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The Citadel Gates by Yann Houbas

alan 4 5 3 5
CC 6 6 6 6
Daffy 7 8 6 8
Dimpfelmoser 5 6 5 5
Fairy Godfather 6 6 6 6
Gerty 7 7 6 7
Jason 5 4 4 5
Jay 6 5 5 6
Jose 5 5 5 5
Juan Carlos 7 7 6 7
Kristina 5 6 7 7
Lorena 8 7 6 7
MichaelP 6 5 4 6
Momster 6 6 5 5
Nomad 5 5 6 6
Orbit Dream 6 6 6 6
RaiderGirl 7 7 6 7
Ryan 5 5 5 6
Sash 5 5 4 5
Scottie 7 6 7 6
Torry 7 7 5 6
Treeble 5 5 6 6
Wendee 6 7 5 5
release date: 03-Dec-2001
# of downloads: 85

average rating: 5.80
review count: 23
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file size: 16.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A level with ninjas on every corner and random balls falling out of nowhere. No cameras to show what the levers do. Uninteresting." - alan (10-Apr-2024)
"This level must surely hold the record for the most amount of boulder traps in a single level. If not it would probably place a close second. There's a LOT of them in this level, although most of them are relatively easy to avoid. Those aside, this is a simple and linear level with a load of blue ninjas, a neat little underwater sequence and the ultimate goal is to find the Eye of Horus. The corresponding door is guarded by... Yes you guessed it. Nothing particularly noteworthy here." - Ryan (09-Dec-2017)
"Damn those sneaky boulders got me everytime. Even after six or seven of them I still managed to get Lara killed by the next one. Boulders and frequent ninjas inside samey looking rooms would describe most of this level I believe. There is also an abundance of ammos, mummies and levers in the citadel. Some backtracking also hurts the level as there is nothing visually pleasing to see in-between. It is not really a bad level but there is nothing particulary striking about it. Atmosphere of the outside and the burial room were okay at least." - Nomad (02-Dec-2016)
"This is mostly about throwing levers and shooting ninjas, plus jumping back to avoid falling boulders. Throw in a bit of swimming and that's practically it, apart from the game highlight - jumping to invisible platforms in a dark room. For the most part it's a light, bright level with just a few gloomy areas. Not bad, but not really memorable either." - Jay (24-Nov-2016)
"Short level easy to play, many levers to pull and only a single "puzzle" in the room with the deep pit where you must do an act of faith. No good that you use a lever, go back to the hub room, see an open door, continue a long way and find a closed door at the end (there's not a camera to show the place with the second eye piece) causing unnecessary backtracking. Too many enemies to shoot (white ninjas, scorpions and mummies), at least there are guns and ammo enough. Not even a single camera in all level and very few cd tracks. Some rooms are too dark, but at least I found enough "lumelles"; the textures are not well applied in all the small surfaces with angulous architecture, but the lights are decent. Playable." - Jose (09-Mar-2016)
"I could have bet that this is a first work with which the level builder has copied a level from the level editor and has changed it. Now I see that this level is not a first work. Anyway this level has absolutely succeeded. There are a few nice riddles, a few nasty Spikeballtraps and many Baddies. However, the lighting could have been better, above all in the outside areas. There was some sound mistake and some Baddies less would have been better. However, all together this is quite a well-arranged level who makes quite fun." - Scottie (14-Feb-2010)
"A level achieved well in a varied enough environment and rather well decorated with the whole, places are agreeable with nice rooms. One thinks well with good traps and enemies always put well of the gameplay to surprise you. A level to be played which gives you quite a lot of pleasure. It is of the great work." - Daffy (18-Aug-2009)
"After having played a few monster-sized levels, I was glad to find another short piece like this one. What you get here is a tut1 level with standard coastal textures, so you pretty much know the drift. There are a few things I noticed about the level, such as the lack of cameras which sometimes will have you backtracking, a leap of faith room and I also thought that mostly the boulders were a bit on the unfair side: the first screen rumble would already have Lara dead, forcing you to reload every once in a while. 25 minutes. 05/08" - Treeble (03-May-2008)
"This is a very non-linear level even though it might not look it. It's a tut wad but very coastal looking fortress type place. Starting outside making your way inside via very long swims climbs finding levers shooting lots of ninja and scorpions and a good few mummys. At the centre of the underground part it's very very dark so it's hard to know what to do when you reach a deep room you have to cross and there's no noticeable way across. Your aim is the two half eye pieces. There are some very well hidden routes so look at walls carefully. It's very easy to run/swim past a place you've been before and forget that there was yet another door to open. Lara comes out into the open again at one point only to find herself going underground again through the eye of Horus door. This should keep you occupied for a long time and worth the tiny download." - CC (21-Oct-2004)
"An interesting texture choice prevents this from becoming another 'first attempt at an Egypt level' adventure. Indeed for a first attempt this isn't bad although the gameplay is pretty predictable after a while (hordes of ninja's alternating with hordes of scorpions) and the texturing a little scrappy which prevents the atmosphere from being as interesting as it could. A few neat little ideas make an appearance in an otherwise formulaic gameplay but it whiles away the time efficiently enough." - Orbit Dream (02-Jun-2003)
"A short levels twenty minutes more or less in a coastal-cleopal setting. Ninjas and scorpions are around plus a few spike balls and mummies easy to avoid. It doesn't have much to do just push levers and open doors and the Eye of Horus to finish the level. There are underwater gates that lead to different areas and a high columns room. An easy level to pass the time." - Kristina (11-Mar-2003)
"This is another of those levels that I started over and over until I FINALLY found that bloody crawlspace (it's up high folks). This was not a bad level with numerous boulder traps heaps of ninjas and some lengthy swims to face. You need to locate the two halves of the 'eye' and one involves a bit of backtracking just before you face a mammoth underwater swim. Mummies were everywhere in the underground sections. I never realised but shoot them with the revolver often enough and they go down for a while. Useful to know. One dark chamber had me going for a while until I took a leap of faith and realised there were invisible platforms. This certainly is not a beginners level and ending up where you started at the end confused me because by this time I had forgotten where the door for the 'eye' was sheesh. LOL." - Torry (21-Sep-2002)
"This level has a definite coastal feel although it is a Tutorial wad. Not terribly difficult although there are more than enough ways to die in this one. Lots of guards and boulder traps. Fairly straightforward gameplay accessing an area and pulling a switch or picking up an item to open the next area. Northing outstanding but a commendable first effort." - Momster (19-Aug-2002)
"Played this level made by Yann last I was quite surprised. Although the game consisted mostly of pulling levers and opening gates it was not that linear. Although on your way you'll find loads of ammo. I still don't think it's that funny to be shot in the back by at least two ninjas all the time. Apart from some roaming mummies and some lost scorpions they are the ones that do bother you. Main goal is getting the two pieces of the Eye. And in between searching you do run around a bit and swim also. The openings to progress further blend in very well so look carefully specially in the beginning. There are only boulder traps if memory serves me well. As a first very well done. 14-08-2002" - Gerty (18-Aug-2002)
"A Tutorial debut with a distinctive coastal feel to it which is very welcome. You know the procedure push the levers kill the ninjas find the two pieces of the Eye and take the exit. There is a lot of swimming involved the occasional spiked boulder is going to take you by surprise and there are quite a few enemies to make you grateful for the fancy weapons and medi packs you find along the way. The course is quite clever although there aren't any mind bending puzzles (Hmmm how do I get to the other side of the abyss; hop and grab the ceiling; bummer no monkey bars; run jump and grab to the side plunge to death or hit reload before you meet the solid ground; drop off at the side and see if there's climbable wall; no luck either; blimey it must be one of those invisible platforms that Michael was complaining about). Ahhh too many levers not enough challenge but a pleasant variation of the old tutorial theme with. That's the best I can do really." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Aug-2002)
"Though it had a few Egyptian accents this seemed more like a coastal level to me than a level using the tut wad. I was almost surprised not to see any skeletons roaming about. I did see ninjas though and lot's of them as well as some mummies and scorpions. They must have been hiding something very important around here because every time I turned around I knew I was going to see another ninja which kind of ruins their surprise effect if you ask me. To be honest at the end I was left wondering what all this was for. I had fun while playing the level but when it comes down to it your only objective is to pull a bunch of switches open a lot of gates and find two halves of the Eye of Horus. One half was found near the beginning after opening a few doors and then the second half was found after opening a few more doors then it was over. I kind of liked the invisible platforms and the boulder traps were very well done." - RaiderGirl (25-Jul-2002)
"This level seemed in the end like one huge maze where if I just followed a tunnel I would come to a lever that would open a door and then onto another tunnel sometimes underwater looking for the next lever. The first half of this 30 minute level was quite sterile but thankfully the second half became a little more atmospheric with darker lighting and slightly more interesting areas to find levers in and the enemy emphasis went from ninjas in the first half to mummies in the second both of these enemies came in abundance but with loads of ammo they were a quickly made memory. I have to admit to nearly giving up at the start of this level because I couldn't find one well placed crawlspace that I overlooked time and time again but once I found it the rest of the level fell into place and I expect that nobody else should have any trouble with the progression either the falling boulders though may be a different story!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"A level for beginners. I believe I counted 24 ninjas to shoot and otherwise a few scorpions mummies and rolling balls posing minor threats. It was fun to see a rolling ball zoom through the closed Horus door and to be attacked by a ninja under water. There are too many dark corners and I hate invisible platform puzzles." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Beware...everything that you pick up is a trigger for some sort of baddie. That being said this level utilizes the pull-a-switch-to-open-a-door and do it all over again method. The entire level took about 30 minutes for me to complete. The first 15 minutes looked as though they were created by someone different than the second half. The second half textures game play atmosphere etc appeared much more professional than did the first." - Wendee (21-Jun-2002)
"Nothing particularly difficult about this level. One thing seemed to lead to another and if you found a closed gate and nothing seemed to open it you retraced your steps a little and found something else had opened and returning to the previous closed gate then found that one open." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"The author says it is his first level I can see it is. It is a very easy level full of white ninjas but without interesting puzzles. It is always easy to imagine what will be next. Map and room construction is good (some places very good) some rooms beautiful the selection of textures is also good but there are many textures short or long there are many triangle textures not rotated correctly. There are no lights in rooms. Anyway I am sure that the author is able to create new and better levels and I hope he will do it." - Juan Carlos (21-Jun-2002)
"I suppose this is a first level and as a first level it is a good work. Game is very simple. Everything is predictable. Enemies appear one after another so if you like to shot all time you will get fun. There aren't any cameras no sounds some textures wrongly applied. But there are rooms well built. If you play this level keep looking to the roof before you walk!" - Lorena (21-Jun-2002)
"I don't know what to say. This level was so straightforward pull a lever to open a door pull a lever to open a door etc. The room with the invisible platforms had me stumped for about thirty seconds. The room with the four gates and mummies everywhere was well lit with some nice shadow effects. Nothing original or inspiring in this level. At least I couldn't find any unfinished textures." - Jason (21-Jun-2002)