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Troglodyte Technology (Demo) by LePerk

AdamR 9 7 7 8
Akcy 7 9 9 9
bERT 7 8 9 10
CC 9 8 9 9
Duncan 9 8 9 9
eRIC 10 10 9 9
EssGee 8 8 9 10
eTux 8 6 7 7
Gerty 7 8 9 10
Jay 9 8 9 10
Jose 5 9 8 9
Kristina 9 9 9 10
Lady Lara 10 9 9 9
Loupar 10 9 9 9
MichaelP 9 8 9 10
Moonpooka 10 9 9 9
Navi 10 9 10 10
Ryan 9 8 9 10
Sash 9 8 9 10
Scottie 10 9 10 10
Sherry 9 8 10 10
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Yoav 10 9 10 9
release date: 14-Aug-2003
# of downloads: 155

average rating: 8.83
review count: 23
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file size: 27.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I've played the full version a while back and I have to admit my memories are clouded, at best. The massive plaza-like areas felt familiar, yet still quite confusing to navigate (and that's with the walkthrough!), and for a demo it's quite a long undertaking requiring an hour and a half net playing time. The room with a ladder over the piano is brilliant in execution (a flipmap shifting it from a ladder and a bridge which in both scenarios you'll find yourself using both sides), and the fountain we first freeze and later thaw using steam and flame emitters is nicely done. Your goal here is to collect four beetles but the journey in itself takes a lot longer as it's not until halfway through the level you get the crowbar, so there's quite a lot to do which feels a bit overwhelming given the scale and backtracking, but the walkthrough will see you to the finish trigger. 90 minutes, 4 secrets. 04/22" - Treeble (01-May-2022)
"This builder's magnum opus was undoubtedly the full version of this level thar was released a few months after this one. However, this demo (the second level of the actual game) is still a surprisingly wholesome and very engaging raid that I thoroughly enjoyed. The surroundings are gorgeous and contrast nicely with each other, and the gameplay will certainly have you vexed quite a few times. An excellent memory and sense of direction is necessary to ensure that you minimise your backtracking and confusion, and there's a lot to accomplish as you explore the streets, museum and sewers in search of the artifacts you need (which obviously don't get used here). The button that sets Lara on fire probably wasn't the most endearing of gameplay tasks, and the guards weren't really very threatening (probably a good thing in this case), but otherwise it's really ingenious throughout and everything is solvable with a bit of perseverance. Great stuff." - Ryan (20-Feb-2019)
"Really a good work from this author, but better play it with the walkthrough in hand 'cause there are many situations which can turn you fool. Some puzzles are ingenious, but not very hard to solve; the problem is that sometimes you do all supposed tasks and there are not enough cameras to show you where you must go, like when finishing the first level; another times like in the museum level there's a lot of backtracking going here and there and finding only dead ends; pull a switch, running a long distance to the other side of the level, do a task there and running another long distance... As I said, better play it with a walkthrough. The most funny part: the rides with the jeep in first level." - Jose (20-Jul-2012)
"This could be one greater level if it hasn't some drawbacks like some not so good looking textures, monotonous lighting and frustrating gameplay. The whole level is in a big museum where Lara has to find and use many switches (some of them are working delayed). This is a bit frustrating because you have to visit many times the same areas or you may run here and there without knowing what to do, just because you might miss a switch somewhere. Even I enjoyed most of the gameplay, I find it too noninspired all this switch thing.There were some nice puzzles, like the push block puzzle. The idea of using the toilet's flush in order to make a card (which is underwater) to move to another location so you can take it, but the author doesn't give you a clue about that and you may have used the flush and you won't know that the card is now moved. Also, I think the enemies were a bit buggy. They shoot at Lara, but you can't listen to their gunfires right. In addition, there is a shortcut in the level which you can use to melt the ice in a fountain just freezing the water. You can jump from the one balcony to the next with the switch just by making a curved,running jump. Enough with the bad things. Let's talk about the good ones. The level has a good gameplay, challenging, but still good. It was nice to see a combination of Egypt environment with a "city's" and an airplane's port. Texturing was good, but sometimes the combination of the textures wasn't so nice. Lighting was natural. Some of the puzzles are really enjoyable, but you will need patience to make it to the end. All in all, it is a good level which could be better, but it is surely still worth playing. You will have fun raiding." - AdamR (14-May-2012)
"Should it not be in such a way which the level builder publishes a demo, we player grumble about all possible mistakes, the level builder reworks the level and then the players comes to the pleasure of the final version? Nevertheless, thus it should be real. Or not? Of course there is one once more which steps out of line. Leroy can spoil the whole fun for one. At what should I grumble then now? There is simply nothing to grumble. This level is crammed with very good riddles, very well built rooms and house facades and few, but well placed opponents. However, a little bit grumble must I! It would have been better if Leroy had offered only a Light version with substantially less rooms as demo. Then the surprise would have been bigger for the players. From there I can only recommend, actually to jump over the demo and to play immediately the complete level. And now I must update my To do-list." - Scottie (28-Jun-2009)
"Leroy has created a beautiful old city environment, mixed with a museum situation that features a huge hangar with aeroplane. Architecture, textures and lighting are all very well presented. I suppose you could say that Leroy's trademark is his ability to lose you and disorientate you in his big landscapes. This provides a great challenge for the experts but can be a bit daunting for those that enjoy an easier journey. There are some nice flipmap effects and one partcularly 'hot' button that'll have Lara wanting to cool off in a hurry. Your Lara will need to be fit to lose some of the persistent wraiths, so pay close attention as to where you might lose them. The bathroom puzzle is erm... interesting, let's say, and there's a clever multi-level pushblock puzzle. Camera clues however are at a premium, so again I suggest you make note of things to do later, otherwise frustration will come knocking at your door. All in all, a very clever and good looking level, but quite challenging." - EssGee (10-Mar-2007)
"I'm still not a fan of the Rome setting (liked Rome better when I visited it myself) and as far as I'm concerned 'Museum Caper' brings nothing new to the concept visually. The addition of an Egyptian museum that looks and feels like 'Cleopatra's Palaces' and the aeroplane hangar is a neat touch, but the areas as such are rather bland, so blend in with the rest of the environments, making them seem monotonous overall. The effects with freezing and then thawing the fountain were definitely a highlight, and the clever use of the plane's propellers was great as well, but visually I found this level to be rather boring. What it stands out for is the great, logical puzzles. I loved the way you could switch the ladder in a bridge/monkey swing mode in order to complete the tasks, the puzzle involving the first movable and raisable blocks was clever as well, not to mention various other fun puzzles. If I'd have to point out things I maybe didn't like so much in this sector, then the overall confusion thorough the level wins, hands down, with the enigmatic fiery button being a close second - I avoided it for quite a long while, thinking it's a red herring, while it turned out it has some use after all. Among the things I liked, I have to mention the author's trademark clever setup of the level. I liked a few of the places where this shows in the clever button and close by door interaction. So maybe some backtracking is involved in between then, but that's better than simply always opening the door next to you. In a nutshell - despite my constant listing of things that I didn't find so great, this level is far from bad, and has its moments - mostly in gameplay. For me it just lacked something special to mark it as memorable, but it's decent and enjoyable nonetheless, and has made appetite for more, so I'm loading up the full version, as I'm writing this!" - eTux (10-Jun-2005)
"It is complex, lot to do, and sometimes it isn't obvious where to go next. Challenging. Just the way I like it. Many unexpected but brilliant solution, like the changing ladder, or the fountain to be frozen and unfrozen again. Even made me stuck, and that's says something. ;-) With the barrier behind the underwater door, and the door that looks like a wall under the glass room. So the puzzles are great. The textures too, all the different styles of Egyptian in the museum, the hangar area underneath, the streets outside, and they just fit in together smoothly. And there's the lots of tiny things, such statues, the piano, which make you feel that the surroundings alive around you. Also the clever positioning of stuff, like the steps inside the museum, which make an empty room feel like saturated. The enemies are easy to handle, except perhaps the spirits, they gave a long chase while running for the owl, and you must be careful because there are just a few medpacks. I found only 3 secrets on the way, and when I learned that supposed to be 4, went back and found the AK gun, don't know though when that space has been opened. Only then, when I was sniffing around for the missing secret, found the clips on top of the wall in the loo. What a great handling of lights and textures! That crawling space was totally invisible. Well done Leroy. I enjoyed every bits of it, only gave a 7 for gameplay because of that annoying savebug." - Akcy (05-Jun-2005)
"Oh very nice back in Rome or at least a Roman type town. Actually parts of it are very similar to another Rome level I played. I'd recommend a good scour of each room before leaving i.e. look for moving blocks and the first one becomes a climbing surface. There's also a ladder in an archway I ran past so often very clever. This is fast paced because as you work through the level you realise the map is not that big rather it's on different levels. For example the museum itself on different levels down below is an aeroplane hangar (in a museum!) below that again is a sewer type water system. I thought the idea of flushing the toilet to get a card in the sewers very odd. Shooting through doors was also odd I had to read about that. The door/gate beside the glass room in my game anyway was already opened at one point and I don't know how I did it. I did like the timed jump/swim from the burning switch into the pool. The room with the piano and ladder/bridge was very clever or I was just stupid I pushed buttons in there so often I forget how I managed it in the end. I also liked the idea of freezing a pool to place a gem and then melting the water to swim in. Because the museum has an Egyptian theme the idea is to get four beetles to place in a small black pyramid getting these triggers lots of beetles that follow you around everywhere making life difficult and also a ghost but at least these ghosts die easily enough on the cross. The most difficult part for me was shooting the lock through a small slit in a wall high up from a distance and one block that comes out of the wall in the hanger when I went out to it I couldn't see what it was supposed to do I couldn't climb into the opening above. It was only when I came back to the very beginning of the level to trigger the end that I remembered that this is supposed to be demo. To me it is a complete level and a very good one at that." - CC (12-Feb-2004)
"Wow what a fun level to play. The thing I liked about this level was that it was well-designed in terms of gameplay. There were some new elements which I liked (flushing the card unfreezing the water after freezing it) and progression was generally logical and entertaining. There were 3 odd things: 1) I got stuck at the bathroom door because all other doors of that type had to be opened with a button. This one had a button outside it but nothing happened when you pressed it. Took me a while to just try opening the door. 2) I never would have thought of using the crowbar on that textured wall to get the fourth beetle (the one above the pyramid). Again these textures were generally not 'openable' elsewhere in the level so I had to check the walkthrough. 3) The end was kind of lame. Other than that this level was oodles of fun and I am glad that Leperk released it early." - Lady Lara (02-Jan-2004)
"This is one those games that I never would have completed without a walkthrough. I salute those of you who could follow the builder's mind boggling route without the walkthrough. Lucky for me there was one and therefore I had a jolly goodtime playing this game. The atmosphere textures lighting was first rate putting LePerk up there with the best builders in my opinion. This is a must play (but keep the walkthrough handy)!" - Sherry (18-Nov-2003)
"Leroy has become one of those great level builders who manage to build a truly stunning and intricate environment that marvelously opens up more and more as you progress through the level. While I found it very difficult and frustrating Aboard the Neptune in this Rome setting (with added Egyptian Musem and Plane in a Hangar area) somehow it worked ok for me. You do need to get to know the surroundings and remember to go back and forth between some places but the cameras provide some help and the distances to cover are not ridiculously large so I enjoyed the adventure tremendously. I even replayed it with the walkthrough provided by Michael Motley and it took me almost 1:30 hours then. Without it easily an extra hour of exploring was required. Many things to mention which were special here like a movable block puzzle with a twist some creative camera angles and flybys a nice trick with a ladder to lower and raise a pool to freeze and melt again the engines of the plane to start a breathtaking swim in the sewers and more. You collect a gem the portal guardian a token a security pass and two keys need to find and use many switches to open up doors and trapdoors and near the end need to pick up the four black beetles to be able to collect Troglodyte's Knot and end the adventure. Apparently there was only one secret which sort of comes automatically with the required crowbar pick-up and enemies are only a dozen Nazi guards three wraiths and beetles at the end but as you are so busy to find your way around it hardly registers as a big miss. Not sure I liked the scene where Lara is set on fire and needs to jump in the water but the camera angle was well done. Also enjoyed the excellent use of music to support the atmosphere. Bottomline this is a must play and I sure hope Leroy does find his inspiration back and continues building." - Michael (19-Sep-2003)
"When you start to play the level and you see the camera fly you feel that this is go to be excellent level. Leroy did good work here." - Yoav (16-Sep-2003)
"What a great and long level! Plenty of very ingenious puzzles to solve (the moving block that is raised so that it becomes climbable the ladder that becomes a bridge then again a ladder that you can climb from the other side and many more). The author shows a great ability of creativity. And it was a pleasure to explore those Roman buildings and courtyards (think of TRC for the texturing) this big hangar (TR2 texturing) and this well lighted Egyptian museum. Not many enemies wraiths and guards but they come when needed. And the museum guards behave stupidly like those in the museum of Lud's gate in TR3. How has the author done this? It's amazing! There is not a great atmosphere in the level but I enjoyed it so much that I did not care. If you are bored to solve always the same puzzles this level is a good medicine." - eRIC (01-Sep-2003)
"After 3:30 hours and 2 secrets finally I got the Troglodyte Knot and I could go to sleep. This level has one of the most complicated gameplay I've ever seen in TR levels. There are very well hidden objects clever traps and unexpected features like shooting objects behind doors or glass walls. Despite of the very confusing of some parts the gameplay is the best because is totally 'addictive'. The enemies are very scarce only guards spirits and beetles easy to avoid. I had some problems with my savegames: sometimes Lara appeared starting again the level one time even being invisible; I don't know if someone had the same problem but I had to take a savegame before. I must be a bit masochist but I've enjoyed a lot this level." - Loupar (01-Sep-2003)
"An excellent demo - I am looking forward to the full game. This is well split into a city a museum sewers - so very diverse. Graphics and architecture are great. Lara needs to solve many puzzles (keys chip cards and four beetles) and pull many switches. I would not consider this easy but it is manageable. Sometimes blindness hits you ;) Enemies were mainly guards and wraiths which were easy to get rid off ;). You had to watch which of the beetles you pick but of course you had to try anyway. I found 2 Secrets and there are medipacks distributed throughout so keep your eyes open. Sound and camera were suitably added. The level reminded me of TR4. I did not like that I had set Lara on fire when pushing a button even though water was near - or did I overlook something? You definitely should play it. Suitable for everybody." - Navi (01-Sep-2003)
"Demo schmemo I would say this is as far from a demo if I ever saw one. As a part two it does stand on its own quite nicely. Although I did had a good time I have to admit that it took me ages to complete it as it is confusing to say the least. A lot of running back and fro and not that much camera work. Making notes where everything was I still lost my way in some major way and do keep track were those crosses are as you will encounter some pesky wraith and not that many medipacks. Some of the button (or levers) opened a door way back and at a certain point I thought that is was not really helping the gameplay but more the time you had to spend to conclude this game. Having said that and if you are into this sort of gameplay you'll have a whale of a time. I didn't that much if truth may be told. The story is a solid one and I liked the museum and the base/lab area under it. There are some new thing like shooting a wooden barrier behind a closed door (not logical I'll grant you that) but you have to check that out for yourself. Found 3 secrets. 23-08-2003" - Gerty (28-Aug-2003)
"I found this a very clever level. A game is an odd art as there needs to be a balance between raising expectations and keeping from fulfilling expectations too soon. This was a tough level but it was fun to play as there were lots of little successes in between the large successes and the many moments of disgust and fury. Some of the puzzles were very clever others were just silly (such as flushing a toilet to get a pass after having to kill a guard locked in that bathroom - who locks guards inside the loo?). So the expectation of a challenging level was raised from the outset with a very sharp puzzle in the room with the switch and the moveable block - and that expectation was sustained throughout with a series of thoughtful bits (such as the changeable ladder in the piano room). When done it feels like a real accomplishment and it was fun along the way. I owe a lot to the active members of this forum for the many tips they posted." - Duncan (26-Aug-2003)
"This was just what the doctor ordered! Ever since The Last Crusades by Rene I have craved another level just like that and out of nowhere comes this absolutely fantastic gem which although has so much in common with the beginnings of Crusades the buildings the intricate progression that uses up the entire environment wonderfully and just the whole atmosphere as the level opens up piece by piece this though isn't Crusades and it has its own life so don't think this is a copy rather a long lost brother that has many new and interesting stories to tell. Although it says this is a demo it is a fully fledged stand alone level that took me just over 100 minutes to play so don't let that demo inference detract you from playing this level is however just one part of a multi leveled game that hopefully will be produced in its entirety. In this level Lara finds herself needing to infiltrate an Egyptian themed museum that seems to have been built over the hangar of a nazi base to collect an item and leave from where she came. The enemies which don't play a big part are nazis and a handful of sprites but saying this there aren't a large amount of medipacks so the meetings with these enemies can leave you a little low on health at the end. The secrets for me played even a smaller part as I missed all but one of the four lying around though had I taken more of an interest in checking a pit near the end which I can only a slight glance and had I returned to an initial room where I thought one block looked a bit suspect I would have found two more secrets and I'm sure I know the location of the last in the hangar somewhere but as I couldn't find a way to open the entrance this is mere speculation. This is a must play and I implore my Aussie compatriot to please please please finish off the rest of the levels in this game so I can once again revel in the glory that is this level." - Sash (18-Aug-2003)
"Demo really is something of a misnomer here. This was intended to be part 2 of a double level which sadly is not to be but it stands alone perfectly well. It's a rattling good adventure too. Prepare to be confused and confounded; Leroy is delightfully sneaky so make sure you have a really long hard look at EVERYTHING or you could end up running around and backtracking quite a lot. The action revolves around a museum housing mainly Egyptian artefacts which contrasts nicely with the outside areas buildings sewers pits passageways underwater areas and general nooks and crannies you get to explore. Enemies are mainly guards but you also get a couple of wraiths and those blasted morgue beetles to deal with as well. Don't worry you get sufficient pick ups to handle all comers. The essence here is exploring and using your brains rather than shooting everything in sight. Good gameplay in wonderful surroundings what more could anyone ask? Of course I managed to miss two of the four secrets. 17.08.2003" - Jay (18-Aug-2003)
"If a level has me up until the early hours then it has to be one of the best and this one did. Quite an astoundingly good level which I was so addicted to in the end it will always be a fav. Make your way around areas in a village setting done with the Roman type buildings visit the sewers and the Egyptian museum where eventually you have to place four beetles to end the level. Within the museum is a plane in a hangar to investigate with some pretty weird goings on with blocks and hidden wall doors to open from outside. A paddle about inside the plane was such a brilliant addition. On the way find the hang levers switches and items to proceed. There is the gem to find and the coin the getting of the gem was so well done with a ladder puzzle to solve. In another area there's a block puzzle to solve which was so very sneaky! Find the lever to freeze over a fountain pool to place the gem and use a switch that ignites Lara she then has to make a dash to safety plus make it through a timed door at the same time so truly wonderful stuff. Enemies are guards and three fire wraths who pop up to make you run like mad to a room with a statue to kill them and what a long run that was! There's also some scarabs to hinder your way and eat up your much limited health. Hidden crawl spaces and hidden ladders all added to the fun and the laser sight in the hidden pool was brilliantly placed. I think this level has everything to make it a perfectly great Raiding experience the gameplay was fab and the areas wonderful to visit especially the roof tops and balcony scenes. Secrets were well hidden and I didnt find them all but I intend to play this again. Good flybys but they won't help you much with finding your way through the next problem that's what I like not too much giving the game away. It sits well amongst my top favs and it has to be played. Highly recommended level and first class Raiding." - Moonpooka (18-Aug-2003)
"I enjoyed this level very much even though frustration was keeping me company in the entire level. You will find many similarities with Rene's 'Last Crusade' one of my all time favourites the areas; the fountains do bring up memories. Make no mistake though it has Leroy's personal touch the plane area and the idea to host an Egyptian museum is great. Many sneaky moves have been included with one being doors and blocks that look like textures another is a wooden barrier behind a golden gate which you can destroy. I won't say more you have to see it for yourself. Your goal is to find a pillar well it's called Troglodyte's Knot in the game butfirst you must also find keys a card and four black beetles. The way you transfer from one area to another and then after an action and get back where you started which is called backtracking might give you a headache but it's worth the trouble and aspirins lol. The ladder trick at the piano room was my favourite. Then again freezing and unfreezing the water was a nice surprise too but those switches gave me some trouble. It is a brilliant level although it was released as a demo; I can't possibly imagine what it would be like to have the whole game. I hope Leroy will not abandon this and one day he will finish it. I found four secrets and have to congratulate the author for his vast improvement and for giving us such a great game. Don't miss this one." - Kristina (17-Aug-2003)
"Fine level of master builder Perkins with a story evolving around a museum where the artefacts seem to be delivered from a nearby airfield (at least we get to see one big plane stationed nearby). From the first level of Leroy I played (Aqueduct) I knew this builder would be a biggie as far as architecture lighting and textures are concerned. He did it again in his Neptune level and surely doesn't disappoint here either again creating a believable setting. Some may question the plane being in the vicinity of the museum and yes the water in the plane was a bit awkward but then again I remember pictures of an orka being transported in a big water tank so why not. So maximum points there. Cameras where good and spot on to make sure at least you had some hint where to go next. Enemies consist of museum guards and bugs (just adequate) and the two (out of 4) secrets I found were smart in one case (AK -47 gun) I don't know what triggered that secret because the block was not gone when I finished the raising-of-the-block sequence) and more easy in the other. Now...the gameplay. I like to be tricked and again I refer to the raising-block sequence but there's things that just don't fit in my back pocket and that's barbecuing Lara (no way!) and shooting through doors (even when they are grated) and that's just what has to be done here (and what I did not try). I believe one has to remain a bit realistic though I agree that a game where the leading lady is able to put a whole arsenal of weapons in a teeny-tiny backpack can hardly be called realistic anyway. The shooting through doors by the way goes wrong in another situation (the pot near the glass in the museum can be blown up through the door but then the door does not break (as it does when you shoot the pot from the other side). All in all this is another must-play level from a refreshing builder." - bERT (16-Aug-2003)