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Abandoned Village by Lara Severi

alan 5 5 5 6
Blue43 5 5 4 6
CC 5 4 5 6
Ceamonks890 4 3 5 5
ColeMoles 5 4 5 6
Cory 6 7 7 5
Daffy 6 5 6 6
Danja 3 2 3 3
Dimpfelmoser 4 3 6 6
eTux 4 5 6 6
Freeman Porter 3 4 3 4
Gerty 7 6 8 7
Jay 4 4 6 7
Jerry 4 3 5 4
Jose 3 3 4 6
Kristina 4 5 6 6
Magnus 3 3 3 3
Mehrbod 4 4 4 4
MichaelP 6 5 5 5
Momster 6 5 5 5
Mulf 3 5 4 4
Orbit Dream 4 3 8 8
RaiderGirl 7 7 8 8
Ryan 4 4 5 7
Sash 4 4 6 7
Scottie 7 6 6 7
Sheevah 6 7 7 8
Torry 8 7 8 8
Treeble 6 6 8 8
Xxenofex 3 3 4 5
release date: 02-Feb-2001
# of downloads: 108

average rating: 5.18
review count: 30
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file size: 18.74 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well, not entirely abandoned: having been built with the City wad, this village is populated by a few SAS; but really only a few (three, I think), and your armament is quite out of proportion to the threat they pose. Textures are applied in a technically competent manner, but apart from a few shadowbulbs, lighting consists only of a dim ambience that drains the “It’s a Madhouse” set of colour. This texture set also doesn’t go well with the default City sky; not that you get to see a lot of it, as beyond the small square in which you start, there are only drab corridors and tunnels and rooms of a generic character, mostly quite small; unless you have to shimmy along three walls of one, in which case it obligingly grows larger. There is also a backtrack through crawlspaces and waist-high water, which might be disregarded in a full-scale level, but it does register in one as short as this. The level ends abruptly after you’ve crawled, climbed and shimmied, destroyed a few barriers, opened a few doors, and pushed a few levers for some fifteen minutes—rather as though the builder lost interest in the project and spontaneously decided that it was over and done with. I liked the clever way in which the builder hides the crucial pickup that gets you going, but otherwise the level has little of interest to offer. It is really more of a demonstration that the builder has a good grasp of the Editor basics rather that a fully.developed level." - Mulf (09-Mar-2022)
"Not an enjoyable adventure in general. It lacked countless elements, such as the variety of enemies, some nice puzzles, devious traps, etc. . I am sure it had the potential, but the builder wasn't expert in spicing it up. Thanks!" - Mehrbod (06-Jul-2019)
"A very short level that doesn't really offer anything scintillating in terms of gameplay. It's quite pleasant and colourful and the textures are certainly to be admired, but the 15 minutes you'll spend here don't have much for you to do. Kill a couple of guards, shoot a couple of barriers, find some useless weaponry and medipacks and make use of the motorbike for about 15 seconds max. Not a whole lot else to tempt." - Ryan (01-Jun-2018)
"Short city level with some guards here and there, a very brief ride on bike, high barriers to shoot with the crossbow, 2 rather easy secrets, doors to open, some swimming, climbing and shimmying. The ending was quite unexpected. I liked some textures, though." - alan (30-Sep-2017)
"Despite being a fairly short city level at only fifteen minutes long, what it does is at the very least adequate in terms of gameplay, with alright use of lighting and texturing throughout, as you go around shooting the odd SAS solider in your way from time to time. Not a whole lot to say really, other than this is something that's probably best played over a lunch break at best." - Ceamonks890 (29-Jun-2015)
"Even by 2001 standards, this is very short at 15 minutes. What there is of it is quite pleasant to look at, but the gameplay is minimal - shoot a few guards, enjoy possibly the briefest motorbike ride in the history of raiding, find some weaponry you won't need (ditto medipacks) and shoot a few wooden barriers. Not much more going on really." - Jay (02-May-2015)
"Easy to play this short level, I only was stucked at the very beginning looking for the revolver or the crossbow. Very easy tasks, few enemies and excessive guns and ammo, the secrets are not really secrets, very easy to find. Pull a couple of levers and shoot three or four SAS, shoot high barriers with crossbow + sight, open crowbar doors and a very very short ride with the motorbike (what the motorcycle is for in this level?). Texturization is not bad, but no good in small triangular surfaces; there are some musics but no worked cameras. Play it only if you're bored with no things to do." - Jose (23-Apr-2015)
"Here we have a short quick oldie for lunch break. Lara explores several buildings and hallways, rides the bike just for fun as it is not needed and guns down a couple of baddies. A few barricades to shoot, a lever and a rather long shimmy sequence. Very simple, very basic and very easy as there are no deadly traps or other challenges. There are no real highlights but there aren't any flaws either. This would be a good beginners level or something if you feel the need for an old level from the archive. (15min, 2 secrets found)" - Blue43 (23-Sep-2011)
"Actually, I do not like such City of Death-Level at all. But I like this level quite well. The textures look good and are processed cleanly. One must do a few light duties, drive a short distance with the motorcycle and has a few Sas-Soldiers as opponents. Indeed, the level is with about 10-minute playing time of course too short. However, all together is this quite a nice level. And for the small play hunger occasionally is it enough anyway." - Scottie (17-Feb-2010)
"This seems to be an unfinished kind of demo level, as it is only 15 minutes short. The shotgun can be found next to the end of the level when there is no enemy any more, and there is still a closed door. Not so much to do here, only running this small city area, examine some crawl spaces, pull a few switches, open a couple of doors, do a short bike ride, shoot some guys, and that's it." - Jerry (15-Aug-2009)
"Though a bit on the dull side, Abandoned Village is still a fairly capable level for the eight minutes it lasts. During the first half of the level, you'll return to the square where the level starts several times, as you try to find a way to open the door that leads to the next half of the level. On paper this is a good idea, but in practice, it never felt like I'd left the square to begin with because of the small playing area. After you exit the square for the last time, all that's left is a short romp to the unexpected and sudden ending (as a sidenote, there's nothing behind the last door everyone keeps talking about - it's a red herring). Puzzles all revolve around shooting things up on ledges - a puzzle the author was so proud of that she used it three or four times throughout the short level. There's also a motorcycle that you can ride for all of five seconds if you can't be bothered to jump over a small slide, and a long shimmy around a pool of water. Other than that, there are some SAS guards to shoot, and should you find them too troublesome (though there really aren't that many of them), you get a grenade launcher early on. Texturing is decent at times and stretched, squashed and nonsensical at other times, giving the impression that the author was in a hurry to finish the level and didn't spend the necessary time to texture some of the less hallway-y areas correctly. A lot of areas also feel very dull and boring, but a lot of that is because of the flat and dark lighting. Looking at the listing, this is supposedly one of the earliest city levels, so I feel like I should be nicer to it. But though it's decent at times, it really hasn't held up all that well, and eight and a half years after its release, there are much better city levels out there. Kudos to the author for trying to build a city level that's different from the ones in The Last Revelation, though." - Magnus (10-Aug-2009)
"A level well courts and were not well complicated, the gameplay is simplistic and I see nothing to add. Decoration is correct without peaking, a small level to be however played." - Daffy (09-Aug-2009)
"This is a nice short level. The puzzles were definetly not the hard ones. But some people surely like that. The atmosphere was a dark city atmosphere, it was a bit spooky. I really like that. I couldn't find any original object in the whole game. They are all from CITY-wad. The secrets were more like pickups. The sounds were also all the standard ones. The cameras, however, were well placed. I didn't understand the lightning. You start in a dark place. And as you go further away from the street, you see much more light. And you don't understand where it's from. The textures were well placed, but all a bit the same. But still, I enjoyed this level, it's a bit pity that it's so short." - Danja (30-May-2007)
"A Very nice and easy level, enjoyed the tiny bike ride, and i liked how well the crossbow got hidden, a very good level to play if you dont like traps e.t.c. also quite a strange thing happened to me, most probably because i have already downloaded it, but as soon as i finished that level, it took me to cartoon world, which was quite funny, anyway, to sum up, nice level, reccomend the download." - ColeMoles (20-Mar-2006)
"A lovely village square with fountain in the centre to start off in. (Madhouse textures mainly). I'm told it's abandoned so I think I'll just take that bike sitting there. Well that was a waste of time unless you can withstand the bullets from the guards and run them over that's about all it's good for. This is one of the first levels I played and it's the one I had to learn to pull myself up into a crawlspace from a climbable surface so it certainly was a useful training ground. The interiors of the buildings were very odd indeed but gave some innocent gameplay. The last room looks good but I couldn't figure out how to open that last brown door so I fell into water after the crawlspace and ended quickly." - CC (05-Aug-2003)
"Well textured good atmosphere decent little puzzles (I especially liked the shimmy). On the other hand the secrets are impossible to miss the motorbike is superfluous and the level ends abruptly (with one door remaining closed) at the exact point where I was really settling in and getting enjoyably involved. Very nicely put together though as far as it goes." - Orbit Dream (13-Dec-2002)
"It was quite hard at the beginning. But then it turned easy. The cameras looked weird when you went through a door. The puzzles were very hard and looking for levers was difficult. The best bit was the Grenade launcher!" - Cory (13-Dec-2002)
"A short but nice level. Fifteen minutes in a dark environment with the motorcycle only used for a moment and I am not sure it was necessary. A few SAS guards and a lever to push. You get the grenade gun and the crossbow with the lasersight I also found two secrets. Shooting barricades you proceed and near the end I didn't find a way to open a brown door instead Lara crawled in a crawlspace nearby and dropped to reach the end." - Kristina (10-Dec-2002)
"This is a short level from the early times of the level editor for today not really good can't rate very high it's like a demo. At the beginning you start in a town center with a few doors to open you also can use the motorbike to kill some of the SAS Guards. Make your way further by pushing up doors shoot some barriers shoot some guards that's all. 2 Secrets to find you can't miss them they are on your way both in the same room. So just getting into it the level is over after 15 minutes. Give it a try if you have not much time to play." - Freeman Porter (11-Sep-2002)
"The level was very short. There were little puzzles if any. One finds the required tools (laser sight crowbar) very quickly. The atmosphere is somber city level a little bit but not too dark. The textures are processed relatively well but always the same. Lighting is completely okay. Music is standard actually only when on the motor cycle. There were opponents also a few SAS they posed no big danger. For the time between 2 advertising blocks with the private television broadcast stations! However the level is already quite old therefore I rate it accordingly." - Xxenofex (20-Aug-2002)
"Not being a huge fan of city levels I must say this one wasn't all that bad. Nothing terribly difficult here just shooting down barriers crawling through spaces to the other side to pull a switch or shoot another barrier. Some guards to contend with they pose no real threat. I'm not real sure if there was a point to this level or not but at the end Lara swims away maybe to begin a sequel?" - Momster (19-Aug-2002)
"The look of this level is quite nice especially the French style piazza where Lara begins her short journey but sadly a nice looking level isn't enough there are very few things to do here even the motorbike is a puzzling unnecessary item this is a short level and ends not long after a pick up bonanza. I have it on good authority that this creator will be releasing a larger level in the near future and I very much look forward to seeing how she grows as a level designer." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Quite a short level but with a set of puzzles to solve that are not immediately obvious. Some effort put into the textures and the village atmosphere but overall the gameplay is not too thrilling and all the time I asked myself what this motorbike could be needed for if anything." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"My only complaint here is that this level is too short. Just as I was getting into it it was over *sigh*!! The initial puzzle took me a while to solve and was cleverly done." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"Besides lots of bugs due to the wads this level is very nice great and very playable. It has a motorbike for a very short race :)" - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"I don't usually like city levels because often they are so dark and gloomy but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. You start out in a nice little market area and set out to find both a switch and a crowbar then you can make your way to the next part of the level. As you make your way through the village you'll notice it's not abandoned at all - there are plenty of soldiers left to make sure you know you're not welcome but also plenty of ammo (and at least two secrets) to take care of them. I had a good time going through the nice rooms and the underwater areas and was sad to see it end so soon. I'm wondering if I missed something though. I got to an area with two paths. One led to a red door that I couldn't open and the other let to the end of the level. I'd love to know how to open that red door." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Very short but nice level. With the promise of a bigger one I'll be waiting. Only thing I didn't like is the darkness. Gloomy... yes but really needing flares to have a look around in case you miss something... only thing you'll miss then is how that part of the room (or whatever) looks." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"A nice little level but too short. It took me less than 30 minutes to finish. The market place at the start reminds a bit of the first Rome level. There is not so much to do in this little village you run around a bit dive a bit and finally find the switch for the door in order to pass with the bike and finish a little later." - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"A nice level but quite short. Not really much to do here you'll be done in about 15 minutes but it is a really nice level visually." - eTux (21-Jun-2002)
"This starts out on a beautifully textured Mediterranean plaza. Unfortunately this is the highpoint of the level as in the remaining 17 minutes you do not much more than venture into the adjoining rooms and corridors to crawl climb shot a few barriers and open some doors. The farer you get away from the starting point the more plain and boring the setting gets so I wasn't really sorry when this level ended surprisingly early." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)