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The Complicated Case by LaraHCroft91

Adrian 10 10 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Blue43 9 8 10 7
Diz 9 9 8 7
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
dmdibl 9 9 10 9
Dutchy 9 8 8 8
eRIC 8 8 10 7
Gerty 7 9 9 7
Jack& 9 9 10 5
Jay 9 9 10 9
Jorge22 7 8 9 8
Jose 7 8 9 8
LaraSpears 10 10 10 10
manarch2 7 8 9 7
MegaGamer 10 9 10 8
Phil 8 9 9 6
Ruben 8 8 10 8
Ryan 8 9 9 7
Scottie 8 8 9 7
Shandroid 8 7 8 6
Teone 10 10 10 10
TheStig 7 9 8 7
Treeble 7 9 8 8
release date: 09-Jun-2010
# of downloads: 226

average rating: 8.55
review count: 24
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file size: 409.86 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is another of those series that, to me, started out strong and the longer it went on, the more fatigued I got (and that was with the guided experience, many thanks to G&D's tireless efforts). In this particular case I suspect it's mostly down to darkness, as the last three or so levels are excessively dark, you have plenty of flares but cracking one every other minute gets tiring fast, but the real aggravator was the flare bug, rendering flares useless for the second half of an entire dark level. Not fun. If you focus on the first handful of levels, however, you get great lighting and settings, with cool use of cutscenes to tell the tale. Gameplay will see you running around a lot in search of switches and keys, but there's a certain flavor to it that made me think of TR5 as a whole. I also ran into the game freezing a few times when either quicksaving or quickloading, but that was just a minor setback in comparison to the flare bug. 3h45min, 20 secrets. 10/22" - Treeble (09-Oct-2022)
"Beautiful game,very well made. Levels are so well put together. Nice job,i enjoyed it !" - Adrian (17-Nov-2020)
"I can't belive this game is not in the Hall of Fame (at least, not yet). If the problem is the lighting, you guys should learn how to adjust the brightness of your monitors using the windows/graphic card settings instead of complaining with builders because levels are dark. I personally needed flares only in level 6 which is a little dark but it's meant to be eerie. I think everything is perfect in this game. A beautiful story, well supported by nice FMV cutscenes. Various and very well designed locations, and a lot of exploration. Moderate use of enemies and traps, well placed but never frustrating. Good puzzles with hidden hints. In sum, it's a very immersive game. When you start it you can't abandon it till you arrive to the end." - Teone (17-Oct-2020)
"Another amazing adventure I play recently and unfortunely another one with weird reviews (and bad grades). Sometimes, and sorry if it bothers but, I'm not really sure we play the same game. The adventure is just perfect for me. A lot a locations to explore. Great cutscenes and fmv to introduce the story. I not find the game was dark. Maybe in the last levels the game was perhap a bit dark but it's supposed be the night during these levels and I have a lot of flares in my inventory when I finih the adventure. So, sorry players, but I will be curious to see how you plays Tomb Raider games sometimes. Whatever. This game is a very good entry with lots of news locations to explore like Trinity College I absolutely loved and the sunken temple in Greece. I also really liked how the author introduce the cutscenes with speeches during the game. The whole game was not very hard even if some objects and switchs are sometimes very well hidden but personnaly nothing impossible. It was also fun to have a boss to kill in this adventure like a real tomb raider game and I can just congratulate the author for that. I have also see the game was not build with the official level editor but with DXTRE3D. So I can just congratulate "again" the author to be abble to create a game as successful as the originals with this unofficial tool. To conclude: I can just recommended this game for everyone and felicitate the author for this incredible trip around the world with Lara." - Bigfoot (14-May-2020)
"I had fun while playing this level - most of the time. I do like the kinda TR3 feel to some of it and I especially enjoyed, atmosphere wise, the very last (and shortest) level. I thought the game was sometimes unnecessarily complicated orientation wise and I was feeling very lucky, during the third level, because I wasn't getting the dreaded flare bug others had mentioned in their reviews - until I did. From then on, in the maze of caves where I was at, it was more like very dark nightmare. I mean, people complain of the flare bug, annoying as it may be, in places where they're not always at risk of falling down to their deaths etc. But this is the opposite and I only continued because I wanted to see it through to the end. I also thought there could have been voice overs instead of just subtitles but that's fine, it's not the first time I ever watched a silent movie and thought the cut scenes were fine. Overall, apart from the dreaded flare bug in the worst possible place, I liked the action and the atmosphere and I did enjoy it." - Jorge22 (17-Oct-2017)
"This is an enjoyable 3.5 hour long epic that has Lara journey to a variety of different surroundings from Cambodia, to an old Irish town, then to beautiful Greece, then back to Ireland for the final three levels and boss fight. For the most part, a great deal of effort has been put into this game. The often nicely varied gameplay (particularly a chess puzzle in Trinity College), the FMVs that move the storyline along and the Nathan McCree music scores really helped set the scene. It was spoilt slightly by the excessive darkness in the later Ireland sections and the flare bug didn't help matters. My overall impression is positive though, so don't let me put you off." - Ryan (27-Jan-2017)
"This time the author took the advice about expanding the background so now we get over 12 pages of info + walkthru, and all in Czech... this is more complicated than whatever the game could contain. We start with a rather disappointing beginning in the same manor as in the builder's previous game - I think it would be much better for it to exist as a training option. But it's simple and only takes 20 minutes to check from top to bottom including the assault course, especially if you play the builder's works in order, what once more proves you should. The whole prologue deal is about arming for travel and very nicely ends with Lara turning off the light in the house (wow) after what a camera leads us out through the main gates, literally pulling us into adventure. As much as Vision of Future tried to mimic TR3, this one mainly follows TR4, TR1+2 and TR5, starting with Cambodia, going through Greece, ending with Ireland and the author has some serious skills in repicturing these environments - in the Irish village I literally felt like in Chronicles again. Though still whenever the author has no idea he throws in a corridor maze, bigger or smaller, which in underwater part wears your memory out and in the graveyard segment is just tedious. The game proceeds through elegant micro-climaxes highlit with neat minimalistic bink cutscenes finally explaining bits of storyline until total clarification, though I again missed some real speech - I bet our actors would be great as Lara and Jane, also some guy could dub the screaming soldier and why not me, I love to scream in panic and doing psychic laughter... in fact I could be equally good as Sophia... ehm. Very, very unfortunately, the final two levels bring us cryptic darkness which becomes extremely difficult to endure, and in prefinal stage is also powered with flare bug which I don't know why hasn't been fixed for almost six years from the release. I think doing so would still be much needed, as the game is a little brother of Ancient Artifact and any fan of such mood should definitely try it without so much unnecessary trouble." - DJ Full (02-May-2016)
"Just finished this long and complete adventure, and there are mostly signs of relief especially after the penultimate level. It all starts very simplistic and bright, with a standard home level and almost no gameplay (that's okay though for an introduction). Then you'll visit several locations in search of the three stones and one thing's for sure, there are truly atmospheric settings on display here. It seems the builder has concentrated mostly on things like architecture, texturing and lighting and it really shows in very realistic (though that does have a negative side) and mysterious looking areas that are often beautiful. The cutscenes I've seen in his latest level already are just as professional and do a great job in revealing the storyline. Perhaps the only things that let me decided not to give full marks is the lacking variety of sounds. So this all could've been quite a masterpiece, but as you can see from not only my grades there are things which have gone wrong somewhere. The gameplay in some levels is not very inspired so to say, and there's often a huge dose of running around, using a lever and occasionally longer backtracks and a lack of more involved tasks and puzzles. Admittedly, there are at least one or two good puzzles in each level (may it be the use of pushables or tile puzzles...) and there's always a great exploration-based gameplay with a generally player-friendly progression, but for a larger game like this the amount of tasks is a bit low and some levels (Home, Angkor, Ireland mostly) are just a bit boring because of this, while I enjoyed Greece in particular and also the initial parts of Samhain Day for some more inspired tasks. The latter would have actually been my favourite level of the set, but there's one thing that heavily downgrades my positive feelings about it, and that is the ever-present darkness. It's also a bit of too much in a few other levels but in here you can basically never see what is going on in here and in the moment the flare bug kicked in I was just hoping to finally exit this torture. I'm not even sure if this was an intended decision of the builder, because he also managed that the game crashes when you try to shoot the non-triggered zombies with the explosives, for sure there are just too many flames in that area, intended or not. There are not all too many enemies in this game, but they are generally wisely placed in effective ways and there's neither an overuse nor a created emptiness concerning object design. The 21 secrets are not always very hard to find, but with that amount it's easy to miss some and thus it was a good extra quest. Overall the 2:40 hours in here are somewhat a mixed bag, but it's definately recommended for (mostly) pleasant raiding and a complete storyline, all set in highly atmospheric yet occasionally too dark areas." - manarch2 (29-Jan-2016)
"Where should I begin, on this unfairly underrated gem? What an amazing set of levels, the most impressive levels I've ever played, the creator of that level knows how to incorporate mystery, stealth, secrets, exploration, excitement and diversity in one levelset, and let me tell you that it blew me away, it was the perfect concoction to the most fun and diverse levelset I've ever played. The atmosphere was out of this world, the levels were so full of atmosphere and beautiful and mysterious scenery, I especially loved the University level, the campus' environment was breathtaking, and the library inside was mesmerizing and exquisite, it felt like a real library, where people come to study, the lighting was beautiful and calm, the objects were placed perfectly in a way that made the place feel quite relaxing, it felt especially atmospheric and beautiful. Also, the level where you had to go through some scary place with a church and a mill had superb atmosphere and amazing environment, it reminded me of TRC's Ireland level in it atmosphere and weather, it was a great level with a lot of mysterious detail and places, I loved it very much. The gameplay was simply put, superb. You were given plenty of choices, you could go straight into action and kill every enemy that you see or surronds, or you could go the quiet and stealthy way and sneak around the enemies and go into different routes like the ventilation systems (I especially loved this part in the university where you had to go through the ventilation and get in the university, quitely without being seen or heard), it had an amazing gameplay that I adored and loved, it was diverse, different and fun. Let's not forget the amazing cutscenes and the perfect storyline, it was well written and well handled too, it incorporates mystery, power, danger and alot of traveling, it felt like an original Tomb Raider game that was made by Core Design and developed by professionals, the writign was amazing, every mission (or case as the developer named them) was different yet still intriguing and full of mysteries. The cutscenes gave you an insight and a bit background on the story and where you are going to next or what you have done in the level you were in and why, it interwove the leve l s together and welded them into a perfect story that made sense and felt intriguing and worth the dangers you went through. I absolutely loved this level and every bit of detail it had, it was the perfect level to me, it had exquisite textures, a fantastic atmosphere, an amazing environment and a well written storyline with great places . I give it a 10 out of 10, flawlessly perfect. I want to thank the maker and author of this amazing level, for how much fun and excitement this amazing level gave me, thank you, and I hope to see more of your fascinating levels." - LaraSpears (20-Sep-2015)
"As other people have said, this is a complicated case. The gameplay and puzzles are tough and challenging, or should I say complicated! :) There weren't that many enemies, but the main one was Jane. That boss fight was very tough. The atmosphere was gorgeous. The way the author made the atmosphere made the game look real. And now the lighting and textures. The textures were great. The lighting was good. There is a flare bug in level 6, but just throw the flare and it will work again. This was a very fun custom level, and I hope this author makes another level." - MegaGamer (25-Mar-2014)
"All in all a good mini game where your goal is to get the Spear of Victory and of course, leave the place in one piece. However there are some drawbacks as many have noticed. Main is darkness (got a splitting headache) and although you'll find a plethora of flares it isn't that nice to walk around with a flare in your hands all the time and also the fear that you might run out. In this case, you probably won't. Then the flare bug kicks in, probably too many flame emitters working in that level; so next time anti trigger them. The cut scenes, oh well... but they for sure were helpful with the story. One question still remains, why a grenade launcher? Lara died most of the time using it, so what was the purpose? For the rest there are some nice puzzles, some timed runs, and great enemies to slain. Some made me jump in my chair, always a good sign. I even liked the boss fight and mostly I don't so that must say something. Atmosphere was pretty good, textures could use some attention and I even saw some missing ones. But despite all the grumble, I had a jolly good time." - Gerty (06-Apr-2011)
"The complicated case is indeed a fair title for this release from LaraHCroft91. It's strong in allot of areas. The variance in the locations, the use of a proper story narrative and the cut-scenes make it feel a cut above most other custom levels that you might play. While everything isn't perfect in terms of execution in theses areas the thought gone into building the architecture and environments is for the most part pretty outstanding. All of the spaces you explore are believable, complex and will require patience and a good eye to get through. But this series has one simple crippling problem, the lighting. This manifests itself early on with a 'flat' look to the levels. Areas of dark, become almost un-navigable, and even lit rooms seem to have a dull, darkness to them. This reaches it's climax in the 2nd to last level where as well as being unable to see with ambient light alone, you find yourself unable to use flares. Thankfully I now connect my PC to a TV when I review TR levels, so I was able to work-around this by setting my brightness to absolute maximum & tweaking the output from my graphics card. This at-least gave me a fighting chance, but caused me to come close to abandoning my play of this level all-together. Another small frustration was the lack of widescreen monitor support. All in all, the complicated case took me 8 hours to complete. There's a solid, substantial excellent adventure here. Play-it, enjoy it, and just turn the brightness up! Stiggy" - TheStig (14-Feb-2011)
"This level is, just as the title says, indeed a complicated case. Starting with a mansion level as a warmup this multi-level adventure takes us to several places around the world. All levels are built very nicely and have very good texturing. Everything looks very professionally built. I found"Into the Deep" especially great. I cannot imagine how long it took to build this game. There are lots of cut-scenes TR1 style, except there are subtitles instead of speech. Game play: Complicated as the title says. There is a lot of back tracking and revisiting to pick up keys or pull levers and switches. But it never gets boring. I was stuck many times, having absolutely no clue where to go next. In other parts of the game everything was flowing real easy. Having an excellent walk-through at hand helped a lot in finishing this game. As a matter of fact, everything went pretty well until the level"Samhain Day". Even at the beginning when the flares still work, it is dark but later in the level there is the flare bug, which I was prepared for, after reading other reviews, but nevertheless the level was almost not playable for me, so I archived it and played a lot of other levels like the CS2010 series and after more than 2 month break I came back and finally finished it. Similar to the previous reviewer, I felt almost obligated to finish this level, after I had logged already more than 5 hour of playing time at this point. It sure felt like accomplishment when I reached the last level"Tir na Nog". The boss fight in the end is literally a cakewalk after having made it through all the darkness from the previous level. In the end I have to say it was a good multi-level game, with great atmosphere, and very challenging for me, actually frustrating at times. I think if the builder would have had better lighting throughout the whole game and not have the flare problem in one level, this could have been top notch and up there with the best. Too bad, because so much effort was put into this with great camera work, lots of cut-scenes, a real good story line and great texturing and sounds. I finished it in a little more than 6 hours of net game play and found 19 secrets. I would recommend this level, but definitely not for inexperienced players." - Blue43 (15-Aug-2010)
"I didn't realize this until just before starting this review, but this collection and another I played at the same time (Vision of Future, a TR3 game, I'm midway through the penultimate level as I write this) are both by the same builder. I've taken most of July and into August making my way through these two megasets, because I've taken time out along the way to play the CS series and write several walkthroughs. With that elaborate introduction now behind me, I'm loathe to say anything negative about Complicated Case, as it's obvious that a huge amount of effort has gone into it. And most of that effort is attributable to the builder himself as reflected by the closing credits. You get a variety of settings in seven different levels (including a brief house tour to get you off and rolling), together with a number of FMVs sprinkled throughout the adventure to keep the story line moving. The gameplay is crisp and challenging, and there's rarely a dull moment in the six and a half hours that it took me to get all the way through. However, when I hit the halfway point and came to the pervasive darkness and cramped tunnels of the Graveyard Hill, I kept playing more out of a sense of duty and a desire to finish what I had started, than because I was enjoying myself. This feeling intensified when I neared the end of Samhain Day and encountered the flare bug in the worst of all places: a dark cave with myriad tunnels. I was hoping for some relief in the final short boss level, but it wasn't forthcoming. More dark caves. I've tried of late to minimize my criticism of what I've considered excessively dark levels, now that I have a monitor that's much more eye-friendly than my previous one, but this one is so far over the top in the darkness category that I have to howl my protests vigorously. Too bad, as there's a lot to praise in this huge download. I just can't remember many of the more positive details, because I can't get that doggone darkness out of my mind." - Phil (03-Aug-2010)
"This is a tough one for me to review, because as a whole the level set is a pretty good old style adventure, complete with cutscenes. It is obvious that the author worked really hard building these levels, but due to the ridiculous darkness in much of the game, it was hard to enjoy adequately. I am all for using darkness in some areas to give the player an atmospheric feeling, but when so many levels are totally dark, especially with one area afflicted with the flare bug, that feeling turns to annoyance. That said, I enjoyed most of the level set that wasn't terribly dark like Trinity College and Greece. The cutscenes were a very nice touch and I can imagine not easy to do. Puzzles were clever but there were a few too many block pushing sequences for me and confusing mazes to get lost in. The level set could have been better with a bit more finesse in building it, but it is not so rough around the edges that one should not play it. Just be sure to play in the dark." - Shandroid (10-Jul-2010)
"This game is like me first thing in the morning - it starts off slowly and uncertainly but quickly picks up the pace. I thought at the beginning that I wouldn't like this level and prepared myself for a tedious slog. Boy, was I wrong! It just got better and better. Well judged timed runs, interesting agility tests, nicely hidden switches without cheating ( the shoot-able rope was a surprise), difficult places to get to, not many enemies but sharks and crocs are always fair game, well hidden secrets - I only found 16 and a good solid 'feel' to the areas. And now the downside - lighting. Yes, I know you can alter the monitor setting but I really don't want to do that each time I play, just to have to reset them when doing anything else. I'm sorry, but it's a pain. If the next level is as good as this one (with better lighting) I can't wait!" - Diz (02-Jul-2010)
"A really fine level set. It almost has it all, nice puzzles not too hard, some timed sequences and a nice secret quest too. And finally a Boss fight, didn't see that in a long time. Pity the Samhain level has a serious Flare bug.. should have been tested better. It's too dark and when you cannot use flares like you should, it soon becomes annoying. Some of the pools in that same Samhain level should have been deadly I think, because there were ways to bypass the pools. But I could just wade through, so another mistake not seen in testing? But all in all a nice game to play, try it yourself. At least one camera didn't work due to a rolling ball on a triggers ? The textures looker quite blurry to me, but that could also have been my settings?" - Dutchy (29-Jun-2010)
"A complete game with cutscenes to make the storyline 'alive', even if these custcenes have poor quality graphics , but I don't mind this and it is a good achievement. The game itself where you spend half of the time in a Celtic setting with some dark undergrounds , is quite immerging even if the first levels , the short mansion and the Cambodia levels are rather slow and uneventful. The game become really better with the Greek and the Graveyard Hill levels. I appreciated good ideas along the way in the gameplay and in the things to be done. Maybe too many crawlspaces and too much back and fro at times, but the game remains interesting all the way to the end, until the end boss, which is not very difficult. Not many enemies in these different worlds , but some good use of objects. Samhain Day has some bugs (flares bug , a few missing textures , and a room that does not make sense as Lara can be trapped here with no way out, maybe the water should be deadly ?). Anyway a good set of levels , atmospheric , with some enjoyable moments and interesting locations to discover. Found 15 out of 21 secrets , without specifically searching for them. [6 hours]." - eRIC (27-Jun-2010)
"ohh boy ........ this game is the perfect example how can be messed off a potentialy hall off famer game ........this game is very interesting with great location ... moustly indoor ones and alot off caves ..... + alot off secrets .... this game is focused more on exploration not on difficult jumps or difficult trapps ....... the main problen with this game and wich in fact mess offthe joy off playin it IS THE INSANE DARKNES !! AND NOT ONLY SOME PARTS OFF IT BUT THE ENTIRE GAME !!!! ITS NOT A JOKE - I USED 280 FLARES UNTILL I FINISH IT !!!!! a very good game but lowered alot cos this insane dark setting .... not much fun to ignite one flare after another and go all the entire game with in the hand !!! also at the last stages is a flare bug too so u go arould like a blind man......maybee Vimmers tell the can be brightened the monitor but mine was at max and still i got total darknes so i cannot give more than 5 at lightning .sorry but this is it ....... albeit is a very good game" - Jack& (27-Jun-2010)
"Gee! On the QT, and without which one has read something on TRLE or on the base about that, has built LaraHCroft simply thus a new level and has published it. And what is this for a monster download! A 400-mb-level fall not every day on the feet. There one can hope only which is worthwhile it also really. The cut sequence at the level beginning felt well, in any case. Hopefully it goes on thus.
And the story begins: It begins with solidly built old-school house level. The doors have no sound and a labyrinth is also present to my grief being. But apart from these both negative points this level was quite tolerable.
Unexpected Revelation: This level in the Angkor Wat style looks really good. Indeed, many levers and switches are sometimes to be found a little bit difficult. Luckily the level builder has inserted enough camera hints, thus one always knows which lever what causes. However, strange it is which the big doors which had before no sound have now suddenly, nevertheless, one if they open. This is probably a problem of the level editor.
Trinity college: I have seen seldom thus a well built complex of buildings. Just so must it look in Eton. And the rooms are furnished very nicely. Just semester break are apparent, because the whole building has becomes an orphan. A small negative point are the wind noises which one should not hear, actually, within the building. The cut sequences with Lara and Jane as well as Jane and the soldier are made good, however, it would have been even better if one have to heard what the people have spoken. The subtitles were there only the second-best solution. The riddle with the chess board and three figures is thought through very well. However, first I was of other opinion, because I could not find any hints where one had to push the figures there. I have found out it then by chance and find this riddle all together very good.
Into the deep: This level looks very good and is built first-class, but absolutely unsuitably for people who do not know how to write "Sense of direction" (like me). There are here so many ways, crossings and crossings of crossings which I have got lost constantly and constantly. But this is of course my problem and states nothing about the quality of the level. As already in the previous Levels the level builder has also inserted many camera hints in this level again. And this is a good thing too. Since there are here once again many levers. There was a small problem with two levers. There one saw only for one second in each case what these levers had caused.
The Graveyard Hill: From Hollywood comes the saying: Start with an explosion and then increase slowly. LaraHCroft91 makes it reverse. He begins with a mediocre house level and then becomes better from level to level. No bad tactic. This level was better once again than the previous level. I would much more often visit such places with pleasure, than to walk around always only in Egypt.
Samhain Day: This level is nearly unplayable to large parts. It is less the darkness, it disturbs me not really, because I play anyhow with brighter settings and can recognise so just just something else. The problem is of the Flarebug. How should one be able to play a level more or less rationally without which one can use the binoculars? And the Flares donate only light if one throws them on the ground? Such a thing gives absolutely no pleasure. One runs Half blind in the area and never knows so properly where one has to go there. In principle, this could be a good level. He is well built and has interesting riddles. But because of the darkness and the Flarebug this level is a complete disaster.
Tir na nOg: This level has still given properly pleasure. The lighting conditions felt well and the Flares also functioned again. And the boss fight was no big problem, finally, one could collect before enough weapons and ammunition.
Summary: The cut sequences, camera journeys and camera hints have really felt well. And the sound fitted very well if one refrains sometimes from smaller problems in Unexpected Revelation. Mostly it was relatively dark, but luckily the level builder has distributed enough Flares. Most time has made it fun whereby Samhain Day an exception was because of the Flarebug." - Scottie (26-Jun-2010)
"A very complicated case indeed as the title may already suggest but unfortunately mostly due to its complicated or rather confusing gameplay . Now how many levers and switches must one woman push/pull before the builder is satisfied ? Climb up to the top , right ? Operate that switch ,go up again and down again . Up , down, all around , find more keys in vast locations so a good memory will serve you well . This game , however , can be rated as a TRLE Movie as for its epic dimensions and will keep you entertained for a long,long time if you have enough patience to overcome its ever-present backtracking moments. Many nice Fly-Bies , cut-scenes , excellent camera work to enhance the amosphere plus brilliant custom sound files forced me to rate it 10 in that particular slot ! The builders have supplied more than enough flares to lighten the place , the better solution would have been to make use of the various options in the Level Editor to brighten up the sceneries in a normal way .I for one (and Lara too) found it very annoying having to manoever around in this permanent twilight or even gloomy darkness .Textures were occasionally stretched over the top and not very nice to look upon. Although the plot is revealed as the game coninues I have a feeling this adventure was sort of "glued" together rather than fitted together. It is however a huge game offering many interesting locations and challenges for the rather experienced and patient player." - Ruben (26-Jun-2010)
"And the Story Begins: Appropriately enough, it begins in the mansion - the traditional mansion, but with a new, and rather interesting, layout. This is very much a scene setter for the main adventure, with Lara's main objective being to pick up her guns which, for reasons best known to herself, she has decided to store in the cellar. An Unexpected Revelation: Time to revisit Angkor Wat for some heavy duty exploration and a bit of a lever fest. There are a few bats and pigs to shoot and quite a lot of push blocks to discover, but mainly it's about the levers. Trinity College: Despite the overall beauty and grandeur of the settings, wouldn't you know Lara would manage to find herself down the sewers at some point! The adventure really starts to get going now, with an excellent chess puzzle to solve and the introduction of some intriguing Celtic mythology. Also, if you've been feeling a bit deprived of enemies, just be careful what you wish for because you get a tin man and a horseman with your chess game. Into the Deep: Ah, the glorious Aegean. No time for soaking up the atmosphere (or the sun) though. Sharks, temple ruins and a lot of swimming are the order of the day and it's a very well designed level that pulls together in a most satisfactory manner. Good varied gameplay and sharks and skellies to contend with by way of enemies. If you missed the secret shotgun earlier in the game, try not to miss the secret crossbow in this section, or you could be spending a fair bit of time running away from said skellies. Graveyard Hill: If, like me, you loved the ambience of the Black Isle levels in TR5, then you're in for a treat here. The atmosphere is wonderful and the gameplay absorbing. There's even a spot of motorbike riding thrown in for good measure and finding the nitro to achieve a long jump involves some quite hard work. Samhain Day: Delving further into the Celtic mythology involves quite a lot of exploration in vast, gloomy caves, some of which are inhabited by ahmets. The flare bug puts in an appearance towards the end of the section, but it's mercifully brief and doesn't impact too badly on the overall enjoyment. Tir Na Nog: It's boss ending time and what a jolly good one it is, in this final, short but most eventful section of the game. Having defeated Jane and taken the spear, Lara has to make her escape in a hurry as the whole place starts to come down round her ears. Exciting stuff. This is a very well crafted set of levels, with a great storyline, excellent cut scenes and enjoyable gameplay with a moderate difficulty level that should suit most players. My only grumble really is that, given the delightfully varied locations, did they all need to be so gloomy? I really can't believe that Lara does her raiding exclusively by twilight. Nevertheless, this falls into the 'not to be missed' category." - Jay (25-Jun-2010)
"Well. After several days I've finished this great adventure. The truth is that I think has been a fairly ambitious project, with a good team builders who have worked long hours to make this final product that I, personally, do not let me down. I have enjoyed the cutscenes (albeit low quality), there are good puzzles, good architecture, texturing correct (although with many failures). The lighting is quite good, although as noted Requiem, sins too dark on most levels, and in the penultimate level I experienced the bug flares when most needed. Yes, more than enough weapons and ammunition if you find some secrets to face a few enemies that appear in each level. I liked the fact you could not kill the Lara / zombie that appears in the later levels. On the other hand, some levels are too no-linear and I had to walk from here to there going through the same places a lot of times until I found what I needed. In short, a great adventure with some reservations. Still, recommended." - Jose (25-Jun-2010)
"The good game play is indeed complicated enough to make players think and concentrate and enjoy themselves, and several of the levels here are standouts in exploration. After a somewhat weak home level introduction, Lara travels to a nicely realized Cambodia, where plot and design enhance each other. The ruins Lara explores have a physical presence. The author has added a number of FMV to handle transitions from one locale to another. Next is "Trinity College," which for me did not quite sustain the high level reached in Cambodia. The author has made subtle modifications to animations: Lara no longer has to take a step back from shelves in order to search them, but simply walks up to shelves as in TR5 (taking a step back no longer works). The college interiors seemed a little dark. There is a good FMV introducing Jane, who tells Lara a good story, but we will soon see that Jane is treacherous. Then Lara is off to the Aegean Sea for "Into the Deep," and once again there is believable scenery and intricate play that is absorbing. The difficulty level is just right, so players may hit spots where they are stuck for a while, but this makes them savor resolutions. Next is another good level in Ireland, "Graveyard Hill," reminiscent of TR5, with rain and dark haunting places. The variety between these levels of places visited, textures, and presentation adds a lot to the overall enjoyment. The Ireland level has three distinct sections, first with Lara on a motorbike, getting nitrous oxide to make a jump; next with Lara exploring crypts and dealing with mummies; and last a long section with a deep mine pit and tunnels, finding a detonator key. As a continuation Lara enters "Samhain Day." The darkness here is too intense, even for a good LCD monitor, and it compromises play and enjoyment. The puzzle with pushable blocks and an obstructing mummy isn't as solidly conceived as what has gone before in previous levels. For instance, Lara can make a long trip in cloaking dark only to find a barren room. But if she chances to find a lever in a dark corner, and then a doorway for another lever, she can make that trip and find the room drained of sand, and thus can pick up a metal bell clapper. If Lara shoots a mummy with explosive ammo before a tolling bell awakens it, the level will crash. Then an ugly flare bug hits, so Lara can't even use binoculars. She has to constantly throw flares on the ground for meager light. At one spot Lara jumps a deep ravine into total blackness of a far wall, without knowing which spot is safe to grab. This level by itself would rate lower, but rather than average out scores, I rated the entire game on how much I enjoyed it. Fortunately after "Samhain Day," the flare bug vanishes. Lara confronts Jane in a final "Tir na nOg." The author should be proud to achieve this series of levels, so I hope that defects such as the flare bug are taken seriously, and fixed. "Samhain Day" would be impressive if players could only see it. Anyway, I still strongly recommend these levels." - dmdibl (21-Jun-2010)