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TR2 - The Venice Plaza by Shadoofus

BlackWolfTR 6 8 7 9
DJ Full 8 9 9 9
Feats 10 10 9 9
JesseG 8 7 7 8
John 8 7 7 7
Jose 7 7 7 8
manarch2 6 7 7 7
MedievalMetal 9 9 10 10
raiderbunsch 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Sponge 6 8 8 8
release date: 20-Feb-2024
# of downloads: 626

average rating: 7.91
review count: 11
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file size: 49.40 MB
file type: TR2
class: Venice

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A good combination of platforming and combat, although at times I felt that the gameplay was repetitive, but that's the least of it. The level is short so quite enjoyable. I didn't get stuck at any point. Considering that I am not a good or expert player, it is an appropriate level for my skills. Very atmospheric in terms of audio, textures and everything that is a Venice level. I encourage this builder to continue growing as a promising designer!." - raiderbunsch (31-May-2024)
"After sorting out some audio issues I finally managed to get round to playing this TR2 style Venice level and had a throughly good time doing so. It has the usual jumping around balcony’s, rooftops, canals and in and out of buildings as we explore for items to collect or interact with and ways to progress. For gameplay if you like platforming and exploring your in luck here as this level has it in buckets, other features include some good use of the speed boat, a couple of pushable box tasks, the disposal of vicious goons and rats and some nasty traps such as swinging boxes, broken glass, metal blades and breakable floor tiles. The visuals and textures are just the standard TR2 Venice ones with nothing new or alternative but definitely applied well . The negatives for me was I was missing some more timed tasks and challenges, the jade secret is just ridiculously too hidden and I would of appreciated some more different types of enemies but overall this is a fun level with a good variety of tasks and areas to immerse yourself in, very enjoyable." - John (04-Apr-2024)
"Excellent level! You've got a knack for making levels that I complete without needing to look up a walkthrough, which is exactly what I look for. I get a sense of accomplishment. I had so much fun with this adventure.

I completely forgot that the boat has a speed function and got stuck (I spoke to Shadoofus and he very graciously reminded me of this TR2 mechanic). I mean, they call it a speedboat for a reason - how could I have missed this? 🤣 that's a me-problem, not a you-problem.

A challenge for me, unsurprisingly, was remembering where the relay-boxes were...I have terrible sense of direction, but I found them just in time. I finished the level and I was super impressed. I like the slow exploration, no timed doors, and enemies that don't overpower you. The gate puzzle was so clever. There was enough ammo and health packs, and my frustration never surfaced. It was intuitive, and I forgot my surroundings while I was playing. Fantastic work!" - MedievalMetal (23-Mar-2024)
"Exploration OK. Immersion OK. Combat OK. Tasks and puzzles OK. All very much OK except from that jade secret, idk what the point was... at least there's no bonus so you won't lose it a stupid way. Ve(ry)nice and recommended." - DJ Full (17-Mar-2024)
"Not bad this TR2 level with convincent outside areas and a fluid gameplay. I found enough ammo for the extra guns and the secrets were not too hard to find, but I missed some more puzzles and not a game only based about pure exploration. There are some dark areas but I found enough flares; the enemies were well balanced, the texturzation is correct but I missed some more musics and cameras to create a better atmosphere. Anyway a solid level worth to play but not very entertaining." - Jose (15-Mar-2024)
"Another step upward in the builder's evolution and actually a rather fine 35 minute level with only few drawbacks. I liked the usage of enemies and the overall atmosphere, a few rooms are less carefully designed but the outside areas are rather convincing. Gameplaywise there is a lot of searching for keys and items with some backtracking but it is still agreeable, and there are a few decent traps, jump sequences and boat rides to keep you on your toes. A dead end or two could've been avoided, though, and one of the secrets is rather weirdly and unrealistically hidden, but overall this is a rather well-rounded level and enjoyable for the time it lasts." - manarch2 (13-Mar-2024)
"An enjoyable, simple level. The gameplay consists mainly of searching for keys and killing baddies which is not bad but I wish some more elaborate tasks were implemented to make the gameplay more interesting. A few areas feel empty because there is not so much to do in them. Additionally, I found several softlocks; you can fall into the pit at the beginning and you won't get out or if you break collapsible tiles and you fall down you won't be able to reach certain places (I think?). The visuals are nice. Good usage of textures, lighting, decorations etc. Overall, it's a cool short level which is worth to play if you want to chill out. Recommended." - BlackWolfTR (02-Mar-2024)
"Venetian Levels seem to be growing on me the more I play TR and this level definitely scratches that itch. A really well built Venice level with shades of Venice, Bartoli's Hideout and Opera House aplenty! A touch more back n forth than I prefer but didn't impact the gameplay too much for me. Could have done with a few more Camera hints. There's an entire area of the level where I still have no idea what 2 levers did even after seeing the end of the level! But have to say I had a pretty good time with this level and would definitely recommend it!" - Feats (28-Feb-2024)
"Bugs/Functional Issues
  • There is at least one pit that Lara can fall into not get back out, leading to a softlock.
  • With swinging boxes, collapsing floors, and blades, there are plenty of traps to contend with.
  • As with many TR2 levels, this one leans heavy into combat, which I found engaging. I was close to running out of medpacks though, and would have added just a couple more.
  • Even though a couple of areas have a tall and empty feeling into it, the geometry, texturing and lighting helps create a nice Venice vibe.
Time: 56 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Rating: 7.5/10" - JesseG (28-Feb-2024)
"Another noticeable improvement from previous efforts of this builder. Nothing extraordinary, but it makes for a decently enjoyable jaunt around classic TR2 territory. Gameplay is generally linear and uncomplicated, but is spiced up with some decent jumping, exploration, some nice "find your way up a room" sequences and some always welcome boat rides. Backtracking is also appreciatively kept to a minimum thanks to some convenient shortcuts, and the Fiamma Nera goons keep Lara on her toes as usual. Not bad at all." - Ryan (25-Feb-2024)
"Lara is back in Venice to explore the channels and kill two bad boys. The gameplay is mostly chill. There are a few traps to avoid and enemies to shoot but mostly Lara needs to familiarise herself with the area and climb the Venetian roof tops. The rest is just pulling levers and obtaining circuit boards to open doors. What I like in particular is that backtracking was avoided effortlessly with doors opening new routes into formerly explored areas. Only one minute into the game, Lara disgracefully got stuck in a pit with no way out (or maybe I missed it?) but once equipped with the boat, that pit was easy to cross. At the end of the game, Lara still had a detonator key on her which never got used, but being an adventurer, she's probably better off always carrying a spare detonator key. :) Enemies, objects and textures as well as the sounds are well known from the TRII original Venice levels and I think they were used pretty well here. Hint cameras make it so the gameplay remains comprehensible. There are three secrets, two of which I found (I never saw the jade dragon). Together with good lighting covering anything between sunny docks and patios to dark and murky arcades, the atmosphere is rich in contrast. Finishing the level took Lara and I an hour and a few minutes. If you skip the secrets, you can probably finish in under an hour. I think it's a game of medium difficulty because some jumps aren't exactly easy and also considering the amount of medipacks available, the number of enemies seems high yet manageable. All in all it's a good game, thank you!" - Sponge (22-Feb-2024)