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LB Advent Calendar 2009 - Augusta Treverorum by Eva

afzalmiah 9 9 10 10
Andzia9 10 10 10 10
Christian 9 9 9 10
Cory 8 9 10 9
DJ Full 9 8 8 10
dmdibl 8 9 10 10
drguycrain 9 9 9 8
Gerty 8 10 9 9
Glouglouton 8 10 9 10
Jack& 9 8 9 10
jawi 8 9 7 9
Jay 9 10 9 10
John 7 8 9 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 9 8 10
Josey 10 8 10 8
l.m. 10 10 9 9
manarch2 8 9 9 9
MichaelP 8 9 9 9
misho98 9 9 9 9
Moonpooka 10 9 9 9
Mytly 7 8 9 9
Obig 9 9 10 9
Phil 9 9 10 9
Potkanka 9 10 9 9
rtrger 10 10 9 10
Ruben 8 9 9 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Scottie 9 10 10 10
sharnilal 9 10 9 10
TheStig 9 9 8 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
young Lara Croft 10 9 9 10
release date: 15-Dec-2009
# of downloads: 174

average rating: 9.13
review count: 33
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file size: 55.53 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Fake identical slots are a big nope, also roof block hint could be from familiar angle as it's confusing otherwise, and I couldn't get over the Peru soundtrack (I just don't get why it's here). Everything else was just fine, and it's always good to see a place based on real location, with a solid dose of customization. Recommended." - DJ Full (08-May-2024)
"What a lovely plaza we have here, complemented by a beautiful starry night skyline. Lots of shops to open (given our engine constraints, I'm not sure whether those humanoid figures were meant to be people frozen at the sight of a woman raiding all the shops in the place or just well dressed mannequins — hopefully the latter) as you go back and forth. Nothing particularly taxing (thanks to José) but still good fun. Not sure what to make of the voice from beyond laughing hints at Lara, and the audio selection is a particularly weird situation for me. It's from TRA Peru, which means I absolutely love it (and I'm definitely due for a replay of the Legend trilogy), but it's not quite in line with the modern town setting here, no matter how deserted it is, hmm... 40 minutes, 4 secrets. 03/23" - Treeble (26-Mar-2023)
"A fairly short level with nice Christmas atmosphere, which is sadly a bit undermined by the choice of background music. It sounds rather ominous, not exactly fitting for a peaceful Xmas level in my opinion. But everything else is quite inviting and beautiful, the brigtly lit town and the few houses as well as a church we get to visit. I needed to use a walkthrough a few times, for example for the "spelling" puzzle. I also managed to get out of bounds once over the roofs (from the candle you get to by using the invisible platforms), not deliberately, I was simply guessing it's a legitimate way. It also turns out you can light up the "candles" with your torch before any actual candles are put into the candelabras. It doesn't open the gate to the cross though :) But at least all these things are clear to judge as unintended by the author so it won't mess up the game for you (though I reloaded just to be sure, so I don't know if the lit not-candles would mess up anything). The maps is fairly small so you won't get lost, and even if you don't know where the camera is showing you something, there are not many places to search through. One a bit tighter timed run, but not too frustrating. Overall a nice experience, definitely recommended!" - Potkanka (26-Dec-2021)
"Here we have a cute little christmas town level with great textures and detail around a market square, sewer, church and shops. There is no enemies or traps but you will need your gun for some target shooting of windows and gems which is quite obscure as they arent obvious in the slightest in fact hidden more like but as with a couple of other obscure tasks and hidden switches if you have a walkthrough nearby then your unlikely to get highly irritated by it. I did really like the timed runs: one for a secret the other to reach a rooftop area with semi visible ledges and i really liked the puzzle with the name and pushable object at the end as well as exploring around the town and its secrets but the majority of the gameplay revolves around search and fetch quests especially in the first half so although it did start off disappointingly for me in the beginning the level got more interesting and varied in the second half which was much more enjoyable and hats off for the visuals, cameras and music, it was all very well done" - John (15-Dec-2021)
"What a wonderful little town to explore. Mind you it isn’t crystal clear at times where to go but this little town is a joy to run around in. Finding a crowbar, some candles and a Torch and as a weapon the Revolver and Sight, not to shoot people or animals but for target shooting. I couldn’t do one timed run but that was for a secret, so I am a happy girl." - Gerty (08-Dec-2017)
"For me, a top advent level. Eva clearly knows her hometown very well to be able to construct a level of pure brilliance! Gameplay, lighting, atmosphere, all top- notch. Well done Eva!" - Ryan (19-Dec-2015)
"This is a mostly pleasant and charming Xmas level, set in the German city of Trier (known as Augusta Treverorum in ancient Roman times). The best part about the level is the textures, which are apparently made from photographs taken in Trier by the builder herself. They give the level a unique look and add to its realistic feel. The lighting is a little flat throughout the level, otherwise I would have given full marks in the fourth category.
The gameplay is - like in case of most Xmas levels - not too impressive. It mainly involves several fetch quests for various keys and artefacts, and rather a lot of running around from one end of the map to the other. That's not much of a problem, however, as the map is tiny: just a market square and the surrounding buildings and some underground rooms. I enjoyed some of the tasks, such as the room with the floating keys (inspired by Harry Potter, perhaps?) and the puzzle with the pushable on the alphabet floor. Some of the others, though, are rather too obscure, such as having to shoot a random floating object to lower a block on the other side of the map. There are a couple of somewhat tough timed runs that I personally liked, but they seemed a little out of place in an otherwise gentle level.
Overall: A nice level - worth playing any time of the year. Recommended." - Mytly (04-May-2014)
"Magical and wonderful, it was one of the best Christmas levels I played. It's worth playing, the atmosphere and setting will catapult you into a beautiful little town filled with magical elements. I guarantee you will have fun playing like I did." - young Lara Croft (16-Dec-2012)
"This little Christmas adventure was great. We have to get four candles to give a cross, that is guarded by clerics, back to the citizens in the town. There are also four snowflakes hidden as secrets. Two timed runs make things harder for us, but one of them is only needed to be done for a secret. There are no enemies in the level, no too hard tasks either. Yet it is quite varied, the textures are beautiful too, the shops and stores are nicely detailed. It was a great adventure, I can recommend it to everyone. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (05-May-2012)
"Very fun and beautiful level. The tasks are fun, the city looks amazing, but I think the sounds didn't fit very well. The Anniversary-waterfall music fits great in the end, but I though a little Christmas piano music would be nice too(the tittle time was amazing). Anyway, great level, definitely recommended!" - misho98 (04-Dec-2011)
"This was a very realistic city with flawless textures and amazing atmosphere. This is in the auther's home country in christmas and you got to find keys and candle and things like that. Very enjoyable and recommended." - afzalmiah (04-Mar-2011)
"Everything looks so real in this custom. You want to go everywhere, touch everything. Beautiful textures, wonderful atmosphere. You can't take your eyes off shopwindows." - Andzia9 (11-Dec-2010)
"A lovely Christmas Level with real feeling that you are in a city. The city is very well made and creates nice winter atmosphere. The story is interesting, a bit immoral to break into a church, but otherwise there wouldn't be such a nice level. A must-download." - manarch2 (16-Jul-2010)
"This peaceful, Christmas level is enjoyable, although I found it a little bit tiring. Why? I was bored with the background music and that’s the main disadvantage of ‘Augusta Treverorum’. As in the ‘Magic Forest’ level I could live with it, in this level I could not. If Eva had put other background track in it, which would be more melodic, the whole game would have been more entertaining. All those nice puzzles and tasks were getting boring with this TRA song. Gameplay is a little bit annoying at the beginning (some sneakily hidden switches and one pushable block which was difficult to locate), further it’s getting better. Lighting and texturing were very well done and I’d give 10 to this category, providing that the game had more levels in it. It’s an Advent Calendar level, so it can’t be longer and so the points can’t be higher. One little remark: the wooden platform wasn’t textured on one of the sides. And that’s the main mistake in this game ;-). At the end I’d like to say that the level is very beautiful. It’s a treat for eyes. I recommend it to everyone, but be warned: Two timed runs didn’t make this level relaxing in some of it’s parts. Better get yourself a cup of tea and look for some time at the beautiful marketplace of Trier." - jawi (26-Feb-2010)
"A nice level to play, that had me running around for long periods of time trying to find a way to progress. Finding and lighting candles is the main aim in this level, going around a market-place. Gameplay was complex at times and difficult to find ways to proceed. On this computer, the game lagged, due to the great use of objects. However, this made the level look very good and authentic. The atmosphere was certainly aided by the use of the objects hence the high score. Overall, a nice level, that may just be a little too complex. 1 hour." - Cory (31-Jan-2010)
"What a beautiful Christmas level. Lara arrives in a small village, and from I gather from the read-me, this is Eva's home town. It seems that the priest locked the town's cross away, and now Lara has to find it and place it back on the pillar in the town's square. You will need several items before finding your reward - such as the crowbar, revolver, laser sight, keys, stone and four candles. There's also a nice globe puzzle to solve, a couple of tight timed runs and a few more puzzles to solve in order to open various doors. I loved the fact that you could eventually go inside the shops. There's nothing worse in a level than a beautiful looking building that you can't get into. Well, here you can, so enjoy the shopping trip girls! As for the lay-out of this level, it's simply beautiful. The village is well designed, you don't get too lost and the buildings are all so realistic. The texturing is also extremely well done and the atmosphere is great. There are 4 secrets to collect, the one behind the black gates was a bugger to get, but thanks to Tom's walkie I finally got it. I loved this level and I hope no-one misses out on this little gem." - Moonpooka (24-Jan-2010)
"I'll confess, this is another one that I didnt warm to immediately. My intial impressions were that the ambient sounds were completely wrong and make what should feel like a nice cosy welcoming town quite desoliant. Indeed I spent allot of time bracing myself for wolves jumping from the shadows. This makes it feel to me atleast like an adapted Christmast level, a spooky town with Christmas decorations. That said, this is as other reviwers have quite rightly said, a quality, solid, superbly produced raid. There is pleanty to keep you busy and focused, and while the map may not be massively expansive it still took me the better part of an hour and a half to complete. Recommended" - TheStig (17-Jan-2010)
"This level plays in a town. In a small, silent town. The TRA ambient doesn't fit to that one in my opinion. But the level itself is a breathtakingly good one. While the outside areas are luxurious, the inside areas are intimate. The gameplay is puzzle-oriented. Lots of great, and a little bit obvious puzzles to solve, then a timed run, and some easy jumps on the roofs. Secrets are easy to find, but there's a timed run to one of them, which is a bit hard. 1 hour of fascinating gameplay." - rtrger (08-Jan-2010)
"From the opening screen and music you feel you're about to be treated to a quality raid, and this level does not disappoint. You're confined to a tightly-knit game map, which makes the inevitable backtracking not nearly as burdensome as in, say, 7 Missing Presents. You have a couple of moderately challenging timed runs thrown in to test your playing skills, but for the most part this is a relaxing nighttime adventure in a peaceful village that's centered on activities inside a church (with several excursions in the surrounding shops). As such, it captures the reason for the season quite effectively, and my only complaint is that it ended all too soon. High recommendations." - Phil (04-Jan-2010)
"well nice city christmas level ......Lara must find some keys light with torcs some candles ... use some items a pushable puzzle too and 2 tough time runs needed to finish this one course u need to get the revolver + sight to complete cos some things to shot too ........... pleasant relaxed level good jobb" - Jack& (25-Dec-2009)
"A beautifully presented level and wringing every drop of power out of the editor engine that can be got. Having said that, people with newer machines and/or graphics cards than mine might not have noticed anything amiss. I, myself, only experienced slight juddering from time to time and only when in the main square. I had some problems really getting started on this level, and again that is more to do with the player than the builder, but as I read in one of the earlier forum threads, "for this we have forums". Sometimes things are just so obvious I overlook them! Anyway, once I got going properly, this was a very easy level to complete - even though I had to download a savegame with the church timed run done. I just didn't want to invest the time in doing it myself. I still have a lot of levels to play this season and BTB is coming soon! The textures were well done and made me want to see the real place and the music was appropriate. Got a bit of a surprise with the evil laughter which seemed a bit out of context with the season, but that was a minor thing. Overall a visual smorgasbord and I am so much looking forward to seeing more of this town in Eva's next episode." - sharnilal (23-Dec-2009)
"Some few words to talk about one issue: The sound on my PC doesn't work. For all of the other points this level is brillant. Without doubt the new textures and new objects allows to play without the feel of deja vu. It misses maybe some (animating) people in the main square to give some life in the christmas market but to do some shopping with Lara is a very pleasure. A recommended level" - Glouglouton (19-Dec-2009)
"if you bother searching a picture of the "Loewenapotheke" in Trier on the net and compare it with the pharmacy in that wonderful level you'll have a great example with how much attention to detail everything is worked out here. A good storyline with refreshing ideas, 2 timed runs - the 2nd one over a raised platform was really fun, some well hidden objects make this level so entertaining. I haven't been to Trier for several years now. The atmosphere created in this level makes me plan to go there again for a weekend.... Highly recommended." - Christian (19-Dec-2009)
"This may be, although I'm not absolutely sure of it, the first time I've ever given four straight tens to a Christmas level but, quite frankly, I found this Augusta Treverorum, which reminded me some of Traio's Mantua's Squares with all the obvious time and style differences between the two, quite near perfect. You can tell the background work behind the re-creation of Eva's hometown of Trier, with its buildings, its huge full moon and its Christmas lights, and the labour of love that such a lovely level surely represents. The sounds are "classical" but instead of the usual never ending somewhat cheesy Christmassy loops, Eva shows she knows how to use them and how to place a bit of very well chosen music here, a bit there. The puzzles aren't too cryptic nor too easy and the timed runs happen to be challenging and interesting. It also has a little storyline to go with the whole and a promise that Trier will be used again in some new, longer level. I can't wait. Well done!" - Jorge22 (18-Dec-2009)
"This is indeed a magnificent level, from beginning to end. The views of the city decorated for Christmas were of the most beautiful I've seen... a real feast for the eyes. Nevertheless, I felt a certain lack of clues in the basement (the alphabet sequence) and in the streets (where were the trigger tiles that opened certain doors? I don't know, but they opened for me all the same). And, oh, Eva, why, WHY that macabre laugh and that creepy basement? It spoiled the loveliness of the city, and scared me to death!" - Josey (18-Dec-2009)
"Who always wanted to have a look to the inner-city of Trier (Germany) has now the opportunity to do that. OK, this is of course "only" the pixel version of Trier, but it has felt well so sensational which one must not see at all the original.
Lighting, textures, sound: It seems very seldom that I find absolutely nothing what I could criticise. Here we have thus a rare case. All the same where one is, the lighting is any time at the highest level. I have not found the slightest mistake among the textures and the sound was excellent. Only among the spoken sequences a German version would have quite felt well. One could read up the text though also in the Readme, but it would have been nicer if one could have heard it in German.
Gameplay: It would have quite felt well if one could have pushed more than one market stall. There were three Squares on the marketplace and to push the market stall straight across the whole marketplace was however a little bit protracted. A lever behind another market stall was a little bit too well hidden by a fir-tree. I like time runs. And I also like scanty time runs. But scanty time runs in a Christmas level? This does not fit so completely. Both destroyable pink crystals which find one below in the catacombs of Trier, were hidden something too well. The hiding place of the crystal for the Secret was OK, but the other crystal could have placed a little bit more visible. Apart from the small addressed problems it has properly given much pleasure to explore Trier. The streets, the marketplace and the houses look simply fantastic. It was also very nice inside of the church.
Result: Simply a wonderful level which one may miss by no means" - Scottie (17-Dec-2009)
"A very very nice Advent Calendar Level. Lara has to find a Cross from Trier. But to find the cross she have to find 4 candles, which are very well hidden in a very detailed town (Trier / Germany) To find these candles she has to solve many Puzzles. And these puzzles are very nice - like the "letter - Push Bowl Puzzle". A few moderate timed Runs are on the way, not to hard, and not to easy. Overall a good Level. Enjoy it!" - l.m. (16-Dec-2009)
"This was a well-imagined level with tons of character built into the village and it was all very well decorated. There was tons to do in a small area. I liked how virtually none of the area was wasted -all of it was gameplay-involved. But the music didn't quite match the environment. And while the author admits the level is 'juddery', this was by far the most graphically choppy level I have ever played which really made it less enjoyable." - drguycrain (16-Dec-2009)
"A gorgeous city level. The readme says this is inspired by the author's hometown of Trier, that most of the textures have been made from personal photographs. This has clearly been a labor of love. The town and the Christmas decorations are beautiful, so we are glad to take a peaceful stroll through holiday streets. Lara will have to spend much time here searching out the solutions to all the little tasks. There is a room with about sixteen floating keys, that looks like something out of Tomb Raider dreams. From the beginning there are shops that have all manner of useful and desirable things, yet all Lara can do is gaze longingly through the windows--much as we do in life. (BANG! Lara shoots out a window; fortunately most of the residents will assume this is only a car backfiring.) As the readme advises, it is a wise player who always knows where the torch is; it will be used repeatedly. I found all the timed runs reasonable, and managed to find all four secrets. Lara did meander a lot for quest items, and in fact spent the entire game wondering how to reach a high jump switch and a nearby floating platform. (The forum suggests using the corner bug, but that was clearly a cheat.) The solution involves looking into a chasm, and spotting an object which will only have meaning if Lara has already gotten the fourth secret: then you will know to shoot it. Otherwise this is almost hopelessly obscure, and I suspect some players resorted to the cheat. The author says there will be further adventures in Trier, and I certainly look forward to them." - dmdibl (16-Dec-2009)
"What a super level. Eva has modelled it on her home town of Trier, which has obviously involved a lot of creative work on her part and it really shows. The town looks magnificent and the shops are full of interesting Christmas displays. Exploring everywhere, including sewers, crypts and rooftops as well as the shops, is a real pleasure, which is just as well since one or two items are very well hidden. Finding all four snowflake secrets takes a bit of doing too, but it's worth it to know you haven't missed one single inch of this lovely level. According to the readme, we should get the chance to visit Trier again in the future. I can't wait." - Jay (16-Dec-2009)
"Another very good work from Eva. I've enjoyed it a lot. A very marvellous village very well builded with a lot of small details (as usual) and a clever gameplay with some tricky tasks (timed runs). Textures are very well worked, excelent objects, nice christmas environment, good puzzles... Perhaps I missed some more nice musics... A level to enjoy! Thank you very much Eva! and please, don't stop building!" - Jose (15-Dec-2009)
"If my memory does not fail me to remember the latin lessons at school (which I really hated) , the title of Eva`s christmas adventure means " Honorable Trier" .the latter being the name of gorgeous town in the south west of Germany with a whole bagful of history . Being a citizen Eva makes good use of this and shows us all around the wonderful scenery of a Trier christmas marketplace. The marketplace is still closed so Lara is allowed to move her little stand around where she is selling little potions of honey. At the beginning she is not at all sure where to place it in order to lure some potential customers.And this starts to make things happen. Doors open ,secrets are revealed and items become available. Eva has paid much attention to details , in the farmacy even an up-to-date issue of the "Apothekenrundschau" (a common german medical free newspaper) can be seen on the counter. The secrets are , of course, the snowflakes which can be accessed in a more or less easy manner. The environment is beautifully build with many patterns and textures home-made by the builder . Two things to mention that just don't fit : We heartly welcome english tourists not only at christmas season but if they come fully equipped with a six-bullet-revolver to shoot out windows on a peaceful marketplace at christmas time , now this is really scary ! Even the most tolerant policemen in Trier would have put Lara away behind closed curtains until she cooled off ! Another one (and the most annoying) is that a christmas level should be playable for anyone , not only aimed as a challenge to experts ! The timed run from the church is more than mean , that`s why I rate it 8 only for Game and Puzz. Anyway ,if things don`t happen nothings gonna change. LB Advent Calendar is a project compiled by Lara`s Levelbase ,a german based TRLE community , and therefore you should not be too surprised to encounter german elements in the work of the builders. Thanks to Michael P. all LB Advent Calender 2009 levels are hosted and supported by" - Ruben (15-Dec-2009)
"A truly beautiful level with great and authentic atmosphere, especially the photorealistic textures fit in very well and give the whole city setting a very unique look & feel. Eva has rebuilt her home town and gives us plenty of things to do in this hour long adventure. We look for keys and candles, can pick up snowflakes as secrets and get to carry the torch around to a number of places. In particular, I did like the church and the pharmacy and I tought the key room was a simple, yet great idea - straight from a fantasy movie. Some of the needed actions are a bit obscure but still not too impossible to figure out and so this is a very well rounded Christmas level that you simply should not miss out on." - MichaelP (15-Dec-2009)