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Ramla by mugs

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Daffy 9 10 10 9
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
EssGee 8 10 9 8
Gorty 8 9 10 6
Jay 9 9 9 9
John 7 9 9 9
Jorge22 10 10 9 9
Jose 8 9 10 9
Josey 9 9 8 8
manarch2 7 9 9 8
MichaelP 9 9 10 8
Minaru 9 8 10 8
Mouayad 8 9 9 9
Mytly 9 9 10 9
Phil 10 8 9 9
requiemsoul 8 10 9 9
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Shandroid 9 9 9 8
release date: 29-May-2013
# of downloads: 121

average rating: 8.97
review count: 19
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file size: 96.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Wow what a unique setting in an abandoned and rundown theme park, and you know what? the visuals, objects and atmosphere is almost perfect here, it really does look and feel like that environment! quite impressive. Gameplay is quite the mixture indeed here, ranging from simple switch and object finding, exploring, to riding deadly rollercoasters, navigating fast moving conveyer belts/travellators, timed monkey grappling and steam traps, platforming challenges, mirror rooms and even a couple of timed runs! As for enemies we have thugs, dogs and the evil boss pennywise the clown to battle with. Overall this level has a great variety of fun, fresh and original tasks, the downsides for me was some frustrating, annoying, obscure or unfairly hidden interactive objects and tasks such as that very fiddly mad rat ride, the very irritating steam pipe task, hidden push blocks or shoot-able walls that were all needed to progress so a walkthrough might be needed several times to curb some potential irritation or annoyances. But enough of the negatives this a must play level simply for its original and fun aspects it does has to offer." - John (16-Apr-2023)
"This is absolutely one of the most unique levels ever, with a very special and great story, setting, sound and atmosphere.
The gameplay has some creative and fun ideas, but unfortunately also has a few downsides, like the enemies, that could be chosen in a better way in my opinion to give more variety and to be more suitable with the story. The killer clown was a nice touch but the grenade launcher ruined it.
The secrets are hidden well. The whole levelset took me 1:20. It's a very special adventure, recommended for everyone. (8/9/9/9)" - Mouayad (19-Jan-2022)
"Definitely a level like no other. Faithful structures and object customization set unique mood of an abandoned amusement park I don't think anybody will ever try to mimic. The looks are a bit too draft, one sudden leap of difficulty might be too confusing and the ending comes right when you expect something more to happen, but the entire rest is just brilliant and very likely it's not a level I played for the last time." - DJ Full (16-Jul-2019)
"A fantastic designed level by Mugs. It does start in some disappointing looking rooms, but after you cross the first fence it rapidly changes. The amusement park has a great design and it really feels like playing an old abandoned amusement park. You can enjoy the gameplay, but nothing too spectacular happens in terms of gameplay design. The atmosphere is defiantly the best aspect of this games as it really drags you into playing. It’s often boosted with some creepy sound, like the laughter that gave me the chills. Objects placement is great and the game is well decorated but sometimes they have wrong collision. The worst aspect of this game is the last category. Some rooms look like they have no light changes ( standard 128 light ), but it does change quite often and follows the atmosphere and environment. The texturing is fair with often wrong applied or stretched textures, monotone texturing. I didn’t like the low resolution textures used. Overall, an amazing game by mugs that it’s worth playing for its great atmosphere and design. Recommended !" - Gorty (29-Apr-2018)
"This is an intriguing concept for a custom level and Pat has really brought the idea to fruition here. The sounds and atmosphere used really set the scene of an almost deserted amusement Park. I say "almost" because there's still a few dogs and guards ruining around. Lighting is mostly good, and the dark spots aren't too irritating. I had a bit of annoyance trying to bypass that slicer in the first level, but I otherwise enjoyed the other highlights that the game offered. Nicely executed." - Ryan (06-Oct-2017)
"This is one of the rather rare occurences where the most convincing element of a level is actually its overall idea and storyline. The amusement park setting is very unqiue and special and it is just pulled off so well here that you simply have to love it. Gameplay flows quite well, as mugs decided to have relatively fewer very sneakily hidden switches this time and there are some really nice gameplay ideas thrown in as well. The ride on the mad rat is of course the highlight - tricky, but not too frustrating and the ending is also a nice surprise with that really cool 'object' you find there. At just over an hour length, I finished this one with a really strong desire for more... so maybe, one of these days... can we come back to this park? ;)" - MichaelP (16-Mar-2015)
"A while ago, during a discussion on TombRaiderForums, I mentioned what a great setting an abandoned amusement park would make for a TR game - and here's Mugs with exactly such a level, and made even better than anything I could have imagined.
Amusement Park (first visit): The beginning is a bit confusing, and I spent quite a bit of time running around cluelessly, before getting a hint through the stuck forum. The circular blade-trap room is a bit tough to get through, mainly due to its darkness and the fact that the pushable blocks blend too well into the walls. Fighting various goons in tiny office rooms can be a bit tiresome too. But the enjoyable and colourful Fun House makes up for the negative aspects of the level.
Sewer: Quite a change in environment from the colourful previous level. That said, this is pretty good looking sewer (if such a thing is possible). There is a cool puzzle/trap room where you have to avoid steam pipes hanging from the ceiling, and a nice multi-stage timed run later on.
The Mad Rat: The highlight of this level is, of course, the ride in the roller coaster (named 'The Mad Rat'), which is enormously enjoyable. There's also some swamp-diving to be done, which I didn't like all that much, but otherwise it's a great level.
Amusement Park (second visit): On returning to the first level, Lara explores the mirror house (after monkey-swinging painfully through broken glass - ouch!) and confronts a crazy clown, in a great boss fight. My only complaint is that I never got to play with the bumper cars (except for getting a secret)!
Ramla: A very tiny level, with some annoying walk-through walls, and a cool cutscene with the titular Ramla.
Overall: Mugs has a talent for building memorable settings, from Christmas villages to prisons, but this one is especially unique and enjoyable. Highly recommended, especially if you're in the mood for a roller coaster ride." - Mytly (02-Dec-2013)
"This is a really neat level. I absolutely loved the abandoned amusement park. Pat has so many great objects to add to the reality of the game. I could have done without the sewer level, as I am not fond of those surroundings, but it was only a short amount of time. The Mad Rat was fun too. Perhaps the visuals could have been a bit smoother, but all in all it was just a really fun and unique level by the lovely Pat. Great job!" - Shandroid (28-Aug-2013)
"The atmosphere in this level is really good. A mixture between mistery, horror and twisted happyness, it made me shiver. I found the whole topic pretty interesting and I hope there is more of it coming. My favourite parts are the The Mad Rat and the end with this kind of mechanical automaton. The first that I mention was a little bit complicated sometimes, but far from impossible. I really enjoyed riding that rat throughout all that ominous tunnels. I noticed some bugs along the game and I certainly hated those parts where you couldn't avoid getting hurt (it makes me feel helpless), but I had enough medkits to survive so I imagine it must be part of the emotions you are supposed to feel. So, on the overall, it was a fantastic experience." - Minaru (25-Aug-2013)
"What a refreshing concept! A trip to a derelict amusement park which hides a deeper secret, with a plot that still embraces the classic motivation for Lara to visit this place. Only this time, instead of re-discovering an ancient artefact, her goal is to search for a lost automaton. Mugs has created a map that is a very realistic representation of a long-vacated amusement park. The layout has been enhanced nicely by a bunch of cool objects which further convey the right atmosphere. The bright lighting is trademark Mugs, not too dark but still conveying a good atmosphere. The audio tracks further add to the feel of the park. Players who have played the first release of this game may notice some Sound Effects errors (e.g. the water-gurgling gun shots). The revised release (9 July 2013) has addressed all of these SFX errors. This review is based on the updated edition. The park has its share of security guards, or should I say gun-toting and bat-wielding thugs as well as the obligatory Doberman Pinscher guard dogs and you can look forward to a suitable final battle with a disturbing psychopath. You'll collect the Grenade Gun and suitable ammo along the way and these form an essential part of your quest late in the game. The game is spread over four levels, but these are all part and parcel of the Amusement Park. I think its better to review the four levels as one, as the levels are not overly long by themselves, but make perfect sense in terms of the park. Whereas, as individual levels, particularly the second is somewhat shorter, and the fourth is shorter again. The first level deals with the exploration of all the things you'd expect to find in such a park. The second level goes underground into the sewers so that you access another part of the Park. The sewers lead to Level 3 which houses the wonderful Mad Rat Rollercoaster ride (a sweet mod of ol' EssGee's CC1 Minecart conversion). It's great fun and thoughtfully designed. Rollercoaster conquered, you'll head back to the main Theme Park to complete your quest. I found a couple of not-too-hard secrets and I clocked in at just under an hour-thirty. The gameplay is not hard, so its recommended for all, and provides an outing in a setting that we very rarely see our heroine exploring. Good stuff. If you played this early on, I'd recommend a replay of the updated release." - EssGee (13-Jul-2013)
"Another solid effort from a reliable builder who has quietly joined the top ranks. This is by no means an epic, but the four levels took a combined hour and a half, assisted by Dutchy's typically thorough walkthrough. Much of the adventure takes place in a deserted and run-down amusement park, not the standard setting for a raid. There's a nice ride on a modified Jeep which I was able to navigate without outside help. Nothing off-the-wall or excessively difficult, although it took a number of tries before I was able to line up correctly to climb up through the timed trap door in the sewer section. The time allowed was generous enough, the proper alignment was what made it made it a bit tense. The idea is to get there in the shortest possible time, then save. After that you have plenty of time to experiment. The lighting was good, even in the sewers, so I have no complaints. Recommended." - Phil (17-Jun-2013)
"This is a beautiful original designs in a level that changes us temples or caves. The gameplay requires a lot of research (thank you Walkthrough) but it is fun to play. Some way gave me bad but nothing is too difficult. A fine career filled with good visual surprises that bring a lot of fun at this level. Congratulations Mugs!" - Daffy (15-Jun-2013)
"This must have been Mugs' best release so far in my opinion, especially perhaps because I needed something funnier than the usual dark side of Tomb Raider we're always being bombarded with. It's highly creative, takes place in different sceneries and it has memorable moments such as the madrat race on the roller coaster or the fight against the mean clown among others. I loved the fantasy of it all, the totally retro baddies and the ending (not to mention, have I mentioned?, every moment in between) that suits the rest perfectly. Very well done indeed and thank you!" - Jorge22 (13-Jun-2013)
"Another fine level from Mugs. This time Lara will explore an misterious amusement park full of dangers. Lara will take a lot of damage in many areas, but fortunately I found enough medipacks to finish the game. Environment is quite good; there are a lot of impressive objects and cameras helping you a lot. I only missed an extra weapon to deal with the swindlers and thugs; the grenade gun appeared too late. For some reason, the first time I defeated the tall clown, the key didn't appear and I had to reload and kill him again. The ride with the Mad Rat was pretty dangerous, but funny. A very original job you can't miss. Recommended." - Jose (12-Jun-2013)
"It was a very nice game when Mugs release this game to the testers but NOW after the testing and beta testing, it's a gorgeous adventure through an amazing amusement park. Like the story say, lara is searching a small automaton called Ramla hidden somewhere in the park ... but, she is not alone to search this strange magical object. So, the adventure start in a abandoned park with few and closed carousels and the first goal to this level is to open the tunnel of love to enter the sewers beneath the park. The sewers is a short but very well building level, I just imagine the number of rooms to build it. Not really hard and dark but some switchs and items are very well hidden ... Then Lara arrived in my favorite level of the game, the famous "mad rat", a very strange carousel that Lara can use. The few objects of this level, the "rat car", the angry (hungry) cat are fabulous and give a perfect atmosphere to the adventure. After that, it's time for lara to get Ramla but a final countdown with the master of the park is neeneed before (a terrific character from a master of Horror books ;) ). To conclude a perfect game in our Trle community with a very original place (Amusement park). Not really hard and dark, this game is playable by everyone even by the begginner. If you only play a few levels in your gaming experience, make sure Ramla is on that list, you spend a wonderful moment with Lara through carrousels. Thanks a lot Pat for this game. Very recommended." - BigFoot (10-Jun-2013)
"For some reason, I just haven't been in a raiding mood lately, perhaps feeling a bit 'played out' and then along comes a new level from Pat - just what I needed to reignite my raiding enthusiasm. This is great fun, which is only appropriate, set as it is in an amusement park. The park is closed to the public and inhabited only by guard dogs and ruffians. There are however some great rides for Lara to interact with before finding her way into the sewers. What is it with this girl and sewers? She can't seem to stay away from them. Emerging from said sewers, Lara gets to ride the Mad Rat, which is absolutely brilliant, and finally meet the eponymous Ramla. There are also secrets in the form of Tarot cards to find along the way. The gameplay is wonderful, full of variety and of a nice difficulty level - occasionally challenging, but not aimed at the top five percent of players as some levels are. Sheer enjoyment. Thanks Pat." - Jay (03-Jun-2013)
"Yet another lovely game from Mugs, with especially good object design and atmosphere. The deserted amusement park is very convincingly pulled off, with the sounds coming from... where the heck do they come from? ;) and exploring the setting was in general a very pleasant experience, but mostly because of the atmosphere, not so much because of the gameplay. I'm sorry to say, but the task density in this level is not as high as I expected and the tasks I found were solidly fun but not overly inspired or creative. Mind you there were good moments like the block/trapdoor puzzle in the first levels or the pipe one in the sewers, and exploration was often enough to enjoy oneself in such nice looking areas, but in general too much of the time is spent on finding and using levers and key items. The whole Mad Rat level was a clear step up with a challenging rollercoaster ride and good tasks, the last level itself was not that great in my opinion with several unmarked climb-through walls and not much to do in the few minutes you visit it. Visually, this level is certainly attractive, but lighting was a little too uniform and bright. Several textures, e.g. at the very start or in the disco, didn't look so nicely, but generally are well placed and are looking good. A few mistakes that I found were the incoherent level transition to the sewer level and some slightly messed up leveljumps (after returning to the first level, you can return to the third level but it starts at the starting position where you come from the second level) but those are rather minor things. All in all reading through my review, it seems I didn't like this level, but in fact I enjoyed it pretty much and only want to encourage Mugs to do it even better next time - the whole end sequence was fantasticly done and just cries for a sequel! Spent 55 minutes in here and found all four rather easy but nicely hidden secrets. Recommended." - manarch2 (02-Jun-2013)
"A very nice game, full of smartly hidden objects and out-of-common actions. Here we have three full levels, and a little and charming one that makes a delightful end for the series. Enemies are remarkably well placed, always startling poor Lara. (I had a problem with one of them: he left Lara an item, but she couldn't pick it up, because the gunman died very near the big cat face and the item was stuck there; so, I had to load a previous savegame and play that part again.) The environment of the derelict Park was very like reality: full of highly colored things and more than a little sinister. As to the Sewer, there I found a confusing sameness of places; some flybys would be quite elucidative. But the whole game, especially the Mad Rat level, is full of creative instances that make the player say:"who would imagine THIS?" I loved in special the Mad Rat race, the balloons' room, the robot Ramla (with its keyhole), and the entrances of the Park: a broken fence; a hole below another fence; apparently blocked passages, and so on. Pay attention! As a whole, it's a very recommended game that surprises the player all the time, mainly by means of the unexpected. Try it!" - Josey (31-May-2013)
"In my opinion, "Christmas Dreams" was disappointing but... Mug is back :). Superb level in all aspects. Objects are incredible and very original setting. Recommended." - requiemsoul (29-May-2013)