooms a Spider Guardian Key and a Little Wheel - or maybe they will come handy on the next level. She has also left the Flippers back when she went into another dimension.:) I have never seen coming over the tide by Flippers. Neither have I seen cutting the beam with an Axe. I have no idea how Bojrkraider managed to carry out such stuff. It's simply fantastic. He also managed to walk on land with the Flippers on - it made me fall off the chair. Enemies are of a great variety too: shiny scarabs mutant sharks spiders and at the end two giant spider moms. For a moment we can catch a glimpse of a Viking fighter - or have I seen God Odin himself for a moment ? :) What a finished version may look like if this level is called 'demo'? There are no added sounds but textures are fab. Mushrooms on the plains are beautiful too. This level is a must to play. With a little assistance though I managed to find all 4 Secrets. The one in the water demanded me to sacrifice one of my medipacks for lacking a breath of air. Find the complete walkthrough with pictures and savegames here: " - Obig (01-Dec-2003)
"Very original two level game with creepy (spiders) and joyful (mushrooms) characteristics of a fairy tale. And if you're into downright weird stuff like killing spiders and pushing them into a hole as a key you got it it's there. Gameplay wise there's some block puzzling to do bypassing fires shimmying in (not too) dark spaces and a memorable sequence wherein you have to find a way to release a gigantic (spider?)ball. There's a very original 'waterelevator' in that same sequence too. After that you seem to be stuck because hey how are you supposed to fight that enervating water current but if you look good you may find the necessary 'foot thingies': much fun that was. As were the retextured big fishes they looked like they came out of a cartoon. The last part of these levels reminded me of the Red ridinghood level very beautiful fairytale settings with mushrooms and a bit of puzzler at first even with instructions from a friendly dwarf. On the downside there is only one sequence where you can get stuck that is if you carry the torch all the way down. But that's just a minor flaw taking into consideration how refreshing these levels are. Hope the third level the author is working on is every bit as original as this one. A must play level." - bERT (24-Nov-2003)
"This is a demo or so the author claims. The readme offered a lots of instruction how to built part of it yourself. I think that in this day and age that experience builders shouldn't do that. Also because of the vast numbers of Mac player who certainly can't use any of the software that is out there. So I was glad that Michael uploaded it complete. It is a stunning level with some small bugs as the author explains although the block puzzle I only needed to push four of them to get to that lever. One question I have what is it with the disappearing of the re-textured crowbar (Golden Proteus)? Do we need it later on if so we are in trouble. Also if this indeed a demo do we need to save the saved game and can we indeed use it later as that is one thing I hate (keeping saved games or playing a level all over). For the rest the author made a beautiful and dazzling two level game but the gameplay came to a grinding halt almost around every corner for me. There are new items one has to use like a chain saw axes and even flippers. When she took them off I had to laugh so hard as that was indeed a funny animation. Lara ventured into an enormous cave finding all kinds of artifacts. The re-textured beetles and spiders and later even the locusts were indeed very well done. That torch threw me off big time as I took it all the way down to the bottom and then couldn't get it up that is a big NO NO in my book. The mushroom room was also another beautiful setting and a new puzzle to solve. All in all top marks apart that I had really difficulties with the jump from that green ball and playing it for a second time also with that drop with the burners and that after playing more than 800 levels. Found 4 secrets 15-11-2003 " - Gerty (20-Nov-2003)
"Congratulations to the builder for having such an idea and turning it into reality - fantastic! A pity that this was only a Demo - I am very much looking forward to the full game. It started a bit slow but soon I was in awe :) Lara starts out in Caves and ends in Wonderland :) To the levels themselves (and I will keep it short to not write a whole novel). Puzzles are diverse and well designed: torch puzzle keys and a gem to find. Then a few movable object puzzles - not too hard unless you are blind or just don't get it. There are also new objects (axe) which I found very impressive. Enemies were several and sometimes quite tough (spiders). Graphics are great and sound as well. Textures were not applied so well at the start but it improved later on. Make sure you always keep your eyes open. Very funny are the flippers Lara gets to wear. At the end there are two big spiders to fight and there is a trick to beat them (watch for the little spider losing a key). The player is in for something really unique so many new things to discover. I can only recommend it - something different and a matter of taste but you have to have played this one." - Navi (18-Nov-2003)
"Just because this is a demo of two out of three levels that will be released doesn't mean it's not fun like other demos. On the contrary you can see some new objects and new small spiders nice colourful caves and explore the areas freely. I was amazed by the new ideas the author has and objects like the flippers with Lara actually making an animation to wear them it was awesome. I liked very much finding new objects like a golden one looking like a crowbar mushrooms and there was something to get in almost every area plus the new ropes we need to burn. The mushroom areas were excellent I was stunned and I believe it's one of the best rooms ever created in custom levels. The moving blocks puzzle and getting all the way down to get a gem which will help you light the torch is one of the tasks we need to compete. The way you will be going back up was even better although accomplished with one move. I admire the author's work because in every one of his levels tries new things and inserts custom objects and new puzzles with absolute success. I am looking forward to play the full version of this game. Don't miss this demo it's unique." - Kristina (14-Nov-2003)
"What a great level with lot of good puzzles I loved the puzzle with the axa and the Puzzle with the mushroom don't also in the first time you use with filppers to swim....don't miss this excellent level." - Yoav (13-Nov-2003)