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Forgotten Graves by Emoo

Akcy 5 5 7 6
alan 6 6 6 6
Dimpfelmoser 5 5 6 6
Engelchen Lara 6 6 7 6
eRIC 8 8 8 7
Gerty 6 7 7 6
Jay 5 6 7 7
Jose 3 7 5 6
Kristina 7 8 8 8
Mehrbod 7 6 6 7
MichaelP 7 7 7 6
Momster 7 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 3 6 5 5
Phil 7 8 7 8
RaiderGirl 7 7 7 7
Ryan 5 5 7 7
Sash 7 8 8 8
Scottie 5 5 6 6
Torry 7 6 8 8
Treeble 7 7 7 9
Yonatan 7 8 8 8
release date: 15-Feb-2001
# of downloads: 150

average rating: 6.56
review count: 21
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file size: 17.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"An incredibly entertaining adventure! I must say that this was way better than a normal tutorial WAD game! The builder had put all of his effort in putting some nice puzzles, mazes and deadly enemies and traps together to stimulate reviewers to give a fair rating to this enjoyable adventure. I recommend everyone playing it if you like to find your way out through a maze! Thanks a lot!" - Mehrbod (08-Jul-2019)
"I found annoying that there are very few cameras that show what doors opened, and that those doors are very far from where Lara is standing, which means there is a lot of backtracking. There are also many dart traps that with only touching them they'll kill you. Textures are OK, as well as lighting. I found 4 secrets in this rather tedious level." - alan (23-Oct-2017)
"There are some truly infuriating sections to this early level. The onerous, time-consuming backtracking, dark mazes filled with mummies and scorpions, the long pole climbs, annoying poison darts... (even some situated underwater!). It's not bad to look at in an Egyptian sort of way, but this was not fun for me. Try out one of Emoo's later levels, they're much better." - Ryan (10-Jul-2017)
"Forgotten Graves 5/6/7/7 There's a bit too much backtracking in this level that slows the action down somewhat. Otherwise, it's quite lively and avoiding some of the dart emitters (especially the underwater ones) does provide more of a challenge than is generally found in a level of this age. It's pretty dark in some areas too, so flare pickups are especially welcome. Enemies are ninjas, scorpions and masses of mummies (thank you for the explosive ammo to provide respite from all that ghastly tubercular coughing). Not bad, but nothing special either in looks or gameplay." - Jay (28-May-2015)
"The word excessive is very appropriate for this level I didn't like: excessive climbing poles, excessive dart traps and excessive backtracking. The gameplay has a bad design with no puzzles: go to an area to pull a switch to open a door in another distant area, take a long way back there to pull another switch to open a door in the area you came from, take a long way back there to pull another switch to open a door in the previous area... And so on. The secrets are easy to find and they will give you some extra weapons and ammo; enemies are well balanced. Only a couple of times I saw a camera shot when pulling a lever to know where the distant door was, but another times you must figure out where to go or explore previous areas to find what you've done with the lever. Texturization is not bad, but not well applied in many places. If you like levels with lots of backtracking you will like this one." - Jose (30-Apr-2015)
"Although time has not been kind to this level as far as textures and objects are concerned,it is Gameplay which really lets this one down (and that is a category which should be pretty much timeless). There is so much tedious back-tracking to be performed,combined with the horrible concept of deadly darts in underwater tunnels and huge long pole climbs,that I had no pleasure anywhere here. Texturisation is standard and a little scrappy,while enemies are thrown in copiously without ever being particularly inspired;you even get shot while underwater,which is highly irritating. Not much fun at all,but solid enough for the time it was built." - Orbit Dream (17-May-2009)
"Lara is somewhere in Egypt and has found a forgotten grave. One need the hands of the Sirius and Osiris to open doors nearby, the same one is valid for ground textures in a maze. Nevertheless, the levers open basically doors at the other end of the level. Camera tips are here goods in short supply. The sound for the Baddies is non-existent. This is always especially great, when the life energy goes down and one has no idea, from where Lara gets fired. The poisoned arrows, which came out of the walls, are very nerved. And there are several places. The level itself is well built and textured. The lighting conditions are also good, but I had no fun with this level." - Scottie (20-Apr-2009)
"The author's first level, as such it's just slightly more than experiencing with the editor. The areas differ, in look as well as in atmosphere, the textures of the individual rooms aren't too diverse though. There are some beginner's errors, unutilized enough large areas, lot of pointless backtracking, and some more cameras would have been helpful about doors opening at the far end of the level. The level is fairly small though, so finding the right door wasn't really tedious. I don't know if it was intended or just a bug, but the arrow splitters were operating in a rapid fire mode, at least raised difficulty, since the only somewhat difficult part beside that was exploring the dark labyrinth while mummies roaming around, I liked it. Although there were no added sounds, those already existing were used skillfully, also the fixed cameras, they were spectacular, and not for the expanse of playability. Things will get better." - Akcy (27-Mar-2007)
"Now that I've completed my voluntary servitude with TRA TR Gold and FOTC I've decided to resume my walkthrough writing with Emoo's earliest levels. I was rather surprised at the brevity of this one as it seemed I had barely started by the time I entered the oasis room and splashed into the pool. (That WAS the exit trigger wasn't it?) Aside from the tedium of having to go back and forth between previously explored areas it was a rather pleasant diversion from some of the more difficult levels I've played recently. No hidden spike traps no timed runs no tricky jumps. Lots of mummies but plenty of artillery to deal with them. Not a classic by a long shot but certainly worth playing." - Phil (27-Sep-2004)
"A darkish level with much greenery outside. It looks like we are close to a tomb since the Egyptian elements are present and with enemies like mummies ninjas and scorpions it couldn't be anything else. The puzzles are not many if any you need a hand and the rest is navigating through a maze and open doors by stepping on trigger tiles an underwater passage with irritating darts very deadly jumps on slopes and a second maze. All of the above are nicely done with one complaint about a camera missing so someone might be searching forever what a lever did when in fact it opened the remaining door in the maze. I knew that because it is the second time I am playing it but I remember how frustrating it was the first time around. The level ends with Lara jumping inside a pool in the outside with four secrets found." - Kristina (09-Sep-2003)
"I believe this is the first work of Emoo and playing it you realize that Emoo makes the most common thing the tut1 atmosphere look superb! But as usual it's not only the appearance - gameplay is present as well with some searches for levers a couple of small mazes and secrets (I found 5). The level map itself is not big it's quite short and I must say I hated the sloped jump with the dart emitters - I kept dying! If you like Emoo's later levels (who doesn't?) you might enjoy this one." - Treeble (19-May-2003)
"Well apart from the textures not too bad. Puzzles are simply pulling levers and mazes in rather dark rooms. Some diving and jumping - the usual stuff. Kind of fun but lost a lot of energy on the way ;-( I found 5 secrets :-) Enemies were baddies and mummies. I am sure the next level will be better ;-)" - Engelchen Lara (20-Jan-2003)
"This forty minute level actually takes place in a small area (Egyptian style) but with a little backtracking required and probably some reloading with all the poison darts it seems to be bigger. There are some dark caves to explore with some mummies roaming around otherwise the only other enemies are a few ninjas and small scorpions. Gameplay consists mainly of opening doors and finding switches but the jumps with all the darts is lots of fun. The only thing I didn't like is that it seemed like the author made us do things like the pole climb and dart swim a few too many times in order to make the level last longer." - RaiderGirl (29-Dec-2002)
"The first time I played this I thought I had encountered a bug when I pushed the lever in the little outside maze near the end and the double doors opposite the entrance to the maze wouldn't open. I was simply too scared of the poisonous darts to go back into the water again and investigate back. This time I noticed that there was a closed gate in the other maze so I was able to finish. It's basically your common tutorial quicky with many labyrinths and one paperthin wall only here you have to backtrack a lot so the net gaming time is dragged out over 35 minutes. There is one pole climb you have to do no less than five times. While the darts provide some excitement in the room with the jump sequence and the monkey swing in the narrow water tunnel they are just downright annoying and result in countless reloading. But still as this is the is Emoo's Tutorial debut it's quite interesting and you already get an idea what a devious mind he has." - Dimpfelmoser (26-Nov-2002)
"A pretty standard level of around 30 minutes which is infested by mummies. Emoo really should have this seen to lol. The underwater poison darts were a nightmare so watch out for those. On those long sliding/shimmying poles that Lara uses I never noticed that her bOObs wrap around the pole before. Thanks for the close up view Emoo. You get extra points for that. The level is worth playing just for the view folks *grin*." - Torry (01-Oct-2002)
"Although in the end I had to say 'I had fun' this is not such an easy level. There is a tedious climbing of poles the same ones and no indentation at all what opened where but the level itself is not that big. The use of cameras won't make it easier. You encounter ninjas mummies and scorpions. You'll find the fire power to deal with that. The maze is dark and not that many flares and there are tile triggers throughout the level. Finding the Hand gives you a secret. The jumping with the deadly darts is the best thing in this level and swimming with those darts is lethal. 24-09-2002" - Gerty (27-Sep-2002)
"This is a beautiful level with splashes of luscious organic textures throughout deviously tricky 4th person camera angles that make accomplishing some moves just that much harder a great use of flip maps inside a dimly lit maze full of mummies secrets and the most unforgiving use of poison darts that I have ever come across. All these things come together to make this a really fun 45 minute level just a hint though try and find one of the secrets as soon as you can because it will make life quite a bit easier." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"An enjoyable 40 minutes level in a pretty standard Egyptian environment with quite a bit of exploring backward and forward the usual mummies scorpions and white ninjas and unfortunately quite a few very dark areas and limited flare pickups throughout. I found three secrets but the most remarkable piece of this level is indeed the placement and usage of poison darts which for the first time ever really got Lara killed a couple of times. Worth checking out." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"The worst of Emoo's levels I expected much more from him. The level is very good but cannot be compared to his other levels. The texturing is ok not anything special. The level is dark in some places and creepy. There is an annoying darts move I disliked a lot. Put aside those there are the usual mummies which are pretty useless and dumb. Much thought given into secret rooms (the one you open with the Sirius star thingy). If you want a good Emoo level you should try All Hallows 2 although this level is worth a try too." - Yonatan (21-Jun-2002)
"It is pretty hard to create a beautiful level by using the textures from the tutorial. Obviously Emoo has not created this level for superficial admiration as it happens sometimes for some boring and difficult Top levels but to have fun. Good gameplay enjoyable series of jumps with poison darts (not too much difficult) swimming with poison darts (more difficult) a good ambush with ninjas 2 funny caves full of mummies (you will have to come back later to one of them) 5 secrets to find no hard puzzles to solve (some trigger tiles and levers); fun level of one hour for me. The less difficult level I've played from this author." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"After making it through this level which took me 50 minutes Lara is suffering from night blindness from all the dark mazes is in rehab due to the amount of poison she has endured and has thighs to rival those of Arnold Schwarzenegger from an inordinate amount of climbing poles not to mention some unsightly 'pole'-burns in the delicate inner thighs. That's about all I have to say about this relatively short level which has an extreme amount of backtracking. You must play it if only to see how many tries it takes you to get through the poison block jump and monkeyswing not to mention the poison swims." - Momster (21-Jun-2002)