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Akakor - The City Of Gold by Vinipeix

DJ Full 5 8 6 7
dmdibl 4 8 9 8
Gerty 2 6 4 6
herothing 2 5 3 6
Jose 3 6 4 6
manarch2 3 6 4 7
MichaelP 4 7 8 7
Ruben 2 5 6 7
Ryan 3 6 5 7
sonnyd83 7 10 7 10
release date: 10-Jul-2009
# of downloads: 122

average rating: 5.73
review count: 10
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file size: 59.08 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Oof this is terribly disorganized. I couldn't learn the map, I saw gated spots everywhere, often I didn't know what to do because of lack of hints or wrong/missing sounds. Some triggers have no use, some switches don't have a trigger so I thought I did things but I didn't. Some triggers are broken so eventually you hit the point when there's still a ton of things around you yet nothing is possible and you wonder "is that it, or should I search more". You can take a look at this level but it's not healthy to solve it until the build is finished, which I hope happens since the setting is nice (except from lighting of course) and the story seems interesting." - DJ Full (21-May-2024)
"What a shame to see so much potential go to waste! The textures and the way some of the objects are used show definite promise and make this (one presumes) alien ship environment look really attractive and sleek. But the gameplay is so riddled with glitches that it's actually impossible to complete legitimately. It does progress relatively smoothly for about 45 minutes until invisible blocks start hinder the gameplay and the "alternate" ending has a looping flyby, so there's no way to get further (backed up by the walkthrough). I thought that the FMVs (which worked perfectly fine in my game) were neat additions, but overall I can't recommend this in its present state. It's a great shame though, with more effort and testing it could have been really good." - Ryan (09-Apr-2019)
"I'm totally agree with another reviewers; this level wanted to be an ambicious project as everybody can see in the design with the new objects, textures and fmvs; but it seems that something happened to the author and he prematurely abandoned the project. Not bad the architecture and texturization, few enemies and even not a background music to create atmosphere or some camera hints to help players. When placing the Ocular I had to appeal to the Windows Task Manager. A pain." - Jose (25-Aug-2017)
"It's somewhat hard to score this debut level, since this level obviously wasn't tested (even not by the builder himself) and thus many, many bugs occur that make this level impossible to finish. I managed to "trick" the game a few times by its own bugs, e.g. I could pick up one star secret from an invisible pedestal, and actually the eternal flyby that kicks in after using the ocular can be stopped. But since nothing important happens the game ends at this point, which really is a shame, especially since one can see the builder has done serious efforts in this level concerning custom textures, objects and even some nice FMVs (unluckily not visible in-game), progression in this level has a few clever moments and the whole storyline really cried for being concluded. Of course, not everything in the "playable" part of this level is so nice and sweet, camera guidance is completely missing in this game as well as audio tracks and several action sounds. The gameplay has a few rather unfair moments, like placing a key on a radar (?), some nastily placed fixed cameras, the ark as a replacement for the wraith extinguisher being as well obscure as the only situation where the torch is actually needed (though a clever idea). Too many of the doors have invisible walls in front of them and on one occasion one cannot pull out a pushable because of the door collision, which is one reason for this level not being finishable. And lastly another personal issue - the bluish atmosphere that is too much repeating after a while and thus I was more de- than impressed by it. All in all this level makes the appearance of a beta version that never got enough care to justifiedly see the light of the day. Found two secrets in 45 minutes." - manarch2 (21-May-2013)
"I'm not sure why this level has got such a low rating, since the textures are really nice and objects mostly seem to be custom made and work very well together - this is the aspect of the level that stands out the most. I thought it would be set in ancient ruins judging by the title, but is set in what looks to be a museum, and has a very sci fi feel to it, there's plenty of sci fi effects such as floating orbs and electric arcs. The beginning of the level has a pyramid in the middle of the room, and it isn't clear on what to do, I had to consult the walkthrough. You have to press some buttons after shooting a panel. From there on in, it mostly consists of collecting a number of keys and items to proceed, and pressing a few buttons, whilst avoiding enemies such as wraiths, ahmets, little monsters, and beetles. There's a couple of timed runs. The lighting is ok but not that well done in some places. You can walk through one of the walls too. It did crash on me when jumping after second timed run so can't proceed to the end sadly but I've judged on what i have seen. I feel if this were tested and had more gameplay variety then it'd be much more memorable. There's some video sequences too but 2 of them don't work within the game. The title one is really professional looking, the second too are animated so you'll either love them or hate them. I hope this author produces another level (preferably tested) as it's such a waste of talent if they don't." - sonnyd83 (06-May-2012)
"How to score an incomplete piece of work? I, for one, am very greatful that dmdibl went through the effort of creating the walkthrough that answers all the questions you will inadvertantly run into. With that help, what I got out of this adventure is 45+ minutes of rather decent net gaming time. Well ok, I had to watch the cute FMVs separately, as ingame all I had was a back screen (and I did not understrand a word as my Portuguese is rather non-existent), but play flows fairly nicely after a slow start with a bit of crawling. You get to find and push a series of buttons, find and use a series of keys, admire a number of nice custom objects, get chased by a few wraiths, even master a short timed run and solve a torch puzzle of sorts. Until it comes to an abrupt stop, when invisble blocks get in the way of things and a pushable cannot be moved through a just opened door. A pity, as this is a decent adventure as is and it would have been nice to see it come to a proper ending... but as we really tried to contact the author and failed, I guess we will not be seeing it - given it is more than two years now since the original and premature release of this game." - MichaelP (08-Sep-2011)
"Only thing I can say that this level is not properly tested. It is full of bugs and that is really a pity as it is quite original. Also I couldn't end it as I got stuck with the pushable objects and I just ditched it there and then. Reading the walkthrough I was almost at the end. Lighting was rather bland and it could use more camera hints as I've been running around like a headless chicken at times. There are some timed runs (for a reset, use the button twice), walkthrough walls and what I had to do with the torch is still a mystery as you could use it to get more light but you couldn't take it with you at every place you visited." - Gerty (25-Feb-2011)
"Created by a talented builder, an alien world that is often compelling in its futuristic vision, with design work that makes one forget the limits of Tomb Raider. And yet this level was abandoned while it still contained game stopping bugs. These include game crashes, pushable objects that permanently lock in place, unbreakable fly-bys, and invisible blocks in front of doors when the blocks should have lowered. If Lara can't push an object to its trigger tile, the game is over. Forum posts indicate that players were forced to quit when two pushables froze in a hammer room, and I encountered the same impasse. This may have been halfway through the level, or three-quarters of the way through--it is impossible to say. Far more prevalent than game destroying bugs, are the many places that show a complete lack of concern for the player. These include infuriating red beetles that, if loosed, continue to plague Lara throughout the bottommost level. To escape the beetles, Lara must first crawl, but she refuses to crawl in a crawlspace. She crawled into this room, but she will not reverse direction to go out of it. The solution is to use the crawlspace roll; this allows Lara to penetrate what seems an invisible barrier. There are few camera clues to guide players. The author has crafted his own world, with a unique vision, so it isn't always clear what to do, but it is rare indeed to get any hint. At a moment when players think play is going well, Lara may discover that the author is using walk-through walls. Using the revolver, Lara shot grates in a hallway lined with beds and nothing happened. A forum post said that these where shootable. Lara went back and shot the grates repeatedly and suddenly they broke. A major, constant complaint would be the poor lighting. An alien complex or ship should be brightly lit, but here the lighting is so bad that anyone with an older CRT monitor will feel continually handicapped. Maybe Lara is supposed to carry a torch everywhere, but that just restricts her actions. Timed buttons act flaky because they need to be reset with a double push, and there is never any clue that they are timed. Clearly there has been no beta testing. When Lara encounters a secret object, it is placed even with the floor, rather than at a height that allows it to be taken with the crowbar. Four of these objects are needed to open a door, so it is impossible to ever complete that task. Wraiths drain Lara of health, and it is a lucky player who discovers that a sort of 'Lost Ark of the Covenant' is a substitute owl statue. Yet for all its problems there is plenty of original work here. One example is a trap with a fuse in a chamber. When Lara enters, a force field seals it, she floats in air, while the oxygen is sucked out of the chamber. Annoying, but clever. The game is almost schizophrenic in its split between novice mistakes and high quality. I would have put up with everything, and played this to the end if the author hadn't made that impossible. It is regrettable the author could not find anyone to assist in resolving technical issues. He has never responded to any queries. In its current state, it is hard to recommend this level." - dmdibl (16-May-2010)
"Ermm, i dont really see the point of this level, i see a few inaccesible rooms that i can't get into and i just thing the level is a shamble overall, the only decent thing in my opinion was the lighting and textures which were moderately ok. Gameplay was quite poor and puzzles were boring, atmosphere was very bland and cameras were quite annoying. I have nothing else to say. Grade = D++" - herothing (16-Jul-2009)
"No one dares ? No comments yet ? Well I do taking all the blame on myself once this builder will reveal his purpose on this issue ! Other builder have (and still do ) use the inconveniences and faults in the TRLE engine itself to enhance the difficulty in gameplay but here it has been taken far beyond its limits . Some of our very best top gun players have had a go on this one and despaired due to the horrifying gameplay with endless bugs and frozen screens. I am still not all all sure if this was the maker`s intention as for sure it is possible to build in an inaccessible block and also to remove it by completing some secret tasks in order to restore gameplay. The amount of obvious bugs I saw in this game so far however leads me to another conclusion : This game has never been properly tested although the idea behind it could have made it a top class TRLE issue . As the builder denies himself for any enquieries and even help for us players it is understood my rating stands alone for now . So far one of the most annoying TRLE adventures I have ever come across. Teach me real wisdom once this nightmare of a gameplay has either been sorted or put into the bin. I would be a very happy man to amend my rating and apologise to a possible master builder ." - Ruben (14-Jul-2009)