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To Coastal City by Joel

Andzia9 2 2 3 3
Cory 3 3 4 4
Daffy 3 3 4 5
DJ Full 6 6 6 7
Gerty 5 4 5 5
herothing 3 7 7 6
Jay 5 5 4 5
Jose 6 4 4 5
manarch2 5 4 4 6
Mert 5 5 5 4
MichaelP 6 4 6 4
Minox 5 5 5 5
Orbit Dream 4 3 4 4
Oxy 7 5 8 7
rtrger 5 4 3 4
Ryan 5 5 4 5
Scottie 5 5 4 6
SeniorBlitz 5 4 4 5
Treeble 5 5 5 5
release date: 07-May-2009
# of downloads: 101

average rating: 4.70
review count: 19
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file size: 24.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"You get a trap sequence and a jeep drive in this simple and generally imperfect yet enjoyable beginning of a now full-scope author. Mind some permastuck points, otherwise there's not much to speak about here. You can try it for an appetizer before something greater." - DJ Full (24-Jun-2024)
"A debut level from a (then) young builder. Not much of a looker and a number of issues are present, yes, but I think the trap sequences were well thought out, all things considered. Not so much the break-away floor bridge near the beginning as that could result in a stuck situation without you even realizing, but I found myself reloading rather often so the setups were good enough in my opinion. It's most unfortunate how every door relies on jump switches, when exactly that animation is missing from the wad so you get to witness a floating still Lara every other minute. 10 minutes. 07/22" - Treeble (03-Jul-2022)
"It is kind of a "meh" level. There isn't much to it since it is very short." - SeniorBlitz (01-Mar-2018)
"Now, here's a level for those who are fond of trap-filled gameplay rather than complex puzzles. As Michael mentioned, it's very much in the vein of Run Lara Run in that there's rarely a moment to pause for breath. Environments are nothing breathtaking and there were a couple of texturing glitches and jarring jumpswitch animations that could have been prevented, but it's a pretty hectic experience lasting around 15 minutes." - Ryan (06-Dec-2017)
"Simple but fun level. Gameplay was mostly about avoiding traps. You get to use the Quadbike as well. Textures were okay but the plattforms were moving together with the lava in the beginning. It lasts approximately 15-20 minutes so it can be played any time." - Mert (23-Apr-2017)
"Fairly short level with many traps, not very well textured. The animation of the levers is not good, otherwise sympathetic level." - Minox (20-Mar-2017)
"A sometimes tricky level with a high number of traps that longs 20 minutes. Textures were OK, nothing really bad here. Quad ride was of course nice, but the game is too ordinary for me." - manarch2 (17-Dec-2010)
"This one has frustrated me. A level with traps and hard jumps is okay for me, but these things combined with bugs are never lead to good. On the bright side, the texturing isn't that bad, and the author placed good quality objects in the game. Nice traps placed throughout the level. Maybe someone will have fun with this one, I couldn't." - rtrger (07-Jun-2010)
"This is a first of this builder and he forgot to use the revised WADs or got the wrong animation that goes with it, as you can see when Lara uses the jump levers. For the rest it is an 18 minutes travel through very empty spaces full of fallen debris and traps to get the keys to the quad bike. Finding one gem and numerous jump levers Lara finally reaches the end. There are the"normal" beginners mistakes, like paperthin walls, an invisible block in front of doors, and textures could use some TLC. The lights are pretty bright, but most of the action is outdoors." - Gerty (06-Jun-2009)
"There are many defects in this level, like the solid ledges and walls moving like water, wrong animation for the pulling jumpswitches, paper walls, ilegal slopes, missed sounds... But I liked the design with some good ideas like the breakable tile before the crawlspace with the spike trap below or some tricky traps like the rolling boulder in the corridor. So don't you think that it will be very easy to play this creation, full of traps although few enemies and some dangerous jumps. There are a quad too to take a ride. Backgroud music is not very appropriate and the level is a bit short, but good attemp!" - Jose (25-May-2009)
"I really enjoyed this little 15 minute gauntlet, much in the tradition of the classic 'Run Lara Run' from so many years ago. Yes ok - it has some technical issues that really should have been ironed out before releasing it to the public - like the firm floor that waves along with the lava pool, the wrong animation when pulling a jump switch and a few wrongly placed doors causing the invisible block behind them (split rooms to avoid this!) - but none of them really prevent you from progressing further. There is even a Quad bike to ride for a little while and it was fun to run over that poor warthog that got stuck at the top of a small hill there. Some good ideas here and nice action packed sequence, but take your time to polish up the work before your next level release." - MichaelP (12-May-2009)
"I really want to see the positive quoting of things and I could note in this level some interesting points, some good ideas and delicate passages in negotiated, baby take for a walk quad for lara there. Unfortunately this level is too much court and the too simplistic gameplay. He asks in more quite a lot of corrections to be finalised. Some more job within sight for the author but I encourage him to continue." - Daffy (09-May-2009)
"This is quite a well devised little assault course of a level from this new young builder. It does have some glaring errors of the newbie builder (including a very odd looking jump switch animation), but whilst it lasts it's quite an exhilarating experience, with some nice traps to avoid and a short ride on the quad bike. Definitely a promising start." - Jay (09-May-2009)
"Well well, the level building community has got younger generation. A 13-year-old boy from Poland has delivered his level debut. And of course it cannot everything always work out with the debut, but the level builder is already on the right way. Only he should get for his next level tester aboard. These testers would have pointed out the many mistakes in this level. One hear music in the hole level, but the sound for the most actions is absent. The jump to the Jump-Switch is faulty animated. In the long room with the hot water not only the water is animated, but also the places which one can enter safely. The level itself is well built and the textures are applied cleanly. The lighting is OK. The skeletons and a few wild boars are no problem, because Lara finds the Shotgun with which she can shot the skeletons into a hole. Moreover, she can leave behind most opponents in the journey with the buggy. Result: For a debut level quite passable, it could have been worse" - Scottie (08-May-2009)
"Now, as I am a 13 year old builder as well, my review might be harsher than some others. A very short first level, spanning roughly 10 minutes. You start off in an adrenaline pumping room, that would have looked quite nice, if it had been lit and if the blocks weren't floating with the water. The falling blocks didn't work as well as the builder may have hoped. If you, like me, sprinted across the blocks to get the gem, you can't get back again (unless I missed something). After around 3 minutes in the lava area, which was very hard to look at, I found myself in a series of 'caves' and pathways. After a boulder run, which was the high point of the game for me, I found some keys and a door seemingly needing a key. Now, I have never used the coastal wad, but I thought that if a door had a keyhole, it needed a key. So I tried to enter the key I found on the floor, to no avail. So make sure you look out for jump levers, even if they are horrifically animated. The gameplay stayed the same for most of the level; find a lever, open a door. This was interuppted with a very nice bike ride, however, this too led to a lever opening a door. This needed a ladder climb and some jumps to reach it though. The level then ends soon after. Overall, not a bad level, though a bit more effort needed in applying the textures and you need to add some lighting. The gameplay needs some creativity other than 'find a lever, open a door'. Other than that, not a bad first attempt, keep at it!" - Cory (08-May-2009)
"Short and easy level. I quess this is your first custom, but there is still lot work to do. First, animation with using jump switches. Second, no sounds. Only music and that's all. Third, above doors are holes. This is not good looking. Besides, nice textures. Some objects are very well hidden, and eyes must very wide open. Not bad at all." - Andzia9 (08-May-2009)
"A very neat debut level. I thought you had some very good ideas to make this level although i wouldnt say it was a coastal level. I liked the choice of music at the title screen which i believe comes from Fort Boyard. I thought the falling planels were well placed but could get very annoying at times. The puzzles and gameplay were not so good,however , i didn't know how to reach the jump switch so i resulted using the DOZY cheat which still didnt work so i dont know what happened there. Keep up the good work, this is very promising. Overall - 5.75/10" - herothing (08-May-2009)
"This is nice and enjoyable level, created by young builder. Rooms are quite simple, bright and nice textured. Music is very encouraging (made me running away). Lara must cross Lava River, bridges and ceiling are collapsing, she must avoid from skeletons, spikes, rollingbals and fire, jump to switches - game-play (approximately 20-30 minutes) is easy, linear, a few long jumps, mastering the death traps and quadbike drive. Her friend Ray is waiting for her in Coastal city. I specially liked the flowers in the end, this added nice atmosphere. Also Title fly-by has very nice music. :-)" - Oxy (08-May-2009)
"As far as gameplay is concerned,this is fine for as long as it lasts - which is about 15 minutes.You experience the annoying 'collapsible tile predicament' in the very first room (i.e. if you collapse them all,you're stuck);but it improves markedly after that,with a fun series of little gauntlets and a speedy bike-ride Finale.Texturing is somewhat rough around the edges,while lighting is non-existent.It's the animations which really let it down,though.Lara freezes while pulling hang-levers (why mess about with her animations in the first place,particularly if it's your first level?)and the usual non-betatested error of 'moving surfaces next to water' greets you at the very start. For a debut it's not too bad; but I advise this young builder to have his next level properly tested.If he can manage that,while maintaining the enjoyable gameplay experienced herein,then he'll be on to something." - Orbit Dream (08-May-2009)