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Tomb Raider: Lost (Part 1) by Dgenocroft

Adriel 4 5 3 3
Blue43 4 4 4 3
Christian 2 3 2 2
Daffy 4 4 4 5
Diz 4 4 5 4
DJ Full 5 7 6 3
dmdibl 5 4 5 3
eTux 3 3 4 3
Gerty 3 4 4 3
herothing 5 4 6 6
Jay 5 4 5 4
Jessica Croft 5 3 4 3
Jose 2 3 4 4
manarch2 4 4 4 3
MichaelP 4 4 4 3
Orbit Dream 4 6 5 5
Ryan 3 4 4 3
Scottie 5 4 5 4
TheStig 4 4 5 4
Treeble 4 4 4 4
release date: 25-Sep-2010
# of downloads: 115

average rating: 4.00
review count: 20
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file size: 27.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Begins with 11 pushblocks, all useless so just move on and into primitive rooms and long passages where the game drags despite of being short. Unlike what's said, it has 3 secrets but two are needed for main progress, so I agree they aren't very secret. Then we find some keys (don't lose one in deadly water), use them and slide down to a not yet made sequel. Let's hope it's gonna get better from now on... Optional." - DJ Full (27-Apr-2024)
"The last offering from this builder, all of which were released in the span of a handful of days, and this doubleset actually improves on so many different aspects. It's still far from being an engaging adventure, but the principles are there, with a few platforming bits and lots of keys to fetch. Textures still suffer a lot from wallpaper effect, a handful of wafer thin walls, there was a weird issue with the outdoor areas in the second level which would render certain areas invisible until you got closer. Still, for its short length it's a nice fit for an otherwise busy day. 20 minutes, 3 secrets. 07/22" - Treeble (24-Jul-2022)
"Another slight upward trend for this builder, this is a straightforward and quite fast paced two-level set. The textures, lighting and general architecture, while a bit better than before, still needs more time effort as it's rather disjointed and far too dark in places, and there's hardly any puzzles to speak of, but it has a certain fast flow that keeps things moving swiftly along and the attacks from the Lara doppelgangers keep things spiced up. Overall, I still recommend the builder to spend more time constructing a level, but an improvement is an improvement, however small." - Ryan (08-Jun-2018)
"This has all the hallmarks of a work of an author who's still getting the hang of level building, and would do well to sit down and patiently master the tutorial level before attempting something more ambitious. The premise is simple - Lara is stranded in a remote place and conveniently finds herself in the vicinity of a temple that contains the occasional puzzle and so on. Maybe it's done to death, but it's a fun idea to explore none the less, and can amount to a great deal of fun for all involved. This has some rudimentary ideas put in place, but never quite manages to convince fully - the poison room enters your existence suddenly and without warning or indication (i.e. looks exactly the same as any other room), the settings are boxy and elaborated only to the author's desired level of detail, not to the level required to make a natural setting believable - the interior areas are occasionally too dark, keys remain unnamed, not to mention the more serious issues of the 2nd level crashing to desktop upon death/reloading and the odd water geometry that doesn't allow you to get out of a pool without cheating (how did that pass the final test before sending in the level to be uploaded?). The new animations and moves are nice and quirky, but after a few times of the somersault (initiated with 'action' and 'forward' while standing still or running) inadvertently throwing Lara to her death I was not that enamored by it anymore. You wouldn't be missing out on a great deal if you skipped this as a player, but some ideas here do have merit if you give it a go." - eTux (20-Apr-2012)
"I'll say this from the off-set. Compared to Dgenocroft's prior two levels this represents a quantum leap forwards. Texturing, lighting and architecture are getting better and better with each release and if you compare this to say Natla Returns, you can see that the author is clearly progressing with the editor rapidly now. My principle gripe graphics wise is the wafer thin walls, these are avoidable and I hope the author takes a little bit more time & care with their next release to eliminate them. The next issue is the odd bug or two. I ran into a very strange camera bug & the 2nd level crashed to desktop when ever Lara dies. That said, I quite enjoyed this, and it gave me 40 minutes solid gameplay. Each level Dgenocroft makes is getting better. There's some nice features (the poisen room caused me to have a bit of a panic), so it's clear they are not sort on original ideas either. If you're looking for an entertaining 40 minute or so diversion and don't mind the odd bug I can easily recommend. Stiggy." - TheStig (16-Jul-2011)
"The level has some good ideas but not realistic scenarios and texturization. In spite of the good ideas of the creator some parts of the level are not funny to play and some things become repetive after some time of gameplay. It's certainly a ambicious project from a begginer builder that should practice more and learn a lot of building techniques to do better levels. I found a lot of stretched textures, the sea doesn't look like real (it doesn't make sence a sea in mountains). The creator show that he knows to use some level editor features but the level still with begginer's faults that can be fixed with a simple read in the manual." - Adriel (26-Dec-2010)
"Some bugs are very disruptive in the game, I think it has more moves for one game only, it seems that you forgot to put something, the game's story has nothing to do with the game itself, the textures are stretched through the middle square is too, some new movements in places hinder the game, hope you take that comment seriously and to improve, you have many chances to be a great developer levels" - Jessica Croft (22-Dec-2010)
"First of all, i'm confused. The story in the description seems ot have nothing to do with the game.....oh well. I think that this builder does have potential to improve his levels. Textures and lighting are quite promising although are a bit overused, some paper thin walls and fairly band architecture. Gameplay is quite boring and some empty rooms were in the game for some reason. It feels as though this level has been rushed and not finished, i would like to see all these comments taken aboard and used to make a much better, perfect game. Grade - C+" - herothing (26-Oct-2010)
"This time the game has a better look with high resolution textures, but still bad applied in many places or with "Texture Floor, Texture Walls, Texture Ceiling" buttons. Same defects as previous levels: paper walls and floors, untextured tiles, bored gameplay, poor architecture, empty rooms... At least it seems that there is a small effort with the lights, but some rooms are excessively dark. It seems that this author be in a hurry to release level after level as soon as he can but, my friend, anybody can't release a good level with few hours of work." - Jose (15-Oct-2010)
"I would not return to the defects found in this level, other commentators have spoken enough. The author leaves no one indifferent, his work is very much in progress and I hope he will soon surprise us with next level with more neat finishes. I encourage him to continue anyway." - Daffy (12-Oct-2010)
"A strange level in some respects. Overall it had a good look to it, one could see where the builder was trying to lead but there were so many faults that they got in the way of the gameplay. Getting out of the water was a matter of luckily positioning resulting in a spectacular seal-like leap onto dry land. Unfortunately one either hit it right the first time or the fiftieth. One will get a psychedelic monitor screen in the gas room if you get bitten by a rat - reload, medipacks don't help. Thin walls and gloomy lighting add to the overall unfinished feel." - Diz (05-Oct-2010)
"The author made a little progress since his last level recently released. In the 2nd part of the game there are some, but rare moments, anything like gameplay can be seen. In the 1st level we walk to and fro to get two eye-pieces. All in all: Simply uninspired, without any ideas, no story-line, no atmosphere." - Christian (05-Oct-2010)
"The author asks us to forgive his two previous experiments, so consider this as a first effort. The appearance is fairly basic with thin walls, but the author is developing game play. In the first level Lara searches out pieces of an ocular. The second level has lots more to do, and the circular route is good; when Lara returns to a deadly pool and retraces back to the beginning I had almost forgotten the golden keyhole from early on. In a poison room my monitor screen went crazy, maybe because of a rat bite--the little fellows are waiting for Lara as she back flips off a ladder. To recover: save, quit the game, and restore. Lara swims between two pools with co-existing water levels at once. She plunges through 'water' to splash into a lower section, and when she exits she shoots up like a porpoise to sail out of the water and land on her feet. I'd remind the author that a long straight shimmy is not exciting. Neither is moving a bunch of crates around at the beginning when Lara never finds anything, although a bunch of crates later on did have a key under them. More flares were needed for dark areas. Promising game play." - dmdibl (02-Oct-2010)
"This is the builder's third level and it is a lot better than the two previous released ones. Gameplay is simple - a bit back and forward, a couple climbs, a simple push block puzzle, several keys and some platform jumping over poisonous water. The poisonous room and another dark area caused some strange graphic problems, which made the game unplayable until I reloaded a save game. It also crashed on several other occasions. The enemies were rats and several Lara clones. I did like the location of the triple secret, although one had to use a completely unmarked climbing area to get to it. The game was generally very dark and in the beginning flares were in short supply, which didn't help either. Looks weren't too bad, but I think some more work needs to be done with some of the texturing and the lighting. Maybe more flares or a couple of wall torches would have been nice. Either way - it's definitely an improvement over the earlier levels." - Blue43 (01-Oct-2010)
"Now and again textures are absent. And the mountains look partly not very realistic. And now and again one sees stretched textures. And there are some Cracks, thus one can see between the textures through. And the Flame emitters do not have the correct height, so that the fire is too deep at the wall torches. And one can also see paper-thin walls. And in the second level the sky is absent. But clear progress is also to be recognised. Some rooms are well built. And with the deadly water and the toxic room some good ideas are present. Slowly but steady Dgenocroft builds better level. Though he still has a long way before himself, but the beginning is made." - Scottie (27-Sep-2010)
"More gameplay that is great, textures are much better, still need lot of work. The first level was way too dark with only three flares. The pick up of flares is too far in the game. I had a hard time to move around in the poison room as I saw most of the time no textures but my screen went white (with crashes while dying). But keep at it Diego." - Gerty (27-Sep-2010)
"A straightforward two-level mini set,this actually contains a certain undemanding fluency in gameplay which makes it all fairly enjoyable.You're never standing still for a moment,and the various items needed for progression are not necesarily a push-over to obtain - in particular the key lying within an oddly poisoned room,which was a little bizarre but at least had the merit of being an original concept.Enemies are rather copious and slightly surreal;while lighting and textures are unambitious and prevent any particularly memorable atmosphere. Nonetheless,this provides 30 shamelessly enjoyable minutes and indicates an upward trend on the part of this particular builder." - Orbit Dream (27-Sep-2010)
"The third offering from this builder certainly does still contain a lot of beginner's faults, such as wafer thin walls, missing textures etc., but it's good to see an improving trend here. The gameplay is fairly simple, but it does at least exist. There are secrets to find too, although two of them in the first part are actually necessary to progression, which seems a touch odd. Enemies are rats and Lara clones, but they're all easily dealt with. Otherwise, it's just a case of exploring to find keys and switches, doing a bit of swimming and climbing and an encounter with a room filled with deadly gas, which was something a little out of the ordinary. I hope Diego continues to improve at this rate - he could just be bringing us some pretty good levels in time." - Jay (26-Sep-2010)
"Still getting better - as this time Diego serves us two short connected 10-15 minute long levels in a next gen setting where Lara explores in a fairly linear fashion, but is nicely brought around in a circle to eventually exit each level. There are unfortunately many, many clipping errors and cracks with the textures and the architcure remains rather boxy. Do not let any of the poisonous rats bite you or likely your screen will go bizarre and you will have to exit and restart the game. Along the way you meet Lara's doppelganger a few times, which works well as an enemy but is easy to kill. The poison "gas" room was a bit odd with the safe corner cubicle, and the push block puzzle not really a puzzle. Some effort went into lighting this time, but almost to the extent that everything has a same-ish flat dark & gloomy feel to it. I was not able to get Lara out of the water on her return trip in the second level, so had to use DOZY there. All in all, another step forward for this builder, but still lots to work on to produce a decent level." - MichaelP (25-Sep-2010)
"The builder has made big improvement regarding the last levels. Textures were much more appropriate but there were many texture bugs still. It seems that Dgenocroft has his own special method of ending a level - via crashing - . The two or three new moves were very interesting, exspecially the one with that you only can come out of a pool. This may just be a bug but I find it challenging. However the levels are still only key-searching and quite linear apart of bit backtracking. Enemies in this level were rats and doppelganger, not too hard to kill them. I can recommend it if you ignore some mistakes here." - manarch2 (25-Sep-2010)