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LB Advent Calendar 2010 - Wesselys last will by Clara Sponge

Adriel 9 10 10 9
Andzia9 10 10 10 10
Bene 9 10 10 10
Blue43 8 8 9 10
Christian 9 8 10 10
Chronicles5 8 9 10 10
Cory 8 9 10 10
Diz 9 9 9 10
DJ Full 9 9 10 10
dmdibl 8 9 10 10
drguycrain 10 10 10 10
eRIC 7 8 10 10
eTux 7 8 9 9
Gerty 8 9 10 9
High Priestess 10 8 10 10
Janny 8 7 10 10
Jay 8 9 10 10
JayHannel 7 8 10 10
JesseG 8 9 10 10
John 5 7 9 8
Jorge22 10 10 10 9
Jose 9 9 9 10
Josey 10 9 10 9
Lioness_86 7 7 9 8
manarch2 7 10 9 10
MichaelP 7 8 10 9
Minox 8 9 9 10
Mman 8 10 10 10
Mytly 8 9 10 9
Nephilim 9 9 10 10
Orbit Dream 9 10 10 10
OverRaider 8 10 10 10
Phil 8 9 9 8
Potkanka 10 10 10 10
Ruben 8 9 8 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Scottie 9 10 10 10
Shandroid 9 10 10 9
TheStig 9 10 10 9
Treeble 8 9 10 10
tuxraider 6 6 7 7
release date: 22-Dec-2010
# of downloads: 253

average rating: 9.13
review count: 41
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file size: 94.19 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Short mediocre level, prequel to the much better "The Jerusalem Project - The Cherubim are Calling" level set. Unfortunately I have to say the sequel completely overshadows this level in all areas. The level geometry is reused and made much prettier in the sequel (the prequel starts with a different level, so it takes some time until you reach the remade level). The only reason to play this older prequel is probably for the story? Looking at the level in its own right, the city does look pretty (with some rather crude parts, like the bar). Gameplay centers around a story-driven item hunt, Christmas themed. Some of it was cryptic, I didn't know where to use the spade, and some of it was "shooting random things with very limited revolver ammo". I think it was OK."" - tuxraider (25-Jun-2023)
"Quite a lovely city in here, and a bustling one too with a lot of NPCs to chat with as Lara gathers whatever she needs to proceed. I laughed at the guy whose home Lara breaks in shooting the windows and he doesn't even get angry: just complains about the cold and asks for a gift. Must be that christmas spirit, eh? The bar and the church felt rather claustrophobic, but otherwise the streets and the general layout of the city was pretty neat. I'm no Radiohead fan, but have loved the song Creep since I've heard it on the Lucifer series and I loved when it started playing at the bar, and although the choir version made it sound quite christmassy I'm not sure that was the best pick lol. Still, great fun to be had here. 30 minutes, 1 secret. 08/22" - Treeble (04-Sep-2022)
"Easy and short level. I like the Chocolate Santa as small medipack but you dont need it. I hate jumpswitches, sometimes they are well hidden sometimes not, but I get angry about them when it is only thing you need to do and cant find them! Recommended." - Lioness_86 (19-Jan-2022)
"Nice to to look at and explore in especially if your just looking for something short simple and light as this is mostly fetch quests, light platforming, funny dialogues with people and searching for items, keys, switches etc. The repetitive and unvaried gameplay just wasnt for me unfortunately but with great atmosphere, comedy and camera work id say its worth a look." - John (13-Jan-2022)
"A fairly short, but very fun Christmas level. The puzzles make sense, even if it's quite humorous and not always realistic. The map is vast but easy to navigate, even if maybe sometimes feels needlessly vast, running across it trying to find what to do next. Luckily it's not very hard to find out what to do once you keep in mind that people change positions and become interactive as you progress through the level. It definitely helps the place feel alive, the people are more than decoration. The story is also an intriguing prequel to the Jerusalem Project which I haven't played yet but definitely plan to." - Potkanka (25-Dec-2021)
"Another great level from this team - one which I had not completed before. Perhaps before the video walkthrough was discovered ;) The ambience is very appealing as lara attends a funeral and explores a beautiful, snowy village to perform a few tasks and find some objects to progress. Lara interacts with a few characters here - some swap objects and one gives her the only secret in this level - a piece of thread. I think the only thing, sometimes, with a great level is the fact another equally good one comes along to distract the avid gamer! So I was very glad to finally complete this because I did literally get to within a minute to the end last time without realising I was so close to the finish. There can be tasks that are not immediately obvious and one very carefully-hidden switch near the beginning. There is a good written walkthrough and also a good video walkthrough. Recommended and highly at that! Thank you for a really beautiful Raid :D" - High Priestess (22-Mar-2018)
"This is definitely one of the best, if not the best, Advent levels I have played Jerusalem looked so realistic. The funeral cutscene was excellent. As a prologue to the Jerusalem Project it works excellently. Bravo!" - Ryan (23-Dec-2015)
"5 years late, but this is my favorite Christmas level so far. I'm really into this dark and mysterious atmosphere, especially when it comes to Christmas thing, while everyone had been making a rather cheerful level, it stood up as a serious level and acted as a prequel to an amazing Jerusalem adventure. Set in a town near the Wailing wall in Jerusalem, this level has got a dark atmosphere with outstanding soundtracks, sound effects, and even brilliant textures and objects such as the food stall, the cars, and pretty much everything. The scenes are memorable, that includes the funeral, entering the bar with an amazing soundtrack 'Creep by Radiohead', and meeting... Santa himself. The dialogues and monologues are clear, and I'd like to praise the one who did Lara's voice, even though the accent wasn't really Laraish, but the tone and manners are. The only thing that needed a correction was the proportion of the people compared to Lara. We could obviously tell they are not proportional by the size of the head. But yeah, it is still one of the best custom levels I have ever played so far." - Nephilim (16-Dec-2015)
"Clara (with or without a co-builder, this time it is Sponge) is spoiling us with her little stories. Here we have a prequel for a yet a bigger story and I loved it. This city is just very well done and the actions Lara has to do aren't too complicated although I have been searching high and low as I missed a small switch that blended so well into a wall that I ran passing it too many times LOL." - Gerty (15-Dec-2015)
"Even playing this level in the end of a tiring day, I got stuck nowhere after the spade and using only two savegame slots (known from simple levels but meaning a lot when coexisting with immersion like here) proves I didn't get confused for a greater reason than instinctively checking any toilet of this builder. Side noting, these toilets are inhabited by Levaticus extraordinaris spp., a very rare cerebral bacteria which makes infected people build weird restrooms on their own, so new habitats can be formed and the disease spread further. Going back outside I reminded myself about the most general, overwhelming impression I got right after the launch: I didn't expect this level to be that good - I just forgot it was released after I Am Legend, a game similar in many aspects, including the last Will. Here, many things keep the same quality. Atmosphere: flawless. Puzzles: serious, hilarious, fitting and story-telling (flawless). Gameplay: not yet in full-scale variety known from Jerusalem Project, but working exactly as it should in a prologue. Secrets: surely underdone, yet more of them could be inappropriate. Finally, multiple interactive characters populating the holy city to provide extra (or in this case primary) interaction deserve some extra (or in this case primary) points, as well as do details like stacked chairs and papers planted in the Wailing Wall (ha, now you get stuck, you piece of sheet!). One more look at the distant horizontal minarets and mosquee rooftops which will stand here for realism until the player returns wake up the rest of sequel memories and it's almost weird not to play it immediately after this little preview. SUMMARY: Makes me wanna revisit the real Jerusalem as soon as I solve my real life (virtual and material) - which I guess should happen close to my death, and it would be totally ironic if a game about a funeral brought my own to the very same city. But still, there's always a risk I will enjoy the real trip less than the game. Highly recommended!" - DJ Full (22-Jul-2015)
"Fantastic LBAC level which i really enjoyed very much, excelent gameplay very good puzzles perfect atmosphere and lots of good ideas. Only bad thing in this amazing adventure is that it is too short level and because of that i couldn`t give full ten. Very recommended. 8/10/10/10" - OverRaider (24-Dec-2012)
"The prequel to my beloved Jerusalem Project, while being equally delightful to look at and just run around in, doesn't have much going for it gameplaywise. There's virtually not a single puzzle, or even remotely challenging jumping task, or anything of the sort. Instead, the whole level basically consists of collecting keys to unlock doors to find even more keys, during which Lara interacts with way more NPCs than I was used to (even more than in the entire JP, actually). This interaction is beautifully utilized for the one secret of the level, though I must admit I needed a walkthrough to assist me here, because my knowledge of German is rather scarce. Despite being very short and simple, it's still a neat little teaser for what came next. I do highly recommend playing this level BEFORE The Jerusalem Project, though. Your expectations might be a tad too high if you played them in the other order." - JayHannel (18-Feb-2012)
"I started playing JP this week, and am currently about halfway through it. At that point, I discovered there was a prequel. So tonight I decided to take a break from Herod's Temple and find out how this story came to be. What a delightful X-Mas treat this level is! It's a short level, set in a small sub-section of the larger Jerusalem from JP. Wonderful use of textures and objects, with great sound and lighting to match. Lara is looking fashionable and ready for Wessely's funeral, which consists of a few nice cut-scenes, which Lara gets to participate in. The builders did an excellent job with the custom characters, flipmaps, animations, voiceovers etc. Gameplay is mostly exploration based, and kept me entertained, though not particularly challenged. There were some very clever uses of puzzle objects and interesting storylines though. I loved Lara being all awkward after having broken the pub owner's window. How many times have we raiders busted into people's apartments, tombs, museums or other places with no sense of remorse? This time we get caught. Anyway that was funny. I enjoyed the recurring Radiohead music throughout the level. I found the Magic Thread secret, as well as two chocolate Santas. Overall this was a fun level, and I liked getting to see the story leading up to the events of JP. Another nice flyby at the end, and I cracked up at "Creep" being sung in a Christmas funny. I spent just over forty minutes in this wintery adventure and very much enjoyed the experience." - Chronicles5 (14-Sep-2011)
""Wessely's Last Will" is not so much a TR level as a relaxing means to spend a few minutes, and perhaps one (if not *the*) most atmospheric level I've ever played in some time. It's also an interesting change from most other wintery levels that put forward that positive, happy vibe of the holiday. After all, what's more gloomy than a funeral during Christmas? Walking into the fog-filled graveyard for the first time felt a lot like a scene from Silent Hill 2 or maybe Syberia. And that is definitely a plus because the mood is just wonderfully nostalgic and depressing, but without going overboard. There's not much to say about the gameplay, which is probably why the builders didn't stretch out the level or get too close to that line where they become boring and outstay their welcome. (I managed to finish it in about 30 minutes). I felt the music was more than fitting throughout the game, though perhaps a different song could have been picked for the ending cutscene. Nitpicks aside, this is one level that is definitely getting a place on my replay list." - Janny (06-Sep-2011)
"This is very different from a usual level in design; it's a purely peaceful level (outside of shooting some objects) with multiple bits of character interaction. Outside of a bit of obscure object use near the start everything flows well and isn't that tough, that's kind of a negative too, as the gameplay is pretty simple with no particular challenge beyond some basic exploration (although there's a nice puzzle at the end), and it's relatively short; this level's strengths are in the unique interactions and visuals. Those visuals are excellent with a great snowy town design and atmosphere, along with visits to various different parts of the town that all have unique objects and sequences. It's a good Christmas level, although it being a prologue to something greater does show in the gameplay." - Mman (03-Aug-2011)
"This Advent Calendar level is a prologue for a larger adventure we can apparently expect later this year, and what a great way to get our mouth's watering for it! Leave it to Lara to put the FUN in funeral and set off on a scavenger hunt throughout the city. The vast open area that is at your disposal as the level starts did make me wary that this could get confusing, but the authors take the effort to guide you in the right direction at the start of the game, so in retrospect I really should not have struggled this much. The shovel and the key in the toilet were probably the most obscure gameplay elements there were - but considering how out of the ordinary the gameplay here is, it actually flows really well. Interacting with people and gathering items as Jerusalem unfolds its wintery secrets to you is fun, I only wish I had the composure of the man, who seemed pretty nonchalant as Lara broke in through his window! The tasks do feel a bit samey and simple, but I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing for an advent calendar level. While the surroundings did lag a bit on my end, the looks as such are well done and possibly the level's strongest point. Overall - a recommended raid even outside the Christmas season, and a great taste of things to come! Found 1 secret." - eTux (01-Mar-2011)
"Lara must interact with several people in order to discover the nature of the archaeological project of her now deceased friend. This level was fantastic. All the interaction with different characters and the side missions those interactions involved are precisely where i think TR levels need to go. This level is very plot-rich which is an important feature missing from many other levels. But it is also excellently designed and decorated. Spaces are very ambient and detailed. The biggest problem is that the level is such a tease! Half the level is inaccessible. i take that as a sign that this is a prototype for a larger project in which the entire set will be playable. It certainly whet my appetite. And the level did have just enough Christmas atmosphere to set a mood. But it did make me wonder, do they really get that much snow in Jerusalem? Great level, and i'll likely play it again!" - drguycrain (14-Feb-2011)
"A very nice and different level; the"Jerusalem Project“ promises to be good. I loved the scenes at the beginning and the end (btw, that big moon was a lovely touch), and also to see Lara interacting with other persons. The textures were not perfect, perhaps, nevertheless the city was quite realistic for me. Good job!" - Josey (09-Jan-2011)
"One of my favorite types of games is the action RPG, which this little gem of a level touches on a bit with needing to talk to people to get clues and items. I have always thought that TR would make for a great action RPG game. The game looks very good. I loved the beautiful Jerusalem setting and the wailing wall. I loved going into the bar and hearing Radiohead, then listening to a choral version of Creep at the end, which was very strange given the decidedly naughty words in the song, yet oddly the song worked. I simply cannot wait for the continuation of the level when Lara searches for the Ark of the Covenant." - Shandroid (08-Jan-2011)
"After trying out a few Advent levels that are so immensely complicated for one reason or another (I don't mean to say technically incorrect or basic in any sense) I haven't been able to finish them yet, I felt very lucky I downloaded this little jewel by a couple of prized builders whose only fault is that it's so comparatively short. Some may not like this talk-to-this-person-talk-to-that-one "routine" but personally I found it rather refreshing. The adventure takes place in Jerusalem and has several top notch details, namely the initial and final flybies, the burial ceremony and the bar scenes with a nice Radiohead song that's also used to finish the level in a version that's more in the season's mood (safe for the famous f word). It could have used far more exploration but I must say I was very satisfied with what I got. Well done!" - Jorge22 (07-Jan-2011)
"This level is more in line with what we've come to expect from the Advent levels, but it nevertheless offers some unique touches which are a large part of its charm. The game map here is much more compact than it is in, for example, Mystica or Christmas Mission, but you've got quite a bit of work to do in the hour or so that it will take you to complete the level. The surroundings are extremely well put together, and you can almost feel that you're walking the back streets and alleys of old Jerusalem as you progress. That bit about exploring the bar and coming back later to find it brimming with activity was a nice touch. Much of the level consists of accosting different people, waiting with bemused patience while they share some things spoken in German, taking whatever it is they have to offer when the conversation's over, and then moving on to the next person. That got kind of old after a while, but everything else about this level is fresh and appealing. Recommended for a scenic change of pace." - Phil (05-Jan-2011)
"As a prologue to a further release this is great work. The locations have been beautifully crafted. Texturing is exceptional, and the large city complex is really believable too. Thankfully the actual area you have to explore yourself isn't too large so you shouldn't find yourself lost at any point on this adventure. The thing that made me laugh is that FINALLY a character remarked on the fact that Lara has a habbit of breaking strangers windows! At-least she does compensate the poor fellow with a present (before going on to sneak around and open his bar!) All of the music queues are superb too, and I loved all the individual character interactions. The only real sticking point I had was at the very beginning at the I had to run around for a while to determine what exactly I needed to do in order to get everything going. Once I'd sorted this out though everything else flowed very nicely and logically. All in all I got just over an hour's worth of gameplay from this superb release. There's no monsters or nasty's lurking in the shadows so it should be ok for kids too. It's worth it for the fabulous end sequence of my favourites from anything I've played thus far. Highly recommended! Stiggy" - TheStig (01-Jan-2011)
"Even if I do not particularly like this kind of level with interreacting characters, we must recognize the beauty of the scenery and lighting are beautiful. I think out of the full version will be wonderful and I shall not miss .Congratulations" - Minox (01-Jan-2011)
"Set in Jerusalem, this level really does have the feel of a real place. I've never been there so I don't know how accurate it is but it wouldn't surprise me to find that it's spot on! This is an indicator of the quality of this game and, if this is just a demo taster then, roll on the Summer and the full version! Lighting and the use of textures are just right throughout the level. The gameplay is slightly different to normal as there are characters that have to be interviewed and object obtained from them (Players take note: speak to everyone!) This took me well over an hour, which is a bit overlong for a Demo but, who cares? I enjoyed it!" - Diz (29-Dec-2010)
"Now that is what I call a teaser for a bigger adventure! A quick 30 minute raid in snowy Jerusalem, with fun dialogues and a hint at a bigger story to come. Wonderfully executed, even though, as a player you do not get all that much to do. And some of the things you need to do are a bit obscure as well (like the use of the spade) and may need some forum or walkthrough help. But all minor gripes are washed away by the setting and the sense of reality that Clara always tries to convey in her adventures. Looks like we now impatiently need to wait not only for Harry Potter 7 part 2 in summer, but also for the full Jerusalem adventure ;)" - MichaelP (29-Dec-2010)
"I wonder how the whole game will be received by the community , as this 45 minutes demo is already fascinating at times. Not completely sure I would love to have a whole game based on this kind of gameplay with no great actions to perform, although quite possibly I would love it all the same , as it is quite immersive in its own way. Since the opening title , you know you are in for something different and a work of great quality. And in fact , perfection has been reached in some categories , like general atmosphere and audios. The decor is also very convincing. While there has been an intelligent work been accomplished in terms of storyline/gameplay which is so important for this kind of game based on interactions and objects, there is a bit that did not worked so well : why did Lara take something in the apartment of a person who has just been buried , so to offer it to someone else to whom she breaks his window like a hooligan, so to get the keys from him to open the bar ? This part did not made sense to me, although this unrealistic (without speaking of Lara's bad behaviour when she has no enemies) chain of events did not prevented my progression. The part where Lara is in Wessely's apartment is mostly enjoyable , I really had the impression to play a private detective searching for secrets and mysteries hidden there in the intimacy of the place. That was really great. As a conclusion this level can not be missed , as it brings some of these 'eheh' moments which is the joy of a player , plus the setting is quite unique. Jerusalem under snow , can you expect more interesting situation ? Looking for the full game for sure, want to know what farther secrets lay in the fascinating city." - eRIC (28-Dec-2010)
"A 50 minute trip in a lovely looking Jerusalem. The level looks great and is showcased with some nice camera work. The gameplay is a bit different than usual as most of it involves finding and talking to all sorts of people - something Lara doesn't get to do often in custom levels. The people and objects were integrated very will with the level and its storyline, so it is really a work of art. I honestly cannot think of anything to criticize, except a few unfortunate bugs to avoid. This is one for everyone to see." - SSJ6Wolf (27-Dec-2010)
"Remarkable in many ways, it works as an Advent Calendar level and as a demo for the forth-coming full release and it's a joy to play. Set in a virtual Jerusalem, complete with a Western Wall, outdoor market area, club scene and graveyard with peeks into other areas not yet fully accessible(at least for most of us), Lara has necessary interactions with several characters in order to proceed. It all works well, blending into perfection and leaves the player wanting more. A problem getting the English audio to play (my fault) slowed down gameplay for me but not for long.
Jerusalem has been my destination of choice for many years but travel advisories have cautioned against an actual visit the few times plans were being made so I'm surely not an expert on locations other than scenes depicted on film and/or documentaries but there is a perception while playing that the general virtual atmosphere, given the constraints of the TR engine, is probably as close to a sense of 'being there' as we can now experience. So, a big Thank You to Clara and Spongebob for an excellent mini- Raid to whet our appetite for the full adventure and for the feeling of a real sense of time and place. Really well-done and a delight. Kudos!" - Bene (27-Dec-2010)
"This was beautiful level. Short, but worth to play. I can't wait for full version." - Andzia9 (27-Dec-2010)
"Wow, what a beautiful and atmospheric level! It certainly serves its dual purpose well: it's a lovely and peaceful little Christmas level, as well as a very tantalizing prologue to The Jerusalem Project, which I am now looking forward to very eagerly.
Yes, this is a Christmas level, but it has an atmosphere unlike most other ones. The feeling of sadness and mystery is palpable throughout - after all, what else can you expect from a level which begins with a funeral?! - and the haunting background sounds fit perfectly. Radiohead's 'Creep' was a good choice for music in the bar - but it sounded absurdly out of place in the final cutscene.
The level starts with a lovely and unique title flyby - it's the first time I've ever heard dialogue in a custom level title! The looks of the level are nearly perfect. The snow-covered city seems almost alive - indeed, it is alive, with people who seem to come and go when you're not looking. I was eager to explore the many beautiful areas that seemed just out of reach, so I tried to get there using some bugs - and succeeded spectacularly, as there are several huge explorable areas beyond what can be seen in the level. Apparently, these places will be normally accessible in the final version.
Gameplay is mostly just exploration and finding a few items, and more interestingly, talking to several people. I had a hard time getting started because of a well-concealed jumpswitch and then because of not knowing what to do with the spade. But after a few peeps at the forum stuck thread, the game moved on smoothly - in fact, I felt it was just picking up pace when it ended! Well, since this is just a teaser for a fuller version, I guess I can't complain.
Overall: Fantastic! Can't wait till next summer!" - Mytly (26-Dec-2010)
"First once most important in front: Just look in any case the title sequence and select not immediately NEW Game!! One must have seen the title sequence and she belongs to it anyway to the game. And if the title sequence has already impressed you, you will be flabbergasted from the first camera sequence! And if you have all senses together again and sit again on the chair, you will not want to leave this chair for at least 1 hour (net playing time) any more. Do you know this feeling which one absolutely wants to know what is behind the next corner? And behind the next? And behind the next? This level is one of such games where one cannot stop at all. It is not only the brilliant Gameplay. Or which one can talk with different people. Or the great sound. No, it is the overall impression. Since here everything is simply right. There is there, unfortunately, only one problem: The player's municipality must still wait up to the summer, until they can play the whole package. How should we able to take this long time??" - Scottie (24-Dec-2010)
"This is a very well designed level that has an entertaining story and well made cutscenes. I enjoyed playing it soo much and I think the Jerusalem game will be one of the best level editor games. The soundtrack is good and perfectly fits in the level. I liked the environment but I think it could be more realistic in some aspects, but this don't affects the fun and that what matters! A very realistic thing that I really appreciate in this level is the fact that the persons looks like to"move" from one place for another, that's pretty cool. A example is: the people that get out of the funeral and suddenly appears on the streets and in the bar. The gameplay is not easy, there are things that you really have to explore to find out, but nothing impossible to do. Looking throughout the city and there are places that apparently can't be explored, I think that's good because maes the city looks bigger and more real. I say for the people who play this that this level is only a"preview" that what's really coming and it gives introduction to a bigger adventure." - Adriel (24-Dec-2010)
"Lara is invited to a funeral of an old friend here, but the way is closed. You first have to spot the hard-to-see jumplever right before the door, which is the first of many not obvious tasks in this level. It's not that I didn't like all the exploration in this level, but I ran around for nothing and then getting help in the forum. I think the area is way too big to clearly see what to do next, and just finding a key can be a hour-long search. However the dialogues between Lara and the others were really well done and city feeling was there. Jerusalem, although I don't know if that's a real place, was built with enormous realistic touches and all the rooms and outside areas looked really fantastic. The idea of getting the code was very good, I don't tell how here. Completely new objects were used here and you can take or give them from people here. If this "Jerusalem Project" will be released as a full version, I hope this will surpass most of the Top 50 easily, just because of the great architecture of this game, of course only if the gameplay will be better, which, I think, can be done by these talented builders." - manarch2 (23-Dec-2010)
"I honestly don't think I've ever played a level that seemed so 'real'. I've never actually visited Jerusalem, but I'm now having a hard time convincing myself that I haven't just got back from a trip there. This is a brief taster of a forthcoming level and it promises to be outstanding. It's a most ambitious project, with the interaction between Lara and various other characters, but thus far it all appears to be working quite beautifully and makes for an incredibly well fleshed out and fascinating experience. There are some wonderful new objects to ponder over, which provide the most challenging aspect of the proceedings; otherwise the action should be readily achievable by just about any player, which is good since it really is a must-play. I'm almost drooling at the thought of the full version." - Jay (23-Dec-2010)
"In an Advent season notable for its number of lovely levels this still stands out for its remarkable appearance and sense of design. From the opening fly-by players know they are in the hands of master builders. Lara is in Jerusalem, hunting down clues by talking to various helpful people, an interaction that hearkens back to the early days of adventure gaming. When it works this is a refreshing change of pace for players. This does mean that people appear when the script requires Lara to get something from them; Lara can run around the level before realizing that there is now a woman standing between two shopkeeper booths, and that this woman happens to be selling gift wrapping paper--just what Lara needs. After meeting Santa, Lara might at first miss the fact that there are now people in a nearby bar, which had been empty before. Lara approaches one patron who is unresponsive, then gets a golden skull from a helpful woman. If Lara gets more information from another patron, then hits other spots in just the right order, she triggers Pete (if that was his name) to appear. There are whole sections of the city that are blocked off, and Lara can see unlit wall torches about, and through gates, so it seems as though she is hunting for a way to light torches, to explore those out of reach places. None of that will ever happen. Lara never gets through the closed gates. She can spend a long time searching for Pete, thinking he will provide a secret code, so the fact that Lara can divine the secret code all by herself felt a bit like a dirty trick, though the authors probably thought this was inspired. In sum, this is a gorgeous level with creative game play, but if Lara doesn't always stand in just the right spots players can waste a lot of time. I do look forward to playing the full three-level adventure for which this is an introduction. Highly recommended." - dmdibl (23-Dec-2010)
"Here we have a short level that also serves as a demo or trailer for the"Jerusalem Project" which will be released next year. It is set in a very realistic looking environment and has a very exploratory type game play. It is simple as far as agility goes, as there are absolutely no big jumps, runs, traps or hostiles but it is quite challenging in terms of finding your way around this place. Lara has to find lots of items and figure out how and where to use them and also interacts with quite a few people who either hand her items or just useful information. All characters Lara interacts with during this short adventure trigger speech scenes that are exceptionally well done. The same can be said for the quality of the flyby in the beginning. The general atmosphere in this level is a bit dark and dreary, but it is all around the time of a funeral, so the builder captured that mood nicely. The texturing is perfectly done and the lighting is just what one would expect on a dark cold and overcast December day. This one is a must play for everyone and it will definitely leave you wanting more and anxiously waiting for the release of the full game next year." - Blue43 (23-Dec-2010)
"Global warming seems to have no effect in Jerusalem where snow normally is rare.... The trend to create large areas slowing down elder machines (as mine) can also be seen in this one. A convincing story-line and innovative puzzles - so the interaction between Lara and other persons beeing part of the story a part of great gameplay. Absolutely impressing is the atmosphere! I've never seen such realistic environment in a level before. A must to play!" - Christian (23-Dec-2010)
"Undoubtedly the most stunning Advent level I've experienced so far;this is simply quite magnificent! If it weren't for a pushable block that looks just like an ordinary section of wall,I would have given the gameplay a 10 - but this is an extremely minor gripe in what is otherwise a hugely creative and entertaining little adventure.The interactive characters;the sounds and music;the vocal acting - all are brilliantly done. What is even more exceptional,though,is the stunning construction of a virtual Jerusalem.Although flamboyantly fictional,there is nevertheless a beautiful accuracy over many of the details (the prayer notes in the Western Wall being a particularly brilliant detail);and the Funeral was wonderfully set into the storyline. Speaking of which,there is a well-devised storyline developing throughout the level,which keeps the momentum going during all those "what am I supposed to do now?" moments (and you'll experience quite a few of them!) Not that you'll ever grow tired of wandering around,though;as there's so much to see and do. Most players will be entertained by this for at least an hour,and will probably want to go back and play it again. A Masterpiece." - Orbit Dream (22-Dec-2010)
"Clara's levels always were not easy, not for the tricky tasks, but only for the new objets and features you don't know where or how to use. This time was not an exception; you must interact with every object you see if you don't want to miss something important (like the key to get the notebook); also, there will appear several people in some places with which you'll have to talk to get more items. Not an easy level so far... Environment is fantastic, very well made and with a lot of realistic details; several dialogues to introduce yourself in the history, excelent ornated and textured... I think the full version will enter directly in the Hall of Fame. Fantastic work!" - Jose (22-Dec-2010)
"This is a trailer for The Jerusalem Project by Clara, Masha and Spongebob which is announced to be released next summer. And it already gives us a taste of shapes of things to come once the final project will be complete.Jumping up and down like a jack in a box in praise of this very short preview to it released by the builders as a part of the Levelbase Advent Calendar 2010 I consider a little bit too early to lift it into the Hall of Fame . It clearly shows we will probably be in for another milestone in TRLE history once the project is fully realized. But not yet . In my current review here I will only comment a very short adventure with easy tasks to do , the great idea of having lots of interactive characters to support the gameplay and an almost overwhelming visual experience on my screen. In every step you can feel the heartbeat of Jerusalem ." - Ruben (22-Dec-2010)
"Before writing this review, I had already played this level twice, firstly with OrbitDream, and then by myself. On the first time of playing I thought it was a magnificent level that was worthy of 4 tens. The gameplay was entertaining, and kept us exploring for the best part of one and a half hours, everything looked amazing and the whole level had an exciting, Christmassy feel to it. Fortunately, on the second time of playing, my opinion has not changed, much. When I ran through the level, I was still expecting roughly a 40 minute adventure, but in the end, even with interacting with all of the characters, I managed it in under 20. It seems that this level does not replay very well, and I realised that most of the gameplay was just a key hunt, and as glorified as it is, it will only ever be a key hunt. That's not to say that this level did not have good moments; turning the lights on in the bar, the interactive moments, breaking the window to the old man's house, and so on. Objects were used very well, however, with it being a Christmas level, there were no enemies and (although stated in the readme), I did not think the idea to have the string (which seemed to be very key to the level) as a secret was a very good one, so for that reason, I could not give a ten. But credit must be given where its due, and a lot of credit must be given to the builders. From the title sequence to the ending cutscene, it developed the story better than any other level I've played. The texturing was immaculate and the voice acting was great. This has set a very high standard for 'The Jerusalem Project' but I am sure that it will not disappoint. Highly, highly, highly recommended!" - Cory (22-Dec-2010)