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LB Advent Calendar 2016 - Another Present by Jesus C.Croft LoreRaider masha Sponge

Alien Autopsy 8 7 10 10
DJ Full 8 10 9 9
Gerty 8 10 10 9
Gorty 8 10 10 9
High Priestess 10 10 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 10
JesseG 6 10 10 9
John 7 9 8 8
Jorge22 9 10 9 10
Jose 6 8 9 10
KBoaz 4 6 9 8
Lioness_86 7 6 7 7
LolauMylenium 9 10 10 9
manarch2 6 9 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 10 10
sonnyd83 10 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 10 9 10 10
release date: 23-Dec-2016
# of downloads: 298

average rating: 8.88
review count: 18
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file size: 51.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

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Reviewer's comments
"Well what can i say, i love just home levels and this mansion level is very well made and stuffed full objects and exploration. In some ways its very reminiscent of a classic TR mansion in terms of layout but this has a lot more rooms and much more to do. We have two fantastic timed runs, pushable object puzzles and tasks, a quad bike and a hand glider to use, a shooting and fire torch task and of course a ton of objects to find and use, speaking of these i found some of these objects finds and uses very sneaky and obscure therefore being unfair and frustrating if your like me and not wanting to use a walkthrough from the get go. There is lots of ground to cover including indoor and outside snowy areas including the rooftops as well so a good variety in both areas to explore as well as gameplay, i did really like the funny quirks like finding a frozen winston and having to warm him up close to the fire and of course santa stuck down the chimney haha i must admit i missed a few things that i hope for in a home level like a gym or assault course, swimming pool tasks or some traps and acrobatics but it was still great fun and definitely one to check out" - John (22-Apr-2022)
"For me that was a chilly festive gameplay, no enemies, some things I did not know, I looked in walkthrough guide ... especially which object where to use - like the buddha thing. Atmosphere and the the house looks great. But I enjoyed it very much. Recommend this level." - Lioness_86 (09-Jan-2022)
"Lara goes on a scavenger hunt throughout her house and some surrounding areas to get gifts for everyone. Some of the outdoor areas look a little wallpapered, but otherwise the visuals are great. Along the way Lara will solve a pushable block puzzle, get in some target practice with a bow, and launch a cannonball (kind of surprised this didn't cause a commotion, her neighbors must have gotten used to her wild antics). The secret involving Winston was a nice touch. My main complaint is that it is difficult to determine where to place some of the items, the worst offender being the Glimmer. Thankfully this is usually not the case, as most items give a camera cue to indicate where they should be used. There is also a bit of backtracking involved, but at least there is a quad bike to help make the outdoor area easier to explore. Definitely a good choice to play if you want to get in the holiday spirit of giving. I just hope poor Santa was able to get himself unstuck eventually. 1 hour 2 minutes." - JesseG (30-Dec-2020)
"I'm awarding full marks all round for this masterpiece as deserved by the team. Some may be aware that I am always very happy to play and also replay Christmas levels and I hadn't completed this nugget the first time around, much less reviewed it. Utterly charming - a nice manor and a search for various items in order to progress. When we finally exit the manor, we have the ambient snowy grounds and woe betide - Santa stuck in the chimney! Who would have thought! There's a lovely quad bike ride and some absolutely gorgeous sets in this level - including an old-style British telephone box. It's not too difficult but I appreciated that I was able to complete it. The little Robins were lovely too. A great effort and worthy of the Hall of Fame :)" - High Priestess (31-May-2019)
"A lovely level ! Very great, peaceful, and calm... I loved it, just one regret, I think I really want more "puzzles" It's a very easy level, I don't search any objects, I did it instinctively... But really great ! Musics in this level are well put. Objects are beautiful too. Decoration is great too. Oh, thanks for having frozen Winston ;)" - LolauMylenium (03-Dec-2017)
"This must be the single longest Christmas level I've ever played, at 2 hours 10, it's pretty epic. It's a level from some of the best builders around, which explains why I enjoyed it so much! This is based at Lara's manor, but it looks like a combination of the TR3 and TR Legend manors, so you have the best of both. It's laid out very nicely, I mean I was able to remember where everything was, which is not always the case. You have to find a bottle of wine for Lara's cook, then make a special cup of tea for her friend, and finally find another present to be placed under the tree. The memorable moments for me were using the cannon to reveal a star, melting some ice to get a sword, the timed run with the quad bike, and thawing out Winston! There was a bit of aumsement too where you had to use a key in a room, but all that room contained was another key, and the subsequent room also comntained a key! Also, Santa appears to have had one too many mince pies and found himself head first in the chimney... The graphics and objects are flawless, this contains many custom objects, like the cannon, and 'lasersight' which is actually a book, and of course you can play some nice tunes with the many record players scattered around, all in all, was a very immersing and very special game, and I had fun playing it." - sonnyd83 (18-Aug-2017)
"At least it's not the same old mansion and there are new rooms to explore. The level is very well builded, with new textures, all kind of ornaments and good for explorers. Not hard tasks, but not easy to play 'cause the new objects you don't know if you need to shoot, interact or pick up; so I wasted a lot of time using the action key in all the rooms. There is a good Christmas atmosphere, some good cutscenes and nice musics. Finally I wasn't able to help poor Santa stucked in the chimney. A good Christmas level worth to play but sure you'll need to take a look to the walkthrough." - Jose (01-May-2017)
"I don't know why people gave this level such high notes. I guess they played a different level than I did. I usually like to give constructive criticism and I usually love Croft Manor levels, but having just finished this game after a couple hours of frustration, I don't feel like being too nice. There's a lot of backtracking, some puzzles barely make sense (removing a cannonball from a wall, using it to fire a cannon under a gazebo to break an ice wall to finally catch...a glimmer? WTH?), and the replacements for traditional objects are silly. Why a heron sword when a good ol' crowbar makes more sense, or a archery manual instead of a laser sight? The quality of the objects is very uneven (a mug bigger than Lara's head was one of the worst things this level used) and the NPCs aren't good either (horrible texturing, again varying levels of quality, even a downright photoskinned NPC that could be easily a talking cardboard cutout, ridiculous). On a positive note, the builders achieved a good balance between a recognizable, familiar manor and something new. The clutter everywhere made the place feel lived in (even though it made difficult to identify which objects were we supposed to interact with), and the overall atmosphere was pleasant." - KBoaz (18-Mar-2017)
"Another brilliant Christmas treat from the Levelbase. Lara has made some vast modifications to her mansion and I actually really enjoyed this revisit. It looks gorgeous for one thing, and the custom objects are an added bonus (particularly the characters and the Christmas Tree in the main hall). Brilliantly done." - Ryan (09-Mar-2017)
"Not god as some other Christmas levels I played, but still a great creation. I’ll start the worst aspect of the game. That’s the gameplay. It was often confusing for me. Some pushables were very very hard to figure out what to do with them ( the shiny Asian ox or the pushable car ). I liked some ideas very much , like pushing the battler to the fire. One thing I dislike were the many pushable puzzles. But overall, the gameplay was enjoyable and a good point is that its not very classic, indeed, original in some parts. Object use was great, but sometimes it looked slightly chaotic. Texturing was great without any noticeable errors. Some of the outside areas looked a bit empty. Another highlight was the santa claus and the cutscene with the scarf. The level had his ˝downs˝ but it was beautifully combined with many great and original ideas. Recommended, especially for those seeking a quite exploring adventure." - Gorty (24-Feb-2017)
"Everything is very professionally put together here, with great object design, good texturing and lighting and a nice atmosphere, some parts are perhaps a bit less strong than others but given there are four builders with different styles and qualities I think it's okay. The only thing that prevents this game from being a HoF level for me is the rather mundane and not overly inspired gameplay. It takes too much of the classic "manor style" ingredients (even pushing Winston is an idea that has became old by now) and the puzzles, while existent, are not too diverse and overall it's a rather ordinary level. Only a few parts like the cannon scene are memorable. Else than that, a very festive and chilly raid I can recommend. 40 minutes, five nice secrets found." - manarch2 (24-Feb-2017)
"Very charming to see the little birds picking away in the snow on the balcony, how cute. Played it twice as I couldn't find all secrets. You could have knocked me down with a feather, as I was laughing so much seeing Santa stuck in the chimney. Then again when I saw Masha as a shopkeeper with a fag dangling from het mouth, hilarious. I met Masha and I loved the character she portrayed. This was a fun level to play and I am still grinning while writing this." - Gerty (29-Jan-2017)
"This is a house level with a difference. Lara has done some major home improvements, making the place much more interesting to explore. As is customary in most of these Advent levels, some of the tasks to be performed are rather arcane, and there's quite a lot of backtracking to do along the way, but the gameplay flows along in logical fashion, everything is well lighted and the surroundings are definitely pleasing to the eye. Winston has managed to lock himself in the freezer again, and we find Santa stuck in the chimney (where he remains, somewhat to my surprise). Most of the action takes place indoors, but there's a nice use of the snowmobile and several surprises in store for the player once outdoors. There's an alarm clock that has no apparent use other than to act as a miniature time bomb. A very welcome contribution to our enjoyment of the Advent season." - Phil (16-Jan-2017)
"I always liked Lara's home levels and this one was very, very pretty. It was amazing to play this while sipping white tea and eating ginger cookies. So many details! So many places and hideouts/secrets to explore! A true pleasure walk for people who like Lara's home. I enjoyed it a lot, but with some details that I am gonna whine about. The atmosphere of cold snow mixes with warmth of holiday season, which is perfect. Light and textures are outstanding. The creation/layout of the house mixes elements from the classic Croft's manor and new rooms/additions. All of this makes it feel really nice. (Spoiler alert) The authors had a sense of humor. Frozen Winston, wiggling Santa on the rooftop making insane noises. Was quite funny. I also liked the white tea, as it's one of my favourite teas. The tea itself was British touch, while I wouldn't really expect a lot of snow there, I can ignore that for the sake of sweet, sweet atmosphere. I liked the objects and decor, so many beautiful effects and details. The gameplay was one huge secret search, which is really fun. The level took me an hour and 40 minutes, cause I got stuck a lot and my crappy netbook was lagging. But overall I really liked it. I loved the puzzles and a timerun with a twist. Now, to the parts I don't like / reason why I will not give it all 10: Lara's model. I don't consider the latest Tomb Raiders to be true Tomb Raider, in fact I dislike them a lot and this Lara was a grime reminder of what this game series has become... Sorry, just my personal feelings. I know that a lot of other people like her, but I am not one of them and I want to be honest while reviewing. I consider Lara's model to be important part of the level as I am gonna look at her the whole time. To not be too harsh I can mention that her winter clothes were cute and whoever created them did a good job. I just hate new Lara, and I am getting to see her in new custom levels a lot... not liking this trend at all. Other reason for lower rating was some (thankfully- rare) creepy models that didn't fit in a level that is so amazingly created and full of pretty models. For example... the woman in the shop, with a cigarette in her mouth. I mean, I found it funny, but at the same time it left a bad aftertaste. There were few models like that, while all other models and objects were done amazingly awesome. Secrets are well hid and very christmasy. My favourite secret was the one with the Winston puzzle. Overall, I recommend playing this level, especially if you are in Lara's home level mood, and in a need to feel a bit of Holiday spirit." - Alien Autopsy (09-Jan-2017)
"Another wonderful Advent treat from the Levelbase calendar. I may not be the biggest fan of mansion levels, but when they are decorated for Christmas and the grounds are covered in snow I feel quite differently about the whole thing. It was in fact a pleasure to explore all the beautifully made areas in search of a wonderful selection of re-textured objects that made for an intriguing raid." - Jay (05-Jan-2017)
"With an arctic storm, the day closes calling for a level (I call it a close call), so here I am. First reaction of "oh no, not another Winston push" got quickly consumed by flawless atmosphere and growing awareness of this is how you should build a level to make it both old and new - a simple inversion of the main staircase totally changes the room layout so I knew what was coming but I was still surprised. Same for the puzzles: reused but from the games you wouldn't expect a stroll down into, plus some which really make sense like getting a scarf to get outside (that's it - LOGIC!). Some unexpected little passages were neatly squeezed in, like the garage escape door and the chimney trapdoor, so you're again surprised where you get out from them. Of course we have loads of Mario's signature statics which are always comfy to hang an eye on, also animated and voiced NPCs, so the best point after this entirely detailed, tridimensional experience, is the thug-life shopkeeper scene, rebelling against it all - I literally died of heavy lol and I need Easter for resurrection while I cannot help imagining a whole game with characters made entirely of cardboard authors. One weak spot was the crowbar door - instead of finding it I jumped over the fence without using the manor gate key (I didn't see the hole) so I entirely skipped the Buddha part. I only returned to it later, taking it for the fifth secret - which I eventually found as well, but I'm not sure if it was fair either. Also, if that basement crate isn't interactive, it should just go. Finally, I second the opinion about the Santa: we should be able to set him free. SUMMARY: A very solid seasonal manor, sometimes stuckable but not unbeatable, with a bunch of worthy surprises. Absolutely recommended." - DJ Full (04-Jan-2017)
"A wonderful Christmas level in which Lara explores the premises of her manor. I loved the atmosphere and chaftsmanship that the builders' team brought to the public's attention. Over all a fun and festive level!" - young Lara Croft (01-Jan-2017)
"What a great Christmas/house level! One can see much care was put into every detail. I enjoyed the whole thing but I thought the game excelled texture wise. And of course I had fun. Well done and thank you, team!" - Jorge22 (28-Dec-2016)