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The Lion sleeps Tonight by Trix

billie2001 9 10 10 10
CC 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 8 10 10 10
Engelchen Lara 9 10 10 10
eRIC 8 10 10 10
eTux 9 9 10 9
Gerty 8 10 10 8
Gill 10 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jenni 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 8 8 9
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Loupar 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 8 10 10 10
Moonliteshadow 8 9 9 10
Petaludas 10 10 10 8
Phil 9 9 10 9
Ruben 8 8 8 8
Ryan 9 10 10 10
Samu 10 10 10 10
Sash 9 10 10 10
Scottie 10 10 10 10
Torry 10 10 8 10
Treeble 9 10 10 10
Xxenofex 10 10 10 10
release date: 15-Nov-2004
# of downloads: 182

average rating: 9.47
review count: 26
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file size: 69.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Hello fellow corona-raiders again!I admit that this trle is for sure very challenging ,only for experienced players but not so frustrating as Tara's Vikings and she.. The atmosphere is what a jungle level requires..monkeys , gorrilaz, monkeys , lions , canyons, papayas ,jumping and climbing trees..there were times that i didnt knew which route i should take but its logical to get lost in a jungle! I played both routes of gameplay and the bonus level! I was very amazed in terms of gameplay of pushing a block into the water so u can raise the water level, camouflaged lever and clutchy jumps and animal attacking all in once. The secret from the pond area was so beautiful also but it was so hard getting up again.. The bonus level ,dino level was so exceptional although it was very hard the aquarium and pterodactyl area but the general gameplay was fantastic" - Petaludas (12-Jan-2022)
"This custom level, after 17 years, still remains top class. By far the best jungle level I've played. Hard exploration (by no means player friendly), enemies that fit the environment and sometimes come in bunches, tight (but not to the extreme) timed runs, immersive atmosphere supported by the excellent background jungle noises and music choices, and all this with the unique Trix's style. Lighting is more than perfect, texturing not flawless but still the overall impression is more than great. There are two separate paths that you can follow, not at the same game though. After you finish one path you must start a new game to follow the other path and there is a bonus level in the Dino World, a great environment with a much easier exploration but equally engaging gameplay. Highly recommended to more experienced raiders." - billie2001 (18-Sep-2021)
"Can you imagine receiving a masterpiece such as this as birthday gift? We're so fortunate Trix has decided to share it with the rest of the world, and she's definitely right by stating things are a little more challenging than usual. For starters, you are stripped off your compass (and it makes perfect sense given the context), and that in itself made navigating this jungle a lot more complicated than you'd expect. By slotting an hour here and another one there during my spare time, I managed to reach the end in three days, but only thanks to Dutchy's walkthroug, otherwise there are so many places I doubt I'd have figured out myself. The way the levels are offered is also somewhat novel, as you get two entirely different paths of a supposedly single level, but they have very little in common, so it's in your best interest to experience the whole thing in order to see all the nice little details and custom objects (the swinging monkeys lol) to appreciate this to its fullest extent. This might be one of the few (if not only) instances where the title flyby actually ties straight into the level, with Lara desperately trying to level her plane but to no avail as the very first thing you see in game is the crash — and brilliantly done just with clever camera work. The only reason this isn't a perfect 10 for me is that, like I said, navigating this was very confusing, sometimes a bit irritating even due to the very irregular/organic floor geometry, and it's so easy to get lost. Even the Dino World level, which is a manmade complex is quite a maze and there's a lot of going back and forth. Still don't miss out, the jungle atmosphere alone, combined with all the little details and audio tracks, makes this quite a thrill. 2h10min, 2 secrets. 07/21" - Treeble (01-Aug-2021)
"Although I am a big fan of Trix and as always there is a huge amount of exploring to do in these double jungle levels, this time I just couldn’t get into the groove. It has more to do with all those small rooms with crawlspaces where you could stand for a second and then had to crawl again, stand up and crawl, or swim into small tunnels and then I got stuck (again and again) and had to reload. I did love however the so-called Bonus level. But for an “oldie” this does have a certain appeal to roam around in the jungle. Oh well, I am glad that I finished it and I still am a big fan of this builder." - Gerty (17-Sep-2017)
"Trix has created a wonderful two level set (with bonus level) for us here. Beautifully crafted jungle areas filled with trees, wildlife, cascading waterfalls, deadly rivers and the remains of Lara's crashed airplane. Gameplay is spiced up with jumping, timed runs and finding the way out of each area. The bonus level, Dino World, is surely a stroke of genius and has to be believed. I have downrated the gameplay category slightly because the difficulty level may be a bit much for less experienced raiders. However, still very well done." - Ryan (18-Aug-2016)
"Incredible the habilities of this author to build natural environments; the scenery are really fantastic, with a very good look and next to reality. Chapeau in that sense. About the enemies, I found too many enemies in certain areas and no enemies in another areas so sometimes there are big battles and the player has to deal with lots of animals only with the pistols. Also I don't understand how the levels are not connected and the player has to repeat again the first tasks. The gameplay was hard for me, no lineal, I had to re-explore the same areas a lot of times and go back to the same places; evenmore there are often tricky movements touching the limits of Lara's habilities even hard for expert players. For all those who like huge doses of exploration this will be a very good adventure." - Jose (21-Nov-2013)
"Some builders create worlds in where whatever You face, it's all pretty. This particular level is one of them. No matter what direction You turn, everything You see deserves a screenshot. How does she do it? It's all jaw- and coconut- dropping, leaf-waving, wild-fighting and papaya-healing. Apart from including an epic boss fight Stanley Kubrick and Richard Strauss would be both proud of (now You are probably SURE which music theme I mean that is used here), battles requires "multiple attention" - as the author designs danger with care, for it to attack us from land, air and water in the same time. Look out, a wasp! Warning, there's a baboon! And watch out for the termits! Behind You! Try to survive it without medikits or scratch... You will require speed of lion, hostility of mosquito and agility of submerged crocodile. I can't remember any other scene saying more efficiently that You need to be careful in the jungle. This is why when I saw a crowbar door, I wondered what jungle-like looking crowbar I should expect to look for... a branch? A sharp leaf? In the end, it appeared the crowbar is a standard one - but a way to obtain it is... whoah! More than competing for it. I can only say if Titak is really going to make that spider cave in her Mists of Avalon set, she will have to stretch her talent and patience till it bends space and time grid, as the cave presented in Trix's already existing level definitely beats everything I've seen so far. Later on, the climate occurs. I knew Trix is a very realistic-building author, so I should expect anything... like palm climbing and root switches... but when I realized the pendulum trap is made of swinging monkeys, I couldn't say anything else but "O MY GOD". And I unintendedly said it both in English and Polish. Finally, the collapsing shelf deserves an applause as thunderous as those falling stones, and the whole bonus level is filled with funny comments along with dangerous agility fights. All the time of play, every single remarkable scene is accompanied with epic music - apart from mentioned Strauss, there are some excerpts of film scores: I recognized Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator), Trevor Jones (The Last of the Mohicans) and John Williams (Jaws - a perfect one for aquarium filled with sharks). The only flaw of the game is it's not betatested enough in accessibility/inaccessibility/priority field. I mean: Trix knows where Lara is/isn't supposed to go. I do not. This one reason is common for two issues. 1. I had to run randomly around every single place, not being sure if I am into a secret, or a way leading to a point with no return. 2. I finished the puzzle path of the main level twice as fast as intended - because there are two shortcuts (You can make Lara's way to the hospital without using the laser sight at all, as Trix removed the shotgun, but she forgot lara can jump upwards and shoot from the distant shelf; a sandy slope leading upwards from the river is accessible, the one in a place right before the zipline), anyway I lost five hours in the bonus level, where I was supposed to use the laser sight I had irreversibly skipped, what resulted in total confusion and replaying 1/3 of the game after I finally realized I am doomed. I can't give 9 for graphics, no matter how hard I would like to point out minor cracks, stretched or missing textures - because despite of them, it's all still prettier than many flawless games. You enter the jungle and You remain to the very end - even if You take a break or finish the game, You remain impressed by those forests filled with sound and danger. The bonus level blows this atmosphere into pieces, but it brings an alternative one, and well-competing with the previous. Shame the ending is so sudden. It could be put more in such large space, so You might have a slight feeling of unfinishment in the end. SUMMARY: Where is Trix? I heard she helped CMS build Jerusalem. It means wherever she is, it's not as far as it seems to be. It's good to know she is still watching us and shares her experience. For all those who couldn't have met her, this level is the best resource to know a part of one of the most atmospheric adventures of the whole trle history. I say "adventure" thinking about the author, not the level. She's neither made of classic raiding, nor modern. She's neither an ancestor, nor a disciple. She has her own everything. Some people say about BAD levels that "if You played one, You played all". But somehow, this relates to atmosphere in case of Trix - and I don't think it's bad. I think it's awesome. Kept so high realism level for all these games of hers I have played, and for all this time spent on building, which must have involved INCREDIBLE amount of patience - she is incomparable to anyone... to anything. But not only that. Of what Trix has created in few years of her short, but anyway very creative career, all games share the same "trixy climate" - a whole different kind of atmosphere, always having something comfy in it, and so truly deserving a separate term. I don't know if the two secrets were marked or not. It doesn't matter - as one day, I will surely replay this game - not in order to finish what I once did not, but just for fun. Because the game is a boredom annihilator, even though containing some major gameplay flaws. Strictly recommended." - DJ Full (24-Sep-2011)
"Now I have also ventured on this level and I am completely thrilled. What Trix has built here, is simply top class.
I have chosen as the first the route which passes the waterfalls and the spiders. Heavy and exactly timed jumps and a quite scanty time run make this route to a big enjoyment. I love it if it is about such jumps which are seemingly not doable. And the monkey swing was a real highlight. Then the other route went over hedge and ditch, over and through the mountains, into the canyon and through the swamp.
All together I must already say that it was good that I have played this level only now, because when I had started in 2005 with the level play, this level would have beenunambiguously a lot too difficult . Now with a little bit more experience this is no more so big problem and it makes tons of fun.
Result: Who stands on level with a higher degree of difficulty, should play this here absolutely" - Scottie (26-Apr-2011)
"No doubt this is a great adventure , and a challenging one. There are few places where many reloads are needed before you get it right, like when you are forced to dive in the waterfall and has to struggle against the current. It is a matter of patience to pass those most tricky parts ; there is also quite enjoyable moments , mainly exploration of these gorgeous and convincing jungles , with a perfect atmosphere and suitable audio tracks. Great objects , sometimes funny , and enemies too to suit the game. The bonus level is more about solving a few puzzles than to find the right path. I just hated one thing : to have to quit the game when Lara was attacked by the little dinos, the medipacks were quite ineffective against their bait and even the lines in the menu became all messed up :] A great adventure that must please experienced raiders , but would have gained a lot to be a bit more user-friendly." - eRIC (06-Dec-2008)
"The Lion sleeps Tonight , Let him sleep and don`t wake him up to stumble through an adventure that has its goodies but most of the time you will be staggering, slipping and sliding through badly rendered floor textures.Bouncing against walls too many times trying to overcome some rather weird challenges has not left me with a feeling that I would not really want to go through this again. The overall scope and idea behind this game is certainly very impressive , but ,alas, somehow I cannot agree to many of my fellow reviewers ratings as I have encountered too many nuisances in this game. I don`t want to be a spoiler and so I have waited to see the game beeing transported into the Hall of Fame before reviewing in order not to steer away any player from downloading this TRLE issue and decide for yourselves whether you like it or not. I do , however , see a big effort and a lot of time spent by the builder Trix in creating a very good game ." - Ruben (05-Jan-2008)
"Absolutely brilliant opening flyby, of the struggling plane dropping supply crates into the jungle, in an effort not to crash. But it does, into the swamps, and so starts Lara's adventure to get out of the plane wreck and find her way through the jungle. This won't be easy as her compass is smashed. To sustain her she picks Papaya fruit from some trees, while avoiding the coconuts and monkeys falling from other trees, lol. Trix has created one of the most convincing jungle environments I've ever seen, with a great sense of being there, listening to the sound of distant birds, as you travel through the thick growth. When I think about it, the map was probably not that big, but it's so well laid out that you certainly feel like you've trekked through the jungle for miles, climbed numerous rock faces, through countless tree branches, jumped across rivers, streams, waterfalls, and dealt with so many wild animals that by the time she reaches the jungle hospital she can finally take a breather. Creatures she will encounter include lions, gorillas, spiders, scorpions, termites, crocodiles, mosquitos, warthogs, eagles and a memorable TR moment watching the monkeys swinging in the trees. Lara has to find a map on a previous unfortunate traveller's remains to help her cross a lily pond, and a crowbar that's used in a unique way. She also comes across the dumped crates containing some needed equipment. There's an excellently disguised lever, chain and tree to climb. Here too is a block that can be stood on, but only if you hop on it. And a brilliant timed run that took several attempts. The hardest part of this timed run was just after Lara climbs up into the upper water cave. I wasn't fast enough crawling and wading through the water. I managed it in the end by not crawling, but standing as soon as possible and trying to do two running jumps so Lara will land just outside the cave, then start wading towards the shore. There's a lovely idea here of re-routing the flow of a waterfall to flood a cave. From the crash site we can travel in two different directions, with the crawl through to the top of the waterfall being the one that leads to the bonus level. Or more precisely, Lara travels this western route, locates the hospital, finds the birthday present which contains a pass to Dino World. I'd seriously recommend the walkthrough so the player can experience every exciting moment. This bonus level (Dino World) was my favourite part. I spent a long time just looking around at the details of these dinosaur enclosures and people areas, including dino eggs in bushes, the signposts, rubbish bins, the meat to feed the raptors, and the amazing looking cages. The Aviary, the Aquarium, and the coral that leads to the triceratops are brilliant. Other dinos are compis, lizards, pteranadons, prehistoric crocs, hammerhead sharks, and the famous TRex. The baby triceratops helps us open a door, but afterwards becomes a nuisance, so I had to bring it back to it's pen and lock the gate again. It can't be killed, but even if it was possible I couldn't bring myself to do it. The care and attention to detail really shows in this personal gift created by Trix for her friend, and I'd like to thank them for allowing us to play this level. A very enjoyable raid, but I definitely would recommend the walkthrough, as the player will have great difficulty finding certain things, like an impossible to see hole in one rock wall, or even what they should do after pushing a lever and the ground collapses underneath Lara. Then there's that angled jump from a rock slope, finding the climbable 'walls', the tree to climb and backflip off, the higher route over the lily pond, or just simply to know which direction to travel. The confusion, illegal slopes, and a few other glitches like Lara sprouting another head at one stage means a lower score, but the whole thing really deserves top marks. The music was brilliant and appropriate. Highly recommended level." - CC (22-Mar-2006)
"If I were rating this release solely for the bonus level, Dino World, it would be a 4-10 hands down. Jungle levels are not my favorite, but all was made completely worthwhile when I reached the piece de resistance and started working my way through what by rights should have been presented as the Jurassic Park level in Lara at the Movies. The two jungle levels were noteworthy in their own right, albeit a mite too difficult for my taste, but I had a grand and glorious time in the reptile zoo. The retextured bull became a Triceratops, and the harpies in the aviary were transformed into a Pteranodon trio. Throw in a T-Rex for good measure and a few raptors and those small critters whose name I can't spell, not to forget the sea-swelling creatures, and you have a fine mix. Long after the monkeys and the ubiquitous vines (that seemed to mess up your visibility in the worst possible spots) have faded from my memory, I'll fondly remember my sweaty-palmed exploration of Dino World." - Phil (26-May-2005)
"The graphics in this level are beautiful and the sound effects great. Plenty of jungle, enemies and difficult jumps. The fact that monkeys killed by mistake didn't disappear was a bit mean - left me feeling very bad! I enjoyed the bonus level and really loved the almost tame 'rhino dino'. I did find some of the camera shots a bit frustrating and there were a few frustrating moments when Lara got stuck in the rocks. Great level." - Moonliteshadow (16-May-2005)
"What a fantastic mini adventure! Gameplay ensures that this level will be played more than once as there are two possible routes to play this game (with different destinations) and one route has a dinosaur bonus level should you find the secrets, which ensures that the player will hunt high and low for them. One route is easier than the other, but to ensure the player doesn't quit when playing the harder route (and will play both routes), Trix was thoughtful enough to include the Dino World bonus level as an incentive to complete it. The nice touches such as papaya in place of small medipacks; the monkeys swinging on vines; goodies found in crates which were pushed out in the opening sequence (and more realistic than to finding items haphazardly around the place) were fantastic, not to mention the opening screen with the theme tune and the plane flying overhead! The gorillas were super and the cutscene of them arriving had a very 'uh oh!' feel to it. The lions were superb too, though I did expect them to have more importance to the level and gameplay considering the title of the level. Dino World was excellent fun and great atmosphere which was so reminescent of Jurassic Park it was eerie - especially the set up with the huge walls and the thunder and lightning which had a 'warning' feel to it....and then the lightning took the power out and you knew you were in trouble! Superb! I loved it! The baby triceratops was an excellent idea and very innovative, it's a pity you couldn't use the T-Rex for something similar..... Loved the aquarium and the aviary too! Top stuff Trix, with clearly a lot of work and effort put in to it - thank you!" - Jenni (13-Mar-2005)
"Another enjoyable offering of Trix, this time in a jungle setting and very interestingly set up too - you can reach the ending in 2 ways - both of which I recommend to play through - and each offers its own set of challenges. For me the challenges themselves were always at an acceptable level of difficulty, the confusion at times was the thing halting the progress. Western route (40 min. 1 secret) - as most, I started with this one - the central area is a gorge around which you explore the lakes, swamps and caves surrounding it. Overall a beautiful, inventive and eventful experience, worth having spent every minute here. My only gripe is that at times things could've been more obvious - for example the crack after swinging up in the tree, and the lever which cause quite an effect after its activation. I ran around in those 2 cases through the vast, vast areas around them wondering what to do till resolved to the walkthrough. Well, even a slight hint as a light or shadow would've helped, but it could've been just me, so I didn't mind much. Also, when taking this route, be prepared to fight so much wildlife, that animal protective organisatons would have enough proof to put Lara in jail for a dozen lifetimes. Eastern route (35 min. 1 secret) - the start resembles the Dead Sea Scrolls, yet besides the short river sequence this has an original flair of its own - including a very nasty timed run, hilarious swinging monkeys, climbing palm trees and most clever ways of making your way across a river or flooding a cavern. Less enemies in this one, but it's just as beautiful and eventful route as the other one! The only thing I wasn't so keen on was the red-herring climbable wall after the monkey swing. I had already saved my game and wasn't a happy raider when I found out from a stuck thread that I'm stuck for good with that. But since it takes only 5 minutes to backtrack to this place and do it the right way, all was soon forgotten and I finished this lovely section as well. Over the 2 I prefer this one. Welcome to Dino World (40 minutes, no secrets) - a must visit, even if you'd have to play the western route only for this! Basically another Jurassic Park scenario level, but with loads of innovations, for example dropping a slaughtered cows body to free your way, feeding a boars head to raptors, leading a baby triceratops through half of the park to reveal you a much needed key. The well done fly-by at the start (as well as the brilliant title sequence and initial fly-by to the real adventure) again show Trix's skills and you know that you won't be able to leave the same way you came here. The only minus... well, I don't even know if this is a bad point - probably just a characteristic to the level is the mazelike setting, where you can get lost and forget places soon, and the switches that have to be operated twice - but once you think about it why they do - it seems only logical and clever. Though I've rated it lower than the 2 other levels of Trix, I still enjoyed it, but was missing a certain spark, a moment when I'm convinced this will get a perfect score from me. In scrolls it probably was the awesome gate of Ishtar, in Aegean legends - undoubtedly - Santorini, but I lacked such a moment here. That doesn't necessarily mean I didn't like this one, I just liked the others better. This one's still a recommendation, just be prepared for a bit tougher, confusing gameplay than usually! " - eTux (04-Feb-2005)
"I rate this level with a perfect ten in spite of few errors that doesn't seem to be an author's fault: the extremely real jungle has too many illegal slopes where Lara gets trapped in every step and sometimes the poor Lara has two heads. This is a game really well made full of enemies and retextured objects. There are two ways to complete the game (eastern and western routes) and the final bonus level that I really enjoyed. I love the swinging monkeys the lions gorillas and the baby triceratops; the music is superb and very well matched with the action game. This is another jewel from the LE. Thanks Trix!" - Loupar (03-Jan-2005)
"This level is beautiful when it comes to the setting with jungles and caves but it can be frustrating at times. I wouldn't classify it as hard; on the contrary if it weren't for the confusing parts it could have been much shorter. The main level consists of jungle parts waterfalls and some tricky jumps but the bonus level is quiet nice. Again very confusing but I liked the animal areas and the retextured bull. You need to find a few keys and the one that leads to the exit. Reading the author's notes I realized it was made as a present for a friend so we have to thank them both for deciding to share this game with us. It's very atmospheric and a fun level to play." - Kristina (09-Dec-2004)
"These levels were absolutely amazing; Trix has done an outstanding job here. I was completed hooked right from the very start until the very end. The opening cut scene was superb as the plane travels over the African jungle and crashes into an underwater area. There are two routes to go to in these lovely levels and mustn't be missed. The Western Route: You arrive in this wonderful adventure underwater to arrive at the most beautiful jungle area I have ever seen but don't stand around for too long admiring the scenery and beautiful landscapes because you will soon be attacked by some very big mosquitoes which are very hard to kill and seeing as you only have the pistols to take care of them you better get moving but you can hide somewhere where you get the least amount of damage to survive further into this deepest jungle. Your main objective in this first adventure is to find the map to cross the lily pond area. Your adventure continues making your way through a croc area crossing a canyon with some difficult jumps which can be achieved retrieving some pick-ups and of course fighting off enemies like crocs wild boars more mosquitoes gorillas some termites and lions along your way. After you have retrieved your map you now have to make your way back to the lily pond area but you can't go back the way you came you need to find another way out of this place to reach it by doing a Tarzan trick by using a rope to reach another concealed area and crossing the canyon again. You then come to a pushable block that had me stumped for a while but sorted this out and was on my way again to continue through the deepest jungle in search of the lily pond I did get lost a few times I must admit. Unfortunately I missed the secret in this level which I believe was down in the canyon area somewhere so I ended up on the top of the trees above the lily pond and decided to fight some bold eagles eventually took me to another lovely canyon area in search of the well camouflaged lever and climbing out after an explosion took place you eventually arrive to another a beautiful forest with a waterfall killing a few more enemies pushing a block and doing a monkey swing which will take you out of this first adventure to reach the helicopter to whisk you off and take you to the next part of this adventure. The Eastern Route: You start this level the same way as you did in the previous one fighting off the big mosquitoes again and finding a cave which will lead you high above a waterfall where your next adventure will start. Crossing the torrid waters to reach the river bank avoiding falling coconuts to reach a cave and to cross over the torrid river again by using the monkey-swing. This will take you to another jungle area finding the well hidden cave to retrieve some very important items to proceed further in this jungle. Crossing some rather and most interesting swinging monkey blades which I loved. The timed sequenced in this level had me stumped I just could not do it and had to resort to a save. Your adventure continues by retrieving another important item which you definitely need to get out of this wonderful jungle environment by dropping a block swimming through water caves and taking a lovely ride down the zip line going through more caves to reach your last area and retrieve your secret to reach the bonus level. Dino World - Bonus Level: In this wonderful area I got totally lost and was running around in circles a lot all I knew was I needed to find some keys and for the life of me I had no idea where they were so had to resort to using the walkie to get me through this bonus level. Your enemies in this level are little green compsognathi (lizards) Baby Triceratops raptors huge baby pig crocs sharks flying dinos and of course the Big T-Rex. The hardest time I had in this level was with the sharks and croc in their tanks to retrieve a key. On the whole these levels are very well laid out textures lighting sound effects & game play were just brilliant and I spent a lot of time just taking it all in and was totally amazed by it all. These levels are well worth the d/load and mustn't be missed. Thank you so much Trix for the most wonderful jungle adventure it was just brilliant and thank you for sharing this level with the TR community." - Gill (09-Dec-2004)
"What a spectacularly gorgeous jungle setting and a fascinating beginning as Lara has to escape from her crashed and submerged aeroplane. There are two routes to choose from one fight based and one agility based. Mind you don't get brained by the coconuts as you run under the palm trees (what a lovely touch). There are in fact lots of lovely touches in this level - the papaya medipacks the swinging monkeys but if you feel as I do about spiders you may need therapy after you get hold of the crowbar in the cave - mega shudder time. The agility route involves some very challenging jumps and a real swine of a timed run before you reach a clearing with a hospital that triggers the end of this section. However whatever you do don't go into the hospital before accessing the bonus level - Welcome to Dino World - it's absolutely superb. Basically it's a trip to the zoo but not the sort of zoo you will have visited before believe me. It's mind bogglingly well done I can't recommend it highly enough. Superb." - Jay (08-Dec-2004)
"This set of levels is pure eye candy from the awesome initial title flyby until the very end when you leave the Dino World in the bonus level. I was privileged to even be able to play this slightly before its official release and I am sure glad Trix and Terry decided to make this masterpiece available to the overall community even though it was initially built as a personal Birthday present to Terry. The Lion sleeps tonight - Western route (8/10/10/10 45 min. 1 secret): A unique feature of this level set is that you get to choose a route and can get to the end either way. An idea I am not sure I like because many players will simply not realize that and miss out on half the level which would be a real pity. From the stunning initial flyby you are treated to a great jungle / caves / canyon environment which really gives you that feeling of being there. Very appropriately selected enemies (and their placement) create an even more realistic atmosphere and Terry's custom music does its own part to that as well. The push block to stand on is an interesting technical achievement though not working without glitches. I love the Congo / Gorilla moment and the termites the lily pond and the solution to it the great effect when you pull that well camouflaged lever and the jumping around the tree branches in general. The secret is an extensive area to explore but I think near impossible to find by yourself (I used the walkthrough here). On the downside there is the occasional 'end-of-the-world' that can be reached and a few illegal slopes and generally I am just not so much the explorer type in a level but this one looks so good that you simply cannot afford to not play it. The Lion sleeps tonight - Eastern route (7/10/10/10 45 min. 1 secret): More of the same in a way but still with a few nice specialties. The waterfalls look awesome more monkey swinging to do here the spider cave is very spooky indeed and the monkeys swinging through the trees are hilarious. In terms of gameplay I really only recall a timed run shooting a block to make it fall into water and a nice use of a zip line so there is actually not all that much variety but again it is so beautiful to look at that you won't get bored anyway. In here you will be finding Terry's Birthday present and thus reach the Bonus Level. Welcome to Dino World (8/9/10/10 35 min.): Great fun awaits! The setting of the theme park is wonderfully rendered you get the expected fights with compys lizards raptors sharks crocfish pteros and of course a T-Rex and some very clever moments as you feed the raptors and have the triceratops help you further along. The initial scene with the tree crashing into the power house is nicely done and the cages aquarium aviary and all the other areas are fun to roam around in. Collect a series of keys and you will be out of here sooner than you actually might want to be. All in all this series is a wonderful treat especially if you mainly like to explore in a custom level. Don't miss it!" - Michael (02-Dec-2004)
"Bloody beautiful! I just delight in jungle levels and also in Trix' levels so this for me was a match made in heaven. What you are going to get in this set of levels is actually two separate games both starting from one initial plane crash site which was amazingly portrayed in the opening sequences so when you finish going off in one direction you can start the game over again and go in a different direction. I will admit to these levels getting me a little confused for a while in a couple of areas one with a movable block that turns solid and I think a secret area deep in a ravine that I got to by jumping into a small amount of water which I think was the wrong way to get to it and then not being able to get out of but I eventually worked these things out and the levels progressed quite wonderfully after that even still the trickery that Trix put into these levels makes them a thinking person's game and by no means a walk in the park. If the wonderful jungle areas aren't enough though you also get a totally separate secret level set in a zoo filled with prehistoric beasts which just thrilled me with its concept and delivery. All three levels will take you about an hour a piece and those are definitely well wasted hours sitting in front of the PC." - Sash (29-Nov-2004)
"This is one fantastic adventure starting from its conception: as in the Ganges levels of TR3 two very different ways to cross the jungle after Lara's plane has crashed right into some place in Central Africa. The settings are wonderful and the fact itself that this is the African jungle for a change is enough to make it all worthwhile. I started from the west route (well the compass needle got broken during the crash but I still know it was west because Trix said so in the readme) to meet all kinds of ferocious animals often in herds from huge mosquitoes or wasps to crocodiles and ants from lions and scorpions to an entire tribe of gorillas - great moment! - all at the same time. After finding a map in a lion's cave Lara must get back to the ilac swamp and find a way to cross it do whatever she has to do on the other side and find an entrance to a cave over from the treetops which isn't obvious (and neither was getting back from the place with the map). Then there's a big room with a lever which is the secret to getting into a cave on the other side but you may never find that lever if you don't know that there is one. Finally an entire army of animals and some monkey swinging to get to the place where a helicopter awaits to rescue Lara. Only one secret here and I found it! It's somewhere near the swamp... ;) In the meantime coconuts keep falling on poor Lara's head but fortunately she can go on eating papayas (small medipacks) which happen to be very nutritious even though I hate them. Time to get back to the beginning (that is your first saved game right after you shoot down all those mosquites near the crash) and take the east route. The beginning isn't easy deadly waterfalls some jumping more coconuts right on the head an apparently dead end but fortunately the possibility of monkey swinging to the other margin and falling on the right spot or dying of the fall. In the next room it's tree tops and entrance closed by some branches? How do you get past that? The crowbar of course. But first you'll have to find your (not easy) way into a spider cave where you'll find not only the crowbar but also the revolver. Get the branches off the way now and find yourself facing the most inventive swinging blades I've seen: monkeys balancing on lianas. In the next room (to the right) fight some more beasts watch the coconuts fall together with a monkey (nice touch) enter some caves to the left and do a fantastic timed run to a block that goes down and then a room with the laser sight on the opposite margin of yet another river. Back where the monkeys were go down to the other side jump to a palm tree you can and must climb and back flip into the next room. That's where you'll put the revolver and laser sight to use. And the ordeal goes on and on along a large water cave and a zip line until Lara finally reaches the hospital and civilization. But is Lara already tired of adventuring? Certainly not especially not when there's a true Easter egg (not mentioned in the readme) a well hidden entrance near the hospital. Better not get inside... And you'll enter a whole new adventure! We find Terry's birthday present (Trix built this game as a present for her I never in my entire life received a present as valuable as this!) and find Dino World. Dino World isn't some rather mere bonus level but a great single level in itself. Diving with sharks and ichtiossaurs using a triceratops to break open a door (better lock the thing up again afterwards) finding a key inside the pteranodons cage discovering a way to feed the raptors and fighting them only facing the invulnerable T Rex when the time arrives I loved every single instant. In fact I think you should play the game as I did: first the west route then the east and finally Dino World then your adventure will grow in a true crescendo. Hard to guarantee that this is Trix' best level so far in view of so many illegal slopes but let's just say that's a bit too technical and bit too picky as well in the middle of so much creativity put together. One thing I also love in Trix' levels is how she's always able to change locations and be different from every other builder. This was the very best looking jungle level I've played and Dino World is certainly not to be missed! (November 27 2004)" - Jorge22 (28-Nov-2004)
"A beautiful level series by Trix - something different to the usual...Lara starts in a jungle and many dangers await. She needs to find a map to be able to pass a swamp. Atmosphere and sound are ingenious. There are plenty of enemies lions gorillas warthogs and many more. Graphics are beautiful and especially the jungle was very well designed. I liked it a lot. Simply great Trix! J" - Engelchen Lara (27-Nov-2004)
"I really liked this level very much. The story is really simple but it's very good. Flyby in the beginning tells the whole story and I think Trix has made that very well. When the airplane has fallen into the water you must get out of the plane and when you have done that you will see some giant mosquitoes outside and hear a good music. That part of the level is created really well. You get into the story and want to play the level to the end. There are two ways to clear the level. When I had cleared a first way I tried to clear also the other way but that was so hard that I didn't succeed to do that but that doesn't matter so much. Atmosphere is wonderful all the time and all places are very good looking. There are many hard and good jump puzzles and other puzzles in this level. You can solve a swamp puzzle guessing or you can search a map which has a solution for the puzzle. I found the map. I found also about four places which I think Trix hasn't meant the player to get into but that doesn't matter because the level is still so good. I think the best place is that where Lara find a shotgun and then gorillas appear and attack to Lara. I liked also very much papayas which you can pick up out of trees. I will recommend this level but I think that might bee too hard for beginners." - Samu (25-Nov-2004)
"At the outset you are told that this is an unpolished level developed for a friend that was never to see the light of day. Well I for one am glad you changed your mind Trix. This level is quite masterful but also understand it is meant for seasoned raiders but as you know this going in I'm fine with that. So what is great and what is so hard? First off the opening title flyby sets the scene to the story that unfolds. How simple and how elegant. No readme files that no one reads no threads explaining the why's of the level just a brief flyby and the player knows exactly what is going on and what needs to be done. Masterful. What's great about this level. The innovative use of the old well worn objects re-textured and re-used. Papaya's for health that you pick from trees. Coconuts that descend upon the weary travelers head. White ant nests from the Australian Outback that vomit up those terrible little creatures in their hordes. Everyday floor switches disguised so well you can run past them a dozen times without noticing. Jumps that seem near impossible but are manageable for those who dare. Here you will find lions and wasps and gorillas and crocodiles in packs and when they attack you had better use some fancy footwork to evade them as health is few and far between. After the scene from 2001 I was hoping upon hope that finally the answer to that mysterious monolith would be revealed but alas Trix is no wiser than the rest of us. Yes I loved this. Only a short level of an hour in game but many many more sat pondering the possibilities examining the plausability and finally daring the seemingly impossible." - Torry (22-Nov-2004)
"And again Trix has built a wonderful series of levels. Atmosphere is always fantastic and gameplay required big skill with the control as well as while doing the puzzles. The levels are built extremely perfectly and there is a lot to discover. There are a few timed runs however on the whole the levels are not too difficult. Highly recommend!" - Xxenofex (20-Nov-2004)