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The Skribblerz Stonez 5 - Dhama's Rest by Dhama GMac

DJ Full 7 7 8 8
Jay 8 8 10 10
JesseG 5 8 8 9
Jose 8 8 8 9
manarch2 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 8 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 8 8 9 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 8 8 8
release date: 12-Jul-2014
# of downloads: 141

average rating: 8.06
review count: 9
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file size: 140.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Here Lara will explore several tall chambers with many ledges on a quest for a mask. On the way she will have some monsters to shoot and flames to dodge, other than that the gameplay is pure exploration, so it on the lighter side. Some chambers are a bit wallpapered, but not in a way that is terribly distracting. The lighting is pretty good, and I especially liked how it was used in that supernatural tunnel at the end. There are some nice architectural ideas in the larger areas. A nice straightforward raid overall. 38 minutes." - JesseG (19-Jan-2021)
"A nice tribute to a sadly departed builder (with whom I sadly never had the pleasure of communicating with). This is a slick and entertaining 40 minute jaunt through some well made settings that offer our heroine ample opportunities to hone her athletic skills. Plenty of cracks to jump around on, a not too tedious underwater maze, some mildly challenging traps and a few nice texturing and lighting flourishes in a couple of rooms (the coloured rippling ceiling was a nice touch. Good for those raiders willing to stretch their legs." - Ryan (20-Jul-2017)
"Dhama was one of people I never managed to know, so there's a possibility I misunderstand this level - endless platforming may symbolize a human struggle with earthly life, the unpickable stones may represent missed chances, and certain rooms gathering all the colors missing from the underlit bulk I view as "soul storages" including the final corridor which may stand for a soul passing to a different world. It can be I got all of these wrong or even that none of these was intended, but just in case I leave the point for hidden meaning granted. One thing I don't agree with is the level name - if it was began by Dhama he certainly had his own concept to keep in the title and calling the place after him, even though very respectful, hides this original concept forever, unless George decides to reveal it one day. Aside of the tribute overlay, the level is just another bit of "GMac experience" with perfect grid, mysterious enemies, snake/thistle puzzles and dragon secrets, little tension progress included, so I rate it as usually." - DJ Full (07-Mar-2017)
"Another good work from this Skribblerz pack. Perhaps the rooms are too huge, but textures are well applied and the gameplay is consistent and not bored. I missed some more enemies, traps and guns; also some more puzzles and not too many gymnastics, but I can recommend this level, you will not regret." - Jose (12-Jan-2015)
"A level that cannot just be played like any other for those of us who knew Terry via the community, as he is greatly missed and passed away from this world way too early. I am still so very honoured by him composing the original music for the opening flyby of the Lara at the Movies Project back in 2004 and always think of him when I start it up. And here George has paid a great tribute to him with a 40 minute advenure that stands out for ist really cool use of the new moves and the remarkable use of colour in places - like the moving ceiling. A solid level in its own right, but a very special one for many of us. Rest in Peace, Terry!" - MichaelP (24-Dec-2014)
"A very nice idea of George to take an unfinished map of Dhama and creating a full level around it as a tribute. Maybe it's not the most impressive game, with some boxy areas, wallpapered texturing, too grey lighting, a few missing sounds for doors and only a few nice texture effects (like on the ceiling of one area or at the end), but that doesn't really count much considering the function of this level. The gameplay is extremely fast-paced with several fun gauntlets, most of which require excessive usage of several new moves, and actually I enjoyed those quite a bit, although the game is lacking any other tasks else than this platforming sequences which tend to get rather repetitive towards the end, but even so I had fun with this level and found two very well hidden secrets in 25 net playtime minutes. Recommended to play for its purpose alone." - manarch2 (30-Aug-2014)
"Terry Barrett was one of our earliest prolific builders. His levels were consistently rated high, yet there were no walkthroughs for them when I got here, so I struck up a friendship with him and wound up writing walkthroughs for a good number of his levels. One of them was set in a village that I actually visited when I went on a tour of England, Scotland and Wales several years ago, so I especially enjoyed writing that one. Terry was a good friend of this site, as was (is) his sister Tina who is an accomplished builder in her own right (Castle Doomsday series). This SS5 level is reportedly based on Terry's unfinished work, and it's a good one. Gameplay is well constructed and moderately challenging. The crack-jumping exercises were okay the first time I encountered them, but they got a little old near the end. Still, I enjoyed this level, which clocked in five minutes shy of an hour, making it the shortest of the SS5 levels thus far. This production has consistently shown its excellence, and I hope that a continuation is already in the works. Recommended." - Phil (16-Aug-2014)
"A lovely tribute to a sadly missed builder and member of the TRLE community, this level packs a lot of raiding into under an hour, with Lara's 'new moves' well showcased and some fun exploring and general leaping about in the process. Enemies are sparingly but very effectively used - mainly ahmets, with the odd fire wraith thrown in for good measure. For the most part, the challenge is of the route finding variety, which is always a favourite of mine so I was well entertained. It's a good looking level, with a delightfully Dhama-esque ending sequence. Definitely recommended." - Jay (23-Jul-2014)
"A fitting memorial by George to Dhama's work and legacy,this is a very accomplished and entertaining 50 minute level.It's essentially a platformer,with little in the way of actual puzzles (excepting the always intriguing 'how do I get up and out of this room?' variety),and perhaps an over reliance on grabbable cracks.Enemies are fairly limited and rarely intrude on Lara's progress too much;but their placement is nonetheless effective.Lighting and texturing is everywhere skilled,and occasionally stunning;creating a potent and moody atmosphere throughout.Most importantly,the builder/s understand very well that level-playing enjoyment derives not from super-complicated pixel-precise progression in bewilderingly huge environments;but from fun gameplay within an adventure which does not outstay its welcome.The platforming style may not be as challenging as some would like;but I'll take quality over quantity any day." - Orbit Dream (13-Jul-2014)