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Revenge by Candylicious

bERT 1 2 1 2
Blue43 1 3 1 2
Ceamonks890 1 2 1 2
Daffy 2 2 3 4
DJ Full 1 3 1 5
eRIC 1 3 0 3
Gerty 1 2 1 1
herothing 2 3 4 5
Jay 2 4 2 2
Jose 1 2 1 1
Leeth 2 2 2 2
manarch2 1 2 1 2
MichaelP 2 4 3 1
Mulf 1 2 1 1
Orbit Dream 1 2 1 2
Oxy 1 2 1 3
Ryan 1 2 2 2
Scottie 1 2 1 2
Selene 1 2 1 2
Torry 1 2 3 3
Treeble 1 2 1 2
Zhyttya 1 1 1 1
release date: 01-Sep-2009
# of downloads: 103

average rating: 1.83
review count: 22
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file size: 16.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Shooter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Michael should do some better vetting before publishing levels by authors who definitely need to take some anger management course. Calling your level Revenge and starting the level with an insane amount of ammo pick-ups definitely points at psychopathic behaviour, lol. Well, that's how it starts basically, so you are warned that an action packed extravaganza lies ahead. A lot of enemies to be killed either by your regular weapons or by using your sidecar as a road kill terror vehicle. Weird things happening at the end as she does not make the swimming sound whilst swimming but the drop sound apparently. No finish trigger here so either a gruesome drowning death for you or you just standing there waiting for Godot in the room with that pool." - bERT (02-Jun-2024)
"I'm a bit biased towards this level for two reasons: the TRA assets (both outfit and I'm gonna guess the Egypt textures), and Sophia Leigh. Everything else feels like we've seen and done a thousand times before, unmarked climbable walls, lots of objects cluttered around, but also massive and empty rooms, as you zoom from one area to the next shooting a lot of centaurs and Sophias. Sophia seems to work better than she did in my level. 5 minutes. 03/23" - Treeble (26-Mar-2023)
"Three pointless minutes killing Sophia clones and centaurs with the revolver and the motorbike. Nuff said." - Torry (08-Oct-2019)
"Yeah, this is just another notch on my belt, and I really only drop in to suggest that if you're looking for a worthy follow-up to the exhilarating experience that is Edward Orhue's Section 13, you will be much better served with Alex Chap's Escape from the Military Base (the original, not the remake)." - Mulf (15-Jan-2018)
"Well, it is an improvement, appearance-wise, over Candylicious' previous effort. There's also an addition of a motorbike ride. That said, the mindless shooter aspects still remain. You get an overly large surplus of revolver ammo with which to combat the armies of Sophias (more than one) and centaurs. No finish trigger that I could find and what is with that noise when Lara swims?" - Ryan (04-Feb-2017)
""I have 2 find Sophia!" You encounter right at the first area! Guess it should have ended there...but wait! Sophia has twins! Find the buggy twins, kill centaurs, drive ALWAYS FORWARD - if you don't drive always forward, you'll end up in an 'impossible to leave' room...and you can't find her twins. When you do find the twins, close the game by yourself, as there is no ending trigger. The End." - Zhyttya (17-Feb-2016)
"An action passed level full of enemies, a really nice vehicle to use and a really nice slope from witch you can shoot guys while you slide! 10/10 IGN! It has a really nice longevity since it has no end and it is a bit harder that most game's since it's been a day and the end bosses are still alive. Now on the serious note, it was a short but fun level but really needs to put more effort on to it" - Leeth (17-Feb-2016)
"While a slight improvement from the builder's last release in terms of texturing and lighting effects initially, this level quickly begins to devolve into another pointless, boring shooter that has you attempting to kill off Sophia Lee yet again(and I swear this woman has become about as resilient as Natla was in the LAU trilogy, in terms of coming back from the dead.) But anyway, if you didn't happen to enjoy 'Assault', then this level will ultimately do little to change your general outlook on the builder in question, with a lot of the same mistakes as the aforementioned release being practically intact here as well, on top of a number of new issues(such as missing sound effects and objects floating in mid-air unconvincingly). So overall, cannot be recommended whatsoever." - Ceamonks890 (10-Jan-2015)
"It's incredible that I have missed this masterpiece of level design... or rather: another poor quality game not worth a single look. The textures in the very first rooms are somewhat decent, but the builder quickly lost interest in that and applied them without any special care, and there were many missing ones, while the lighting slightly improves from non-existent (in the first rooms) to randomly, but at least somewhat different towards the end. The "tasks" you have to do in this level are: shooting and driving the bike. It can be ever so slightly fun, but never gets beyond the "I hope it won't be longer than five minutes"-type of gameplay. To keep it short, it doesn't, but that's about the only benefit of this not recommendable game." - manarch2 (23-Mar-2014)
"Although decently textured at the start,this little shooter rapidly descends into another "couldn't care less" mindless,yet undeniably comical,4 minute killing spree (Sophia's cry at her point of departure of this mortal coil is always entertaining);while the level builder was clearly of the impression that Edward Orhue's "Section 13" represented the highest pinnacle of gameplay aspiration! Rather fun,all the same." - Orbit Dream (08-Jan-2011)
"Gameplay comprises of proceeding from one room to another, and puzzles don't exist, but, as long as the level is not about gameplay or puzzles, I don't mind. Good textures and average lighting create fine atmosphere. Objects are another strong advantage, even if the statues float in the air (I can see this is intended). And I just like running over the centaurs to hear this specific, funny neigh when they die. I dislike the misplaced sounds only. SUMMARY: Just a 5-minute shooter, but nicely done. Not recommended for those who are looking for something epic, but perfect for a short break." - DJ Full (15-Oct-2010)
"Pick up a revolver and some ammo, shoot a couple of Centaurs, pots and Sophia clones (which keep re-spawning). A quick bike ride where one can also run over some enemies. The first room is decently decorated but after that it's just plain nothing. Some stretched textures and some different colored lights - that's it. Only to be played if you really have nothing else to do or need a quick break from a big custom level as it is over in about 5 minutes or so." - Blue43 (11-Oct-2010)
"Nothing interesting in this level. It seems that it was builded in an hour or two. No puzzles, no cameras, no musics, no sounds for the bike... Pick up some ammo and the revolver and shoot centaurs and Sophias; a small ride with the bike and nothing more. You can play it in few minutes." - Jose (23-Oct-2009)
"This is quite a step up from the builder's last offering in terms of graphical enhancements.and there's even a short bike ride thrown in for good measure. Sadly this is where half-decent stops. The Sophia fetichism that we saw in the last level escalates and this time she's accompanied by a pack of Atlantean mutants that have a tendency of popping out of thin air. Other than picking up the revolver and the copious amounts of belonging ammo in the very first room the things you can do are held to an absolute minimum. The builder has even managed to compromise the enjoyment of the short bike ride as an utterly miserable camera angle and a severe lack of decent lighting makes the simple act of maneouvering the bike across a ledge much harder than it normally would be. That combined with the fact that I didn't realize there was no finishing trigger were the only reasons that this took me more than three minutes to complete. For the next time it would be nice if the builder could put more time and effort into actually building a level than we as players spend getting through this one." - Selene (19-Oct-2009)
"Apart to kill enemies, he has there a little make in this level which lasts the time dun sigh. Damage, decors are not such a wrong fact that this and would have deserve a little more game. (research or acrobatics)." - Daffy (03-Oct-2009)
"Picking up all that ammo and the Revolver I was ready for a fight. A pity that the goodies couldn't be hidden somewhat. Anyway not much of a surprise when enemies just pop up out of thin air. It is a class shooter level and that is what you do. Getting the bike and driving with a fixed camera yuck, and no finishing trigger." - Gerty (17-Sep-2009)
"Somewhat a bit more ambitious than the author's previous level, you have some of the new Egyptian textures , a good fight with some centaurs and Sophia, then more enemies can be crushed by riding over them with the motorbike. But still , Revenge is technically not better than Assault , you don't have a finish trigger there, you can get stuck for good if you go with the bike where you should not, some static objects placed on slopes are floating in mid-air, strange sounds , and no achievement whatsoever." - eRIC (13-Sep-2009)
"This is a model improvement from Candylicious' other project, gameplay wise, i still think it is the same but the lighting and textures have definately been improved in some regions. Enemies don't really fit in but are still quiter funny to watch for some reason. Candylicious must work harder in order to achieve the higher marks, i suggest playing levels which have scored much higher and take advice form them. Grade = C--" - herothing (02-Sep-2009)
"Another 3 minute adventure, spiced up a little bit via the addition of Sophia clones, mutant horses and a bike to run over them, plus a few camera views from the side and coloured lighting. Could not find a finish trigger though - not even in the deep pitch black pool in the corner at the presumed end and there are several issues with the allocated sounds (when running Lara into walls and while swimming). Not really worth a look unless you eagerly want to kill a few Sophias..." - MichaelP (01-Sep-2009)
"Candylicious isn't related to Cain at all, is she? OK, perhaps that is a little unfair, as she obviously has had a stab at texturing, lighting, camera angles etc, plus it's a very short level, but the huge amounts of ammo to bump off copious enemies and the early indications that she may be about to spam us with levels does sound familiar, doesn't it? I have grave forebodings." - Jay (01-Sep-2009)
"So slowly I have the feeling which someone wants to kidding us. Alone the real name of the level builder is already very strange: Fackrana Suckarqwe. Sounds for me like a Fake. And also the Readme is extremely strange. And also the level is as strange. Arbitrarily put palms and coffins, a motorcycle without sound, no endtrigger, no story and Lara makes strange noises when she runs against a wall. And after four minutes everything is over again. And the level builder already threatens with the next level which should come out at the beginning of September. And because today is the first of September, it will probably last only a few days.
Result: Absolutely nothing what one would absolutely have to play" - Scottie (01-Sep-2009)
"The beginning of this level was very promising - some coffins, good fight with Sophia and Atlantis enemies, some shatters to shoot. Also very nice textured. Then a good challenge with fast shoot or die (loved that part in the pit). After that interesting drive with motorbike with fixed camera that you aren't really sure where you drive, I mean, it's so ridiculous that is funny. I think I killed them all. :-)" - Oxy (01-Sep-2009)