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Searching the Savegame Crystal by Franco Bula

Ceamonks890 5 5 6 5
Daffy 7 7 6 7
Diz 7 7 7 7
DJ Full 4 5 4 4
dmdibl 7 7 6 6
eRIC 6 6 6 5
Gerty 7 7 6 5
Jay 7 7 6 5
Jose 7 7 7 6
manarch2 4 4 6 5
MichaelP 7 7 7 6
Miriam 5 5 7 7
Orbit Dream 6 7 6 5
Ryan 7 6 6 6
Scottie 7 5 6 6
SeniorBlitz 5 5 5 5
StudBuddha 7 6 6 6
TheStig 6 6 6 7
Treeble 6 7 7 7
release date: 20-Jul-2010
# of downloads: 115

average rating: 6.04
review count: 19
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file size: 28.18 MB
file type: TR3
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Gameplay & Puzzles - This section was pretty smooth for me most of the time. Some hiccups here and there throughout in this section. But I was happy once I made it through. The end trigger took me by surprise. I don't know why I expected more after haha. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - This place felt a little empty to me and I think this would have been better without the dogs because of the setting but the other enemies were decent. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - Atmosphere is okay for a smooth raid most of the level. There is some boxy rooms but nothing too distracting besides the illegal slopes. I wish there were a few more pieces of music to go along with this one. Lighting & Textures - Lighting and texturing are both decent. There's wallpapering throughout but not too distracting. I think more variety with the texture set would have been nice here. And I found a few missing textures. Overall a nice chill level that passes the time." - StudBuddha (26-Jun-2020)
"This level was... confusing to say the least, I never played a level were I never felt like I was actually making any progress even though I technically was, the level design is so arbitrary that I don't actually know how to feel about it, the rooms are boxy, there are a lot of fake walls, and a certain spike trap can actually leave you soft locked if you aren't quick enough, anyway I only played as a preparation of sorts for Feder's remake of it, it isn't a bad level, just weird." - SeniorBlitz (21-Feb-2020)
"A fairly standard and enjoyable India level. While it doesn't break the mold, it has a few nice moments such as a couple of trap gauntlets (the deadly laser felt way out of place though) and generally speaking the jungle is fairly convincing - if we're talking TR3 anyway. Despite the apparent multiple paths, things progress rather nicely up until we reach the same pitfalls many builders fall victim to, ie an unmarked climbable wall (just one, but still one too many) and walk-through opaque textures. The last keyhole is also rather elusive, being all the way up on the treetops, but it made for a fun short jumping sequence. 40 minutes. 12/19" - Treeble (29-Dec-2019)
"The savegame crystal may not be seen until the end of the level, but until then you get a solid enough TR3 jungle jaunt of around 35 minutes. The majority of the settings are quite square, but a couple of the areas are quite quaint and charming. The weird mix of enemies (snakes, dogs, Shivas and guards) keep proceedings pepped up and I found the routes through the column room and the large treetop area to be quite neat. Nothing earth-shattering or difficult, but it's an enjoyable little raid all the same." - Ryan (31-Jan-2018)
"Not a bad debut at all at least I found it rather entertaining. Nothing too hard although that zip line had me reloading quite a few times. Textures can be applied better and the rooms are very square. That aside it is the gameplay that I found entertaining. Word for the wise, save in different slots or you might be stuck with the spike walls almost at the end of the level. Enemies were placed well and there is enough ammo to find to slay them a bit easier than just doing it with Lara's trusted guns." - Gerty (22-May-2015)
"While this debut level may not take any real risks in order to help itself stand out amongst all the other jungle-themed releases under the TR3 engine and may even run the risk of putting some potential players off(with the admittedly rather bland texturing and unbalanced difficulty curve), it does get better later on if you have the willpower to see it through to the end(with some noticeable improvements in lighting and level design particularly.) And while the enemy, object and texture choices may not be anything that we all haven't seen before, this is still a fairly solid release(that despite its numerous faults), is well worth checking out at least once, if you happen to be a fan of jungle levels. Though I would highly recommend going into this one at your most observant, keeping a keen eye out for certain oddities and remembering to save as often as possible, in order to avoid a lot of possible frustration." - Ceamonks890 (22-Oct-2014)
"You know it's easy to dismiss these old TR3 levels without giving them a fair chance. I mean yes, this was never going to win any texturing competitions, and when you compare it to some more recent releases it reminds you just how far the editor has come...but when you look at Searching for the Save Game Crystal more closely you'll find a level with some very strong gameplay elements. There are some cunningly well hidden pickups and passageways to explore. It's certainly no walk in the park and took me an 1 hour 20 minutes to complete. It's also a good example of how people evolve with the editor. The first few rooms feel quite crude and wall-papered. Then as the level goes on, things get better, the lighting more refined and the geometry more convincing. Take into account that this is a debut level and the result is all the more promising too. There were no wafer thin walls here. I think this builder will be one to watch out for in the future. Recommended! Stiggy" - TheStig (30-May-2011)
"For a rather good level tr3 built with enough variation to avoid monotony of the scenery. The gamaplay is straightforward enough but encountered an obstacle for fun (various enemies and traps). This level can have a good little game time, thank you to the author." - Daffy (17-Oct-2010)
"A bit of an odd title, as even though it is true at the very end, it does not convey what the level is about: rather classic raiding in a TR3 Jungle/India setting. You get a nice mix of enemies throughout (guards, tigers, snakes, Shivas, dogs) and a few sneaky crawlspaces to find, some blade and boulder traps, tree hopping and the occasional nice looking area, like the first one with the waterfalls. So, while not being overly memorable or special, it plays very solidly for the 40 minutes it lasts." - MichaelP (26-Sep-2010)
"One camera attracts your attention, but nothing happens. The lighting is sometimes good, but sometimes it doesn't exist and you can't feel you are in the jungle. An author hid secrets in original way, but for many players they might be frustrating. Gameplay is rather good, comprising of platforming and avoiding classic traps. You can die trying to jump over the burning floor, but truly there's nothing very challenging in this level. The two spiky surfaces at the end of the game are designed in a way allowing a player to save in the middle of the trap and be unable to finish the game. Also, one can probably miss some important switches or crawlspaces and be stuck in certain places for long time. This results in a very unbalanced difficulty - one time the level is a piece of cake, another time you don't know what to do. SUMMARY: Be very observant in this level - otherwise it may wipe out your patience. Rather good jungle level... But if you are not jungle levels fan, please notice the word "rather"." - DJ Full (18-Sep-2010)
"This is actually a TR3 level. Tr3 horizon, textures, enemies, sounds, objects, outfit... It doens't sound interesting. The objetive may be give the players an entertaing adventure with original platforms and challenges. But I think this objective hadn't been reached completely. Excepting a few platforms, like the tree ones, I saw a tr3 level without soul. I would like have felt like being in a jungle, but I didn't." - Miriam (30-Aug-2010)
"I couldn't recall much of this Indian level , as for weeks I was stuck near the end in the outside area with the key under the movable block. So after having a look in the forum and noticing that crawlspace I missed, I played it again. Some areas are not necessary to be raided unless for the pleasure to get all pickups. The descending spiked wall at the end was buggy in my game , as Lara always died on the spot (as if there were death squares there) even if the spikes were far above her (had to use PosEditor to get a bit farther from these squares). I quite like the zipline with the traps at the end, and the jumps over deadly blocks in these corridors towards one pickup area. Overall a solid TR3 jungle level. More than one hour of net gaming time in my first try , only half an hour when knowing what to do." - eRIC (09-Aug-2010)
"This incursion in the jungle can be very dangerous for lara if she's not careful. Gameplay is not bad, with some entertaining tasks, but the bad marked ladder to climb to the triangular crawlspace can't be good for most players. Enemies are well balanced, but I never found the uzis, the M16 or the grenade launcher. Near the end there are some sneaky traps and the task with the zipline is not easy too, but nothing impossible. Correct sounds and cameras, not so correct the lights and many stretched textures in one click high surfaces. Even so this was a game worth to play for me because I always loved TR3." - Jose (03-Aug-2010)
"Generally I don't like TR3 games. These days they seem old, slow and clunky without any retro nostalgia, not all old things are good. This level, however, is an exception. Once I'd got used to the old look and feel, I really enjoyed it. Good gameplay, excellent lighting, a good spike run and tough enemies (two Shivas in a small area should be enough for anyone, and a nicely places snake in the grass will surprise). If I hadn't been reviewing, I doubt I'd have played this level and that would have been a big mistake. I would really like to have this game brought up to date, that could be a cracking level!" - Diz (02-Aug-2010)
"The only problem with TR3 levels nowadays of course is that they look quite crude by comparison with the fabulous new geneeration stuff we've all been spoilt rotten with. Plus, simply getting in and out of the actual game seems so cumbersome. However, if you can get past these niggles, this is actually not bad, especially for a debut level. It's mainly about exploring the jungle for keys, but along the way there are rigers, snakes, guards, dogs and fierce Shivas to fight and some rather good spike traps etc., to negotiate. Certainly I would recommend this to fans of the TR3 genre or anyone in need of a nostalgia trip." - Jay (01-Aug-2010)
"Perhaps a level where what you get out of it is what you put into it. I don't mind the leafy textures with gaps, as at least one can see through them, so exploring the first area Lara figures out to jump up into leaves to get the Desert Eagle or a small medipack. Later there seem to be cleverly concealed secrets, though when Lara picks them up they don't register as secrets. One large tree area was only for goodies, as Lara climbs up and drops through branches and leaves, making sure to land on waiting branches below. Later on there is an optional looping section near an important switch. And Shivas don't leave anything when they fall, so Lara could just flee from them. But if Lara does everything, in the spirit of the level, then game play is pretty good. Some thought has been put into it. Maybe I would question a long, long ladder that Lara has to scale, even though the author knows very well that the sneaky key will have been missed. And in a timed sequence, players don't find out about the second moving spike wall until it is too late. Overall, the texturing needs work. At first I thought appearance looked poor in comparison to high quality modern levels, but really texturing is just plain sloppy in places. Hopefully this will improve in future. If this is a debut level it is quite promising." - dmdibl (24-Jul-2010)
"Oh well, good old Tomb Raiding. Though I find the TR4 level substantially better, but now and again a nostalgic trip is thus also sometimes quite nice a lot. However, it is not so great if a Shiva can virtually go through the wall. There was at a place only one small wall opening by which one could crawl through. The wall was one Sqare wide. It is not so great really if the Shiva can go at such a place simply through the wall. But luckily this was only with this Shiva in such a way. Other both Shivas could not follow Lara, because she has climbed a ladder down. Otherwise it was rather relaxed Raiding. A few wolves and soldiers as an opponent, nice small riddles and passageways which were not camouflaged too well. All together quite a well-arranged nostalgic trip." - Scottie (23-Jul-2010)
"This not a bad debut,but you need to put aside your first impressions of a square jungle and fairly unrefined texturing;as not only do these not improve as the game progresses,but they actually intrude into what is actually a rather well thought-out gameplay. The first section is a straightforward hunt for two keys and a battle with two shivas,and you feel that this may be all there is to it;but no.A slide into a fairly impressive watery cavern and a subsequent back-and-forth quest for a further two keys (only one of which I actually needed)ensues,and you can tangibly discern the builders confidence improving as the gameplay is ramped up a couple of notches by the inclusion of a few devious trap sequences;a decent quest for a Secret;and a very sneaky use of crawlspaces.Toward the end the traps become a little too crafty for their own good,as it is quite possible to become irreversibly stuck during the 'double-moving wall' gauntlet - but a good effort all the same. Lighting occasionally tries to be creative,but it never really works and ends up looking somewhat contrived (deep blue lighting in a small corridor for no readily apparent reason)or completely non-existent;while textures are often massively compressed. Nonetheless,the good distribution and variety of enemies is effective;the 'hunt for keys' gameplay kept me absorbed;and it all builds to a fine and fairly challenging zip-line ride to your prize. With a little more attention to detail,this builders next level could be something well worth waiting for." - Orbit Dream (22-Jul-2010)
"Another TR3 jungle level. Has got ordinary, bery linear gameplay and you just search Indra Keys or levers. Enemies are tigers, snakes, soldiers and dogs (no idea how they got there). Textures are like the jungle ones, are OK, nothing new. Solid but a bit boring because there are so many levels like this." - manarch2 (21-Jul-2010)