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LB Advent Calendar 2020 - Silent Town by Ranpyon

Adngel 10 9 10 10
Adriel 7 8 10 9
Bene 9 10 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
BlackWolfTR 10 10 10 10
carolinux 8 9 10 10
Chel 9 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Don007 6 7 7 7
Gabriel Oliveira 6 9 10 8
Jason L 10 9 9 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
JesseG 7 10 10 10
John 6 9 8 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 8 9 10 10
Josey 10 10 10 10
Kubsy 10 10 10 10
Lioness_86 9 10 10 10
manarch2 7 9 8 8
MarlenaCrystal 10 10 10 10
nad 10 9 10 10
Obig 10 10 10 10
Phil 9 9 10 10
Potkanka 9 10 10 10
Raina Audron 6 7 10 10
Raquel 9 10 10 10
requiemsoul 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 9 10 10
Saki Croft 10 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 10 10 10 10
release date: 13-Dec-2020
# of downloads: 304

average rating: 9.31
review count: 31
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file size: 84.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"If you never played anything Xmas, this one has everything in one map so it's good as your first - and as your last, because you will be both familiar and surprised. Good job, Ranpy." - DJ Full (21-Aug-2022)
"Here we have one of those levels which mostly revolve around searching, collecting, combining and using items in different ways to find more of the same etc but there is quite a variety of different objects and ways that you use them including helping people and animals around the snowy village/farm areas. There is also a few movable object and torch tasks as well as a floor tile puzzle and some target shooting to add a bit more to the gameplay it but i found that despite a few hints and camera clues i had no idea what to do with the items i found or where to go next so i had to use a walkthrough. The setting, the variety and use of objects as well as the lovely visuals and care taken with textures and lighting was just fantastic its only a shame the gameplay wasnt a bit more interesting or more challenging instead of just running from one area to the next a lot of the time" - John (15-Jan-2022)
"What a wonderful game! A beautiful setting and fun puzzles. I only struggled a little bit with one puzzle (the ice basement puzzle), but the others were somewhat easy to figure out. I loved the addition of the animals and their interaction with the adventure, including feeding a carrot to a horse to make it move. Fun and charming. All we can ask for in a Xmas themed level." - Raquel (15-Aug-2021)
"Almost everything about this level is perfect and what I love about Advent levels. The Xmas trees; wreaths; little birds pecking at the ground; snow, all serve to enhance the Xmas Spirit and atmosphere. Objects are realistic and eye-catching and though the townspeople are mostly not there, the ones who remain are helpful and serve the ambiance fully. I did have to check the walky once or twice - how anyone knew to shoot the bell or even that it was there is beyond me. There may have been a hint for it but if so, I missed it. After shooting the first star with pistols it slowly dawned on me that I would need something more with a laser-sight for the remaining stars. The Granary was always in plain sight but, still, not obvious to me nor the window to get into that area. So, a bit of where-to-next spiced up gameplay for me. The waterway where Lara's car broke down was done to perfection -beautifully accomplished. Many unique items and ways to use them such as the carrots moving the barn animal, the snowballs and launcher (if used in other levels I have not seen it or maybe just forgotten) and the use of the empty bottle. The Xmas music was uplifting and when leaving the level at the end it made me smile. Looking forward to playing Ranpyons's other Advent levels from previous years. Well done and a delight to play!" - Bene (10-Feb-2021)
"That was a very festive game but I didn't like it so much. The search of the stars is a challenge, the rest is very simple game play. The settings are not breathtaking, it is good though not with any area that really blows you away." - Don007 (08-Jan-2021)
"Very pleasant level, enjoyed playing, atmosphere, objects, textures, sounds were awesome. I only got stuck on the puzzle with step-tiles, but after a few attempts it went well. I recommend this level, have fun!" - Lioness_86 (06-Jan-2021)
"A Christmas level taking place in an eerily silent small town. With going around literally raiding tombs in a graveyard, and all the barns being abandoned the atmosphere is more creepy than Christmas-sy. I enjoyed it, but I also couldn't help the tingling feeling that one of the next snowy barns I enter will be the scene of the Hinterkaifeck murders. The gameplay is good, though I found some of the puzzles counter-intuitive. I thought the secrets being hollies was a nice touch and also liked the farm animals." - carolinux (06-Jan-2021)
"Ranpyon can always be counted on to provide a solid, entertaining raid that requires the player to think. There's even a story here, although the premise seemed a bit far-fetched to me. Lara's car has broken down near a quaint little village, where the theft of a revered object from a church (this is where I felt the logic broke down, as to place such emphasis on a mere object smacks of idolatry) has spoiled the Christmas spirit for all the residents. Lara undertakes to find and restore the missing object, and her quest takes her back and forth through the village, opening up new areas along the way, until her mission has been accomplished. There are some of the quirky devices that we often see in these Advent levels, such as enticing an animal with a treat to lure it away from a vital pickup, but it's all good fun suited to the season. There are five stars to locate and shoot, three of them with a new weapon that spits out snowballs, together with a church bell, but you need to be very careful with your limited supply of snowballs or you'll be unable to complete the level. The posted video helped me with some of the more elusive clues, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout this hour-long romp. High recommendations." - Phil (28-Dec-2020)
"This level has some amazing atmosphere and it is pleasing to look at. Was really impressed with all the custom objects and even animals we do not normally see (chickens, cows, horses). The story was fun too and the interaction with the priest at the end made me laugh. However, while it has been well put together, I found the tasks and progression quite cryptic and thus frustrating. I had to resort to a walkthrough almost the whole time as I had no idea what I was supposed to do, more hints would have been definitely helpful. Still, it is a lovely little adventure overall and worth playing (with a guide)." - Raina Audron (28-Dec-2020)
"Here's another charming Advent level that ideally befits the Christmas season, and it's wonderful to see this builder return after quite a long time. The titular Silent Town looks absolutely stunning and I loved the additions of the various custom objects, particularly the animals. The audio was also a definite highlight as it complemented the setting just perfectly, and hearing Ave Maria upon entering the Chapel was an unexpected surprise. The gameplay has its fair share of "thinking moments" with regards to where to go next or which item to use at that time, but I did think that the whole star-shooting exercise overstepped the mark a bit as you had to be aligned fairly precisely for it to shatter. With limited ammo, it was a bit arduous. Still, a very pleasant Christmas gift so thank you, Ranpyon." - Ryan (26-Dec-2020)
"Lovely holiday level that was an absolute joy to play. I really enjoy the small town levels and this one put a smile on my face through the entire playthrough. A few of the puzzles are headscratchers, particularly the 'shooting stars.' I thought the cutscene after the bell shooting was quite funny, honestly. Doors opening after shooting church bells never did make much sense to me! The level is tightly interwoven so the backtracking doesn't feel painful. The size of the town is 'just right.' Loved interacting with the town folks, and with the grumpy chickens. Thank you Ranpyon. Merry Christmas!" - Chel (25-Dec-2020)
"Excellent level, beautiful setting and fun gameplay!" - young Lara Croft (25-Dec-2020)
"A gorgeous level, well built with the exception of various cracks that I spotted. The gameplay was very well until I ended up stuck in the room with symbols on the ice floor. How was I supposed to know that I had to jump through them? There wasn't even a hint about this. The same goes for the ice stars that you have to shoot through the level, I think this should be a secret. It wasn't cool at all to search for five hidden stars to shoot." - Gabriel Croft (23-Dec-2020)
"I liked the level in a overall view. The gameplay starts very inspired and the story is very interesting. The atmosphere is perfect. I had very good impressions of the level on the beginning but as the gameplay flowed i ended up somewhat frustrated. I found the quest for most of items pleasant but i think the hidden stars quest was frustrating for me. I think the door that opens with the stars could at least have a star drawn over it to give a hint. I actually thought this stars had to do with the underground icy passage underneath the cowshed (and i really thought they were secrets because they were very well hidden). The jump icy underground passage challenge(also under the cowshed) could be improved as well, i had no idea what i was supposed to do or if i was doing it right (suggestion: perhaps using torches on the wall to sign if you are doing right like in tr4 would be nice). Other than that i can recommed the level for the people who like to explore every nook and crany of the level. Nice job!" - Adriel (23-Dec-2020)
"I remember, when I see the screens in levelbase forum, saying " Totally the kind of place where everyone would like to live". And it's definitely true after playing the level. The whole level is beautiful and Ranpyon create a blue lighting I was certainly not abble to create in the editor. The textures are also very well used with a good mix between farm, house and church. Like a real town. The level is not very hard but some objects are very well hidden sometimes but nothing impossible. I also loved the news objects the author has created for the level (the cows are beautiful). I can just congratulate Ranpyon again for this new jewel of the editor." - Bigfoot (22-Dec-2020)
"This was a lovely Christmas level, a beautiful small town with a few people around that Lara had short conversations with. It made it all feel more alive and pulled me in along with the music and the atmosphere. The story is simple but just what such a level needs. I enjoyed the animals that weren't just for show (I loved the chickens!) and overall the puzzles were quite varied and fun, although I definitely had trouble shooting the stars. I haven't found any secrets, then again I wasn't looking very hard. I suppose there was some backtracking, but the level was small enough that it didn't really feel like I was wasting time. Definitely recommended for a short Christmas adventure!" - Potkanka (21-Dec-2020)
"This level mixes several logical puzzles (the last one from the mill) with other quite absurd ones (Do you have to shoot the Christmas stars to open a door and then the priest complains about why she shoots the bell? And that strange ritual Voodoo to get the laser sight? Christmas fantasy!. The level is visually normal; it is not the most beautiful level in the world but it does its job. Recommended." - requiemsoul (21-Dec-2020)
"A wonderful christmas level! Lovely and innovative puzzles combined with excellent christmas atmosphere and also a little bit of storytelling. Took me about 2 hours to finish. Highly recommended, especially for christmas lovers!" - MarlenaCrystal (20-Dec-2020)
"This is one of those fully puzzle-based levels, a peaceful one, with the kind of tasks you'd expect from one such level. Since it's puzzle-based, it can become slightly puzzling at times, very poor pun totally intended. Still, it's well designed (not without a few flaws), it contains some interesting interactions (even though more detailed interactions have been seen) and it's actually lovely. Most of all, being a rather nice little level, it's the very first, among several in this year's Advent Calendar, that happens to be about Christmas. For that, as well as for being rather nice to play and to look at, I believe it deserves some praise. Thank you, Ranpyon, and Merry Christmas everybody." - Jorge22 (19-Dec-2020)
"Lara visits a quaint town and helps them recover a special scepter. The visuals are excellent and this level is a highly immersive one. Gameplay is mainly a scavenger hunt, but also consists of some straightforward puzzles and some target practice. One of those targets was really hard for me to hit, I think some wooden beams were getting in the way. Either way, ammo is limited so be sure to save before you attempt to use it. A heartwarming adventure that is extremely fitting for the advent calendar. 59 minutes." - JesseG (18-Dec-2020)
"A beautiful Christmas level with a lot of great and well designed tasks. I liked the action with the chickens best, as well as the design of the cow and horse barn. Not quite easy to figure out how to continue after one task or another, but that was exactly the appeal of this game. In the end, everything makes sense again. The atmosphere was very Christmassy with appropriate background music and well chosen textures. A Christmas level that you can gladly recommend." - nad (17-Dec-2020)
"A very enjoyable and sweet little Xmas adventure in a town we have here. There were some really interesting object usages like the grain container or the beams, and the exploration type gameplay with a lot of things to be found and used is pretty okay for the time being. I also liked the digging task. What I didn't like so much was that the gameplay was a little dull from time to time (too much is about finding hidden items and less about more involved tasks), that the setting is a bit too two dimensional (other than e.g. the builder's impressive Light up the Christmas) and the (very few) cracks in both texturing and lighting, but the choice and mostly also the use of objects and textures is very good. Nevertheless a charming and seasonally fitting level that took me 30 minutes to finish." - manarch2 (17-Dec-2020)
"Marvellous level for this Advent time. I take my hat. The environments are very well worked with all kind of details, the texturization is perfect and the atmosphere is great. As usual in this kind of levels, sure that you'll find items difficult to figure out where to use; in that sense, I missed some more cameras and hints, but the names in the inventory are always a good help. Despite the backtracking, the worst were the small stars, scattered all around very huge areas (all the level) and one of them very difficult to find (at least for me). Anyway a Xmas level to enjoy and very nice to play. Thank you, Ranpyon!" - Jose (17-Dec-2020)
"The creator of this level met my expectations, she again made a beautiful holiday one. There are no hard puzzles, jumps or time runs. Although you have to find a lot of things, so it is a necessity to walk up and down the village a lot. You get a quest, a not so easy one from the priest, but if you got it completed the dwellers would come forth. And they even would fix your broken car. There are two secrets on this level, both very well hidden. To complete the main quest, you must find and shoot down 5 ice stars. They are up in the high, for the first two a pistol would suffice, and for the others you need an aiming laser and snowball launcher. Horses need to be fed in order to use the well. It is a joyful, real Christmas level, it deserves the highest review score. Do not miss this great Christmas adventure! Hungarian walkthrough, pictures, and savegames:" - Obig (16-Dec-2020)
"Now it really does feel like Christmas. I absolutely loved everything about this level and just couldn’t stop playing. It’s beautifully made, looks stunning and the gameplay is completely absorbing. It’s delightfully quirky in places too – I really don’t remember Lara having been pecked by a hen before. You’ll have to put your thinking cap on before using some of the items, but that’s the sort of level I really like above all others. Nicely appropriate secrets too. Enchanting and a wonderful early Christmas present." - Jay (16-Dec-2020)
"A nice Christmas Level example, a pleasant beautiful environment with Christmas tone, It took me 1.40 hour to complete. In this level Lara will go moving around a village solving puzzles and searching objects, but the backtracking doesn't feel a chore here, it's easy and comfortable to move around the village. The puzzles, are not very difficult, there is a moment when you have to find and shot some hidden items that is the most complex task, but I could complete it without the need of any walkthrough. (However the secrets looks too hardcore for me). The level has also the nice touch of small conversations with different characters, I took them with some humour and I enjoyed them too. I totally recommend it." - Adngel (16-Dec-2020)
"Lovely Christmas TRLE with some very original gameplay (like the barn puzzle), cute atmosphere (i'm in love with the horizon) and the fact that you can see the distance outside the little town really impressed me. I noticed new objects probably made by the author. Ranpyon is really talented and promising for the TRLE community! One of the best custom levels I played and also perfect for this season. Very recommended =)" - Jason L (16-Dec-2020)
"I think this level is the best xmas level for now from the Advent Calendar 2020! It suits the xmas contest and It has the xmas atmosphere, the little village is so cute, some things were very well hidden! It's a peaceful level as it should be since it's a xmas level! It was a joy to play it, the gameplay is so intuitive, I didn't got stuck so much! I searched for every secrets, which are two, and one it's really tricky! I really do like the puzzles,lightning and textures too! Sounds are great because they respect the xmas atmosphere! I recognized as always the wonderful acting voice of AgentXP and DjFull ❤ I also did the complete video with all items and secrets on my YT channel! :) Well done Ranpyon! Go on building like this! It has been fun to play. ❤" - Saki Croft (16-Dec-2020)
"This level is the best entry for the LB Advent Calendar 2020 and the best level so far. This level features a small village where Lara needs to ask for help, but she has to complete some tasks before she gets help. the atmosphere is pleasant and lovely, with gameplay not being too difficult. I think this level deserves a place in the Hall Of Fame." - Kubsy (16-Dec-2020)
"A beautiful, atmospheric, eye candy game, just right for Christmas time (specially at this so difficult year), full of smart passages, nice puzzles and secrets, that I enjoyed no end to play. Thank you for this lovely Xmas gift, and a very nice Christmas for you!" - Josey (16-Dec-2020)
"Truly wonderful Xmas level. Town looked very lovely, many decorations, beautiful lighting. Gameplay was very interesting with many original ideas. Secrets were probably well hidden because I didn't find anything. Basically, I felt love in this beautiful level with wonderful decorated town, lovely xmas athmosphere and original and interesting tasks :) Definetly recommended!" - BlackWolfTR (15-Dec-2020)