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Antas Dungeons by Talos

Chel 8 8 8 7
DJ Full 6 8 8 6
dmdibl 8 8 9 8
eRIC 6 8 9 6
Gerty 6 8 8 6
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 7 8 8 8
manarch2 7 8 9 8
MichaelP 8 9 10 7
Phil 9 9 8 8
Rambo 7 8 8 7
Ryan 8 8 8 8
release date: 09-Jan-2013
# of downloads: 123

average rating: 7.88
review count: 13
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file size: 74.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Pretty impressive for a debut level. Nice to see Erika's first attempt at using custom characters. I enjoyed playing as Nefermaat and exploring these crazy deadly ruins. This was a pretty long level, all things considered. I spent well over an hour and a half here and managed to find the secrets. Interesting mix of different audio tracks to create ambience and highlight dangerous segments. The generous explosive arrow pickups ensured that I never felt like I had to conserve ammo at any point. Even after the final boss encounter I had plenty to spare. I was surprised to see Set and very relieved when I learned that he could be blown up! I wanted to do that 20 years ago during my first play-through of the Last Revelation, so thank you Talos for granting my wish! Some of the ladder texturing (lack of the ladder texture but climbable bare walls) was wacky, making the location of a crucial jump switch a major pain to find. I agree with Ryan that the setting was very eclectic, but that's really the way that much of the architecture at the time was during the Ptolemy dynasty in Egypt. A mish-mash of native Egyptian, Macedonian Greek and Roman influences all swirled into the melting pot of the Mediterranean coastline. Overall a very fun level with lots of stuff to do and enemies to blow up. Had to think outside the box at times, which was great." - Chel (19-Apr-2019)
"This is a solid and accomplished debut from this builder. It's not your typical Greek (or Egyptian?) raid, as there are many custom objects used from a variety of sceneries, as well as an eclectic texturing mix, but the scenery still manages to be pleasing. Lara (or Nefermaat) is sporting an unflattering new look) and she doesn't have the regular unlimited pistols, but instead gains the Crossbow with all the explosive ammo you could ever want. The music was well chosen, although it looped a bit too much for me and the gameplay contains a few challenging moments, mostly involving spikes, slopes and monkeyswings, along with an action packed boss fight. Well done overall." - Ryan (20-Oct-2017)
"It's unbelievable how much damage may be caused by some impossible ladders and masked jumpswitches - this is another game of Talos I couldn't solve without a walkthru. If only she kept us focused and reduced the amount of nonsense in her initial works, they would get much better reception, because they differ much from what is usually built - it's just extremely confusing to play them. I liked the enemy usage, this might be the only game where I killed a horseman with a crossbow. I appreciated moments of resurfacing from catacombs. The archeological pushable was really creative though the hint could be more precise, because ordinary players might have problems differing Roman from Etruscan. SUMMARY: An ambitious attempt with much to fix. Now that I played everything of this author, I see how much she progressed since her early days, and I can only hope her future games will be much better." - DJ Full (27-Jan-2016)
"My first go at a level from this author and what a wonderfully refreshing debut this is indeed. Starting from the original choice of main character, and then the choice of objects, music and cameras, this creates a real sense of a storyline that you can immerse yourself into. It is also quite unusual that you only have one single weapon (the crossbow) and then actually plenty of powerful explosive ammunition to fight your way through. Although the fighting element is actually quite balanced throughout. Even the final boss fight was not very hard. Gameplay flows well with a few nice ideas and just occasionally a bit too much backtracking and so I managed to finish this level quite easily after 75 minutes with a big smile on my face - and now look forward to playing the other levels by this talented builder..." - MichaelP (19-Mar-2015)
"I thought I could try out a level that has not many reviews yet. Gameplay & Puzzles: I enjoyed the raid here a lot, and there are a lot of interesting puzzles, the one with the scroll hint in particular, but on the other side there is a lot of backtracking and clueless puzzles which don't make sense. But the progression is mostly fluent and fun. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There were a lot of enemies and they were well placed, I like the boss fight much. The objects are a mix of different cultures but it seems okay to me because it was intended. The two secrets were not so hard to find if you found another item earlier at least. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The whole level felt really fresh to me because there were no things used from the original games, and mostly I liked the room architecture. Sometimes the sound is just fine, sometimes a bit uneven, and camera hints could be more. Lighting & Textures: I agree that this level has a lot of texturing mistakes but these aren't so bad actually, because somehow the use of textures diverts from those. The lighting is partially too dark though, although it's nice in other situations. Total: 7,5/10, a good debut." - Rambo (26-Sep-2013)
"Although Lara looked very pretty as the Egyptian princess Nefermaat, the game in itself was a bit obscure, for me anyway. The choice of textures did work here but texturing was a bit of a mess. Big NO in my book of course is where are the binoculars? I could have used a hint with the five jump levers as well as the push puzzle with the deadly tiles. There is some back and fro and sometimes I really lost my way. I didn't like some of the jumps one had to make but got them in the end after a lot of reloading (one of them to a jump lever comes into my mind). I dislike boss fights so this also was nasty to finish. Not so much that you had to fight one boss but here are 4 enemies and Seth just wouldn't let up. But a good start for a first level." - Gerty (21-May-2013)
"It's admirable the effort from this builder to create a long level with a good history behind, but the gameplay is a bit obscure with unmarked climbable walls and excessive levers and hidden jumpswitches you can lose easily so there is an inevitable backtracking to re-explore previous areas to find what you've missed. There are some interesting puzzles and the musics are aproppriate, but textures are not well applied in many places. Even so, congratulations to Talos for this excellent debut." - Jose (29-Apr-2013)
"This new builder offers an interesting level in a very intricate setting mid way between Egypt and Rome , with definitively some originality , not only because we are playing with a different character , but for the different ambiance. The setting is a wild mix of textures and objects in the reason of the storyline , imo that works rather well , the texturing is not too good though with many stretched , compressed , or disjointed textures , but alltogether the places have some charm. Medipacks and arrows are enough to deal with the enemies. I noticed an unusual visual bug when I restarted the game sometimes , some of the objects including the main character were partly textured in black. Concerning gameplay and puzzles , I would have appreciated hints for the 5 switches puzzle and for the pushable puzzle with deadly tiles. The main flaw was the unmarked climbable wall to get the crowbar. The game suceeds to remain intriguing until the end. For a first level this is an interesting one despite some flaws and with good Oriental audio tracks that adds a lot to the enjoyment." - eRIC (24-Feb-2013)
"For a debut level well done, and clearly a serious attempt to display Tomb Raider with the author's own ideas (including playing as Nefermaat, whose hair style seems to have been inspired by a broom). So looking at this and playing this one has to respect what has been done, yet I still had complaints. The rooms are filled with decoration, and angular or small, so that the camera view is often of a limited area. I wanted to be able to see more. There seemed too much red and too much mist, and I would have liked play in more spacious areas, although any particular room might have been fine in itself. Even with the aid of Manarch2's walkthrough this still takes nearly two hours to play. I found the multiple push-block puzzle to be overly cryptic, even with the clues provided in the walkthrough (I simply followed directions to place the different objects). Essentially there are two places with unmarked climbing surfaces, although, technically, if one looks up into crevices it is possible to spot where ladder textures begin, and therefore guess that lower walls might also be climbable. One of these places is a spot where a boulder drops, and here players can easily miss a crowbar without a written guide. Other reviewers have commented on an exciting boss fight, but in my game the gladiator never functioned properly. On the first meeting he continued to run into a wall, and since he can only be shot from in front the solution was to ignore him. In the final confrontation that includes a demigod, Seth, and a gladiator, there was the same problem with the gladiator stuck running against a wall. Fortunately it is a destroyable Seth who drops the gladiator's dagger or sword, so one can grab this and run back to put it on a pedestal to end the game. The building skills are accomplished, but gameplay never had the sort of anticipation and resolution that would have made this more fun, and the sneakier aspects made for player unfriendly spots. This is promising for future levels." - dmdibl (08-Feb-2013)
"Rather on the difficult side, with an excellent mystical touch throughout and an Egyptian incarnation of Lara to deal with it all. Loads of back and fro that will keep you scratching your head quite often. I thought the way one finds the dagger/crowbar (if you don't you'll remain stuck forever) wasn't really what some like to call sneaky but mean, with the rolling boulder to purposedly distract you from a wall that's not even marked safe for the top where you'll probably never look at... Other than that, I wouldn't call it confusing but complex and puzzling instead. And I believe that tendency to keep several fulcral things well hidden and provide no clues could probably be avoided. But yes, it was a grand adventure and the looks of it all were different and very much fitting. The loop music, as well adjusted as it may be, becomes tiresome after a while. Near the end, there's a huge battle but fortunately the crossbow is heavy from so many explosive arrows. Despite the more negative aspects I've pointed, I believe it would be unfair to downrate this excellent piece of work. Plus, I'm certain Talos will take it in consideration the next time and improve things dramatically just by doing so. Great effort." - Jorge22 (24-Jan-2013)
"I had the benefit of Manarch2's advance walkthrough while playing this remarkably competent debut level, but even with its help I spent nearly two hours here. It's not quite fair to call it typical Egyptian fare, as the modern tools give it a fresh look quite unlike anything we saw in the early years of the level editor. Lara is decked out with headgear that looks like an upsidedown dunce cap, and the deer-in-the-headlights look on her face is less than flattering, but once you get used to that you can settle down to some engaging gameplay. The music got on my nerves very early, so I renamed the audio folder and played in blissful silence from that point on. The only available weapon, strangely enough, is the crossbow, but you're provided scads of arrows (many of the explosive variety) to deal with the numerous enemies you'll encounter. The boss fight at the end will require considerable firepower, so be sure not to squander your ammo along the way. As the reviewer of another level has recently noted, the raiding community is in good hands with all of these new builders who seem to be consistently producing noteworthy debut levels. Recommended." - Phil (18-Jan-2013)
"The high standard of most debut levels just lately has really left me feeling confident that Lara is in good hands for the foreseeable future. This particular debut is a very nicely made Egyptian level with a marvellous non-Lara exotic heroine and some well chosen music. The only weapon provided is the crossbow, but explosive ammo is so generously provided that you won't really miss the pistols. This builder is extremely good at placing jump switches in sneaky spots, so don't neglect any nook or cranny, especially if you want to find the two canopic jar secrets. There are some well conceived puzzles, agility tests and timed elements (freezing, deadly water aaaargh) and some experience of raiding would be preferable before tackling this level - it's not difficult, but it really isn't for a beginner. The boss ending is pretty exciting and all in all this level kept me well entertained for the best part of two hours net gaming time." - Jay (14-Jan-2013)
"I had kind of mixed feelings with this level. The first thing that sticked in my mind were all those new objects and the great outfit for the new character, giving this level a modern look, but the start of this level still wasn't really amazing. I disliked the fixed camera at the block exercise, and afterwards many things are hidden in extremely dark corners and there were many, many unmarked ladders to make things worse. Later on, I began to like this level more and more, with some creative gameplay ideas, the builder especially seems to have a grasp on creating very hard trap sequences (the one with the monkeyswing in particular required a very unusual jump), but the puzzles are also very nice, e.g. the multi-culti puzzle - you will have to play this level to understand -, the pushable you have to push over a deadly tile, and many more. Even two mazes weren't hard at all. Then, approaching the end of the level, I had to backtrack more and more and the gameplay got more boring again - that's why I am in two minds of the gameplay, ranging from most interesting to tedious. The enemy placement in this level was rather nice although I think the crossbow as the only weapon won't appeal to many players; there's definately enough ammo to find. Only shooting the knights was horrible with this weapon. Really liked the boss fight against a plethora of the hardest enemies from the level, including Seth himself, and the "arena" setting felt just perfect for it. Sound usage and cameras are all quite professional for a debut; maybe the only thing I didn't like so much was that there were so many objects from different cultures that this level almost felt like a museum and not like a real place more than 2000 years ago. Texturing often was done a little carelessly with quite a few streched ones and many cracks, but all in all the mix of custom textures with a lot of classic ones was most interesting. At some places, especially at the start, it was definately too dark though. Summarizingly, a competent debut level lasting 75 minutes (so quite a long single level) that I would definately recommend but it was too much of a mixed bag for me to score higher. Found both secrets." - manarch2 (13-Jan-2013)