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I know what you did... by Clara Hochgiftig

Adrian 10 9 10 10
DJ Full 8 9 10 10
drguycrain 7 10 9 9
eRIC 8 9 10 8
eTux 8 9 10 9
Gabriel Oliveira 8 10 10 9
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 9 10 10 10
Jez 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Kristina 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 9 10 9
Phil 10 10 10 8
Roli 9 10 10 10
Ruben 10 9 10 9
Ruediger 8 10 9 10
Ryan 10 9 10 10
Shandroid 10 9 10 9
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 8 9 9 9
TrueRaider 6 7 9 8
Vaughnage 10 9 10 10
young Lara Croft 9 10 8 8
release date: 27-Oct-2007
# of downloads: 257

average rating: 9.23
review count: 25
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file size: 119.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It's been ages since I've watched the movie (should look up if it's available on any of my current streaming services), but the gist of it is pretty much what you'd expect from the title. And I think the level translated that feeling of dread rather well, the danger is never that pressing quite honestly but there are quite a few small details along the way that make this a worthwhile raid, if a bit limited with gameplay revolving mostly around buttons and keys and one pushblock sequence that's just too long for its own good. Atmospherewise I loved both the movie theater and the port town you roam around in the second half of the level, I often say the TRLE grid scale doesn't do this kind of environment any favors but the authors made it work pretty well all things considered. 80 minutes, 4 secrets. 11/23" - Treeble (03-Dec-2023)
"The authors have made an excellent work with plenty of details , textures , objects , animations and especially cutscenes to recreate the movie storyline. The atmosphere is excellent fitting perfectly, not too spooky but still... The complicated pushable blocks/trapddors/raising blocks puzzle in the first level was hard to figure out, The game play was interesting generally, more thrilling in the second part." - eRIC (04-May-2020)
"After so many years that I played this, I decided to play it again and finally review it. The ideia of this level is brilliant! I love the movie, so I loved this custom. The atmosphere and soundtrack is amazing, and I adored the idea that the authors had: they used some movie clips in cutscenes. My favorite level is "the movie" itself, and the only flaws I encountered were: 1 - The loooong pushable section in the first level. It's pretty tiring and boring. 2 - the hidden wine bottle (SO hard to find, I had to use a walkthrough) and 3 - the hard jump to make it inside the boat, so It's a 8 in gameplay for me, and some textures could be better (the signs textures like the "exit" ones are waaaay low-res). Overall, this is a great level, specially if you enjoy horror, suspense and mystery, and of course, the movie! I got scared some times, and being chased by the fisherman was very tense! I would love to see the authors releasing a remake/remaster of this level someday... well, a man can dream!" - Gabriel Croft (18-Sep-2019)
"Having never seen the movie this relates to I went in under no preconceptions and thoroughly enjoyed this innovative, spooky and at times frustrating two and a half hour romp. A couple of timed runs gave me pause and I gave up on one of the secrets in the Movie level but I really cannot fault this wonderful adventure." - Torry (31-Oct-2018)
"Great levelset in the style of the movie. I have not seen it so no comparison there, but this was great. Perfect atmosphere and gameplay to convey a spooky feeling. Well done!" - Ryan (24-Dec-2015)
"Middle of the night, many sleepless ones behind, competition deadline ahead, and I'm sitting here playing horror levels. Right... If my recession of wit keeps the current tempo, I will soon chase people with the hook in my hand, similarly overnight but in the next stage of degeneration. And I won't even ask for medallion, and my victims will be just frightened because of never understanding what I'm up to. So before the madness occurs, let me summarize this little levelset as highly recommended and you can skip the rest to avoid spoilers, like the evil popcorn, apparently more deadly than the actual villain. Apart from this great idea yet unluckily disturbing a quite long multi-storey pushable, and the other half of first level comprising of too much running back and forth, the majority of game is just superb, with very casual yet fitting filling used to produce literally cinematic atmosphere, both outside of the movie and inside it. Much is achieved because of the numerous cutscenes and real-time survival gameplay. I loved the ghost car and the moment when I realized the corridor lagging is intended was just brilliant. The closing instance of local fog is revolutionary." - DJ Full (20-Jul-2015)
"Exciting , thrilling and what a great level! I enjoyed playing this one, the authors did a fantastic job, the epic thread of the adventure was well planned and I was always looking forward to the next segment of the game to play. I had a bit of a difficulty with certain camera angles when trying to solve puzzles. Overall it was scary while the creepy killer was chasing after me and it did make my heart race so a plus for the thrill. I liked the cutscenes and the dialogues that were picked. Great job to Clara and Hockgiftig." - young Lara Croft (25-Mar-2013)
"It is always ambitious when you set out to 're-build' something and it works out really well in this two-part adventure. Already the title flyby and the beautiful audio takes you in from the word go...
The Movie Theater (8/9/9/8, 60 min, 1 of 2 secrets found): No weapons for our Lara here and a vast cinema to explore, which is not my preferred gameplay. A lot of back and forth as well, which is also not up my alley, but these gripes aside, the environment looks great with many nice little touches, cool objects and audio included and once you manage to spot the well hidden initial push block, things begin to flow rather smoothly. The storeroom push puzzle is clever but a bit too tedious, especially if you include going for the secret, but the timed trap door run was great fun.
The Movie (8/9/10/9, 60 min, 1 of 2 secrets found): If that is possible, the setting here is even more convincing and you get a nice scene 'from the movie' right inside the house. The car that goes crazy was a cool touch. From here you get to explore the harbour area, meet up with the 'hook man' a few times and get to enjoy some neat special effects, such as the slow motion run and the jump through the window. Again, there is one timed run to master and the entire ending sequence is very well set up. Definitely a must-play-adventure, whether you have actually seen the movie or not!" - MichaelP (07-Apr-2009)
"I'm a great fan of horror films so I was attracted to play this level. What I liked best was the scenery and innovative ideas. The cinema, although enormous, looked fantastic and the town even better. However, that's pretty much as far as the enjoyment went for me. I was irritated in the first level by the back and forth backtracking you had to do, and then after releasing the evil walking popcorn they would not disappear. So I had to deal with them eating me whilst attempting the pushy block puzzle. The puzzle itself was also tedious. I needed the walkthrough for that and even so I found it far too long and annoying. I didn't actually realise that the second part is only for a secret so I wasted another 15 minutes doing that for not a lot in return. It was clever, sure but I don't know why doing it again only brought a secret item. Then in the toilets I was being attacked by both popcorn and the hook hand guy without any guns. I found the timed runs a little too tricky. I did manage them in the end, but after about 10 tries by which point you're frustrated beyond comprehension. There were also occasionally some pointlessly difficult jumps. I'm not very good at curved running jumps out of an alcove and that had me stuck for literally hours. There are many redeeming features, mainly the atmosphere and some puzzles are fun, but in my opinion it was a little bit of a wasted opportunity." - TrueRaider (17-Nov-2008)
"This level adapted by the movie. Very intresting, thrilling level ;-) Great ideas like TR posters in the movie, or the zombies :-D Scary scenes ;-) The gameplay is long (4-5 horus approx) puzzles are good too. Many timed runs, flipped rooms, and other creative puzzles. We escape from the murder, very exciting :-D Enemies are zombies, and the murder. Nicely placed secrets! Atmosphere is incredible!! The movie is great like the live movie, the town and the bay too! Sometimes crashed for me, because its a huge area! Sound from the movie and scary-thrilling musics, I really enjoyed. Cameras great too ;-) Ligthing brilliant, but not to colorful (just blue, dark, and somethimes green or white). Very nice textures! Realistic, nice, atmospheric textures. ;-)) I really enjoyed this scary level, I recommend for everyone!" - Roli (14-Jul-2008)
"The scope and scale of this level is awesome. i absolutely love that authors are trying to tackle such realistically large environments. The movie theater is probably one of the best decorated environments i've ever seen. A lot of attention was given. And i love the large outdoor environment in the second level as well. We spend so much time chasing mummies or dinosaurs that we forget that Lara might actually know what streets and cars look like as well. The only reason i marked the visual down a point is due to the frame rate. i have a decent computer, but the authors made the level so huge that it was nearly like playing against a strobe light in places. i wish they would've thought of us who don't own miraculously fast computers. ABOUT THE TIMED RUNS: The two timed runs are the only reasons i scored the gameplay low. i really wish authors would ask themselves objectively whether the difficulty they assign to their timed runs adds to the *positive* experience a player has. It's true, those of us who push through until we actually get it are increasing our skills and learning how to control Lara with more finesse--granted. However, do authors really think that after the 40th reload (literally!) that someone will still be having a *good* time? Let me put it this way, if a level was only 10 seconds long, would you enjoy having to play it 40 times? There comes a point at which it's no longer craftsmanship, it's just monotony. And it can severely hurt overall gameplay experience IMO. i'm also not crazy about not having pistols to defend myself with, but i understand that the authors were trying to follow the film closely, so it's understandable. i definitely would like to see more levels that utilized these kinds of environments though. The environment here has been very well executed." - drguycrain (22-Feb-2008)
"Excellent game!! so different, it is not a Tombraider, but it is a great work, full of talent and dedication. The atmosphere was perfect, the music and sounds in the exactly moment, you will have always your soul hanging by a filament. Simple but smart puzzles. I had a great time playing this complete game. I really thanks a lot to the authors." - Juan Carlos (08-Feb-2008)
"I watched the movie almost 10 years ago, but don't remember it as anything outstanding except Jennifer Love Hewitt looked cute. As for the game, though, I was immediately, ummm, "hooked". The cinema at the beginning is so beautifully textured - the atmosphere is immediately there, so I couldn't wait to explore! The gameplay isn't easy for just average players like me, it has a few nasty moments and also one real bore when you push around boxes in the store room. However, some great moments make up for that, for example the car which unexpectedly started to drive made me jump in my chair. Considering "Atmosphere,Sound & Cameras", I'd give a 10 for atmosphere and cameras including the good cutscenes, but I have to say I feel a 10 for sound is not justifiable since other builders make their own music or get friends to record dialogs especially for their levels, while in this case, everything is ripped off the movie DVD, and even if the music is perfectly placed, this is of course not the same creative input for that particular department. Apart from this minor point, an excellent game not to be missed for experienced players, and the story is clear enough that you need not necessarily know the movie." - Ruediger (02-Feb-2008)
"What an extraordinary story. Not so much a movie buff or I should say: not a theatre going fan, especially with horror movies, so the content doesn't ring a bell. But I get the drift now LOL. There is a lot of searching going on and I for sure will think twice before I buy myself some popcorn. The block puzzle however eluded me big time, so had to wait for the walkthrough for that. The atmosphere was really well done and even if there were places Lara couldn't go, there is plenty to do in here. Love the"slow motion" effect at the end. This is however a bit hard for me to judge, as on one hand I loved it on the other I also got fed up with certain parts. But in general I only can say that Clara and Jens did a superb job." - Gerty (13-Jan-2008)
"If you're looking for a raiding experience that's unlike any you've ever had, download and play this one without delay. It's a surrealistic two-parter with more innovative touches than I have space to mention in this review. In the first level you've got the most inventive block puzzle I've ever seen, and without Jose Boo's great walkthrough I would have been hopelessly lost here. As icing on the cake, you can continue in the same room for an optional secret, engaging in an equally complicated block shuffle. And while both exercises consume a considerable amount of time, I never had that feeling of tedium that often accompanies more mundane block puzzles. There are two timed sequences in the game that nearly caused ligament strains in my fingers before I negotiated them successfully, yet both were fair to the player. You get the unique touch of a runaway car in the second level that keeps trying to run you down before it finally runs out of gas. And while you're trying to escape a cloaked assassin without any weapons at your disposal, the builders have found a way to make you run in slow motion to add extra drama to your predicament. Near the end, when I was ready for it all to be over anyway, the electric room with the appearing-disappearing tiles finally brought me to my knees and I enabled the flycheat so I could finish quickly. This is a wonderfully creative and spooky masterpiece that will have you engrossed for more than two hours. My only complaint is a common one that will be familiar to many: the darkness. Sure, this is a dream-like setting amidst things that go bump in the night, and a little atmosphere in such cases is fine; and sure, you get gobs of flares to pick up in the block room, but why not just provide decent lighting in the first place? I had to bump the gamma on my monitor up to 100% before I felt comfortable, and that's just unreasonable. Anyway, if dark and avante garde levels are your thing, you won't find a better pair than these. Highly recommended." - Phil (29-Dec-2007)
"This was a great little game, it was great indeed! The textures were amazing and superb, i love them! Georgous scenery helps with some of the difficulties with the game. The puzzles were well thought out, i was truely confused in the fist part of the game, but it was very hard and fun afterwards. The only flaw i found was some misplacment in a object. The fountain at the bottom floor of the theater was just a little bit added, but all together it was very nice! The sounds were really good too. Happy raiding!" - Vaughnage (19-Dec-2007)
"In this terrifying level Lara lives a nightmare and she's the protagonist of a terror film. This two-levels game is one of the very best I've played. At the beginning it cost me some work to discover where to go, but when I began to play I got much satisfaction with the very good puzzles, the great environment, the lot of nice cutscenes, the good details, the architecture, the new textures, the excellent musics and over all a very very great atmosphere. It doesn't matter if you don't have enemies to shoot, there is action enough to keep your attention. You can get disoriented only in the harbour area using the bottle, but there are not many ocassions to get stucked if you reasone a little (except in the library timed run). An extraordinary work to be included in the "Hall of Fame". Many thanks." - Jose (15-Nov-2007)
"What a creative level set this was! I loved every minute. The first level starts out in a (very big!) movie theater and then Lara is magically deposited into the movie, "I Know What You Did Last Summer." There are some truly harrowing areas where the meat hook man chases Lara relentlessly and she, of course, has no pistols. The puzzles were thought-provoking, with one timed block hopping segment that will try your patience. I didn't need to have a forumite do any puzzles for me, thankfully, but these segments need not scare you off, since many of these tough timed sequences have savegames. The music and atmosphere were perfect, and I loved that audio from the movie was used. I was a bit disappointed in the AI of the final bad guy. In my game, he just walked around in circles and never came after me. I just plucked away at his health from afar. Maybe it was due to where I stood, but after so much build-up, it was a letdown that it was so easy to defeat him. All in all, this was an impressive set of levels that I would recommend to anyone a bit tired of raiding tombs and temples." - Shandroid (09-Nov-2007)
"This game is based on the movie so expect to see some familiar 'faces' and hear familiar dialogues for which I hope, although I doubt it, the builders have taken the permission to use them. There are several areas in which you won't do much so it's fair to say that although the game is very beautiful and nicely textured, the gameplay is not on the same scale. Many times you will have to outrun the guy with the hook so you can press a button or move a block and don't expect to use your pistols for long because you get them later and shoot only a zombie. The medallion is the main item you will be looking for so you can finish the level, quite abruptly I might add. OK, so the guy in black makes a deal with Lara to find his girlfriend's medallion so she can escape. Not a very attractive goal. The one thing I must complain immensely is the first action Lara to make which is find a moveable block in an insufficiently lit area with no binoculars or flares in her inventory. I am sorry to be so harsh but that idea was stupid please do not do that again. I will not reveal everything from the game, you have to play it and see the rest of the tasks you are called to complete. I found two out of the four roses that were placed as secrets." - Kristina (08-Nov-2007)
"This is fabulous fun. It's beautifully created, hugely atmospheric and quite spooky in parts - carnivorous popcorn anyone? The second part where Lara finds herself in the actual film is genuinely eerie at times and I'm rather sorry I've never seen 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' - I really must try and catch it some time. I found this well balanced between gorgeous scenery, intelligent and absorbing gameplay (some great timed runs) interspersed with interesting cut scenes (with dialogue presumably from the film). It's a great idea for a level and should be on everybody's must play list." - Jay (07-Nov-2007)
"A breathtaking story , beautiful cameras and excellent music supporting the gameplay makes this two-piece-wonder a mustplay for all TRLE lovers. I especially liked the slow motion effects when Lara was chased by the black ghost. Waking up in a room from a dream or even stepping out of the cinemas screen was a good idea to keep up the players tension and to encourage them to carry on with the game , still not being sure is it dream or is it reality ? Timed runs were not quite easy at times but always doable. Many Thanks again to Ute and Jens for this fine little adventure !" - Ruben (06-Nov-2007)
"Anyone who's played Uranos' "Night of Shadows" will feel right at home here as far as gameplay goes, as it mainly relies on its gameplay innovations to keep you entertained, and while it even got confusing at times for me, despite having played the source of inspiration, I thoroughly enjoyed the 90 minutes spent here! If anything could've been done better as far as tasks go, then I think it wasn't entirely obvious from what position to extinguish the fires, as you are required to do a couple of times, and I think it was unfair to ask the player to read the builder's minds and figure out the angle from which this works the best. That put behind me, I think this game was more memorable for the atmosphere rather than its tasks, as it's very well achieved and downright spooky at times! Based on the movie of the same title, it at first has Lara roaming a cinema till she mysteriously becomes a part of the flick's plot where the story is nicely carried along using dialogs from the film and revisiting locations from it. The harbour is very nicely designed, and while the city looks great, I had some severe slow-downs on my old laptop, which halted my enjoyment of the game at times, so I used the alternate exe the author's provided, but I didn't let that affect my scores or opinion of the overall experience here as it is a great game to play in spite of the few gripes I might have had! Perfectly suited for a dark, rainy evening - this is a masterfully crafted adventure with a cool thriller atmosphere, so well worth your time! Recommended!" - eTux (05-Nov-2007)
"I have just finished this level/story and one word springs to my mind - Brilliant. Lot's of new takes on the Tomb Raider objects, including a short slow motion sequence (I hope that was intended and not my pc struggling). Very atmospheric with great use of lighting, sound and cameras. The first level includes one of the best moving block puzzles I have come across. The only irritation for me is the jerkiness but I am lead to understand that this is a trade off for the extra viewable distance. Well recommended level." - Jez (04-Nov-2007)
"A perfect game, ideal for those of us who wish to get away from the usual old tomb-temple settings. I haven't watched the movie upon which it is based but I don't need to either since I'm certain that the game is much better than the actual film. Creepy but not irritating, imaginative and full of interesting puzzles/solutions, plus the atmosphere is terrific. Lara's trapped in a movie theatre and there's this bad guy with a hook that keeps chasing her until she enters the film and finds a medalion that belongs to him. And so she does. She re-lives the whole "I know what you did..." story and finally brings him the medalion so she can get away. One of the best custom levels I've played." - Jorge22 (02-Nov-2007)
"Excellent level. Great atmosphere and attention to detail, even got 'scared' occasionally! Perhaps because of the large area and detail the program slowed on my machine from time to time. Secrets were not too taxing as I got them all. Overall thoroughly recommended and hope to see some more in a similar vein." - Adrian (30-Oct-2007)