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Cain on the Bus by Cain

Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
Daffy 2 3 2 4
DJ Full 0 3 0 3
eTux 3 3 3 3
Gerty 1 1 1 1
herothing 3 2 1 0
Jay 2 4 2 2
Jonson 1 4 1 3
Jose 2 1 1 2
MichaelP 3 4 3 3
Orbit Dream 1 4 1 2
Ryan 1 2 1 2
Scottie 3 4 2 4
Sethian 4 3 0 0
Spike 1 1 0 2
release date: 01-Jul-2009
# of downloads: 117

average rating: 1.98
review count: 15
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file size: 18.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Shooter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I'm beginning to think that, in a very odd but fitting way, Cain is the Donald Trump of the TRLE world. Allow me to explain: This level isn't bad. In fact, unlike Cain's usual garbage, this has some exploration, platforming, and even a semi-challenging puzzle: activating all 5 switches as giant eagle-headed Guardians stomp towards you that you only realize after many failed attempts must be dealt with one at a time, or else too many of them will squish you into a corner and kill you. The only major flaw to this semi- entertaining romp is that it looks awful, as is to be expected of Cain. But here's the thing: other reviewers are commenting on how this is a travesty and unplayable due to some of the trolling challenges he places into our path. Well, I'm very sorry, but I've played some top-scoring LE levels by big-name-builders where those exact same reviewers gush over how amazing the level was, how it truly challenged them, and how they themselves are the idiots running around like confused headless chickens, but definitely not the God-like- builder. The only difference of course (besides the obvious popularity contest) is that a high-scoring-big-name-builder will spend an eternity meticulously crafting a beautiful environment, which will blind us to inane and ridiculous gameplay (or lack thereof). Cain does no such thing – he slaps together a few pieces of crap and calls it - art'. But, at the same time, he does actually put some type of thought into his gameplay setups – as deranged as that thought might be. So, to sum up: whether Trump does something right or something wrong, it is always WRONG because it is Trump. In the same way, whether Cain does something right or something wrong, it is always WRONG because it is Cain." - Sethian (28-Dec-2020)
"I never saw a single bus in here, but Lara did manage to get a couple of jeep rides, which I suppose was the next best thing. I don't think I have to elaborate too much on Cain's levels by now as other reviewers have really said it all. You again get a bewildering array of enemies and the sort of obligatory vehicle hit and run sequence in some rather boring and bland surroundings, and it's all over after about half an hour." - Ryan (08-Apr-2019)
"Do I really need to say any more? I've already reviewed a significant amount of Cain's other levels(at time of writing), and its not like he's showing any real signs of improvement whatsoever after all this time. So, much like what I've said a million times beforehand, I would not recommend this to anyone and I doubt this general outlook will change for the last couple of releases that I have yet to check out from the builder in question. Moving on..." - Ceamonks890 (04-Dec-2014)
"In this level Cain tries to improve graphic quality of his world. Paradoxically, it results in making his custom less amusing. Everything is covered in boring, cold colours. The level lasts only for half an hour, but you finish it tired and with a feeling of emptiness. The only thing I like is a round, see-through grille, allowing you to notice two dinos wander beneath it and prepare to fight awaiting you. This was a real little gem... in the middle of pure boredom. It's not worthy to play this level if you only wanna see that place. It takes too much time to get there and really, if you have something better to do, don't lose this precious time for playing this custom. SUMMARY: I've played 8 pieces of Cain so far and I had fun till today. This custom is the only one level from this author (and the only one from all I reviewed) that I CAN'T recommend anyone. Stay away!" - DJ Full (30-Jul-2010)
"This being the last Cain level I've got left to review, I wonder if I should've prepared a speech or something of that sorts? All I can say is that I seem to have saved the best for last. Sometimes it's easy to underrate a Cain level merely for it's intrinsic Cain-iness, and it seems a lot of people have done that here, as despite myself I thought this was one of his better efforts. The looks are still far from memorable, with the textures being applied rather repetitively, but I don't remember that many stretched ones, meaning they were least of all kept to a minimum and the environment as a whole didn't look that much worse if not even better than some beginner's effort. Some signs of gameplay in form of using the jeep to get up ramps, a number of jumps to master and items to collect (the one for getting the hand of Orion probably had the most complicated setup in a Cain level I've seen) also set this apart from the majority of his other efforts, and while there still is at least one maze here, thankfully it's a small one. And as far as the enemies go - I find it hard to believe that someone still tried to make it through fair and square by this point in his career? I might not go as far as actually recommending this level, but if you only play one Cain level (and one will be plenty, rest assured) I'd pick this one." - eTux (13-Aug-2009)
"Wouldn't it be apt to translate the title: Cain on a killing spree? As that is what is expected and that is what you do. Oops, forgot the running, as you just can't kill them all. Cain equals triggering an enemy (forgot, this must be plural) on every damn tile the girl walks, dressed in jeans and a soave top with matching earrings" - Gerty (07-Jul-2009)
"How many enemies can be placed in a level? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? Don't worry how many guns or ammo you have; in this level you'll have to escape from the enemies 'cause they appear and appear continuosly from every tile. As usual in this author, only a serie of empty boxes interconnected, some levers to pull and thousands of huge enemies to shoot. Some rides with the jeep and nothing more." - Jose (06-Jul-2009)
"I too much do not like to speak ill of a level because I know that it represents quite a lot of working time for the author and any job respects itself whatever is result. Unfortunately I really got bored with this level. I recommend to the author to look at what make other constructors, it could help him to improve the gameplay of its future levels." - Daffy (05-Jul-2009)
"With Cain gets the sentence "To have a thick shooter" an absolutely new meaning. And as usual with Cain Lara is bothered constantly by hordes of opponents. And as usual with Cain there are only one what one must make: Fire all over the place until the doctor arrives. Or capitulate to the opponents hordes and flee. And as usual Cain has never heard somewhat of rationally built rooms. But, at least, one gets of the textures no more ocular cancer. And the idea which one has to drive with a jeep through a maze can even come from Cain. And to fight against an opponent who stands on the same high, but only one Square wide column like Lara, is also not so easy. Here of course one can award no high points. But with the Levels of Cain it goes for me like with the Godzilla movies from Japan: They are quite goofy and the achievement of the actors is subterranean. But, nevertheless, I find the movies simply first-class, just Trash of the finest one. And the same one is valid for Cain. In this sense: Switch off the Brain and have fun!! Happy Raiding." - Scottie (03-Jul-2009)
"There I had been thinking that although there hadn't been many levels released of late, what we had been given had been excellent. 'Quality is preferable to quantity' I said to myself. And then along came Cain. Ah well, you can't win 'em all. This is a typical Cain production - huge, grotesque enemies and not very much of anything else at all. I never saw a bus, but Lara did get to do a bit of jeep driving - does that count? Really only one for diehard reviewers and Cain aficionados (and I dare say there are some of those around, because despite the shortcomings of his levels, they are undeniably different)." - Jay (03-Jul-2009)
"Look,just use DOZY,ok?That way you can sail around,happily blowing the plethora of enemies to smithereens.There's nothing else to see or do,but (as usual) Cain's choice of baddies is occasionally amusing.30 minutes,and it's all over." - Orbit Dream (03-Jul-2009)
"Cain's new level. It's not necessary to say more, because I'm sure anybody knows the kind Cain build his levels. Some rooms with reams of enemies and bad lighting. This is the atmosphere the author presents us usually. But maybe Cain has now lerned the rational handling with the leveleditor. If you play this level you will find the answer: No! Stretched textures, reams of enemies, no statics, no rational gameplay. You just ran around, kill enimies and drive the jeep. So in the end: Cain is one of those levelbuilder, who made a name for theirselves without building good rated levels. 30 minutes." - Jonson (03-Jul-2009)
"Ermm...well, i would have said that this is promising if it was a debut level, but seeing as it is not, all i can do is tell you how bad it was. The gameplay was fairly appalling, i either missed the bus or there wasnt one and it didnt really have any story to it, lighting was o.k but the texturing let you down as they were used too many times, they were stretched, quished and twisted etc. The atmosphere was o.k, there wasnt much too it though, sound was generally o.k, to score more for sound add music in or change the default sounds maybe. Overall it was...ok. Grade = E+" - herothing (02-Jul-2009)
"I never actually ran into a bus, but in terms of running into other enemies, this level may be a record, even by Cain standards. Lots of oversize enemies around and in several areas they keep coming back, so you cannot actually ever kill them all but have to just run for it. Aside from the shoot out, you get a fairly obvious course to follow, a few jumps and several jeep rides. There is even one room with ever the slightest hint of gameplay, as you need to jump to a roof, from there to an opening where you find a hand that you can place back in the room where you started. Impressive, eh? 40 minutes." - MichaelP (01-Jul-2009)
"Another level already, Cain? You do spoil us FAR too much. As far as this level goes, it's basically Cain by numbers - poor visuals, poor gameplay and lots (and lots...and lots) of enemies. This does however add up to a wonderful classic-Cain adventure in it's own little disturbingly psychotic kind of way, which is more than can be said for most custom levels. That said, I do still feel compelled to give him such low scores overall, despite his clear intentions of creating such a wonderfully entertaining adventure. Indeed." - Spike (01-Jul-2009)