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Easter Morning at Lara's Home by mizuno_suisei

Akcy 0 0 0 0
CC 2 2 4 5
ColeMoles 0 0 1 1
DJ Full 3 2 1 4
eTux 0 1 1 1
Gerty 0 1 0 0
Jay 2 3 2 2
John 1 2 2 3
Jose 1 2 1 3
Kristina 1 2 2 2
MichaelP 1 4 3 2
Mulf 0 0 0 0
Obig 0 2 2 3
Orbit Dream 0 1 0 1
Oxy 3 4 6 5
Ryan 1 1 1 1
Sash 1 2 0 1
Scottie 0 0 1 0
Treeble 1 1 1 1
release date: 27-Mar-2005
# of downloads: 134

average rating: 1.45
review count: 19
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file size: 12.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Easter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Upon booting you're presented with Lara wearing a playboy bunny costume (somehow co-opted for Easter because bunny?) in her bedroom where the floor is littered with a dozen or so easter eggs. Shortly after you realize you cannot save, which shouldn't be a problem because it's a manor level, right? Well, I managed to soft lock myself upon entering the attic because of poor object placement: the second button, to close the door and free up the stairwell to the top, is in the same tile as the door itself and upon pushing it you get locked inside the door bug, so you can't move anymore. Brilliant. Upon starting anew, I decided to ignore all the countless easter eggs all over the place and ran around for a bit. There are a few minor changes here and there, and the weird thing to me were the random camera angles for switches and levers. You can't save your game, and they were timed, so I could hear them but never made sense of wherever they were. After 15 minutes of running around pointlessly, I figured it wasn't worth pursuing this to the end. Sorry. 10/21" - Treeble (17-Oct-2021)
"For easter lara has decided to dress up in a playboy bunny outfit and pick up hundreds of easter eggs all over her incomplete tr3 mansion, theres a load of switches or buttons that dont do anything but the timed run to the aquarium still exists with guess what? another easter egg for you to pick up after you avoid the crocs, theres also no quad bike course or maze in this one, but there is all the this lovely snow covering all the grounds and the assault course when you get outside. i was hoping there was a point to collecting all these eggs or there might be something else to the gameplay but i was wrong, so when you get bored (which you will) head straight for the front gate for that end to all that tedious and pointless collecting" - John (16-Aug-2021)
"This is one of those levels, where Lara, unpredictable as she is, deems it necessary to start her Easter Morning picking up eggs in the snow in a Playboy Bunny costume. This is even more inferior than the original Mansion, due to the incompleteness of the racetrack and treasure room, odd sounds and cameras and the unusual decision to disable the save and load game feature (it's beyond me why some builders do this). This is only really recommended for those with a lustful desire for the more inept or raunchier levels out there." - Ryan (14-Feb-2018)
"Croft Manor is completely the same version as you know from old TRs. I found the cameras misleading and disturbing. Fexinspect indicates one more secret on the roof of the swimming pool area. It's just one more snowy square to step on, with nothing to pick up or happen, totally unmarked and - what is more - inaccessible. That's why no-one found it. But I decided to give 1 point for secrets. NOT for those snowy squares, no! There are 2 real secrets as well, even if they are not indicated by "secret found" sound. I can't write in a review what they are - I'm gonna tell it in the walkthru soon - but I can ensure you all they exist, and one of them is hidden in very fine - as for me - way. I didn't mind Lara's outfit (it's still a 3D object, not a real woman, and I'm too convinced about this). Finding eggs can be boring. SUMMARY: I don't take this level so wrong as most of the reviewers. Maybe this is because of me rating the level, not the builder? I don't know. But, even if I'm right when rating it so high, I still think this is not a "good" level - it's only average minor... I mean: manor." - DJ Full (11-Oct-2010)
"This is a level of the really bad kind. Actually, it is quite more normally 08/15 house level. But, even actually. Lara is here in a very scanty, absolutely outrageous easter-bunny costume. Aim is, to gather many Easter eggs. However, after 7 Minutes I was so served by this thing, that I'm out to the property gate and had released the Finish-Trigger. Result: Absolutely unplayable, also not for people, who ordinarily play everything" - Scottie (20-Apr-2009)
"Curious about the worst TR custom level ever, are you? Then run through this one, and despise it. If an author tries to achieve something (you know, gameplay, atmosphere and stuff) and fails, that's one thing, in that case at least the effort is appriciated. But in this 'level', I can't see even a failed effort, but no effort at all, and so goes my ratings. All this guy did was taking the Lara's Home location, had it put back together by monkeys, and threw a bunch of eggs all around the place. Dressed Lara in a distasteful outfit, I could imagine something like that on my girlfriend though, but on Lara, this is an outrage! Then sat back and laughed his sorry ass off, on the poor souls going to try to play with it. Crocodiles in the basement, a secret didn't contain anything, just step on certain square in the garden and that's your secret. Incompetent and pointless, alas, at least a good example for the bad example." - Akcy (09-Apr-2007)
"I have to agree with CC here, she is dressed in a 'playboy' bunny outfit, and she has got to go and collect the hundreds of easter eggs lying around in her house and outsite (doesn't she get cold?!) The author of this level didn't think to much about the level because whenever i saw a dark spot in a room, i knew there was an easter egg. The assult corse has a snow roof (which you can get on! theres no point becuse there no textures up at the top so its see-through)." - ColeMoles (13-Feb-2006)
"Verily, to avoid beginning a review for this level with an exclamation is not an easy task at all. Yet that piece of advice that Schiller once gave to the poet—that he should not try and sing the pain whilst in the midst of pain—applies equally to the reviewer; so let's calm down. Have a good night's sleep over it. Listen to the air of sparkling fountains in a Japanese Garden that was actually recorded in the sewers of Sheffield. Let your mind go. Everything's quiet now. Smarmy synth tunes are wafting all over you...Right, that's settled then. This so-called level is the notion of incapability eventually come to itself. That, anyway, is the only explanation I can think of for the fact that even with a ready-made map of that most done-to-death of all TR locations the author achieves nothing but shitloads of ineptitude piled upon shitloads of pointlessness. I simply cannot imagine that it is possible to place doors in a project thus wrongly if not by intention. Lo and behold this metaphysical prodigy—if thou canst defy its garish lustre." - Mulf (14-Jan-2006)
"It's Lara's home level. I don't like the outfit, though I had a good laugh when starting picking up eggs. Also two textures with Sign Happy Easter was good for game atmosphere. :-) In dinning room I pushed button and music changed into not a very happy one with falling rocks and wind so I lost the surprise feeling too. :-)) Walking out on snow (which is beautiful) wasn't nice though Lara doesn't have enough clothes. I got stuck into a invisible block door walking up in the attic then I found out also that I cannot load or save game. :-) Game have finish trigger so the story ends in some way - Lara walking on snow in Bunny Outfit. It's so uncommon that is funny. Keep on building. :-)" - Oxy (14-Oct-2005)
If you are looking for a level where you don't have to think, well, you found one. Poor Lara had to work hard to pick up all the Eastern Eggs that are almost on every tile in this house. And if that is not enough, she had to dress up like a bunny that looked better in the mansion of Hugh Heffner than here. And if that wasn't enough, the poor girl had to step outside in the snow with the same costume. I do however wonder what this Zac character is like, for one... lazy comes to mind and raging hormones might be another thought. 16-06-2005 - Gerty (20-Jun-2005)
"I strongly suspect that the 'builder' of this 'level' acquired the Map for Lara's Mansion from somewhere and simply added two new tiles and a whole load of Easter eggs; not to mention the Outfit of course, which is hilarious and quite unspeakably tacky. Everything else is a veritable catalogue of ineptness: a poorly placed door in the very first room; a terminal bug in the entrance to the attic; timed levers that aren't actually connected to anything timed; incorrectly placed doors elsewhere. This whole enterprise was a shamelessly quick-and-easy opportunity to put together a 'level' without expending any effort; and my decision to review it was an equally shameless quick-and-easy opportunity to increase my review count. I suppose I should be grateful." - Orbit Dream (06-Jun-2005)
"What the#?!? All that happens in this level is Lara running around the mansion in a Playboy Bunny outfit picking up at least 63 Easter eggs all over the place, if you could picture Lara with blonde hair then this would have been an almost picture perfect day in the wacky life of Paris Hilton, in fact I'm sure I saw a seething brunette sitting in a dark corner stitching up a handbag, could that have been Nicky, hmmm I wonder. Anyway inane is the best and most forgiving word I could give this level. Don't bother." - Sash (26-May-2005)
"Well, I commiserate this level. This is the weakest link. :) The Easter levels are fantastic, except this. There are no savegames for this level, and only a few screenshots. The whole level is all about picking up the countless eggs in the house and in its surroundings, risking an indigestion, or leave them there for the damned and going out of the house, out of the courtyard. I didn't even like Lara's clothes a tiny bit; they are a little bit, or rather very much out of Playboy. I'm sorry, but I didn't like this level, neither the textures that are average, nor the added sounds. I expected much more. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (03-May-2005)
"Well the intent to give the TR community an Easter Level was there, but as before it seems Zac did not want to actually spend too much time putting it together, so the good old Lara's Home was taken and modified a bit so that you have to pick-up countless Easter Eggs - or rather make a quick escape through the front door. Did I mention I really don't like Home Levels? And that outfit is beyond words too. I am sure some may like it though." - Michael (03-May-2005)
"What is this? Lara's outfit is an insult for our heroine. Women aren't rabbits or objects. We all are very tired of Lara's home. Only push buttons to open doors? If you want to go up to the attic, Lara gets trapped when the door closes. You can't save your game!... In less than a minute you can finish the game. A bad level to waste your time. No more comments." - Jose (03-May-2005)
"Lara is dressed as an Easter bunny. No, not one of those cuddly all over furry costumes with a big rabbit's head. No, no, she's sporting a Bunnygirl outfit, all in pink with two rabbits ears and pink high heels. OK, that's the boys taken care of. Now for the level. It's the mansion all right, strewn with Easter eggs for Lara to pick up, inside and outside in the snow. There's a new roof over the assault course, so that's different. The trouble starts if you want to get into the attic from the stairs, or for that matter into the attic from the usual route up the fireplace. It can't be done. So even though the switch is there you can't do the timed run to the basement, nor the timed run across the front hall - in this case to a brick wall! Entirely up to yourselves. Nevertheless, I wish to thank all the builders who took created such wonderful levels for Easter. These and the Christmas levels are enchanting and I for one am grateful that we have such brilliant builders out there who are continually delighting us with their skill and imagination. All these levels are suitable for children, and are an absolute delight to play for adults. Long may you all continue, you're great." - CC (28-Apr-2005)
"Lara in a pink (yuk!) bunny outfit has nothing else to do than pick up Easter Eggs all over the place. The level is buggy in many places with Lara getting trapped in the attic if she uses the button inside and many areas are missing. Oh and all this in a standard mansion level that isn't very standard since you don't visit everything and if you do visit some areas there's nothing there. Not really an Easter level and the snow was out of place, Lara must have been freezing with that outfit. Also there's no save/load so don't bother trying, not that you need it anyway because there are no enemies. I wouldn't bother with this one." - Kristina (25-Apr-2005)
"Well, this had me stumbled for a while - since you raid in the well known (maybe even 'far' too well known) Lara's home settings you sort of know where everything is, what can be done etc, but all you seem to be able to do is to gather countless Easter eggs - some of whom add to your count in the inventory and some of whom no matter how many you find stay stubbornly by the count of 1. You can use these to unlock the corresponding doors - the gun cupboard and the racetrack, but all the ammo is useless, cause there's no one to shoot, and the racetrack is useless because... uhm... well - it's simply not there. Disabling the save/load option might seem cruel from the side of the builder, and it truly would've been an ordeal even in some of the simplest levels out there, but since there're no hardships to overcome here - there's no need to save your progress. The snow might seem out of place for some at this time of the year, but I actually found it very fitting, as even with living in the Northern hemisphere I had heaps of snowdrifts outside to accompany the fest. The Lara's home surrounding actually looks fine, but the author has cut out quite a lot of areas (racetrack, trophy room), and some don't seem like have been tested EVER, as for example the way to the attic is blocked if you open the door, and if you close it from inside, you're stuck for good in the door bug. Also - we've seen the surrounding so many times before, that this would really have to stand out with something highly specific to catch ones attention. If I'd have to name anything positive here - then the background tune was nice. Well, if you want to see Lara wearing a playboy bunny suit and gathering zounds of Easter eggs in her own home while it's snowing outside - give it a try, but otherwise - follow Jay's advice and don't bother." - eTux (18-Apr-2005)
"If you want to see Lara wearing a pink Bunny Girl outfit, running round the place picking up dozens of Easter eggs, download this level. Otherwise don't bother, because there really isn't much more in the way of gameplay. I suppose if you treat it as a joke level, it is quite a cute idea, but if you want a serious raid it's not what you're looking for at all. And, by the way, if she were to eat even half that amount of choccie eggs, she'd become far too stout to do all that jumping around." - Jay (07-Apr-2005)