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The Ancient Jade Mask (Demo) by Danath

Adngel 9 10 8 8
Chel 7 7 7 7
DJ Full 8 8 9 7
eRIC 7 8 8 8
Jay 6 6 8 8
Jorge22 7 7 8 8
Jose 7 8 7 9
manarch2 6 6 8 7
Mister-B 8 10 9 10
Nathaliefde 10 10 10 10
Nuri 5 8 9 10
Orbit Dream 6 8 7 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
The Snarky Lesbian 9 10 9 8
Torry 5 7 7 8
Treeble 8 8 9 9
release date: 23-Oct-2018
# of downloads: 109

average rating: 7.92
review count: 16
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file size: 18.70 MB
file type: TR2
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The first level of the full Ancient jade mask is well made and pleasant to play with fluent progression. It is mostly exploration and platforming with also pushable crates, use of the boat or shooting of a bell and others, nothing irritating or difficult in here. Lighting is a bit flat. The setting is different from the usual Venice levels and it is a very good thing, the building having implementing new textures rather colourful. Favourite moment : the jumping around in the big storehouse while avoiding swinging swinging crates." - eRIC (21-May-2021)
"This could be an original TR2 level if you ask me! The area, the puzzles and the gameplay in general really feel like the classic game. I had so much fun playing this!" - Nathaliefde (17-Aug-2020)
"An excellent demo of a Venice style level. There is an excessive backtracking at the end of the level which I suggest the author to adjust for the final version. What else I can say is that it is an excellent custom level with some custom enemies, good textures and nice light. Considering the limitations of TR2, the author managed to do a lot of work on an open map, although a little "square map" (but this is common). I recommend it for fans of the original TR2 and I look forward to the final version." - Mister-B (04-Aug-2020)
"I don't use to play a TR2 levels, but I actually enjoyed this one, Exploring the village with the hunt of keys and switches through the area, not very complex but still entertaining. There are a lot of enemies around to fight with, and plenty of ammo to enjoy the confrontations. The cameras are also welcome and the ambience works, I just missed a bit more of polishment (a lot of straight roofs)." - Adngel (23-Jun-2020)
"Sorry but I found this hour romp through the Venice texture set quite pedestrian and nothing gave me pause to consider what to do next or how to get where. In one aspect this is good as I never once thought on loading up the walk through but in another sense it became quite boring. Don't get me wrong, it is a fine little level and I do love the unofficial levels of the first three games but a little more thought would have made this good level to a very good level in my opinion. Only found one secret." - Torry (30-Sep-2019)
"Danath is quickly becoming one of my favorite builders. This level comprises a very nice and peaceful city (well, if it weren't for the Croft lady shooting and blowing it all up, of course) and gameplay is very linear, which makes this an ideal level to play to relax after any long day. There are quite a few keys spread around and a few levers and at least one timed jump sequence to shake things up, but it's generally pretty obvious what to do next so you're always on the move. I want to make a mention to the author's attention to detail again, with the colored text font and the modified objects (which go all the way to the title screen image, where Lara's outfit has been edited so it matches the in-game version) -- I had a bit a of a laugh when I first stumbled into the gunmen with Larson's head. On the down side, I rammed the boat at full speed into an invisible wall, which I'm sure could have been treated differently (I think a simple gate texture wouldn't compromise the aesthetic of the area, for instance), but that's as far as any complaints I could possibly have go. I enjoyed my time here immensely, from start to finish, so no, it's definitely never a "meltdown of rating criteria" or whatever the cool kids wanna call it. Looking forward to the full version. 45 minutes, 1 secret. 09/19" - Treeble (29-Sep-2019)
"I like the individual design, that the author always gives Lara's clothing, the secrets and the inventory. This one- level demo shows us Lara's exploration of a village, pretty much like a Venice level but in a different design. The level has beauty all over it, but unfortunately also a weak gameplay. Of course you don't do the same things from start to end, there was also something like a barn with jumping elements built in, there was some swimming, boating, climbing and all... but I felt like the structure of the level was too simple, the way to progress through the level was too obvious. Maybe it's just me, but I like a little complexity in environments. Texturing was perfect! Danath's levels always have a smooth, comfortable texturing." - Nuri (04-Jun-2019)
"As for a prologue/demo released mainly in search for feedback, this is quite solid and nearly as good as you can go with basic resources - I had fun despite of a lot of running and pushing which I normally dislike, but those parts were nicely interrupted with enjoyable exploring and platforming so I don't think there was a moment when I was bored. All that minus lighting which could be much, much better and textures which should transit into each other more smoothly. Once or twice I also questioned a critical switch or pickup placed with difficulty I would rather attribute to secrets, but I hope all those minor gripes will go in the full version. Thanks for working on this, hopefully we're about to get something really good." - DJ Full (18-Mar-2019)
"This level had me really anxious before I started, as this creator's previous levels were a very mixed bag. Mystic Realm was a very nice and tight adventure that occasionally miandered a bit, and the secret reward was bit meh but all in all it was great. His Mount Pyrenees level set was very wonky and in the end had a med kit and ammo pickup famine so bad that it gave me existential fears (the underwater labyrinth was great though). So I did not know what to expect. My fears however were completely unneccesary because this level is very very good. The textures are fairly vanilla TR2 except for some exceptions, yet this technically venice based level did not feel like Venice, and I appreciate that. This level feels like a quaint little town in Italy or rural France, and accomplishing this with TR2's fairly basic textures is quite a feed in my mind.
Which brings me to the flow and level design, my favorite topic. And to my surprise it ended up being very well paced. The ammo pickup to traveltime and pickup to enemy number / strength ratio is excellent. As opposed to the Pyrenees Temple this level has med kits in spades, but also not too much to feel weird. The other learned well from his past mistake here. The enemies themselves are fairly typical Venice enemies, so nothing special there. Secrets are found in very nice areas, general exploration is rewarded well and only once did I feel weirded out by finding a pushable block surrounded by other blocks that all looked the same, Danath (the creator) really went nicer on us than some other creators that love to hide pushable blocks among thousands non pushable ones.
So yeah, I enjoyed this level from beginning to end. If the rest of your game is gonna be up to the same standard then I'm positively excited for the rest, because this was quite the show!" - The Snarky Lesbian (27-Feb-2019)
"A surprisingly sprawling TR2 Venice level,this kept me entertained rather well (in a fully linear fashion) until the final ten minutes or so,when the backtracking set in. You do plenty of the straightforward but enjoyable actions you would fully expect from a Venice level;and the texturing and object usage is all rather pleasing. What isn't quite as satisfying is the general lack of lighting;which prevents it from becoming as atmospheric as it should. Nonetheless,the pace is fast;the old,familiar enemies are copious;and it'll keep you pleasantly occupied." - Orbit Dream (27-Nov-2018)
"Vintage raiding. Old school style key hunting and switch flipping. Box pushing thrown in there for good measure. Danath does a good job of taking the old textures and environments and running with them. We get to ride a speedboat around, though it's there mostly for fun and not because it's necessary. The puzzles here were not really challenging, and I'm hoping that's because this is just the first level in a projected longer levelset. The demo has me excited to play the final release." - Chel (26-Nov-2018)
"Yes, I did enjoy this nicely made TR2 demo. Rather simple (yet not clumsy) textures and architecture, good progression, just enough enemies, a boat ride, shooting a bell, walking a maze, clear atmosphere. Nice." - Jorge22 (20-Nov-2018)
"Looking forward for the final release for this adventure. The architecture and texturization are quite good, and even when there are not interesting puzzles, the gameplay keeps the interest until the end of the level. Not difficult tasks, the game is based about looking for levers or find keys; you can only get stucked if you miss a movable crate. You'll find a good use of cameras and musics too, and the enemies are well balanced. Easy secrets, a short but forced ride with the boat; really a good beginning for a TR2 adventure. Buen trabajo, Jordi." - Jose (05-Nov-2018)
"This is an attractive Venice level and has quite a big area to explore. Exploration is indeed the main aim of the game, as Lara goes in search of keys and levers, with the usual thugs, gunmen and dogs trying to get in her way (as if). As one would expect, there's plenty of awning climbing, window shooting and dips in the canal, plus a short speedboat ride. The gameplay is very easy and straightforward, but I found it engaging enough for the half an hour or so it lasted. It's intended to be the first part of a multi-part game and I think it could be well worth taking a look at the finished product." - Jay (29-Oct-2018)
"As a demo for a possible upcoming series, I found this to be very pleasant and it certainly whets the appetite for more. This charming coastal town is rather attractively made, although bustling with thugs, dogs and rats and the gameplay may not be particularly puzzling and there's a few too many levers to pull, but I found the extended use of the boat to be a very nice touch and the timed trapdoor run is a definite highlight. There's also a couple of mazelike sections, but nothing that should frustrate you. I'm assuming that there were a total of three secrets to find, but I could only locate one and I did search high and low, but the others must have been decently placed. I finished in 50 minutes and found this to be a nice little level." - Ryan (27-Oct-2018)
"This level started a bit slow for me, with very lever- and key-based gameplay, actually this is quite prominent later on as well but there's at least a bit of variety, including platforming, usage the boat, a timed run and mildly challenging traps, later on. And, of course, finding a lot of hidden pushables, which gets a little lame after some time. I still liked the overall progression which is quite quirky and maintains interest throughout. I think that in a multi-level adventure as the builder plans, this might work better than as a standalone. The atmosphere, on the other side, is quite well done - the town setting is quite picturesque and for TR 2 it's really well done. The roofs could be less blocky at times and the lighting is a bit too flat outside, even under the constraints of the engine, but I applaud the builder for the work in those regards. There's also some nice new enemy design and the three secrets are decently hidden as well. In total, a solid game that might go a little further in gameplay creativity. Spent 35 minutes in here." - manarch2 (24-Oct-2018)