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Secret of the Bermuda Triangle (Demo) by Moylen

Blue43 7 7 8 9
Daffy 8 8 9 9
DJ Full 6 7 6 7
dmdibl 7 7 9 9
eRIC 6 6 7 7
Gerty 6 6 7 7
herothing 7 8 10 9
Jay 7 8 9 9
Jerry 6 6 7 7
Jose 8 8 8 9
MichaelP 7 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
rtrger 9 6 10 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Scottie 8 8 10 9
Shandroid 7 7 8 7
TheStig 8 8 10 10
Treeble 6 6 7 7
Xela 7 7 8 9
release date: 18-Apr-2009
# of downloads: 114

average rating: 7.70
review count: 20
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file size: 26.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Demo as expected, short and non-demanding. The outside is quite good, the inside would benefit with more variety. Has a hattrick of empty secrets I didn't see yet - weird there's no bonus shotgun or a revolver while the enemies are seriously tanky. But mainly the game would benefit from an aqualung, since the ocean is vast and I drowned a couple of times trying to check for pickups. Optional." - DJ Full (12-Jul-2024)
"This demo is all that's left of this project apparently, but it's very clearly an unfinished work in progress level. I liked the atmosphere as a whole and I think this is among the hardest settings to pull off (underwater shipwrecks and caves), and you'd usually need to balance all that underwater exploring with several air pockets but fortunately oxygen was never a problem here. On the other side, there are quite a few issues at the expense of the extra customization... Lara has several new animations over her standard ones, most of which I can say I don't really care for (as usual, to be honest), but in this level when Lara pulls up from a ledge she gets broken - much like in the original TR4 game and wads after using a pole or retrieving items from pedestals - , you need to stand still for a second to reset her. I only realized this was an issue in the very last room which has you doing a few slope jumps while steering to the left, if you try and grab the edge and shimmy to line up properly, Lara will be locked out of her grabbing animation so she'll just bump her head into the wall at the end. In this room there was also a fall-through flat platform near one of the slopes because why not. Ah, I almost forgot but the version I played (straight from my archives, might have been revised since) is missing the bulkhead door wheel spinning animation, the game gets softlocked after using the three Load objects. In the walkthrough José says to just climb up the wall, which is impossible without said wheel being turned. As the scripting is only partially done, which also had me rather confused, I was free to dozy my way to the next room. 30 minutes, 3 secrets. 03/23" - Treeble (19-Mar-2023)
"This isn't bad at all for a demo. The shipwreck setting is competently made and the music from Underworld fits the setting nicely and is not too intrusive. In terms of gameplay it is pretty simple. Just keep your eyes open for keys that blend in well with the floor. There are also a few fuses and fixtures to find. I ran into a problem in that slope jump sequence near the end as Lara refused to grab a crack to continue on, so had to use the flycheat to reach the destination. The enemies were too easy to bump off as most just stood there looking gormless. Pity the full version hasn't been released though. 40 minutes spent here." - Ryan (01-Feb-2017)
"I was not as enthralled by this demo as others seemed to be. It is a great start to a larger build, don't get me wrong, but it lacks a certain passion from my viewpoint. It feels like the author sort of built themselves into a box, because of the simplistic and standard layout of the main ship (which the player spends most of their time on). The architecture and visuals themselves are pretty sweet though, conveying a sunken ship quite aptly. Lighting is also well done, and the choice of textures is appropriate. Unfortunately I can't get past the simplistic gameplay, which seems like it would get boring after a level or two. I think that the concept is strong and the talent is there, but there needs to be a little more of a push to convey originality and spark intrigue from the player--or at least from me." - Xela (25-Aug-2014)
"Yes, this is just a demo, but it is a really nice one. I was always fascinated with shipwreck levels and I have to say this one is not a disappointment. First off, I didn't find any really bad bugs or problems, except that the game crashes to the desktop when Lara dies, but that does really not happen very often, because the game play is fairly easy and rather relaxing. There is lots of swimming for long distances, but it is all easily doable, especially when one knows where to go. I did check with the walkthrough at times, but I did play in a different order, which doesn't matter, as the game is not linear. The were are couple of annoying sequences, like when Lara has to pull an underwater lever and gets hung up in a net. I am not sure if the builder wanted that, but it is completely frustrating getting stuck there and running out of air. Enemies were Hammerhead sharks, skeletons and mutated green monsters (harmless). The 2nd shark got me a couple of times, as it was very difficult getting out of the water, because Lara kept hanging up at one spot. Also, I never found the shotgun to battle the skeletons, which wasn't important anyway since they got stuck all by themselves and were easily avoided. I found the atmosphere excellent with good choice of sounds. The textures and lighting were definitely the best part of this level. Everything looked well designed and fairly realistic. Although the level is more than a year old, I still have hopes that there will be a full version released one day, as this demo has great potential. Definitely worth the download!" - Blue43 (17-Oct-2010)
"Well,the builder has improved his skills a lot since Malaysian Artifact.This level is absolutely awesome and relaxing.No timed runs, strong enemies, fustrating traps.I love playing these levels.Also the musics are very cool, TRU musics are perfect to this level.I liked the underwater content,despite you can see the wallpaper effect at some places.And I missed the secrets soo much.:( I think this is a very good level for a demo.Don't forget to try it.;)" - rtrger (20-Sep-2009)
"Demo???? Schlemo, this for sure looks like a level where the builder just ran out of ideas, what really is a shame, as the adventure was quite pleasant. Don't get me wrong there are still some nasty bugs in this level. The crashing to desktop is one, I found that very annoying, especially as this isn't the first level by this builder. Lots of this game involves swimming and luckily you can lure the hammerhead towards a dry place to get rid of them. If (and I said IF) this ever comes to a full series better pay attention to collisions of some objects, it is very irritating to swim and not to drown while trying to get to an underwater lever while a net is in front of it. There are secrets; at least the chime is there but alas, no goodies. The hunt is on for keys and they are pretty small. Then you also have to find three fuses (called load). There aren't that many enemies and I was glad that all the skeletons in my game got stuck and stayed stuck in the walls. I am in a bit of a bind, as a demo is a demo or is this indeed a level with no ending, as the level has no finishing trigger I could find. This probably never get finished like all the other demo's that are floating about." - Gerty (13-Jul-2009)
"As demos go this one is surprisingly good. You get nearly an hour of gameplay, and most of it is quite pleasant. In my version the secret chime didn't ring, and of course there were no pickups, so had it not been for Jose's walkthrough I would not have had a clue that I'd entered a secret area. However, I did check, and the secrets were added to my count each time. Most everything here is quite routine until you get to that sloped pillar room at the end. Those sequences, particularly the first one, about did me in until I found a reliable routine. (For the first sequence, stand about a half step back from the edge before making that first jump. For the second sequence, stand about a step back from the edge and jump to grab the first slope. Shimmy left before you pull up, then it's a snap to make the succeeding jumps.) And what appears to be a helpful platform in this room is just a phantom. With a little polishing, the final version could be something of a classic. I was also glad to see Lara's normal-looking feet in this level. Hope that's a trend that continues. Recommended." - Phil (12-Jun-2009)
"For a level with a 'Demo' tag,this is far longer and more polished and ambitious than you would expect. An unusual location is presented rather well,with completely appropriate 'submerged' atmosphere and occasionally creepy enemies,while the gameplay is all about hunting around dark corners and searching out well hidden rooms for various key pick-ups. It's a shame it all fizzles out with no trace of a Finish Trigger,but there's nevertheless an absorbing game to be enjoyed along the way,with much exploration in and out of the water.Give this one a go,but keep your eyes peeled!" - Orbit Dream (21-May-2009)
"The work that is here is promising. The level looks pretty good and is worth playing, but has some omissions. Lara starts out underwater with new swimming animation, and she can soon find either of two holes that lead to an air supply. She then lures the first shark to her, and shoots it, and this is true of later sharks as well. So the main problems of underwater levels--finding air and getting rid of the sharks--are taken care of. But when Lara swims back to pick up a Rusty Key the game crashed. Any exploration in this area around the Rusty Key made the level crash. Lara continues and finds the first secret, chimes sound, but there is nothing there (as with other secrets). Aside from the annoying skeletons (no shotgun), I liked this level, the setting in the derelict ship, the texturing, the creepy mutants crawling toward Lara. The tasks are to find three circuit breakers, and finally to pick up two fixtures to open the exit door. I do wish the author would make things more visible, starting with increasing the ambient lighting. All the chains that hang from the ceiling are hard to see, and at least two of the keys are hard to spot unless Lara is standing directly over them. I'm not sure if the ending sequence contains a mistake. It seemed Lara was to make hard left jumps over slanted pillars; then for the third pillar she does a jump twist, comes down backwards, grabs, and shimmies left onto a platform. But Lara refused to shimmy onto the platform. If she stands up on the slanted pillar, she won't grab again but just falls off. Then from the ground that overhead platform is no longer visible, so was it supposed to be there or not? When Lara does finally reach the end there is no finishing trigger. I hope this level is given a polishing, but after that I'd look forward to playing the series." - dmdibl (15-May-2009)
"I had to play this twice as my initial attempt was with the faulty TR4 file and Thanks to that circumstance I now probably enjoyed it more as it was smooth sailing through this demo in less than 30 minutes because I knew where to go and what to do. The ship wreck setting is nicely done and always feels fresh as we have so few of this type of level, but I really do not get why this was released prematurely. Secrets without any pickup in them, a floating texture, enemies that do not bother you... this could easily have been fixed and than released as a proper single level game vs a teaser for a presumably bigger adventure to come. Gameplay as such is the usual key & item hunt and not too hard once you get your bearings in the environment. There is one fairly long backtrack near the end though, so remember where your unused key holes are. Enemies are a few sharks that you can easily kill and a bunch of scorpions. Overall, a nice little level to play on a rainy afternoon." - MichaelP (12-May-2009)
"First of all I have to admit that I am not a fan of new Lara animations, in particular I dislike this often used hip-wiggling that appeals like Lara being in urgent need for a toilet. But I liked her outfit. Regarding the level I have to say that I don't like demos very much, and this one proves once again that levels should better be finished before releasing them. There are things that should be reworked, first of all the missing cameras. There is one room with a single skeleton, a couple of gaps in the bottom and a glass ceiling. If you try to jump over one of the gaps you suddenly find yourself one floor up standing on that glass ceiling. Scorpions seem a bit out of place in a sunken ship and apart from this their dying animation is very strange: Instead of falling down they are rushed over the floor vanishing somewhere behind Lara. The look of the ship is not bad, but a bit repetitive with more or less empty rooms and only a couple of vases scattered around. Some of the keys are quite hard to spot." - Jerry (06-May-2009)
"A level with a good idea of setting, and some good ideas along the way as you explore parts of an ocean , and several parts of a big wreck. Some things are unneccesary unfair, as some key you have to pick up is almost impossible to see, and the way you have to shift in order to enter in an opening is not only unrealistic but frustrating. The game crashed when I exited the game and there is no finish trigger. Some good objects used , and enemies that are not a threat except for the sharks ; I quite like the sfx sounds used even if one type of doors does not have any. If some texturing could have been fixed by respecting the crack mode , the setting is quite atmospheric although I 've never been absorbed into the game for some reason. It is a demo so maybe there will be more feeling of accomplishment in the full game." - eRIC (02-May-2009)
"Playing this complete demo we can expect good levels in the final version. Lara explores an area of the ocean where some wrecked ships are and find two strange artifacts between the leavings of the ships to finally open the entrance of a misterious caves. I found three secret places but nothing inside to pick up; at least could be the shotgun to deal with the skeletons later. I found the uzis too, but too late to can give them an use 'cause only skeletons were alive in that moment. The level is no-lineal but you'll not return to the same places many times. There are some interesting situations which will make you think, and the environment is appropriate for a wrecked ship. I'm waiting impatient for the final version with... more levels? (It seems that the "Wreck Of The Sea Mermaid" is only the first)" - Jose (01-May-2009)
"This demo has a lot of potential. I would have given it higher marks had it not had the problems that it had. Firstly, the atmosphere of under the sea in a shipwreck was nice, but the ship was pretty barren, although I really liked the cubed windows. There was some confusion with what keys go to what locks, but that is primarily due to me being just generally confused. Moylen also needs to work on the green lizard enemies, because although I am assuming these were supposed to be enemies, they did not hurt Lara and they were actually appearing to bow down to her. The sounds they made weren't playing well and it sounded like a broken record, so I actually felt bad killing them because they were annoying. There was a place that was difficult to get out of the water where the hammerhead comes after you after obtaining the first fixture. Lara was eaten alive just trying to get onto dry land. This demo has enormous potential to be great by fixing those things and adding some nice music. Lara looked great and her Crystal Dynamics swimming animations were very nice a realistic. I especially like the crawl she does when on the water's surface." - Shandroid (29-Apr-2009)
"A really promising start for this level here based on the demo. The enemies need some work (especially the rather cute lizard creatures which dont really do much!). Lighting, atmosphere, camera work are all very good. I did encounter a few bugs, and couldnt find the end trigger, so bare that mind if you play. Needs more polish for sure, but hey it's a demo...and an excellent executed one too! :)" - TheStig (28-Apr-2009)
"As demos go, this is quite a tasty morsel (and rather longer than most). I like sunken ship levels and this is fun, although Lara's swimming animations are somewhat distracting. The enemies are a motley bunch - the sharks are obliging enough to follow Lara so she can take her revenge upon reaching dry land, the scorpions seem an odd choice altogether, the crawling mutants are positively friendly and the skellies are as obstructive as ever. There's plenty of exploring to do - quite a bit of it underwater as you would expect - in search of keys, fuses and 'fixtures' (some of the inventory items are rather bizarrely named). I couldn't find a finishing trigger as such and had to assume the game ended in the large room accessed after placing the 'fixtures'. I also found three areas where the secret chime sounded, but, disappointingly, there was nothing to pick up, not even a golden rose. Perhaps this and the odd bug will be addressed before the full version is released - and I really, really hope the full version does get released because it should be very well worth playing." - Jay (23-Apr-2009)
"Here is a very promising demo who asks my opinion for some adjustments. To do long researches under the water to find a passage too difficult to see risk of discouraging rather well from player and I found a passage enough break head for making hang on Lara to a cornice towards the end of level (see the forum). In another way nothing to say, it is very successful on aesthetic plan and I really liked sound ambience, the gameplay is a good compromise for all player." - Daffy (23-Apr-2009)
"First a note: I played with the newer TR4 file, which one could download itself Lara is on the move in the Bermudas triangle. She investigates a wreck and few caves. And as it is just in such a way, besides, she must dive a lot, because the Bermudas triangle is, as everybody knows, a very wet area. Opponents are hammer sharks, skeletons and strange sea beings. Since they move very slowly, she can finish them without problems. This is a really good Demo with only a few little problems. Though the skeletons irritate not all too long, however, it would be better, nevertheless if Lara found the shotgun early in the game. An underwater lever is positioned a little bit unhappily, because a net hangs before it and it needs some attempts to reach the lever. There was a strange problem shortly before level ends: One must jump over four slopes to a crack and shimmy to the left. If one grab the third slant and jumps then further, the grab action does not working any more. The underwater distances are not too long, hence, there are no problems to master them. The riddles are relatively easy. If the whole level looks like the demo, this becomes certainly a highlight." - Scottie (22-Apr-2009)
"This level seemed to be very pleasing in most parts but also needs sharpening up in some sides. I though the weakest point was the enemies, especally the sharks since there was no way to kill them i dont think, next time the sharks should be removed since there is definately an unfair advantage towards them. I think the sounds and custom animations were used extremely well although i did think the swimming animation was a bit strange when i first started off. I liked the idea of starting the level underwater and working your way into land, it reminds me a bit of 40 fathoms from TR2. Well done; overall 8.5/10" - herothing (20-Apr-2009)