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Thailand Souls by Gabriel Oliveira

Blue43 6 6 7 6
Daffy 8 7 8 8
DJ Full 7 6 7 6
eRIC 7 5 5 5
Gerty 7 6 6 5
herothing 8 9 9 10
High Priestess 4 4 5 4
Jay 8 6 7 6
Jose 6 6 7 7
manarch2 4 4 5 5
MichaelP 6 5 8 6
Orbit Dream 8 6 6 5
Phil 7 6 6 6
Ryan 7 6 6 6
Scottie 8 7 9 7
SeniorBlitz 6 6 6 6
TheStig 6 6 5 7
Treeble 5 5 5 5
Xela 4 4 7 5
release date: 19-Apr-2009
# of downloads: 126

average rating: 6.20
review count: 19
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file size: 24.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"With simple shapes and debatable texturing, it would need a ton more effort to match the standard, but it's interesting already. The best is definitely the pseudo-madubic bit, likely the first time this author tried a bigger landscape. Puzzles involve detouring but never too far or too hard, so the game is digestible by everybody. Optional." - DJ Full (11-Jul-2024)
"To be blunt, the only noticeable inspiration from the Underworld level here comes as the background audio track. Otherwise this was quite uneventful and sadly not much to look at, with textures somewhat randomly placed and floating trees. I'm not sure the cause, but some of the areas kept disappearing as well, creating a weird parallax effect with the 3D horizon which was a bit vertigo-inducing during the brief moments the rooms were invisible. The fetch quests are simple and straight forward though, so there's that. 25 minutes. 06/22" - Treeble (03-Jul-2022)
"A very standard level, there are some traps and puzzles for you to do and few enemies to fight, but, not much else. The textures are somewhat crude (though there are some pleasant sites to behold sometimes). Overall it's a fine level if you want a short experience or a pastime, but don't expect much else." - SeniorBlitz (07-Dec-2017)
"Not a bad little Raid but scant medipacks unless I missed a few. Enemies consist of Ninjas but whom are easy to kill. The texture problem renders Lara standing in some sort of meadow at times as opposed to the cav she is in, making it harder to line up jumps as the scenary changes. Basically a jungle quest in search of various crystal "keys" to open gates to new areas." - High Priestess (27-May-2017)
"This isn't bad at all for a first-timer (assuming that Brazilian Croft isn't Gabriel himself, if he is, then the other reviewers are mistaken). The texturing is rather crude, with many rooms looking rather repetitive, along with a scenery-vanishing glitch, which was incredibly disorienting. Gameplay itself fares slightly better, with a fun block puzzle, slope jump sequence, a rather long-winded platforming sequence across rapids and some oddly named objects to locate. No masterpiece, but it's not terrible either. Spent 30 minutes here." - Ryan (20-Jan-2017)
"There are some potentially atmospheric areas in this level, mostly concerning water (waterfalls, river, laguna, many are used in the builder's Sanctum again), and textures are chosen decently for the areas, but on a second glance nearly every room feels very simplistically built and there are too many mistakes to keep the good impression - wallpapered parts, streched or squeezed textures, end of the world views, nonsensical architecture, a room where all textures blink in and off existance, making a slope jump sequence unnecessarily hard, and a nearly constantly playing background audio that feels a bit too much at the end. The gameplay is simple too, with a few tedious parts (the maze and the long jump sequence over the river), but at least a few ideas, smaller puzzles and platforming parts. The ninjas as enemies are absolutely misplaced here and all pickups (various gems) have Egyptian names, the object design could be more diverse overall and there are also no secrets to be found. All in all 15 mediocre minutes." - manarch2 (05-Aug-2015)
"I'm probably going to seem overly critical of this level by comparison to other reviewers, as this level irritated me thoroughly. First I should point out that it's not a terrible level: the music is easy to listen to (Underworld Thailand theme), and some of the scenery is nice to look at at a glance (I'm a sucker for tropic/island/jungle levels). The problems start once the gameplay initiates. Find 2 keys in separate, boring challenges, then open the door. Continue onto the next room and find 3 more keys in separate, boring challenge rooms to open the door. The only breakup in this routine, the rapids platforming, goes on for much too long. All of it occurs in blocky rooms that give off a sense of being hastily put together. Well, that and the numerous visual glitches, some of which actually hamper one's ability to control Lara. Textures are all over the place: some are fine and well-placed, while others look like they belong in a city level. Lighting is decent most of the time, but flares aren't provided until after all of the dark areas. In the end, all I was left with was a headache. I guess one can claim that this is a beginner's level and brush aside the straightforwardness, but I probably wouldn't give this to a newcomer of TRLE levels. It needs a lot more polish." - Xela (18-Jun-2014)
"Thailand Souls is a fairly straightforward thirty minute raid with classic game play that consists mainly of picking up gems to open doors and move into the next room and so on. There is also a little bit of climbing, some looking for concealed rooms and a simple block pushing sequence. The enemies are - and I always wonder why builders like to place them so much - ninjas and they caused a lot health loss, since they were armed with machine pistols. Luckily there weren't to many of them. I did like the relaxing sound track, which created a good atmosphere, especially the part along the white water. That was my favorite part and reminded me a little of TR3 Madubu Gorge without the kayak. The texturing was nice in some parts, and flawed in others. There were some wallpapered and stretched areas, some light gaps and in one of the last rooms (the sloped jumping area) textures were suddenly completely disappearing or just blinking in and out. Lighting was decent, although there were some really black areas when one needed flares in order to see anything at all. I thought this was a decent level, worth downloading and it will fit easily in between some of the bigger and harder levels if one needs a break. Since it is not challenging it might also be a good recommendation good for new players." - Blue43 (22-Nov-2010)
"I've played very few bad levels in my raiding career, and this isn't one of them. However, it does show the rough edges of a maiden voyage. It's also short, clocking in at just over a half hour. There are no particularly challenging moments, which means that this would be an appropriate level for a beginner to play. All is fairly linear, and I didn't experience any negative vibes until near the end. At that point, I was faced in short order with a rock-hopping sequence in a fire river that went on for entirely too long, a slope-jumping sequence where the surroundings flickered in and out (causing considerable disorientation), and a tedious block-pushing sequence that left me grumbling. Not much replay value here, but it's not a waste of time by any means." - Phil (10-Jun-2009)
"I played this debut level after the author's second release and have to say that the second one may look and feel better but the gameplay is more fun in this one. Fairly simplistic straightforward progression in search of many gems to open the doors to the respective next area. I especially enjoyed the background audio and the jumps through the rapids were entertaining. The whole texturing is a bit sloppy, at times unnecessary darkness is used to hide things and the white ninja guys seemed totally out of place here, but other than that it is a nice little raid of just over 30 minutes." - MichaelP (13-May-2009)
"OK a first level by this builder and story wise not such a bad one at that. Lots of beginner mistakes like the textures, paperthin walls and the boxy rooms. I don't care that much that the horizon is vanishing, as that is what you get with huge rooms and working with the original LE, but the strange bug that you get when you have to do the slide/jump sequence is beyond me. Also I have no idea why the gems one has to pick up, have Egyptian names. Ok changing the Script/English files can be daunting, but give it a try. Your goal is to gather quite a lot of gems and there was one door in the area with the waterfalls that didn't open for me. But I got to the finishing trigger, so that is OK. Not that much enemies and the ninja's were a bit out of order in this setting. I would give it a try anyway as it is a nice adventure." - Gerty (07-May-2009)
"Nothing difficult in this jungle level. Simple gameplay exploring the rooms to find gems, jumps or looking for switches; there\'s an easy crates puzzle at the end. Few enemies, only white ninjas, I couldn\'t find extra weapons. Very few pickups, only a pack of flares, I\'ve found a serious bug in some rooms where you can see only the horizon and all disappeared. Not a bad level." - Jose (01-May-2009)
"Not a bad start here at all with the editor. Most of the lighting is well done, and the game-play is involving (if a little linear). A few starter mistakes (like paper thin walls), do spoil the believablity in places, but all in all a great first effort" - TheStig (27-Apr-2009)
"A good first try with the editor , in a location that reminds the South pacific levels. There is still room for improvement , mainly in the looks , as there is mistakes in the design such as illegal slopes, thin wall and textures that are not well applied, a lighting which is present but that has some shadow corners that do not make sense, and finally outside areas that do not look too organic. I salute nevertheless the author to have alternated indoor and outdoor areas. The level could have had an atmospheric touch if it was not for background audios that are not natural at all. The problem with the disappearing environment at the end of the level is because of a bug with the editor (some of the rooms in the map are in the low-right corner). The enemies are only white ninjas which seem out of place in the setting. The gameplay is good and rather pleasant, the highlight being the journey with some interesting jumps along a deadly river. Keep up the good work." - eRIC (25-Apr-2009)
"What a nice little debut level this is, complete with a really haunting sound track. OK, it's obviously not the work of a master builder, but it does show great potential. The gameplay is quite well rounded and satisfying, with some delightfully sneaky little touches and the Madubu Gorge style setting is attractive. A builder to watch out for in future I think." - Jay (24-Apr-2009)
"The Gameplay for this adventure is engaging and quite absorbing,and bodes well for this first-time builder's future.A combination of fun slidy jumps,pushblock puzzles,enemy attacks,river-rapids to negotiate and a couple of quite sneaky hiding places for all-important pick-ups ensure that there is always something to keep you entertained in this hour-long linear adventure.Unfortunately,despite valiant attempts from the accompanying music,the atmosphere fails to match the highs of the gameplay.All the outdoor areas are boxy and repetetively textured,and come replete with wafer-thin walls and copious amounts of vanishing-horizon.At one point,a bizarre 'room-blanking' bug appears (not to be confused with the occasionally experienced 'black-out', with which many players will be familiar)which severely detracts from a slidy-jump sequence;and stretched and compressed textures abound. This is,of course,no big deal in a builders first level;but if rather more time had been expended on the construction of the surroundings then this would have been a first-class little adventure. As it is,it's a fun experience and a good debut; but rather rushed and scrappy around the edges." - Orbit Dream (21-Apr-2009)
"Lara is on the move in Thailand and investigates various ruins near a river. She needs coloured precious stones to open doors. It lasts about 40 minutes, until she has found the requested artifact. There are a few Baddies as opponents. This level is really good for a first work. However, there are a few restrictions: There are at one place massive problems with the textures. They disappear suddenly and as suddenly they are there again. This is very disagreeable, because Lara must jump about several slopes. Furthermore there are some dark places and one finds flares. Now and again one can also see stretched textures and paper-thin walls. But apart from that, this is a well built and textured level with good sound and small weaknesses in the lighting." - Scottie (20-Apr-2009)
"This level was excellent in many aspects, the level was started skating down a ledge, very original, followed by Lara landing in a beautiful type of Oasis style place. Almost immedately after this excellent sunny beach we take a visit downwards into what looks more like a caretakers office, i thought that the level should be held more in the Oasis, it would have given the level a nicer twinge and people would enjoy it more. I thought the high point was the Lighting and Textures since they were top notch and i didnt really have any problems at all with them, they look very artistic and set the scene very well. Overall 9/10" - herothing (20-Apr-2009)
"I think that it is necessary to encourage the new constructors, they will be is possible be the big of tomorrow. This level sulphurs some errors of beginners but does not lack ideas. Course without being difficult is varied enough and decoration is promising. The talent of the constructor checks the nose off in this level, I would bet readily that it will be more seen to his fellow." - Daffy (20-Apr-2009)